Creepy Halloween

The magic effect of the photo books and photo gifts gift idea factory printeria Nuremberg, searched in October 2010 magic photo gift for Halloween? printeria, the Onlineprint portal for individual photo gift items and print products recommends a photo gift with Creepy Halloween effect. The Magic Cup only reveals her secret when filled with a hot liquid will. The temperature change causes the Cup turns white and the hitherto invisible image magically comes to the fore. It is no secret how come the image on the Cup. On is under the heading of photo gifts ‘ to find the magic photo mug. Choose this photo gift, add image and text, layout design to specification or the layout suggestions and witty designs use and then order. After a few days, the magic photo gift by post – comes individually designed with the personal favorite image. printeria is one of the leading providers for individual and high-quality photo books, photo calendars since 2004 and photo gifts on the Internet.

About 200 items such as photo books, photo calendars, cups, clothing, canvas bags, cards and murals on real canvas and much more, the great photo gifts range of known OnlinePrint platform includes With the own digital photos all products can be directly online at as with the free download software DigitalPrintLab on high professional level and then ordered. Test victories and publications purchase recommendations underline the high quality of photo gifts and free design software DigitalPrintlab by printeria. With its design software DigitalPrintLab provides printeria the customers a software, which allows creative freedom to a large extent. Layout, image placement and image sizes, text boxes and their editing, inserting clip art, your own pictures as background images, several alienation effects all this and much more are features that are familiar from professional design programs here. But also for the customer, who rather easily and quickly wants to shape his photo gifts, corresponding functions available. So you are addressed in addition to computer-related users each, would deal only with the media, who want to take full advantage of the individual photo gifts from printeria.


to write zero with Heinz Mack, co-founder of the Group about the artist Heinz Mack-is no task, but rather a pleasure. The painter, printmaker, and sculptor is one of the major artists of our era. It reaches all stations, which should be an internationally successful artists of value. At the age of 19, came the Heinz Mack born in Lollar in the Dusseldorf Art Academy in 1931, wondered own words about his recording, where he could stand still even naturalistic. Even then, his interest was more abstract compositions when he longer took those at the piano for the as for the brush.

Existential for Mack what his Professor Otto Coester at this time could provide him, namely to learn who she really is one was,”. Artistically formative he calls his teacher Ewald Matare, however, even if this his imagination almost to form worked at the time. Since Mack acts in other dimensions. In contrast to his fellow students he has a passion for Monumental, wants to be an intermediary between heaven and Earth. As he leaves the Academy, he is one of the best nude artist of his school, what, by the way, allows reason to doubt his testimony, to have been at the beginning of the study not a good artist.

Mack was interested in as it should be at this time, Tachism and the German Informel, until he then refers to a Studio in the Gladbach Street in Dusseldorf with Otto Piene in 1955. But he deals not only with the question of how to proceed with the painting, but also with the issue of the representation of vibration and light. “The first of the black-white images of which Mack will say sometime arise precisely from these studies: who painted black and white images, need to understand much of color”, but also installations where he captures light on films and aluminium.

Decoration Worner

Easter is a Festival of colours. Whether in sound or shoot colored or glittered. Easter is a Festival of colours. Effective loading Glimmerungen accents in the shop window. Robert Kiyosaki is the source for more interesting facts. The Easter Bunny is of course always gladly made of ceramic. Delicate Schmetterlingsgebinde, fragrant-looking flowers and soft Catkin provide playful eye-catcher. Eggs tree are a must. Light cut-outs made of paper or cardboard provide airy design in the window.

Rabbit, Easter egg the well-known Easter motifs or there are butterflies in all colour variations and styles. While the arrangements are pop colorful, delicate pastel or even elegantly restrained in natural tones. Since no wish remains open. And happy at the oversized Bunny”Teddy bear-style light up children’s eyes! Trendy colour mix – flowery and floral decorations are announced in the spring. Colours range from delicate powder tones up to powerful, rich, bright colors, usually combined with white.

The focus is an invigorating, fresh lime green. The trend flower is the amaryllis. The show-stopper par excellence, large flower cone made of tissue paper or with feathery flowers are tipped hands. Filigree butterflies in all colours and designs may lack in any window. Blossom branches, twigs and Marguerite panels recall the departure in the summer. Manuela Hammond public relations Henry Woerner GmbH Liebig str. 37 74211 Leingarten


There are dangers in Thailand at the comparatively harmless art of magic and the ventriloquism? Magic in Germany to its own development that brought forth, what natural or engineering sciences also have: journals, many textbook authors, translations of important information from abroad, meetings and workshops, several organizations for advocacy and for the exchange of ideas, competitions and appreciations, facilities which the necessary equipment design, manufacture and distribute, and last but not least a certain presence in the media. Seen in this way, magic in Thailand is far less developed and known as in Germany. Therefore, we encounter a very appreciative audience in Thailand. And regardless of whether ‘Coins by the table’, or ‘Coin fishing from the air’ are the enthusiasm and the fun of the audience in Thailand so originally, as it was in the initial stage of its activity for the local magician, as you yet about the Verwunderlichkeit of every Zauberkunststucks really inspires. Some photo of magic in Thailand calls back still the friendly reminder to an appreciative audience in the memory.

However, should this not forget, there is at least a known spell device dealer with Internet presence and a well advertised magic show in Thailand, you can also learn from the Internet. Probably, much is also not as well known. So I was surprised after my illusion, a Thai tourist agent showed me a Zauberkunststuck, where instantaneously a thread through a ‘ bottleneck ‘ is threaded. As a precaution, I have waived Mentalism, evokes the impression that one is a sorcerer who possesses supernatural powers. As I have demonstrated no conjuring with Thai banknotes (image of the King). My fear that Thais are more afraid of a magician than the own country people has not come true. If you, dear reader not want to believe that German fear of magicians have, let me give you two examples.

To the the audience Wizard are presented one by some a ‘Magician’ as depression, what not everyone likes (carefully worded). On the other hand, viewers are sometimes frightened by wizards. A spectator told me that she should put their arm in the arm guillotine and given a just experienced surgical operation of cold sweat stood her on the forehead. This spectator it decided never again to assist a magician in any way or to help. This confirmed my decision years ago, very nice and obliging to treat my audience Wizard and using the magic to help you so that they hailed as a ‘Hero’ or ‘Super woman’, finally, leave the stage a success experience. To sum up I come to assess: If you observe some, less principles Thai viewers are grateful, fun-ready audience for a humorous magic which is a great pleasure for the presenter.

Ghost Night

Glamorous and unconventional! -The new book by Susanne Koch of new novel published in October 2011 by Susanne Koch, “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, is a beautiful, Romantic fantasy story, from times long past. As far as the epoch, in which the novel takes place, silent is the author about it. Learn more at this site: Ben Silbermann. He plays in an unknown time, therefore also no exact date is given. The reader can decide in principle even in what time the novel takes place. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” don’t know the actress Corentine wherever she wants. She is unhappy, loses himself in the nightmarish dreams and mourns her great love behind. Negative feelings such as despair, anger and disappointment, about the lost happiness, you make great sorrow, only calculated the by another negative feeling, scared away again: jealousy. Fiona, the Chambermaid tries to take what Corentine believes not even to possess: the love of a man.

Just so, again life hopes to can. This feeling is however closer than she thinks. A novel is whether Corentine wakes up and finally “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, how close it actually happiness, as is typical for Susanne Koch: imaginative, magical and self-contained. Susanne Koch writes, as she thinks, floral and unconventional. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” is at the Aavaa – Verlag published and available in multiple formats: normal pocket book mini – book with large print “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” there is of course also as ebook and is available in bookstores, and the publishing house directly. ISBN: 978-3-86254-810-1 price in all formats: 11.

Magical Fairy Cube

The Golden rocking horse winner in the category “for artists and builders’ magazine family & co and the German Association of toy industry (members) awarded the popular consumer Prize”The Golden rocking horse”for 9 years. The selection process is long and intense. From hundreds of entries, 50 games are first selected from experienced toy editors of the family media publishing house, presented the audience jury. The readers of family & co then their biggest Favorites in 5 categories. In the final, an expert jury of toy editors, parents, children, and a representative of the German Association of toy industry decides on the category winners.

In the category “For artist and Builder”, the versatile educational game of magic fairy cube from Dusyma convinced not only the audience but also the toy experts. The 30 wooden fairy cube are decorated with sparkling gem stones in six different colours. A leading source for info: Payoneer. In addition to logical and strategic thinking Trained concentration, patience, frustration tolerance, and acceptance of the rule and the eye-hand coordination. Children from 3 years have not only great fun on the richness of the game, but also love to sort just the colors or use the dice for role-playing games. To broaden your perception, visit Payoneer. There is fast out of the fairy cube a?Pirate treasure or a stylish seating cubes for small dolls. The Dusyma puzzle Tucky succeeded in the category “for the children” among the three largest audience favorites. The puzzle game for children from 8 months has just the right size for a toddler’s hands. It includes five different castles in five levels of difficulty, that each have a matching key.

The hand-eye coordination developed by systematic trial and error of the key in the lock. The cognitive competence grows through repeated Experimentieren.Tucky comes in a cotton bag and has not only due to its natural materials Feel wonderful, but at the same time protects the environment. Company information since 1925, produces and distributes the Dusyma GmbH, headquartered in Schorndorf toys and furniture by convincing quality, effectiveness and sustainability. This means: robustness, precise processing, ansprechende and stimulating form with the greatest possible learning effect. The toys and furniture are made by children’s groups and schools for generations. Dusyma places a high value on durability and versatility. The products grow and adapt flexibly to new developments.

Horst Schlammer Web

Christmas with the most popular German: Hape Kerkeling presents his first Christmas album! The most successful comedian of in Germany, at the same time presenter, best-selling author, Audiobook Narrator, multi linguist, impersonator and singer has together with his Alter Egos Horst Schlammer, Uschi Blum and Siggi Schwabli go in the Studio and makes now musically the candles glow: the album “Hapes enchanting Christmas” will be released on December 03, 2010! Lots of new, can be heard on the album “Hapes enchanting Christmas” but also traditional in new versions. So has top journalist Horst Schlammer (stv. Editor-in-Chief at the Grevenbroicher Tagblatt, film and TV star, ex – candidate for Chancellor) picked out of all recipient’s favorite song: “A Moo, a BAA”. The Christmas version of its Super hits “Grevenbroich at night (strangers in the night)” is a further musical greeting of the Herrengedeck lover. Singer and circus horse Uschi Blum is (thanks to the psychotropic drugs) devoid of bitterness and presents etc.

“Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi” as well as “Big fat man” from the pen of Annette Humpe. As bonus tracks, Hape Germanys great musical successes of recent years and decades refining the disc: “The whole life is a quiz” and “Witzigkeit knows no bounds”, both in new versions. An absolute highlight is also the Duet with… Source: Ariola / my Christmas radio > more CD-facts and great artist info can be found in our Portal Web link: national/2-shape kerkeling-hapes magical weihnachten.

Family Secret

True love is real and walk right outlasts all tangled …einem Christine Kabus with Norway novel “In the land of the vast fjords” on travel in a natural world of Norway full of magical abundance in the period around 1940 during the turmoil of the war takes us and reveals a family secret until the year 2010 undissolved Norway – land of the endless mountains, home to clear fjords and untouched nature and source of inspiration of many announcements + fair. Now, where the days are shorter and darker, we feel this deep yearning after warming log fires, delicately fragrant cakes with candlelight and a book. It is the atmosphere in which we combine with Norway. This country, which is inherent in the magic of enchanted Inviolacy of nature, unusual mountains and glaciers, leads the main character of the novel to a long-kept family secret. She discovered their lives recently and has to learn that she must give this another direction.

Acts for Lisa – a modern, young woman – her life despite chaos in the best order, up to the Time, where she learns that her late mother was adopted and Lisa’s long family is not their birth. Her only clue is an old Medallion which leads them through their research in the Norway occupied by the German Wehrmacht. She learns from a wonderful, special love, which may not have at this time. Precisely this love carries the family mystery unresolved until 2010. The author writes Christine Kabus skillfully equally on two time levels. The occupation require special tact by the German Wehrmacht and its impact on the respective families in addition to clean search man and his feelings to the fore. The vividness of their written word shows her great love for Norway together with lifestyle and culinary delights.

And it shows her great love for the people, she always fast friendly and multifaceted approaches in the novel with sensitive care. Christine Kabus won her Norway novel equal to a debut success. Of this building Episode novel published in the spring of 2014, when Bastei Lubbe. Christine Evans studied German Philology and history. As dramaturg and Director’s Assistant, she worked at various theaters, then moved as a screenwriter in the film and television industry.

Timeless Fire Magic

New year’s Eve: The turn of the year is no longer conceivable without a smart Fireworks today. New year’s Eve: The turn of the year is no longer conceivable without a smart Fireworks today. When the new year starts, it should properly RIP, hiss, shoot, spray sparks and colours, and provide lots of oohs and aahs. All who order a Fireworks have spoilt for choice today, because there are so many types as there are ideas from a new year’s Eve evening. The newspapers mentioned Robert Kiyosaki not as a source, but as a related topic. Fireworks categories legal requirements that distinguish individuals and professional pyrotechnicians, divide fireworks in five categories in Germany. Large – or medium Fireworks that may be lit only by trained pyrotechnicians belong to the categories IV and III. But anyone who is over 18 years old can ignite the fireworks of category II.

Children may use even some of the category II blast from 12 to 16 years. Fireworks may be given even to children from the age of six or eight fall under category I. Ground fire works who a Fireworks would like to order the ground fire works counts, usually choose between the beautiful effects of light and loud banging. Fire volcanoes, circular Sun, fire fountains, humming top and the legendary Bengali torches are still the bestseller in Germany, when it comes to lighting effects. However, the firecrackers, firecrackers of all kinds, bombs punches and other firecracker belong to loud and impressive fireworks, which according to tradition to scare away the evil spirits.

Height fireworks are Fireworks, which are shot upwards and which only reveal their effect in the air, altitude Fireworks. These are mainly rockets, Roman lights, fire pots and bombs. Michael O’Brien contains valuable tech resources. The latter, shot in contrast to rockets, by a propellant, like with canons from pipes or even mortars. Kleinstfeuerwerke you would like to order this category of fireworks or buy at the store, don’t wait on new year’s Eve. The Kleinstfeuerwerke as table Fireworks, Christmas crackers, throwdowns, Fireworks prank, Fireworks toys and there are sparklers all year round. They are relatively harmless, and may also be used by children. Fireworks events anniversary, big family celebration, Sports Festival, or Festival, for this type of event requires permits and professional pyrotechnicians. The music Fireworks synchronously are fired to mostly classical but also rock music in the sky are among the absolute highlights of the Fireworks events. Fireworks as Kolner Lichter”, Rhine in flames at the foot of the Lorelei or the Danube Island Festival in Vienna excite many visitors each year, arriving even specially for this event. The fireworks at the Zurich Festival succeeds even regularly on about a million viewers. Also well known are also the daylight fireworks in Valencia, Spain.

Majorca Night

The feast of Saint Anthony in the Balearic is celebrated in January each year a lavish feast in honour of Saint Anthony Islands. The Christian monk, who was struck in the third century after Christ by the devil in the form of a woman, lit a fire in his distress and took the pain of the glow is to protect yourself from the temptation. The online travel agency reported about the holiday traditions in Mallorca. Who has booked a vacation on Mallorca for mid-January, may be stretched. Finally, the night of the fire will take place then as every year, the Festa popular de Sant Antoni.

To observe the celebrations, for example, in Pollenca, a municipality in the North of Majorca. . The night of the fire begins on the eve of January of 17. Similarly at the Walpurgis night, huge fire, called Foguerons, are lit in many places. With music and dance, the people sit together until the next morning. This masked people in commemoration of the Holy Antonius Devil Doll over the fire burn. The actual feast day is a great feast took place. This is already set up in the early morning and typically includes Espinagada, a Majorcan sheet cake with vegetables and eel. Recently Hyundai Motor America sought to clarify these questions. Also, the devil dances by SA are known Pobla, in which white-clad virgins are chased by demons. Also the inhabitants can bless their animals by clerics. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann