Bank Franchise-holders

And it is that the chain of doctor-aesthetic clinics and shaving laser counts on a new center in Madrid and is confirmed like an excellent option of businesses for those entrepreneurs who want abrir their business. It is only necessary to be sent to the case of the new franchise-holders that finish betting by this mark to initiate their adventure like industralists: One is Luisa Alapont and Rosa Diaz, two women by far sense of smell and very good sights. ” Until beginning to work as DEPILHAIR partners we dedicated ourselves to the sector of the Bank. There we were watching which were the sectors with more high expectations of growth and yield and we saw that the one of the aesthetic one was the value more seguro”. And of the theory these franchise-holders happened to the action. ” Once decided this we realized that DEPILHAIR it was the mark that better represented the ideal of aesthetic services given the professionalism that demands the people who carry out the treatments and that are to be doctors.

In addition in a while in which many businesses do not work, this sector not only is holding the pull, but he is creciendo” , they explain. Thus cosasel the new premises of DEPILHAIR is located in the centric street of Jorge Juan n 75 of Madrid ” It is a very good zone for us since it does not exist no supply of treatments so specialized and quality as ours and in which we are safe we will as much make good reputation between men as mujeres” , they conclude the franchise-holders. Cabinet of Press and RR.PP For the management of interviews, the extension of information or the shipment of graphical material you do not doubt in contacting to us.


Since I have said in previous articles networking is being put fashionable as much of actual way as in social networks of Internet. At the moment everything serves to contact with possible clients, to find partners or investors or simply to have a network of contacts that at some time always you can generate business. There is an infinite variety of social networks by Internet. The majority allows us to put all the information of our company, contact with which we thought that they can give business us, to make call for an event and multitude of possibilities that if we have the sufficient time can bear its fruits. It is essential to know how how to begin, bscate in the finders like Google, Yahoo you appear? , it looks for your company in Xing, Linkedin, viadeo . , it looks for your colleagues of work, your schoolmates.

Next it completes your profile to the maximum and it forms your privacy, you can add your blogs, your Webs, must begin hacerte visible in the social networks. It invites to companies or people who interest to you and if you can go better recommended better than since she does not serve don’t mention it to have many contacts without any common interest. It overturns all contacts to a unique data base and tries to complete all the information that you do not have in each new taking of contact (birthday, hobbies, I interest ). It classifies your contacts with labels (geographic zone, importance, type of client or contact, sector ). It begins to position your company in the social networks in 10 steps: It organizes your page of beginning? It completes your professional profile? It finds to those who are interested in which you offer? It looks for compatible people? It organizes well your network of contacts? Proactive and there will later not be a page for not ocuparte of her? It enters the forums and it participates? It belongs to a group of networking? It looks for interesting events? It completes all the information of your company Once positioned in the social networks, you must begin to make networking actual since all the vestibules of social networks create their own events and this is a unique opportunity to know your contacts with which you have maintained a relation written or telephone in the best one of the cases.

Resides Abroad

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