Multilevel Structure

In turn, multilevel structure allows users to see information about the leader of instruments to their subordinate staff. A mechanism configured roles to limit the functions of staff working with information system. Zones Automation insurance and accounting: The process of automating insurance broker or insurance company can be divided into zones and to consider each: Process Automation insurance contracts accounting automation of accounting forms of insurance accounting Automation Process Automation insurance contracts: Description of the process: The process of insurance contracts known to all and consists of: choosing an insurance company (when referring to an insurance broker) collect information about insurer, admitted to the management of ta and other counterparties Making photocopies of all Fill the required documents of the insurance policy, receipts, A-7 and other accountable forms of receiving funds from the insured received information is sent to the back-office (she may be sent to paper or electronic form, which subsequently entered into a database operator or directly to an agent). Depending on the automation workstation agent, various options and processes filling the information and print the forms. In addition to contracts of insurance agents can remind customers about the need to pay the insurance contribution determined, the proposal of extension of the insurance contract. Solution of the problem: Consider how you can automate the job of insurance agent and front-office solutions using DT: 'Accounting for insurance contracts 8.2' With the ability to work with the database via web-browser at a minimum communication channel, the need to double the work of processing and input information into the database disappears.