New Collaboration

With an attractive tourist offer both partners set to relaxing short breaks for people seeking the Leisure and relaxation. A few weeks ago was the premium Eifelsteig hiking route”passed his determination. “At the same time it opened * star on the Eifelsteig” the gates for guests from near and far. In an environment that from the stress and bustle away creates the ideal conditions for rest and recreation, it seemed, to offer a special package also hobby painters and musicians. “With this cooperation Arte Vitalis concept holiday for my whole self” consistently continue.

Wellness for body, soul and mind is to go with a hobby on the trip. At a small soothing break acts like a fountain and opens all the senses. The exclusive hardly familiar in everyday life with the creative vacationers can indulge in their passion, is a gas station for new challenges in career and family. Of course, also the warm atmosphere must agree. The land of Maars and volcanoes provides the right backdrop for a short trip in an inspiring environment painters, musicians and choirs. Carefully selected course houses with feel-good character and the qualified support of professional tutors ensure that vacation and hobby form a harmonious unit. “Other topics of creative travel with Arte Vitalis: vacation on the Eifel crime trail, painting and music holiday on the edge of the volcano crater, singing on the volcano”, the individual choir trip with numerous pressing of an incomparable landscape.

Effective Collaboration Brings Success

100 Years Trabrennbahn Mariendorf, 88 years Walker read circular Berlin 03 may 2013: the family-owned company with 88-jahriger experience, promotes the German trotting Derby, a traditional event in Berlin, on the dust jackets of the reading circle magazines. Matching a flyer with the program via the Walker will be distributed reading circle ( We want to break new ground, and so we will advertise this year reading circles about the Walker. Also we hope that cooperation with the Walker brings mutual success reading circle”, says Andreas Haase, Managing Director of the Berliner Trabrenn-Verein e.V.. The Walker reading circle presents itself with a booth from 27 July to 4 August 2013 on the Derby race Trabrennbahn Mariendorf and also the 100th anniversary race on May 12, 2103, and on June 16 to the Emperor BBs family day. Lothar Weissgerber, Senior Director of the Walker reading circle, is as Tempelhof with the trotting course grown. I can remember well, as I do with my wife in the fifties attended”several Sandbahnrennen on the Mariendorf trotting course, enthuses the senior chief. A long established sympathy to the racetrack ( was created by there celebrated birthdays, weddings and guided fashion shows, over the years. Therefore, I am very pleased with our cooperation “, says Walker finally Lothar.

Hotel InterContinental Hamburg

‘Revolution in the living room’: Webfahige TV devices are changing the media landscape Internetfahige TV conquer the living room since the turn of the year. Leading content providers are therefore currently working on flat compatible applications in their Web offerings. Heralded a revolution in the television market here? At the invitation of the communications consultancy, Lai & colleagues discussed on March 19 around 30 experts from companies, TV service providers and media on the occasion of the 7th TV Forum”in the Hotel InterContinental Hamburg. The focal point of the TV Forum, the question was how the convergence of Internet and television on the living room TV is going to change the industry. Internet on TV is one of the main content and economic trends in the field of consumer electronics in the coming years surely”, said Jan Wendt, CEO of MMH, on the occasion of the TV Forum. “The consumer wants to delve deeper into the media world and not just on the PC, but also from the TV sofa.” MMH serves as a consulting agency in the TV 2.0 more than 50 Internet content providers with solutions for the flat, making it the leader in this segment. TV 2.0 will have a massive impact on the marketing processes of the entire media industry”, so Wendt next.

Ralf classes, Director digital TV at, supported the thesis that Web-enabled TV sets had reached a market-relevant technical maturity. This development was for the industry and will lead to a significant change in the consumer media consumption behavior. Lai & colleagues focus of Lai & colleagues is the strategic communications consultancy for medium-sized enterprises as well as larger consolidated units, as well as urban and municipal facilities. Thematic focus of advice in addition to business & services in the fields of regional marketing & tourism, sports & sponsorship, technology & healthcare, corporate (social) responsibility. Contact: Alexander Weber Lai & colleagues Ruhr road 11 (Phoenix Court) 22761 Hamburg Phone: 040 / 75 25 77-992 fax: 040 / 75 25 77-999 E-Mail: Web:

Acoustic Soundproofing

What are the materials for an acoustic soundproofing? When you talk about soundproofing materials, it is very important to differentiate between the sound insulation and sound absorption, since these two are often confused with the same thing. Soundproofing is a means to block the sound that enters or exits a space, and the sound absorption is intended to improve the sound in a certain room. In any situation, the best materials for an acoustic soundproofing will not work well if you don’t first plan this work. When it comes to a soundproofing, this can be useful when used in the appropriate areas. Floor insulation is a cheap and effective way to block the sound between the floors of a house or other building. The owners of the apartments will find this a practical method to drown the sound between the various floors of an apartment.

An insulation with rock wool, can be placed between the floor joists to absorb some sound. Soundproofed Windows are made with a special glass which aims to block outside noise. Crystals are specially created and installed to block discomfort as the noise of the road for those buildings that have nearby. It can also improve with some curtains that help to absorb a bit of sound. Directed a few paragraphs further up the absorption of the sound as it is different to the soundproofing. Absorption is the kind of improvement you need room for a recording studio, a home theater or a conference room. Since it dampens the noise of others within that environment and helps maintain the positive noises in the room.

In extreme situations, some homeowners opt to add an additional layer of wall to the rooms. This involves the construction of a new framework of floors and walls in the old with a little space in the middle. This space absorbs a significant amount of sound and improves the quality of which is inside the room. This method is more applicable to the recording Studio. Not all the claims made by the manufacturers of acoustic insulation materials can back up with evidence. Homeowners should not expect a cheap and easy to build product to work when it comes to lock outdoor sounds.