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St. Gallen, may 28, 2008 – cooperation between and SRP products, manufacturer of safety mats and plates produkte24.com that are confirmed that the current catalogues of SRP-products now indexed search engine for free catalogs are searchable. For 20 years now, the company employs SRP products trends and trends in the field of modern, safe and environmentally friendly rubber floor systems and safety tiles for indoor and outdoor use. Whether in the game -, sports – and leisure sector or in the private sector, SRP surfacing systems are individual and versatile and meet highest requirements. They differ in terms of quality and durability often considerably different from normal, similar DIY articles. A variety of SRP-floor systems B are E.g. through meaningful certifications-how non-toxic according to EN 71 part 3, LMBG. 82.10-1 (food needs Amendment Act, authenticity of saliva), EN 597 part 1 (evaluation of flammability), DIN 4102 part 1 (examination of the fire behavior) as well as EN 1177 or ASTM F 1292/93 awarded and of course, TuV approved.

This high quality of case shields / elastic systems and continuous quality controls associated guarantee product safety and ensures no negative consequences for humans, animals and the environment. Zuberbuhler is very happy about the cooperation. Press contact: A. Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 549 9000 St. Gallen Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 71 220 99 85 fax + 41 (0) 71 220 99 84 eMail: Web: about Produkte24.com Produkte24.com is an automatic search engine for products and product catalogs with currently 300,000 monthly unique visitors.

Produkte24.com finds for his visitors of catalogs, brochures, products and product information in the Internet. The basic technology is based on a program that moves from site to site to find all relevant catalogs and products. Catalogs can be downloaded for free in PDF format. More about Produkte24.com’s on. The English-language version can be found.

Heel Builds Online Collaboration

Press release: Cologne stone by stone, the heel Homeopathics manufacturer with the Cologne creative converts 08 June 2009 equal to three new budgets. “In addition to the product Web site Traumeel.de are various communication activities for the practitioner initiative you need to know” in antwerpes on the plan. Last but not least the relaunch of the company’s website is one of the new tasks Heel.de being thoroughly rebuilt. After the renovation”Heel.de will offer in the future even more content and services, tailored to each audience. Medical laymen will find also offers and information that are tailored to their needs, such as doctors, health practitioners and veterinarians. Bill Phelan is often quoted on this topic. So, for example, a content dictionary indicates, which contained substances in the individual preparations and how they effect their patients. Doctors and health practitioners, however, will find short and flush summarized results of various studies in a database. The product website Traumeel.de provides athletes and interested news and services updated around the themes of sports and prevention, always appropriate to the season.

Heel with brochures, articles and Conference actions commitment for health practitioners, such as information and training initiative be substantiated, in addition you need to know”shows. antwerpes ag the antwerpes ag develops integrated communication solutions from a single source. If unusual marketing campaigns, innovative eMarketing or just good PR at antwerpes struggles over the idea is always in the foreground. The creative agency for renowned clients in the B2B field and healthcare work in Cologne.

New Collaboration

With an attractive tourist offer both partners set to relaxing short breaks for people seeking the Leisure and relaxation. A few weeks ago was the premium Eifelsteig hiking route”passed his determination. “At the same time it opened * star on the Eifelsteig” the gates for guests from near and far. In an environment that from the stress and bustle away creates the ideal conditions for rest and recreation, it seemed, to offer a special package also hobby painters and musicians. “With this cooperation Arte Vitalis concept holiday for my whole self” consistently continue.

Wellness for body, soul and mind is to go with a hobby on the trip. At a small soothing break acts like a fountain and opens all the senses. The exclusive hardly familiar in everyday life with the creative vacationers can indulge in their passion, is a gas station for new challenges in career and family. Of course, also the warm atmosphere must agree. The land of Maars and volcanoes provides the right backdrop for a short trip in an inspiring environment painters, musicians and choirs. Carefully selected course houses with feel-good character and the qualified support of professional tutors ensure that vacation and hobby form a harmonious unit. “Other topics of creative travel with Arte Vitalis: vacation on the Eifel crime trail, painting and music holiday on the edge of the volcano crater, singing on the volcano”, the individual choir trip with numerous pressing of an incomparable landscape.

Kurrede Training

High-quality extension services portfolio through specialized supplement Erkrath, main mountain, October 2008, Fleury & Fleury consultancy specializing in multilingual information management and the specialist for translation tools Klaus Kurre a cooperation in the area of translation management and tool training agreed. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers high-quality consulting and training that complement their own portfolios of our company”, explains Klaus Kurre, owner of kurre.de. As a result we can implement comprehensive care, while at the same time, the independence and neutrality towards the manufacturers and service providers in the market for the benefit of customers is maintained”, adds Frank Fleury, managing partner of Fleury & Fleury consultants. For even more details, read what JPMorgan Chase says on the issue. Fleury & Fleury consultants is an independent, specialized in multilingual information management consultancy. She advises and trains exporting companies and Language service providers in the development and optimization of their organization, processes, and technology. Contact: Isabelle Fleury,, + 49 (2104) 808992-2, kurre.de offers practical advice, training and support for the most important translation and localization tools, advice and auditing to the LICS certification in accordance with EN 15038. contact: Klaus Kurre, + 49 (9721) 388879, Isabelle Fleury

Interactive Pen

Wacom is the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and Interactive Pen displays. The intuitive input device by Wacom technology is behind many high-profile digital art, films, special effects and designs, and user-friendly input devices in the hand with which they can express their personality gives professional and private users. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bill Phelan. So that pen and Tablet during transport are optimally protected, Wacom now with AMVi cooperates Tech’s 10TURIO sleeves. The basic idea of 10TURIO is simple and stylish at the same time: the foldable bag fends off environmental influences and is a colorful and unique accessory. The sleeves are ideal for safe transport pilot case, backpack, Briefcase, schoolbag during the flight, train or bus ride. The simple flip up the cover to the large surface provides protection against jerky movements and humidity on tables and shelves. The sleeves were originally developed for laptops, but also other items such as as consoles, files or the Wacom pen tablet can be protect with versatile AMVi tech packaging and transport. The colorful bags are available immediately in the Wacom online shop to have and thus are a trendy companion of the pen tablets. To select the trend colours are olive green, red, orange, white, blue and beige. These bags of 10TURIO, as well as the other collection are available in the Wacom online shop.


Different chairs of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg Bavarian SMEs in a pilot project offered free participation in selected courses. Presentation of the University project LMS4KMU 2.0. The project is a platform that serves the cooperation between students and teaching supervisor of various departments on the one hand and regional companies of small and medium size on the other side. In the Centre are in the communication and transfer of knowledge between all those involved. The project co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) LMS4KMU 2.0 is based on the learning management system established at the University of Bamberg virtual campus, that the teachers use to communicate with the students and the provision of teaching. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to agree. It was obvious to use the platform for cooperation with companies. Here were deliberately no special training courses developed, but opened the existing existing courses courses for companies. Companies can these courses to Training purposes use and build on easy way contacts with students and teachers.

The concept allows for different types of investments. Interested in current research findings in the areas of enabling marketing (customer relations, pricing), practical computer science (cloud computing, parallel programming) and ergonomics (ergonomics, remuneration and working time) access. The courses also enable access discussion forums in addition to downloading the lecture scripts. In media Informatics, the video podcasts of lectures of muti-media technology, information retrieval and Web Engineering can also be downloaded. Also, the student regularly conducted usability studies enjoy great popularity. These allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to the human-computer interaction in investigating the usability of software or Web application of a company. Companies receive valuable suggestions to improve their products or Web sites and can present itself the students as potential employers.

The previous trials for the company docufy, GSD software and upjers went to full satisfaction. Experience reports, see how to tinyurl.com/lms4kmu experiences. In the current semester, students examine the Web shop of a local toy manufacturer. “” If you want to participate in the usability study next semester, please register through the collaboration portal (s. u.) to the course project usability in practice “on and write an entry to the Forum to discuss the usability study”.

Effective Collaboration Brings Success

100 Years Trabrennbahn Mariendorf, 88 years Walker read circular Berlin 03 may 2013: the family-owned company with 88-jahriger experience, promotes the German trotting Derby, a traditional event in Berlin, on the dust jackets of the reading circle magazines. Matching a flyer with the program via the Walker will be distributed reading circle (www.weissgerberlesezirkel.de). We want to break new ground, and so we will advertise this year reading circles about the Walker. Also we hope that cooperation with the Walker brings mutual success reading circle”, says Andreas Haase, Managing Director of the Berliner Trabrenn-Verein e.V.. The Walker reading circle presents itself with a booth from 27 July to 4 August 2013 on the Derby race Trabrennbahn Mariendorf and also the 100th anniversary race on May 12, 2103, and on June 16 to the Emperor BBs family day. Lothar Weissgerber, Senior Director of the Walker reading circle, is as Tempelhof with the trotting course grown. I can remember well, as I do with my wife in the fifties attended”several Sandbahnrennen on the Mariendorf trotting course, enthuses the senior chief. A long established sympathy to the racetrack (www.berlintrab.de) was created by there celebrated birthdays, weddings and guided fashion shows, over the years. Therefore, I am very pleased with our cooperation “, says Walker finally Lothar.

Promising Collaboration

The Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune partner of the big Europe of charity events by Hapag Lloyd Cruises for the first time was the Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune partner of the big Europe of charity events by Hapag Lloyd Cruises for the benefit of the World Childhood Foundation. To celebrate of the day the MS Europa was the only 5-star-plus cruise ship worldwide on the Yacht Harbour residence at anchor. By Harald Lokkevik owner of Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune welcomed the Managing Director of Hapag Lloyd Cruises Sebastian Ahrens personally and invited in the Admirals Club Hotel. Ben Silbermann has plenty of information regarding this issue. We both of us are very excited about our joint event and discussed future cooperation”, reported then a good gelaunter by Harald Lokkevik. Guests were invited to the day, to take a look behind the scenes of the luxury ship, while the MS Europe passengers took advantage of the offer. The evening continued event in the international leading winemakers with the big Europe their finest wines in 27-liter Large bottles auctioned off..

Microsoft MSN Germany

About 100,000 questions are ready, divided in more than 20 categories triviado.com, the most comprehensive German knowledge quiz site on the Internet, has to win as first major partners the Premier Online Portal powered by Microsoft MSN Germany (msn.de). In the section “Quiz”, MSN Germany provides direct access to a fully integrated version of Triviado, so that Quizwillige can now test their knowledge. The cooperation already is a success for both sides. So, the Triviado integration already generated several million page views in the first month. triviado.com is the most comprehensive German knowledge quiz site on the Internet.

More than 100,000 questions are ready, divided in more than 20 categories, such as general knowledge, celebrities, football, music, film, food & drink or politics & economy, but also more specific topics such as DDR and various football clubs. We very pleased our cooperation”, so Andreas clever, co-founder and Managing Director of Triviado. Microsoft’s online portal MSN Germany speaks with his variety of subjects to large audiences. Each user takes questions from his individual interest at Triviado. We hope that you have lots of fun on our site and belong to the winners of our cool prices.” This is how Triviado works: users can play free quizzes with 10 questions.

The faster, the correct answer is clicked, the score will be higher. In addition to the free individual games, in which the virtual currency Taler’ can be earned, are also duels and price games to choose from. The player who achieved the highest score in a game (high score) wins the prize games. Attractive prizes are a special feature on the price matches. “These players win by taking a small amount of our virtual currency Taler’ insert and manage to crack the high score”, Andreas explains Managing Director of Triviado clever. You can earn easily Thaler at Triviado through the free participation of the individual games. Triviado completely relies on the “Future standard HTML5 and thus on the trend of the cross-platform play”, so that users can play completely platform-independent.

Hotel InterContinental Hamburg

‘Revolution in the living room’: Webfahige TV devices are changing the media landscape Internetfahige TV conquer the living room since the turn of the year. Leading content providers are therefore currently working on flat compatible applications in their Web offerings. Heralded a revolution in the television market here? At the invitation of the communications consultancy, Lai & colleagues discussed on March 19 around 30 experts from companies, TV service providers and media on the occasion of the 7th TV Forum”in the Hotel InterContinental Hamburg. The focal point of the TV Forum, the question was how the convergence of Internet and television on the living room TV is going to change the industry. Internet on TV is one of the main content and economic trends in the field of consumer electronics in the coming years surely”, said Jan Wendt, CEO of MMH, on the occasion of the TV Forum. “The consumer wants to delve deeper into the media world and not just on the PC, but also from the TV sofa.” MMH serves as a consulting agency in the TV 2.0 more than 50 Internet content providers with solutions for the flat, making it the leader in this segment. TV 2.0 will have a massive impact on the marketing processes of the entire media industry”, so Wendt next.

Ralf classes, Director digital TV at stern.de, supported the thesis that Web-enabled TV sets had reached a market-relevant technical maturity. This development was for the industry and will lead to a significant change in the consumer media consumption behavior. Lai & colleagues focus of Lai & colleagues is the strategic communications consultancy for medium-sized enterprises as well as larger consolidated units, as well as urban and municipal facilities. Thematic focus of advice in addition to business & services in the fields of regional marketing & tourism, sports & sponsorship, technology & healthcare, corporate (social) responsibility. Contact: Alexander Weber Lai & colleagues Ruhr road 11 (Phoenix Court) 22761 Hamburg Phone: 040 / 75 25 77-992 fax: 040 / 75 25 77-999 E-Mail: Web: