: Clintons are in

The press went wild about something that was interviewed about. Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, had a conversation with presidential nominee Barack Obama, after Hillary withdrew her bid for the presidency. This, their first conversation following Obama’s de facto receiving the Democratic Party’s nomination, was seen to be important and even ground breaking. was interviewed on CNN and other networks, about this interaction between his friend and confidante, and husband of the person whose efforts for the presidency led and directed. And? All’s well, said . Both men respect each other, and of course they will work together.

Switzerland Check Neutrality of the Network

The neutrality of the network is a hot topic in recent times. If the Internet had been designed as a global communications network, in which there are no priorities for data depending on where they come, some access providers have begun? Play dirty? Limiting transfer rates depending on the type of traffic, cutting communications …

The idea of suppliers is mainly able to charge higher? Players?, Such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, … and draw traffic performance so far not provided benefits, such as P2P.

For the user, one of the problems is that you detect whether your provider is limiting the connection can be very complicated. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is developing a tool, Switzerland, which will check simply by running a program.

So far, this application is in alpha, designed to be run only by advanced users, who can cope with the command line and they do not amount trastear a bit if it does not work, but his intention is to offer a graphical tool simple to use by anyone.

In Switzerland it is possible to check whether your Internet provider is changing traffic leaving or arriving at our connection, for example using the Bittorrent protocol, or VoIP applications, as a Spanish supplier, trafficking in eMule.

Technically, it works to transmit IP packets between different customers are using the program, along with some servers that are able to determine whether these packages have been modified by the supplier to send or receive.

Thus, it is capable of controlling not only specific applications, such as Bittorrent or eMule, but any type of traffic. It is planned, too, that in the future add other capabilities with which to measure the latency of the connection, different speeds in different types of traffic, statistics ancho de banda, … so also is detected, not only changes in the packets, but also prioritizing these, although they are changed.

Switzerland is developed in Python and is a multiplatform application, although the need to interpret this language to work in our operating system, in addition to requiring permits administrator on the machine where you execute, and working with IP packets at low level.

As we have said, time is only intended for advanced users, but applications of this kind allow us to know what are the providers who perform such tricks with our connection, so you give publicity to the issue is important so that they are pressured to do so.

First Map of the World Health Warnings on the Internet

HealthMap is a technology platform that allows for real-time and free, various epidemiological data exist on any given region of the planet. Its technology recovered a large quantity of health data, filters and returns on a world map. Through this system, both professional and any interested person may have useful health information. Collect information since 2006 and already has 20,000 visits a day.

Apple Exceeds Expectations

Apple announced a growth of 31% in their profits compared to last year, but its shares suffered a major fall in the final hours of Monday in fear for the future of the company.

Undoubtedly the great cause of this fear is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, due to various rumors indicate that it would not be in good health, a rumor that began during the Worldwide Developer Conference in which he was not very good.

Turning to the numbers, Apple announced earnings of $ 1.07 billion, with total sales of 7.46 billion. This translates into a gain of 1.19 dollars per share, an increase of 11 cents on the expectations of Wall Street.

Considering only the last quarter, which ended in June, Apple had sales of 5.4 billion with a net profit of 818 million, or 92 cents per share. This means a net margin of 34.8%, a slight fall from 36.9% achieved a year ago.

Italian Economy in Trouble

Introducing the official figures, the Italian economy has suffered its second quarter of negative growth in the past nine months, which has fuelled fears about being in recession.

According to official figures, the Italian economy fell by 0.3% during the second quarter (April-June period), reaching the worst economic decline in a quarter in almost five years.

Although for many reducing the economy indicate a recession, officially considered for this there should be two consecutive quarters of decline, something that prevented Italy to grow 0.5% in the first quarter of 2008.

Besides being a great blow to the country, these figures also raise expectations on a future negative for Europe, whereas Italy has the third largest economy on the continent.

Sony Begins to Accept Applications for PlayStation Home

On Tuesday, Sony Computer Entertainment began accepting applications for a closed beta test of its PlayStation Home virtual environment. PlayStation Home is a virtual world where users are represented by avatars and can meet and interact with others using text, voice or other communication methods unspecified, according to Sony. During demonstrations made by the company seems a bit like the virtual community of Second Life but populated by avatars Personal going for the same lines as those of Nintendo’s Miis, but with an appearance closer to reality and less like a caricature.