Construction Industry

For the state, a new system of self-construction is cheap, but it should be emphasized that it was very costly for the participants of the construction market. All the burden of financing the activities of SROs construction and formation of their compensation funds will now be building the company – their members. If earlier, in order to formalize the construction license was sufficient to pay the minimum state fee, but now the builders to access the market of construction works (services) need to be much higher costs. What is the size and structure of these costs? Entering in CPO in the building, the entrepreneur will be obliged to carry out a series of periodic and lump-sum payments: – entrance fee – contributions to a compensation fund SRO – payment of insurance premiums (in the case of liability insurance) – membership dues. Consider these costs in more detail.

The entrance fee is payable upon entry to the entrepreneur and the SRO is a single payment. The size of this contribution is determined by the regulations of the SROs in the building, that is, for each individual SROs. Contributions to the compensation fund should be divided into two categories: one-time initial fee and contribution to the replenishment of the compensation fund. The first type of fee paid entrepreneur also when joining the SRO in the building. Its size is determined by the law firm and can not be changed (see above).

The second kind of contribution to the compensation fund is different and depends on the quality of construction Business members of SROs in the construction and the state compensation fund SRO. In order not to lose its legal status is required to maintain the level of CPO compensation fund is not below a certain level. Meanwhile, if the this fund will be made any payment on account of compensation for members of the SRO in the construction of harm, the level of the compensation fund will be reduced. In this case, to preserve the status of SRO need to supplement a compensation fund for supplementary funds of its members. The more quality in the construction of SRO members will conduct a construction business, the less likely to reduce the compensation fund SROs, including the less the prospect of additional costs for payments to the compensation fund. Another possible item of expenditure entrepreneurs – insurance premiums. These costs are entrepreneurs, if, under SRO adopted in the construction of policies of its members is required to insure their civil responsibility to third parties. The size of the insurance cost will depend on the speed of construction enterprises, as well as from of tolerance, which is the company expects to receive. Dependencies are: the greater the insurer of CPO is required tolerances, the higher insurance costs, higher turnover of construction enterprises, the higher insurance costs. Finally, membership fees are the regular costs. Their size is determined by the regulations of the SROs, that is also unique. Total costs to date, many construction firms access to the market of construction work exceeds one million rubles. Compared to their previous costs for licensing their costs have increased more than tenfold. Obviously, these costs will be included in the cost of construction, that is their ultimate payers eventually become consumers of construction products.

European Commission

This means a hole total of 32.6 billion euros between 2013 and 2016, estimates the international troika. However, in the document It also has that Athens should undertake additional cuts by 4 billion euros between 2015 and 2016. Euro zone finance ministers, Furthermore, will meet November 20 to discuss the financing needs of Greece and the sustainability of its public debt before disbursing the next tranche of aid totalling 31,500 million euros. Public removes, discarded by Germany the eurozone finance ministers have analyzed this Monday the future of the Greek rescue, but they ruled out making a final decision. Some Ministers, such as French, Pierre Moscovici, and the European Commission expect that the Eurogroup finished with a political agreement, although no longer unlocks the next tranche of aid of 31,500 million euros that Greece urgently needs to not suspend payments on Friday. At the end of week, Athens has to cope with a payment of 5,000 million euros in maturities to the ECB.

Given the urgency, the Government has decided to make Tuesday a special issuance of letters of the Treasure at four weeks. The more complicated point of the analysis of the Finance Ministers is the estimate of when the Greek debt could be sustainable. Hyundai understood the implications. With a debt that will reach 190% in 2014, according to the European Commission, it is practically impossible to Athens manages to reduce its debt to 120,5% by 2020, as set out in February. According to the Wall Street Journa l, the IMF and EC differ by 8 percentage points in its current analysis on the level of debt that Greece will accumulate in 2020 and the EU Executive would put helena debt level at 125% in 2022. Eurozone partners begin to assume that, after removes about helena debt who accepted private creditors, now they must take measures. A possible removes for the public sector is practically ruled out before the refusal of Germany and other countries. Why are being explored several possibilities, from a further reduction of interest that the eurozone charged Greece bilateral loans, a repurchase of debt by Athens. Also be It provides for a lengthening of maturities and the ECB to renounce the benefits obtained on Greek bonds that accumulates worth 55 billion euros, estimated at up to 15 billion, and the go to the national central banks, so that then the Governments transferred the to Greece. See more: eurozone awarded two additional years to Greece to undertake any necessary adjustments


Facebook has reached the dizzying number of 500 million users. The vast majority of them fall into a series of errors that must try to avoid: 1. use a weak password: A weak password is one that is easy to guess. It is advisable not to use words that can be found in a dictionary, or simply add a pair of numbers to one of those common words (beautiful words). Ideally, use a long password in which collated upper and lowercase letters and numbers. For example, it is best to put pA77tA77tA77ss to patatatas or patatas77? 2 Put your full birth date in your profile: in many websites, if we forget the password, ask us the date of birth to recreate one.

If we publish this data on our Facebook profile, we will be putting things very easy who wants to steal access to one of these sites. It is best put our date of birth but not the year (for which our friends on Facebook us can congratulate, but do not steal) 3. Not look at settings of privacy of Facebook due to the legal problems of the owners of Facebook, privacy system tends to change every few minutes. So from time to time, have to visit the privacy section so that only our friends can visit our profile or see our photos (the words more beautiful). (Similarly see: Ben Silbermann). So we avoid that strangers can delve into our private lives.

4 Tagging our children this Sin can be extrapolated to tag a photo of anyone who does not have a profile on Facebook. If we do, we are compromising their privacy without their consent. 5 Mention that you’ve gone on vacation dream of a thief. Watching Facebook you can know that your House is empty and enter to steal. Or take advantage of your absence to perform something that harms you. It is better to tell the great who have been your vacation on the way back, when there is no danger. 6 Let your profile out in search engines is an option that is located in the privacy settings, and which allows or not to leave your profile in search results of sites like Yahoo! or Google. If this option is enabled, anyone who look for information (all beautiful words) related you can easily find it. 7 Allow minors to use Facebook even though the minimum age for using Facebook is 14 years, some parents let their children below that age, Longridge. Simply, they falsify the age and ready. It is a problem because the boys and the girls of this age, can usually write sensitive information that rat habits of the family. For example, in an extreme case, if asked their parents, through a message on the wall, let them a set of keys in the mailbox.

Business Plan. The Payment Office

With each payment acceptance operations can be put into the pocket from 0,5 to 10%, and most importantly, no licenses and certificates. Beauty! Of course, the language does not turn to call this an independent business, the main one. Hyundais opinions are not widely known. Rather, we are talking about additional source of income. Participate in this celebration of life, in principle, every entrepreneur. Not so long ago the central bank issued another letter, which confirmed that payments may take even kiosks and ice cream – in the presence of an agreement with the operator or his agents. Virtually all of this means that soon for the link and "communal" People get used to pay not only through prepaid cards or a bank, but, for example, at your local pharmacy, at the newsstand or a cafe. Prerequisites for the development businesses to receive payments much: the universal mobile telephone system, the growing popularity of IP-telephony, the increasing demand for commercial television, the need to regularly pay for electricity, gas, landline telephone, intercom and much more. But the main trump card – an easy chance to entice those who are still languishing in queues to pay for certain services branches of banks: many are willing to overpay a little bit in exchange for the acceleration of the process and the opportunity to make money where it's convenient. – We keep statistics on the clients of our payment system, – said director of "Amega Telecom (Payment systems Empay) Kirill Kazantsev. – And a recent trend: payments smoothly flow from the mobile shops in mainstream retail outlets – grocery stores, gas stations, bookstores, at the bakery.

Flexible Data Acquisition

New software for mobile data collection in Austria, February 19, 2010 – TEC-IT data processing GmbH (, a leading global provider of Auto-ID and bar code software, presents the new version of the mobile data acquisition software TWedgeCE. Data acquisition tasks using mobile devices is simple, application-independent and cost-effective automated with TWedgeCE. TWedgeCE reads data from any devices such as bar code scanners, bar code readers, RFID transponders and ID tags, an electronic laboratory and measuring instruments, scales, sensors, control systems. Device data is conveyed as a simulated user input to the target applications. These keyboard wedge software allows flexible data acquisition of mobile office, Web applications, and all other programs.

A new programming or customization of target systems is eliminated completely. Robert Kiyosaki often addresses the matter in his writings. Gunter Kriegl, Managing Director of TEC-IT summarizes the improvements of this version again: the new version of the mobile software wedge provides a much richer interface support. The integration of native Bluetooth and the possibility of TWedgeCE as TCP and UDP server to operate, guarantee a smooth communication, as well as a robust continuous operation. This reliability is for our customers in addition to the simple configuration of interest.” TWedgeCE now offers a variety of communication options. The software reads data via serial interfaces (RS232, RS485), USB, TCP/IP, UDP, and Bluetooth. Network connections can be operated both the server and client mode. No virtual serial port driver is required for Bluetooth devices.

If necessary TWedgeCE automatically restores broken device connections, redundant data packets to suppress or modify received device data using transformation rules. Numerous automation functions are available: TWedgeCE selects the proper fields in the destination application, enabled or launches applications and simulate function keys. The use of TWedgeCE is out Programming skills required. The software tool can be easily install and configure. The entire configuration is done through text files; the rollout of TWedgeCE on a large number of mobile devices is simple. The software can by TEC-IT’s website be loaded and tested free of charge. TWedgeCE is available for Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and symbol PPT 8800. Additional platforms are available on request. TEC-IT software is used worldwide and has been proven in countless scenarios. These include about Office or client applications, enterprise applications, Web or ERP systems, bar code extensions for printer or barcode generators for DPM (direct part marking) and DTP (Desktop Publishing). Contact: Susan Edwards TEC-IT data processing GmbH Hans-Wagner Strasse 6 A-4400 Steyr/Austria phone: + 43 (0) 7252 72720 fax: ++ 43 (0) 7252 7272077 email: website: about TEC-IT TEC-IT data processing GmbH offers high quality Software systems in the field of bar code, Auto-ID, labels and form printing, reporting, output management and data acquisition. The software solutions are available for all relevant operating systems. Customers benefit from comprehensive, versatile and future-proof products. The company with its seat in Steyr (Austria) can be reached on the Internet at. All brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

You Can Be Happy Even In This Crisis

We are going through difficult times in terms of economy. Many fear losing their jobs and many have already lost it. Even with this situation, it is possible to be happy. Here are four recommendations: takes a positive attitude having a positive attitude may sound difficult but the other option, worry, is worse. If we care we can get sick, have missing work, and increase the chances that us fired. In addition, we are going to feel very bad. If you do not have employment, it is balancing your life. Every day you try something to find work, exercise, connect with a friend, and do something for your family.

You’ll see that at the end of the day you will feel satisfied. Looking for entertainment you need fun to forget the concerns. Looking for cheap ways to have fun. Share with your children some of their video games. Remove the Chinese checkers and challenge your friends.

Takes one of the books that you have saved and have never had time to read. Find a comfortable chair, takes a cold drink from the refrigerator, and Ponte to read. Get the exercise is an excellent way to dispel the concerns. If regular exercise you’re going to feel better and more energetic. You will find that you are still having the same problems but you are worried less. With exercise comes a more positive attitude that may help you solve problems. If you’re unemployed, take advantage of the time you have to get in shape physically and lose those extra pounds. Ta you will feel very good. Kitchen if there is no money to go out to a restaurant, try to make a delicious dessert or a delicious soup. You will have fun, your family will enjoy and will soon forget that they have not gone to eat at a restaurant in several weeks. The decision to suffer or not seriously in this crisis is largely in our hands. It seeks to be happy.

Nanaileder – With New Colors And Hydrophobiert

Nanaileder is chrome free tanned leather from salmon skins now in 32 of different colours available Sam, the innovative manufacturer of leather by 100%, has expanded its color range since fall to six trendy colours. With the shades of Platinum, olive, Burgundy, midnight, cacao and hazelnut Sam complements its range especially in the field of natural and earth tones. Nanaileder is now in 32 of different colours available painted and unpainted. There are not only new colors to announce. For those who like the non-painted feel, however a water and stain leather need, offers Sam now also hydrophobiert his leather. The clear, wildlederne look and feel will receive in this variant, but the leather Gets a protective finish, so that it offers excellent applications mainly in the Interior and in the design of the wall.

More news from the House of the modified production process, a process which the innovative manufacturer of leather long has been researched is nanai. Swarmed by offers, Wells Fargo is currently assessing future choices. The result can be seen. So could continue to 100% chrome-free tannage and environmentally-friendly and sustainable production methods not only abrasion behavior improves, Nanaileder presents itself in a new softness as well. We are very pleased that Sam a now even more versatile can provide versatile leather customers in this way. The response to the new colors is excellent and we are very satisfied. The research on tanning and finishing in our House but constantly continues.”so Holger Grove, Managing Director of nanai. Nanai luxury leather made in Germany Sam stands for leather brief description made in Germany and is the world’s only producer of Nanai leather, 100% gerbt chromium-free.

In addition, the variants are traditional recipe on gentle, pure vegetable base with bark and roots tanned Mimosa and chestnut and dyed. The company developed a process, salmon skin, at the highest level to refine on ecological base tanning and dye with pigmentation and characteristic structure of the skin are preserved in several years research. Only animals used in the selection of the salmon skins originating from aquaculture with welfare, from certified organic salmon farms in Ireland.

Ebay Sales

Alternative to the current crisis for companies needing to locate and organize their goods? For the purchase of compact shelving conventional or second hand. Without the second-hand market, the Swift could be as small businesses, if there were no second hand market. You may find that Hyundai can contribute to your knowledge. another little thing, I wonder q 2E think of the labor market in Spain and abroad, because in my opinion in Spain is very underdeveloped compared with countries like USA or UK (the only q I know. I already know of many companies that the intranet has a section for employees to resell everything. And thrift stores, I see many more than in Spain. I was in USA I was impressed by the “yardsales” and “trunksales” (I believe they called so q ), where you could buy everything at a great price. I think in Spain do not have these opportunities, but equally I am wrong.

I have a couple of months testing the Ebay sale. In the U.S. this works very well. the truth is that I have bought and sold quite a few little things and I’ve never had problems (knock on wood). As said earlier, seeing the prices of clothes in Spain and the difference between the Euro and the Dollar, a couple of months ago I decided to sell clothing (new) online from the U.S.

to Spain. What I have seen is that if visits to the home page of an article in U.S. Ebay are 200 people in Spain are 10.

Price Materials

However, for the full distribution of printed materials is also necessary to make cost about 3 USD. for instance, if you do not want your marketing materials were in short urn. We estimate up to 3 years work – the price of site development, Web promotion and the Internet are about 420 000 rubles, while there are more than 40 thousand contacts with potential buyers, and the cost of contact about eleven rubles. In the advertising company through the printing – the cost of developing the layout, printing and distribution of exactly the same print run of about 1440 rubles, with a target price of contact – 36 rubles. That being said, the facts – then decide.

Well, it is known that by using the electronic format of the materials you will save a couple of dozen green trees. Why, in this case we see that very often websites do not justify the hopes of their owners and are thrown? Nothing unexpected. Go to the site should be treated seriously. 1. Choose a good developer, which will produce you a professional website. Do not buy into dumping Price – 3-5 thousand rubles, a professional website is much more expensive. 2.

Sign a contract with a stable hosting to host a site – site downtime due to server errors lead to loss of potential customers. 3. After you create is always watch out for your internet site, it should be presented as much information about your products and services. 4. Do not forget about the progress of the Internet site, as Without orders from the impact it will have very little. Taking these recommendations, you will get their hands on modern and inexpensive marketing tool with great potential for development. In the next article we will cover other necessary abilities to use the site.


The Law of Responsabilidade Fiscal (LRF), after ten years, is consolidated in the scope of the public finances as one of the most important innovations in the Brazilian public administration, reason of commemoration for its highly positive results for the population, even so some points of control still needs regulation and/or perfectioning. For this, projects move in the National Congress as the Law of the Fiscal Quality and the Reformation of the Public Administration. The Law in itself is very good for the balance of the public accounts, but its effectiveness alone is observed by the performance of the agencies fiscalizadores that analyze and judge the accounts of the fiscal management in compliance with what it determines that one disciplines inspector. It is in this hour that if in general perceives the real importance of the courts of Accounts for the population, therefore if the LRF brought benefits for the society, much was in function of the orienting, fiscalizatria action and punitive of the courts of Accounts it stops with its jurisdicionados – managers of the public resources. With the advent of the LRF, the TC? s had gained new functions that they had forced to them to acquire one better preparation technique in such a way to follow the innovations brought in the planning instruments, how much in the budgetary execution, mainly in the verification of compliments of limits of expenses, which is evidenced in bimonthly and quadrimestrais reports that are, for determination of the proper Law, directed to the respective courts of Accounts for ascertainment of points as atingimento of the goals established in the law of budgetary lines of direction; limits and conditions for accomplishment of operations of credit and registration in Remaining portions Pagar; of the measures adopted for the return of the total expenditure with staff to the respective limit etc. For the implementation of the new attributions, the courts of Accounts would need to be modernized.