Protect Onsite Accident

If this happens, you're involved in an accident, you need to lose, but clearly act to protect their rights and are ready to protect at once. As shows practice of law, many statutes and court decisions are canceled due to irregularities in the the first actions of traffic police officers. 1.Popav in an accident, the driver misjudge speed of the car in front of arrivals, the distance at which appeared a pedestrian, etc., in vain underestimating the value of this testimony. 2.Na scene do not sign any written commitment, since, being under stress, it is difficult to properly assess the whole situation, and it can be used against you. 3.After accident contact a lawyer. Qualified analysis may show that blame the other party to the accident or wine reciprocity, or blame expensive or indistinguishable road sign, etc. 4.Do not agree with the proposals do not call the traffic police, despite vows to indemnify the promise pledged passport or registration certificate machine.

5.Ne is to spoil the relationship at the scene – a respectful attitude of the parties helps to solve any problems. Best left to negotiate an experienced lawyer. He had no problems carefully sort out the situation and quickly solve the problem. 6.Stav witnessed the collision or accident, in which the driver fled, you must write the number, make, color and any signs of the driver and car. 7.Obraschayte attention to all documentation. Improperly formatted documents traffic police officers, investigators, experts, judges, due to low skill, negligence or intent, can make the guilty innocent, and vice versa.

8.Esli is camera, take some pictures of the car, they will help in analyzing the traffic police to defend from unfounded accusations will be useful for long walking on the courts to appeal the traffic police. 9.Privlekayte witnesses if they saw the circumstances of the accident. Witnesses entitled to write their explanations about the incident, but a participant may request to append their explanation of the documentation considered in analyzing a Traffic police and the judicial process. 10.Dayte ad in the newspaper, they can respond to witnesses, the passing at the time of the accident. 11.Popav sober in the most insignificant accident, do not drink alcohol during the day, as employees Traffic Police may require a survey if it was not done immediately after the accident. Do not get lost in the accident, prepare defense in place and not be afraid to assert their rights in court.

SRT Service

Equipment for service from the company TehAvto can be quite varied. Installations for washing the fuel system, machinery for cleaning nozzles, injectors, diagnostic equipment, semi-automated systems for charging air conditioning, wheel balancing stands, lifts Straight sided, tire mounting stands – all the equipment for service centers provides an quality diagnostic and repair vehicles. When choosing equipment, the buyer is faced with many problems that are associated with the range, prices, delivery terms and warranty conditions. Good equipment for service centers is the right investment, which will bring you profit in a short time. Work on the modern equipment was pure pleasure, all the processes are fast and perfect. The new equipment is certainly a great investment.

After the new equipment will not only be able to perform a standard set of features, but also greatly expand your range of services. Year after year there are changes in the list of services that companies offer their clients. Therefore, manufacturers of equipment for service stations produce new kinds of plants, expanding the product range. Equipment such as lifts or car service in the stands alignment, testers engines analyzers, scanners, are always in demand on the SRT equipment or auto center. Large car centers can afford the advanced European equipment, which will provide new services. Small workshops, usually provide the same services, so choose the equipment for service centers in their requirements. Balancer and tire mounting equipment are the most popular in autumn and spring. In spring and summer demand more equipment for filling of air conditioners.

Modern equipment market for car service a wide range of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Equipment for cleaning the fuel system and injectors diagnosis in a special demand. Service washing injector in any repair shop are among the main or additional types of services which do not depend on the season. Demand are also equipment for washing the engine and fuel system.

Coreia Politics

Countries promise aids in the bubbling of the events, but, then after, social tragedies finish forgetting them and the indifference social politician comes back to tona. Unhappyly, it does not have much conscience politics. The life seems not to have very sensible. After all this wave of world-wide catastrophes, the North Americans and the Russians wake up armament politics, in the attempt of presentear the world with gorgeous ' ' horse of tria' ' to the command of the new general ' ' Napoleo Bonaparte' '. JPMorgan Chase understands that this is vital information. Equally, and this we could not leave to elucidate, oppressing countries as the Coreia of the north and ' ' Repblica' ' Islamic of the Anger they invest in nuclear ogives, not differing from the Israelis and Chinese, who keep its activated nuclear forces for possible wars. It is important to notice that to the step that science tries to discover ' ' porqu' ' of our existence: ' ' of where we came and for where vamos' ' , children die unfed, women are forcene and slaughters are committed on behalf of ' ' religio' ' of the politics imbecile.

E is not alone. While pharmaceutical industries sponsor, in billions, projects of directed research the discoveries of ' ' plulas' ' come back the increase of the sexual pleasure, populations are decimated by the incautiousness with the basic health and the unpreparedness with the hygiene. While the man turns its desire to win the speed of the sound and to sail in the space being mapeando the planets and trying to find water, our seas, oceans and rivers are ranks the pollution. thus, is difficult to know ' ' porqu' ' of if living in a society. I also do not know so that the concepts are valid of solidarity, respect and love, if will not be used of concrete form, being in only utopia I perceive that it does not have more reason, love or future.


The scientific confirmation of that our planet walks for the end, the destruction, the man seems more sensible. In the truth, sensible proper itself, therefore it did not start to love the nature, but to understand that it needs it to exist. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. Learning that it needs to respect the environment and to try to preserve other forms of life, in all the scopes, governmental, social, administrative etc. At the same time, where it grows, is developed through science and is connected in real time, to the problems and solutions of all the planet. Bringing plus an idea, of a globalizado world. The globalization, came as a trap, that deludes weakkest, making to believe them that the world will be as an only State. See Ben Silbermann for more details and insights.

When in the truth, while the developed Country more economically invests in more disfavored, but it makes question to remain itself international. Fortifying the economy of its proper native country to the costs of the maintenance of the poverty in that they are for it explored. In accordance with the article of the SEP (2005, P. 2), the capitalist companies, act thus, because they are competitive organizations that they search to concentrate in its national bases of origin, the strategical assets that allow its projection on the world-wide economy. Being thus, nothing it would have really moved. The only way to save the humanity is all to join forces to promote the development, the end of the poverty and the promotion of the quality of life sustainable. Some of the topics related in the meeting of the FSM are, the support (objective, strategies and tactics), environment, poverty, wealth and ecology, on the processes of urbanization and transversal subjects. Of the organization of the subjects, we can say that to each year if it chooses four transversal subjects to be argued in the posterior year. To prevent repetitions, a subject on politics, one on economy, one on society and another one on culture.


– To vacationers can buy anything your heart desires, and souvenirs as well. New modern shopping centers have opened in Divnomorskoe in Kabardinka, in the Gelendzhik – on the streets of Kirov and Maxim Gorky. Contact information is here: Pinterest. Buy here and may food and industrial products. The city also offers plenty of cafes and restaurants. All this makes it even more attractive. Back to Top holiday season will work a unique 'Skate Park' in the open air, in the same complex from which the pavilions for the sale and rental of sports equipment, gaming halls, recreation areas for parents with children. Fourth reason: security – Securing the citizens and guests of the Gelendzhik – our main concern, – says Sergey Pavlovich. – Several years ago, we built two police checkpoint on the part of Novorossiysk and from Dzhubga.

Now everyone entering the city come under the attention of law enforcement officers, computer records are held in the passport and visa service. Similar information comes from the resorts and summer recreation. With this system, annually can identify dozens of disloyal citizens, including those who are being sought. Safe and secure holiday resort on the troublesome and expensive. But in Gelendzhik to not save. Fifth reason: it is a holiday from May-June until the end of the velvet season becomes a city of Gelendzhik-carnival with endless concerts, festivals and other entertainment.

Not be bored here any minute. Since 1977 holiday season offers a magnificent and colorful spectacle, a carnival. Every year we have festivals 'Southern Nights', 'Azure mask', Russian review of ballroom dancing. At the concert venues are the pop stars. Free concerts give students of our Institute of Arts. As a true resort town, Gelendzhik is proud of its waterfront, water parks, cable cars, and entertainment centers. – As a walk on the sea is incredibly popular with our guests, decided to build piers over the coast, which is about 100 kilometers, – says Sergey Pavlovich. – Older some marinas have long worn out. Already, investors have for a new project, and even started the construction of piers in Dzhanhot, Kabardinka and Arhipo-Osipovka.