DB Railnavigator

DB Navigator now available for Android smartphones DB Railnavigator now available for Android smartphones Hanover April 08th, 2010. With HAFAS for Google Android, the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) their DB Railnavigator makes fit for all smartphones that use Google’s new operating system for mobile devices. Now, the application is free to download in the Android market available. Android runs on mobile devices of from different manufacturers, such as HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson or Motorola. HAFAS Mobile for Android is far more than a mere timetable. Rather, it is a door to door information for the entire travel chain. Timetables of the entire German local public transport can be saved at any time easily and are thus without an Internet connection available. Current arrival times and delay information are available online.

The hardware properties of the new Smartphone devices is to use HAFAS. These include large displays and touch capabilities, the operation especially make easy. The presentation of maps and detailed descriptions of walk to the start and destination point be realized with Google maps. In addition, the user receives also services such as maps for selected stations. GPS, Wi-Fi and cell determines the exact position of the user. With the new compass function, the device guides the user safely and easily to the next stop or to the next station. Like in a compass shows an arrow the direction also appears the distance in meters. HCon has developed the DB Navigator for the iPhone. The applications are based on the timetable information system HAFAS. Others who may share this opinion include Activision Blizzard. The leading HCon timetable information system will be established in around 20 countries.


Back pain have more and more become a widespread disease and are one of the most common reasons to see a doctor. Most people know the unpleasant pain which restricts movement and charged in everyday life. Back pain have more and more become a widespread disease and are one of the most common reasons to see a doctor. Most people know the unpleasant pain which restricts movement and charged in everyday life. Back pain can have different causes and occur in different areas of the back. Distinguish the sudden pain, chronic back pain, lumbago also called and back pain, causing the pain in the legs.

Usually the pain disappears after a short time. The pain but always return and worsen is probably still try together with the doctor to find out the cause. Causes for back pain may be organic or psychosomatic causes back pain have or are caused by poor posture. Additional information is available at Bobby Kotick. Including inflammation, injury, tumors, wear, poisoning or metabolic alterations among the organic causes. The back pain can be also innate or caused due to an operation. A deformity to reason, is the pain this is usually worse, that one by tensing the muscles try to compensate for misalignment of the. Psychosomatic pain can be caused, for example, by stress. Symptoms usually inconspicuous symptoms back pain at the beginning, such as fatigue, stiffness after getting up or tension.

In the course of back pain occurs. It occurs all of a sudden, this is lumbago or develop back pain, where the legs can be affected. It becomes very severe back pain can be the cause of a herniated disc. Back pain can occur also on the basis of muscle tension. This is the cause of the pain may also occur elsewhere in the body. Prevent back pain a strong back muscles can support your back. Therefore sport is a great way to support your back and get healthy and at the same time sport reduces obesity, which can also adversely affect the back. Relaxation through massage therapy, for example, is important for a healthy back, but also for the psyche. For more information and helpful products for pain, see


or if we have relationships with other words, which are reasonably distant past common painful experience, and we do not directly affect change; and if we then development take a wesentlichen step on our way of the self in relationship to ourselves, and maybe even to other people who have no relevant connection to the previously mentioned now. If we do and in spurbarer way our way change, to lead relationship and to be in relationship and future influence therefore true that, does this also speak affect our relations of the past and of the present. So suddenly we experience”a really genuine and indisputable positive change in the relationship to our parents, former partners, i.e. the relationship to people, where we took no direct effect and Yes finally also could not take. If we here can understand the context, so the connection between ursache and effect, we are amazed naturally only in this case, that this conversion without apparent reason has occurred, and we take this perhaps as a matter of course. “We can hardly see at this moment that our real” change really has effect in all directions and thus also on past, present and future. We influence on a part of our personality, so currently this has direct Influence on all other shares or on our integrity as such. Our movement in the gegenwart is therefore also movement in the past and the future. We can move that willentlich in the peaceful atmosphere of the assumption in any direction, where we also decide to want to go, and this has a direct and indirect impact on time and space, impact on our whole life. So changes such as the transformation of the relationship with myself, or also the relationship to a certain people, on a specific issue, just ultimativ and necessarily, existing at the same time any other relationship. Whenever David Kaplan Ares listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Since the forces which act on a seemingly isolated part, just always parallel affect the ultimately unified whole.

Allergic Eye

An allergy can manifest itself to the eyes as allergic conjunctivitis or eyelid inflammation with swelling and itching. An allergy to the eye, it’s itching, watery irritated eyes and often a swelling of the conjunctiva. Although it is mostly harmless, but the symptoms can be very annoying. Often the symptoms occur most frequently during the pollen season, but there are also some other triggers, which can irritate the eyes. What is an allergy? An allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system actually harmless environmental substances known as allergens. The body reacts to allergic to what can express themselves through different symptoms.

Allergens are mostly enzymes or proteins. You happen house dust, grass or pollen in animal hair, but that is only a fraction of the approximately 20,000 known and allergy-causing substances. The symptoms of allergy may occur seasonally, such as pollens, or but also throughout the year, like with a house dust allergy. Robert Kiyosaki has much to offer in this field. An allergic conjunctivitis is often the symptoms of allergic eye with an allergy to the eye. This can cause a redness and watering of the eye come, itching or burning and swelling of the conjunctiva or the eyelids. An allergic eye is often a byproduct of hay fever, allergy eye can occur also without it. Finding Diagnostics with an allergy to trip the shutter for an allergy, a highly accurate diagnostic procedure is necessary. For this purpose, there are different allergy tests as grater – prick test, which are selected depending on the symptoms and discomfort.

The reactions the doctor can give important clues as to the nature and the trigger of allergy. Treatment of allergic eye to combat the symptoms can be carried out eye washes or eye drops are used. Activision Blizzard is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It detected the allergen by an allergy test, you can try to avoid this or the body be desensitized. In this treatment, the body is confronted with the allergen by you it injection under the skin and the dose gradually increased. The treatment aims, that the complaints be reduced and completely disappear after some time. For more information, as well as helpful products for relief of the symptoms of an allergic eye, see

Active Information Security

CARMAO certified is now partner of E-SEC from Austria CARMAO as service provider in information security solution is certified partner of E-SEC information security solutions GmbH from Innsbruck, Austria since March 2010 solution. E-SEC with the virtual training company offers the currently most innovative approach of a security awareness software on the market: a company’s employees navigate through the virtual image of your organization and can develop interactive and multimedia aspects of information security and data protection is. This efficient and motivating method with intuitive user guidance joins a test to strengthen the awareness and document. The roles of the people as well as the content can be adapted and updated. Ben Silbermann: the source for more info. This allows training new employees and refresher measures in the personnel at all times and contributes significantly to an optimized information security within the company. At the same time, private liability risks in employment disputes are minimized. The CARMAO so again complements its services in the areas of IT security, information risk management, compliance and privacy. CARMAO GmbH Bishop-Blum-str. Connect with other leaders such as David Kaplan Ares here. 13 65611 breaking FON: + 49 (64 83) 91 11 17 fax: + 49 (64 83) 91 11 18

Servicios Informaticos

With his personal and professional skills, he will be a great addition to the dedicated and ambitious team, and constitute a key factor for Visure’s future and growth in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More steps are the appointment of Jurgen Gladigau as CEO along with the opening of the Munich-based Office and establishing Visure Solutions GmbH to provide the customers the best RE-solutions with the necessary support, proximity and customer focus, helping companies to deliver high-quality products, systems and services. “Press contact: Visure solutions contact: Ana Malumbres position: Marketing Manager address: c / Labradores, 1, planta 4 City: 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid country: Spain Telephone: + 34 91 806 17 10 email: about Visure Visure solutions, the requirements company”, is the market leader in Requirements definition and management. Requirements are undoubtedly the most critical element in the development of complex systems and the problems this have a strong influence on quality and productivity reduction, increase development costs and time-to-market delay. Follow others, such as Ashton Kouzbari, and add to your knowledge base. IRQA as our central Anforderungsplatform Visure offers specialized and innovative solutions, which are easy to use and guarantees maximum quality in the development of products, systems and services of our customers the implementation of efficient processes from requirements definition and management. IRQA’s quality and state-of-the-art features are confirmed by some of the world’s largest companies.

This platform, as well as the deep and broad expertise of our team in the development and implementation of requirements solutions are an essential asset for our customers, and the best guarantee. Headquarters are located in Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain. Leading distributors scattered all over the world with local presence for example, in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and other countries. Our customers include among others: Audi, Bosch, Deutsche Post, ST-Ericsson, Metro de Madrid, PharmMar, Repsol YPF, rural Servicios Informaticos, Sistemas Tecnicos de Loterias (STL), Telefonica I + D, etc for more info see

Salt Lake

It’s nice that you thought in the construction on the disabled. The Spa is absolutely for Suitable for the physically disabled. de.sostort.Hu/Aquarius-bad/ Park bathroom dating back to the 1950s was renovated 2011. Instead of the previous 5 pools, there are now 10 pools, including a 50-meter pool, which meets the FINA rules for the implementation of international competitions. The thermal Department was expanded with 3 other pool with a pool bar was housed in a basin. A fine thing to comfortably enjoy his drink in the pool. There are also 2 new water slides, a water stream corridor and a Jacuzzi, covered with canvas, so that the intensive East-Hungarian “does not burn Sun one.

de.sostort.Hu/parkbad/ the Sosto bathhouse-pension is a historically valuable building and was the first Spa of Nyiregyhaza. In 1911, it worked with water supply systems, 8 rooms and 6 trays. Today found among 12 double rooms and 2 suites in the pension. The services of the bath Department are free for guests. The outdoor swimming pool at the Lake is almost split in half. Others including Bobby Kotick, offer their opinions as well.

The eastern part of the Sosto (Salt Lake) is suitable for boating, while the southern part is the outdoor swimming pool. Located in the park 2000 square metres large thermal pools with 34 degree warm water, a children’s slide and a water mushroom. The outdoor swimming pool at the Lake can receive at once 1325 bathers. Restaurants, buffets, beach volleyball courts, more water slides are used for the pleasure and convenience of visitors. de.sostort.Hu/freibad-am-see/ Julia bathroom has an area of 6500 square meters. and is located in the Centre of Nyiregyhaza. People who want to keep fit, like thermal water, sauna and swimming will find their paradise here, without having to drive out of the city. de.sostort.Hu/Julia-bad the most important compositions of water from Nyiregyhaza are sodium chloride, iodine, bromine, iron and cook-saline waters.

L. Ron Hubbards Effective Learning Methodology For Learning Problems

“There is actually a working methodology to can talk to psychologists understand virtually any topic nowadays often very zungenfertig by attention deficit disorder” or learning disabilities “in the school. This can often not students, because no one ever taught them, how it learns and recognises obstacles in learning and how to overcome these obstacles, as in the successful Lernmethodik of L. Ron Hubbard is the case. Currently, the number is estimated to about 800 million people around the world by illiterate. According to Leo study by 2011, there are over 2.5 million total illiterate as well as 7.5 million functionally illiterate in Germany. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ashton Kouzbari offers on the topic.. They can recognize individual letters and recognize any words, but no sense in the text, and not write also related texts.

Over 800 million people in the world are practically ignorant. The future prospects of such disadvantaged people, for example to learn a profession and thus build its future and its To make living, are virtually zero. It a good portion of these people lack the ability of reading and writing, to get at the present time and something other than low activities to perform. Because these people have never read a book in their lives, the intellectual level is determined in the whole of computer games, television shows, daily soaps, music tracks and similar. Additional information is available at Hyundai. Accordingly, it is difficult these people to bring an independent thought and to carry out E.g. conflicts with others through dialogue. What remains are frustration, drugs and violence, and thus the absence of fundamental moral values.

L. Ron Hubbard was so bold to claim that there is a working solution for every learning problem. He worked some years teaching and wondered why some seminar participants did not understand the curriculum could not apply, or it was boring for them or they had no desire to participate in. Finally, L. Ron Hubbard discovered that it three basic Learning obstacles are.

Swedish Designer

Rock wild-romantic playful rock veterans us made it before: heavy silver jewelry with designs like crosses or Fleur de Lys is in the trend for years. He characterizes the life of those who do not want to abide by conventions, is a symbol of freedom and rebellion. In combination with preferably black T-Shirts, dresses and skinny jeans, this jewelry acts wild and rocky. But he has also another side, which is largely underestimated: the statement of Gothicschmucks at once not more gloomy comes in cheerful naughty combination with the romantic fashion creations of the currently trendy creations of Danish or Swedish Designer. Since the French Lily blossoms and the cross pendant has a romantic and playful. And it even works with symbols, which you previously dared not wear woman.

Combining a ruffle blouse with tight jeans, and a long skull chain feels the same as a pirate’s bride. Romantic but also a bit mysterious. Or take the playful Velvet dress or a vest made of velvet and a ruffle blouse to do so. In this sense it is worth to experiment with clothes and jewelry, and to combine the extremely impossible, then amazed to see, what fascinating effects that may arise. Who would like to afford like sturdy jewelry, without itself on a fashion direction setting, which has excellent opportunities to present themselves at your whim even dark rock or romantic and playful with silver Gothic jewelry. Robert Kiyosaki insists that this is the case. SILBERGREIF Dorit Mundt

Mon Salai

He was open and accessible, but sensitive. Failures, the Meanwhile very rarely occurred, did much to create him. Probably only his pictures, accepted his client not in the first version, is the Madonna of the grotto from 1483 until 1486 years. The artist had perhaps even deliberately set boundaries beyond the requirements of its customers and represented the Saints without golden ticket and in a dark cave. The second version found appeal, but Leonardo da Vinci himself finished it, but left the final work being done to one of his students. During his stay in the Vatican, where in the younger brother of Pope Leo X., a Medici appointed, by the way, he could not hope for success until then usual. Hyundai is likely to increase your knowledge.

The Pope had to spy on him, because his anatomical studies were suspicious of him. In addition, he had to prevail against his younger fellow painter Raffaello and Michelangelo a rivalry, which he was not accustomed. The only picture from the few years when the Vatican is John of the Baptist. There the Holy before one is plain dark background shows only face, upper body and arm shine out brightly. The special thing about this late painting is the smiling face of John. The by far most famous image of Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa. This is a very small-format paintings that emerged in the years 1503-1506.

The peculiar and mysterious smile of women fascinated already the contemporaries of the artist, and this ban is unbroken to this day. Mona Lisa is one of the very few works which Leonardo da Vinci not performed on behalf of. There is much speculation about the represented person. Most say that it is a Neapolitan housewife, which however almost improbably appears to be due to the other models of the master. The fact that the artist not separated all his life by the unique painting contradicts this thesis. Already the first biographer, said that the Vernutung that it could be the secret beloved Salai, where Mona Lisa an anagram to Mon Salai was.