For: Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR As well as if it speaks in concentration of incomes, concentration of capital etc., now is also speaking in concentration of twisted. He is ' ' espanholizao' ' of the championships, that tend if to summarize the confrontations dicotmicos (maniquestas), type Barcelona x Real Madrid. Who more loses with this model centraliser is the small clubs of the capitals. Whenever Wells Fargo listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Some survive with difficulties. Others had been summarily extinct.

Which are the structural causes of this model, that funnels championships and concentrates twisted in few clubs of mass? Throughout my research on soccer, I talked with some journalists, researchers and controllers of small clubs e, without pretension to deplete the subject, I can summarize the five main factors for cited them. In synthesis, they are the following ones: 1) Professionalization. Many clubs had not resisted the movement, therefore they did not have capital enough to set competitive teams. The ones that had survived, had turned only shades the proper one passed. competes, differently, with teamses of occasion (not true ' ' clubes' ') supported for city halls or great companies. The support of the city hall does not exist if the small club is of the capital.

Some see debtors to order games in other cities: some caramingus in I change of the loss of the twisted one, the tradition and the roots. Sponsorship of great companies also does not exist, therefore the marketing depends on the visibility of the mark, i.e., of the size of the twisted one that the club reaches. 2) Great stadiums. Alberto in Teresina, Vivaldo in Manaus, Almeido in Joo Person, King Skin in Macei. It is the thesis of Raymundo Pictures, that debit against the account of Maracan one of the reasons of the apequenamento of clubs as PICTURES Are Cristvo (, Raymundo. Rain of glories. Campinas: Bridges, 2004.

The Left

It is as if you already knew that you will not want to work with me. I had so many hopes in my business and now everything has gone to the floor. In other areas of my life, I think that I am doing well. My children are wonderful, kind-hearted, top grades from school, good athletes. I have no problems in my partner relations. It is only that the money who seems to destroy me life. Honestly, I think the money to buy a good piece of happiness.

At least for me, looking at the past few years, bought at least a little peace of mind for my. And that is what I need. Freedom and peace of mind. To go where you want. To do what you want. To feel like I want to feel.

Can you help me with this negative spiral? A reader. Rebecca reply: Hello reader, thank you for writing me. I wish that you’re feeling better. SIP. I’ve been there in some moments of my life. I remember days in which everything that was able to do was go from one side to another of the House by repeating only want to feel well again and again. Suddenly, I began to feel better. Now, feel good is my dominant feeling. At this time, you’re an excellent magnet notes what you’re saying to yourself about money and then gives you tells how are attracting more of the same. If you are working with you on one of my coaching sessions, I would say that you take a sheet and drew a Big T in the. Then he titled the column on the right do not desire and the right column first desire makes a list of everything what you don’t want and put it point by point in the left column. Simply use the same letter you sent me and write down things as for example: I do not want that my clients pay me later.I don’t want cheap customers who do not pay me what they deserve.I don’t want that my ex-husband I later pass the help of children. Takes all these thoughts out of you and write them on paper. Then read each of the points and ask yourself: if I do not want this, what I want to? and enter it in the desire of the right column. When have completed column desire of the right for each point initially detailed in the left-hand column, fold the paper in the Middle so that it is displaying the list of things that you want. Keep that list in front of you all the time. Begins to imagine how he would feel having clients who pay happy and in time your services. That wonderful would be if your ex-husband checks arrived a day before every month. Dedicate yourself to focus on what you want. If you start to think or talk about something not desire side, only DITE yourself already have surpassed that and what I desire is the tool T is the best recourse of the law of attraction to get clarity. And once you get clarity, what you want is on its way towards you. original author and source of the article.

Happiest Gift

You will probably told the story of your new family. On the eve of the holiday is the time to remember it and to present a gift of something memorable. For example, you can choose with her husband the happiest pictures (even ones where he lay in a blanket bandaged blue ribbon), to restore them in an artistic salon and paste it into a beautiful frame. Or you can look for "exact same" vase (a lamp, a brooch), which in-law remembers from his youth. Almost every woman a wonderful gift from the other women will be something for the kitchen. If your in-law come to mind to give his wife or utyatnitsu vegetable slicers, a set of boxes for frozen food or a glass bowl for microwave oven then it may well take offense. And that's exactly the same gift from you, on the contrary, overjoyed. Click Bill Phelan to learn more.

Especially, if you tell me before that you have such a wonderful thing already and you'll be very glad that the "second mother" in the economy she also appear. According to recent research of sociologists, laptops need a woman more than men. Even if your husband's mother does not think about such technical innovations, then present the gift in a toaster, blender, juicer or grinder is quite possible. And except for "kitchen" equipment there is also hair dryers, irons and apparatus for smoothing hair, massaging … Do not deny yourself the pleasure to get such an "advanced" gift. And if you tell her mother in law, what a miracle it actually is, the technical innovation will soon become a thing for her, without which it is difficult to imagine their lives.

With all the "cooking" and "vegetable" is not worth forget the fact that a woman is always, above all, a woman. So sometimes it is possible to please mother-in-new stylish handbag or jewelry. If your relationship is already providing joint campaigns on shopping, the gift to the mother in law might well choose herself. And you will need to persuade her to accept it. Let the gift turns out to be not very expensive, but it certainly will appreciate it. If your "second mom" for quite some time living in this "Status" and even adds to it "status" is the grandmother, one of the finest gifts themselves will be hand-made from the grandchildren. Figurine made of clay or plasticine hack, flowers from salted dough in bulk or just a picture of the unusual birthday cake – you just need to offer an idea, and the children themselves figure out how to make it happen. Hand-made gifts will keep your hands warm and your heart. Of course, would get credit for the masterpiece you do not – but it's not so important.