Educated Citizens Of Our Times

Pythagoras: "Education is not to race to live, but temper the soul to the difficulties of life." To education has been questioned at times harshly for its role in the formation of new citizens to the new world we inhabit. The rapidly changing, turbulent times and the unpredictability of this and more in the future, make education requires a redesign of its philosophy, working style and its current principles to keep pace with reality. Here we reflect on two essential features in the professional era we live in and the role of universities and institutions to deliver these visionary citizens which all peoples are so in need You need a solid knowledge and graduated with full powers in their discipline: the patient expects to be in the hands of the best doctor, which would ensure that you receive proper treatment for their disease and may resolve without problems other than normal. A have similar expectations when riding passenger on the plane expected to be piloted by an expert who will take you to your destination airport without errors whose consequences could be fatal. And so on, each professional is expected to have a high level of knowledge and experience on the basis of a service offering the same or very close to zero errors. In this sense, the University shall ensure that the profile of its graduates is of high quality which are very important, at least four elements: A team of highly qualified teachers, some relevant theoretical content and constantly update, some workshops and laboratories the student access to skills and actual practices plan, adequate and supervised in the productive sector. The profile should be optimal and for this reason it is important to attend to all details on all the most critical, related to the abilities and skills and the giddiness with which knowledge changes in most areas of the human knowledge. It takes a professional with a great potential as an entrepreneur One of the trends observed in recent years throughout the world is the deslaboralizacion of relations between employers and their workers.

This indicates that companies increasingly occupy less hired labor and prefers another type of contracting, other than the employment contract, to provide the professionals needed to address the activities of its objects. Among the new styles of attachment include cooperatives and businesses working partnerships or outsourcing much of the tasks previously performed by own personnel. All this presents a gloomy outlook for the college graduate whose dream is to find a good paying job in which to apply the acquired knowledge. The dilemma, as jobs are scarce, is to foster new business units or swell the army of the unemployed. There is little choice and, as nobody wants to be an unemployed, the choice is to establish a company can own in which labor the owner and give that same opportunity to other people. The national government and some banks and building have special lines to meet young professionals who are providing loans, training and, in some cases, non-reimbursable seed capital. However, entrepreneurship is difficult to infuse into the academy because it virtually is part of the lifestyle, the intuition, the individual's character. The University can help to awaken that entrepreneurial spirit but achieving this will require coordination with the institutions of initial education, because this is a quality that must be purchased in the early stages, as a child or adolescent may be acquired habits which later can be difficult to obtain.

Residential Trend Of Wall Decals – A Magical Living Ambience

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Book LeseBluten Magic

Presentation of the book LeseBluten Christmas 2012 the most beautiful time of the year has begun: the Christmas season. Decorated streets, Christmas markets, gingerbread and candles and pine fragrance to sweeten waiting for Santa Claus. 39 Authors from Germany and Austria have taken that to heart. In the anthology LeseBluten Christmas 2012 “, consisting of short stories and poems – recipe collection provide the participants ensure that the waiting time will be shortened and impose their special touches to this book. Because for them is something very special this beautiful time in the year. And anyone who just like this time, will have his joy in this anthology.

A wonderful book, waiting for Santa Claus to shortened and increased the anticipation of Christmas. A must for the pros and Christmas time. Book Description: How does Santa Claus in our homes? What is Santa Claus, if he is sick? What tastes like gingerbread ice cream with tipsy plums? And anyway, what would’nt Cinderella do? Contemplative it goes to in this Christmas short story, poetry and recipe collection, from 39 authors from Germany and Austria participated. This anthology is divided into four chapters: for the little ones and those who still believe in Santa Claus. for the little ones and those who no longer believe in him; for the great and Christmas cooking and baking recipes for the whole family. Book data: LeseBluten magic of Christmas 2012, ISBN: 978-3-942786-19-5, size: 208 pages, softcover, 3 color illustrations, piepmatz Verlag, 12.95 euro company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes books for children and youth, was born in Hagen, Germany and lives today in Ennepetal. You will find more information

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