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A few days ago I attended a workshop organized by EDE, School of executives at the Hilton Hotel Valencia, which was entitled The Executive 9:9, there were several speakers, but would like to emphasize what for me was more interesting. Sergio Ezam Important: Where to play and how: Outcomes, Costs, Innovation and Process, basic questions for a company to know where you are and what should be done to maximize. He spoke about the management of diversity and trust, and something I want to highlight is a phrase that has said: The more times you hear something, the more people believe it. He discussed the different models of leadership: competitive and collaborative basis. What is the best? I guess it depends sel moment, the situation, environment, … Learn more on the subject from Pinterest. How to change? Convincing, that is, one does not change if not create, an example and consistency, tools and processes, and ultimately not be cheating at solitaire. What does a leader? A leader needs to balance and tons of sense common.

And finally please note the following: – not worth you, your team better. – Humility. – Authenticity. – Manage your energy (to forgive and forget) – Effort, firmly. Laura Cantizano First and foremost a company, take perspective of the situation, see and analyze things from different angles.

It is important to balance the situation is not beyond us. As an excellent salesperson, throughout his speech, Laura incapie recently in the sales force because it depends on the strength of sales as the customer sees the business. Then said something curious is that knowledge does not change, the change is produced by the application of that knowledge. Now, in the situation where we are is not enough just to sell, now we have to worry about the before, during and after the, in short we must be responsible for our customers. Has highlighted again the balance, but in this case, the balance must exist between ambition and empathy. Talking is not to sell, if you knew. What matters is what you say and how say. And a cropped reflection on the negotiation, you have to negotiate through the interests and objectives. And finally, how I want to see the competition? How do I differentiate? and How much I want to be good? – The best in the world.

Educated Citizens Of Our Times

Pythagoras: "Education is not to race to live, but temper the soul to the difficulties of life." To education has been questioned at times harshly for its role in the formation of new citizens to the new world we inhabit. The rapidly changing, turbulent times and the unpredictability of this and more in the future, make education requires a redesign of its philosophy, working style and its current principles to keep pace with reality. Here we reflect on two essential features in the professional era we live in and the role of universities and institutions to deliver these visionary citizens which all peoples are so in need You need a solid knowledge and graduated with full powers in their discipline: the patient expects to be in the hands of the best doctor, which would ensure that you receive proper treatment for their disease and may resolve without problems other than normal. A have similar expectations when riding passenger on the plane expected to be piloted by an expert who will take you to your destination airport without errors whose consequences could be fatal. And so on, each professional is expected to have a high level of knowledge and experience on the basis of a service offering the same or very close to zero errors. In this sense, the University shall ensure that the profile of its graduates is of high quality which are very important, at least four elements: A team of highly qualified teachers, some relevant theoretical content and constantly update, some workshops and laboratories the student access to skills and actual practices plan, adequate and supervised in the productive sector. The profile should be optimal and for this reason it is important to attend to all details on all the most critical, related to the abilities and skills and the giddiness with which knowledge changes in most areas of the human knowledge. It takes a professional with a great potential as an entrepreneur One of the trends observed in recent years throughout the world is the deslaboralizacion of relations between employers and their workers.

This indicates that companies increasingly occupy less hired labor and prefers another type of contracting, other than the employment contract, to provide the professionals needed to address the activities of its objects. Among the new styles of attachment include cooperatives and businesses working partnerships or outsourcing much of the tasks previously performed by own personnel. All this presents a gloomy outlook for the college graduate whose dream is to find a good paying job in which to apply the acquired knowledge. The dilemma, as jobs are scarce, is to foster new business units or swell the army of the unemployed. There is little choice and, as nobody wants to be an unemployed, the choice is to establish a company can own in which labor the owner and give that same opportunity to other people. The national government and some banks and building have special lines to meet young professionals who are providing loans, training and, in some cases, non-reimbursable seed capital. However, entrepreneurship is difficult to infuse into the academy because it virtually is part of the lifestyle, the intuition, the individual's character. The University can help to awaken that entrepreneurial spirit but achieving this will require coordination with the institutions of initial education, because this is a quality that must be purchased in the early stages, as a child or adolescent may be acquired habits which later can be difficult to obtain.

First Steps To Getting A Business

Or you can search Google and you’ll find a long list of FREE Automatic Autoresponder companies. Then get ready for your Autoresponder automatically selected. Once you register, you will receive instructions regarding how to configure and transfer your text. Email is an excellent marketing tool, is cheap and very fast. JPMorgan Chase may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Use it to advertise your business by choosing your email address carefully.

Your website should contain different email addresses to contact the multiple demands. For example, use for information or for questions about sales. It’s a good idea to see that you can communicate even with the owner, as. Official site: JPMorgan Chase. This presents your company in an attractive light, accessible, and ensures direct contact at all levels can meet. The automatic Autoresponders are an effective and powerful tool for marketing, allowing you to connect with thousands of potential customers. his is an invaluable asset considering how many potential customers you usually have contact long before you have a real sale. Essentially, an autoresponder allows you to automate some of their marketing campaign.

Statistics are that in order to make a sale through a sales letter, using an autoresponder, you must have spent about 7 to 10 sales letters to convince the potential client. These types of autoresponders that I presented, some free and some payments, you could allow your company to help develop more than you could imagine, however, thanks to you would be wasting their advertising efforts on behalf of such companies that provide free publicity. Let me introduce a cheap and final to get an autoresponder itself no advertising, no monthly payments, but not limited to messages. Autoresponder Unlimited I mean, you can see all the details from here: This Autoresponder is a wonder when the prospects are tracked and customers can create the messages you want and you want Autoresponders. (This is why it is called Unlimited) Something extra this autoresponder, you will find within the same package PACK BUSINESS E-MSE, check it from here and not only comes with the Autoresponder like Bono, but with 13 more additional bonuses and best you have an advanced course in electronic commerce that will help you create an online business. Having an Autoresponder using Electronic Commerce course will allow you to substantially increase sales of your product or service, it is wonderful to be able to leave everything automatically, answering hundreds of messages.

Magic Of The Operetta

Gorgeous operetta classics crowned with colorful Ballet expected a musically more cheerful, upbeat afternoon of enchanting melodies all operetta fans spell the operetta”in one of the most beautiful Open-Air venues of in Germany: the Sinfonici because camera has many well-known Orchestra Prague and rousing operetta melodies on the Sunday, August 12, 2012, from 15.30 on the Lake stage in the Elbe Riverside Park. “” “” “” First-rate vocal soloists as well as the best musicians of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Prague with masterpieces from the bat “, Boccachio” Wiener Blut, der Zigeunerbaron, der Vogelhandler “, the beggar student” and an unforgettable operetta gala will present many more. Johann Strauss Ballet of the State Opera Prague accompanied the performance with beautiful choreographic dance routines in colourful costumes and makes it a feast for the senses so the fathers of the operetta also had: Johann Strauss, Karl Millocker, Robert Stolz, Franz von Suppe,. Jacques Offenbach, Carl Zeller, or Vittorio Monti. The internationally renowned vocal soloists the Sopranos Leanan de Montiel and Ginger McFerrin and the tenor Mario Papian let the sheer exuberant melody abundance of the most famous operetta composers are alive again with the Ballet. Even after more than 100 years, the operetta fascinated still with their catchy music. A leading source for info: Event ticket, from 13:30 the Elbe Riverside Park with its attractions (such as Millennium Tower, Butterfly House) can already be visited. Inlet on the Lake stage is from 14:30. Tickets are at Magdeburg-ticket, Ernst-Reuter-Allee 12 (ticket hotline: 0391 5334-80), nationwide in all CTSeventim – and Reservix – sales outlets and is available at and.

Magic Ring

Part of them emerged clearly in the pre-class society and was associated with totemism. To deepen your understanding JPMorgan Chase is the source. Over time they lose their mythological and magical character, slowly approaching a moralistic fable (see Krylov's fables). Tales about animals, simple in its composition, tend to engage in dialogue, which is often given to song and verse. A lot of Russian folk tales about animals were treated for childhood Alexei Tolstoy. Fairy tales Fairy tales originally been associated with myths and magical significance had been a kind of spell. Learn more on the subject from Ben Silbermann . Over time, they have survived only a few elements of mythological thinking.

The moral of the fairy tale is determined people's ideas of good and evil, his optimism, the people's ideals and the pursuit of happiness. These ideas are embodied in the images of goodies, always coming out victorious in the struggle against evil and the media injustice. World widely fairy tales about zmeeborstve (in Russian fairy tales it Wonder Yudo, many-headed serpent) – then in brackets, some Russian folk tale about a beautiful wife (Helen Wise Princess Frog) on the stepmother and stepdaughter (Moroz Ivanovich, Golden Slipper, Havroshechka) on procuring the wonderful things (Magic Ring, Wonderful shirt) and the adventures of men in the man-eater (dashing one-eyed). Fairy tales of the peoples are rich in verbal ornamentation, they are characterized by intricate and saying endings, fairy-tale formula, numerous repetitions. Adventurous adventurous tales fairy tales (so often referred to as adventurous and novelistic tales, that is, tale with a clear composition, with a strong storyline and neobydennym example: a Russian tale Peter the Great and smith) set out the extraordinary adventures of the hero, usually treating them without the magic fiction.

As A Ventriloquist And Magician In The Dominican Republic

Very versatile and entertaining for the welcome music and the announcement of the presenter (it’s show time) a Dominican magician entered a Dominican magic show, the stage in the colorful iridescent suit and cylinder. The versatility of the magic artist was striking in the show: He conjured up, showed the watch theft, hypnotized, danced, sang, and danced barefoot on a rope stretched across the stage an ability that has now really not any magic artist. A dove appears for German Wizard dealing with his appearing animals (two doves and two rabbits) was worth, rather a shake of the head as the animals in tight containers a lot had to endure. Also a sensitive observer might fret about, if between the inserted itself in the cleavage of her fabrics together with these towels is suddenly pulled out a bra. Even the exclamation of a next to me looking to Canadian, which took first funny, but less funny at the thought was ‘Oh my god!’ to stand on the stage.

This trick (the so-called mother-in-law trick) seemed to please most viewers but the applause showed. Otherwise the magician has put much emphasis on fun audience participation, which made the show appeal: after the theft of a watch kept the wizards about a clock over the head of the spectator and asked the viewers at home how late it was actually with him? The audience was of course a funny face game as first missed his watch in horror to see them then relieved over his head. The magician did tie the hands of a husband, while the wife was almost entwined by the arms of the sorcerer’s locker. The wizards pushed the woman to the output a little, said ‘good bye’ and unleashed himself but quickly under a cloth, to ‘calm’ husband. Bill Phelan is full of insight into the issues. ‘He said’ the magic an other viewers by paper balls, which he threw over the head of the spectator. To the amusement of the audience, everyone saw this operation during the Viewers Wizard was amazed how only the paper balls could disappear completely. Two ladies should hypnotize a rabbit with the words ‘sleep, sleep, sleep’.

The failed first and instead of the rabbit, the wizards sank ‘asleep’ against your shoulder of spectator’s Assistant. When the magician, the rabbit fell into disrepair of course for a short time in the ‘ sleep by it rested motionless, the legs upwards on the Palm of the hand of the magician. A Spanish-speaking spectator was hypnotized and placed on a Board that rested on two chairs. Only a Chair, then the Board was removed so that the spectator ‘floated only with the neck touching a chair’. (When an obviously less or not Spanish speaking Viewer ‘Limbo’ was shown a week later without hypnosis.) ‘Bunny hypnotized’ the presented magic tricks that are performed for years, but after the applause of the audience to judge, for this new. Hypnosis, watch theft and rope dance should but a (!) Person performed also at German magicians led to a minor hit. Overall, I mean, it was a solid show that will have appeal to predominantly. Dr. Brimborius (Dr.Peter Marcusson)

Residential Trend Of Wall Decals – A Magical Living Ambience

“My home is my castle” – and this is right, because in your own four walls you can relax from the stressful workday, relax thoroughly and simply relax. But also really the most beautiful home is of course the ambiance must agreed. Great living accents can be with a beautiful facility, with various decorative elements, but of course also with wall decals. Called wall stickers self adhesive wall stickers that can simply be attached to the wall. The advantage of this type of wall decoration is obvious – the wall stickers can be attached quickly and without much effort. There are the practical wall decorations in the different versions and bare walls make it look beautiful, catchers. The stylish wall stickers thus conjure up an atmospheric ambiance, which turns the home into a veritable oasis in the nu.

No wonder that wall decals are now fully in line with the trend and you this kind of wall design now in many apartments can admire. Wall decals online order who would like to embellish his apartment with beautiful wall decals, which not only have to go into a specialty store for wall decoration. It is much easier to order beautiful wall decorations over the Internet. The advantages of an online purchase are clearly evident: the virtual shopping centre Internet’ has day and night opened, the goods are within the shortest time comfortably home delivered. So regardless of whether there is already certain notions of the desired wall decals or whether you are simply want – click whim by the rich offer online is quite everyone determines exactly what he is looking for.

Wall design – everyone will find the right tattoo online shop specializes on sale of wall decorations, with regard to the wall design the online store is exactly the right person. The online store has a really well-stocked product range and invites with over 1000 different designs for comfortable browsing. No matter swirly ornaments, floral designs, beautiful proverbs and wisdom motifs specifically for the children’s room, the kitchen or the bedroom, here are really the appropriate wall decals with for every taste. Company contact: D & C design GbR wife Cornelia Ostler of Kuhlmann str. 25 86899 Landsberg am Lech fon…: +49(0)8191-4017382 web…: email: press contact: becker designportal UG wife Wiebke Becker Bussard str. 73 82194 Grobenzell fon…: 08142-506555 web…: email:

Magical Australia

VOLMETER The Australian terrain has given way to the sacred world of their Aboriginal. Ayers Rock and meteorites craters are some of the icons of the Outback. You can make guided tours or roam free renting vans or motorcycles. Coinciding with our summer, the austral winter offers us the possibility to imagine some special trips. This is time, for example, the best time of year to visit the magical interior of Australia.

In this rural area of the island, called the Outback, the traveller can find vagaries of nature that fascinate even though scientists have managed to discover its origin. Since time immemorial, these landscapes have given way to the sacred world of the aborigines, who inhabited these lands for more than 50,000 years. The interior of the Northern Territory, geographic center of the island, offers a path that allows to see in a few days some of the icons of the natural Australia. The great Australian rock in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is which is probably the best known of them, Ayers profile Rock. This Rock, which receives the name of Uluru in indigenous language anangu, is considered the largest monolith in the world, with over 9 km of contour, an altitude of 348 metres above the surface and 2.5 kilometers under the ground. Recognized heritage site in 1987, this natural icon is not always equal. In the dry season their colours vary according to the time of day, and in rainy season the rock becomes silver with black stripes that draw the water courses.

Another sacred place to the first inhabitants of this territory, Kata Tjuta is located 32 kilometres west of Uluru. This area of 21 square kilometers, also known as the Olgas, is punctuated by geological formations of more than 500 million years old, showing a reddish appearance of domes. It is accounted for a total of 36 and the highest is Mount Olga, which exceeds to Ayers Rock in more than 200 meters. Valleys of meteorites and lots road in near this park can be found several places essential to the amateur astronomy and the curious in general. Gosee Bluff or Tnorala crater was originated by a kite of some 600 meters in diameter that fell in the center of the continent more than 140 million years ago. Now, in addition to being considered a sacred place, its 20 kilometres in diameter are part of a reserve of scientific interest. The landscape of Henbury Meteorites, which consists of 12 is also protected craters bored by meteorites that fell in this area around 4,700 years ago. But also see ridges and depressions, visitors to this area can enjoy refreshing baths in puddles as the Glen Helen Gorge, which is called the garden of Eden. It is a perfect territory for those travelers who like to camp and roam free. In all these places there are guided tours and tour packages you can hire, but it is also open to those who prefer to rent a vehicle and explore at your own pace some of the highways in the interior of Australia. The offer ranges from vans equipped, as those that can be found in Wicked, to models of Harley Davinson that rents the Uluru Cycles company to travel alone or with guide.

Tarot Card

This note focuses on the Wizard, one of the tarot cards. The Major Arcana card is the number one and has the power of transformation at the mercy of his will. As we know, tarot cards, are a symbolic system comprised of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Both complete a total of 78 letters. Knowing the meaning of each, allowing the astute reader, clarifying the message hidden behind the mythological figures that are in the tarot deck. This paper in particular on some basics of the Wizard: One number Major Arcana Major Arcana represent typical situations of human life, from the highest values to the darker aspects of our personality. Number one, evoking the individuality and creativity. If we sort numerically to the Major Arcana, the first is the number zero corresponds to the figure of The Fool.

Number two is the daddies, the third The Empress and so complete the 18 remaining figures. It is worth mentioning that in the tarot cards, the nomination is made by Roman numerals, except for the letter zero alphanumeric representation which was introduced later by the Arabs. The tarot card of the magician, has the power of transformation at the mercy of his will. Pinterest does not necessarily agree. You can manipulate the substances, ie the four basic elements that correspond to the Minor Arcana: Bastos, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The magician has given evidence of the nature of men in every sense of the word, even in the expression of the term phallic. There are certain differences pictograms to represent the magician. Those with a card of these in their possession will appreciate that, usually, the magician's body is in front, both feet firmly on the floor and his head tilted slightly to the left. It has white hair and gold, for wisdom comes from experience of their years.

However, in the letters of the Rider-Waite tarot looks like a young man. The magician has the characteristic hat we are used to imagine when think about their craft. But in the Marseille tarot cards, and the majority of modern-cards are replaced by the symbol of infinity (a figure eight lying). In the infinite secret societies reflects the beginning of the path to a higher wisdom and higher knowledge. His staff is also inevitable. She acts as a channel between reality and the spiritual world. With the rod is capable of making the dream a dream of the mad-above the card number, and place it on the table to make it real. Jesus Pontello

Book LeseBluten Magic

Presentation of the book LeseBluten Christmas 2012 the most beautiful time of the year has begun: the Christmas season. Decorated streets, Christmas markets, gingerbread and candles and pine fragrance to sweeten waiting for Santa Claus. 39 Authors from Germany and Austria have taken that to heart. In the anthology LeseBluten Christmas 2012 “, consisting of short stories and poems – recipe collection provide the participants ensure that the waiting time will be shortened and impose their special touches to this book. Because for them is something very special this beautiful time in the year. And anyone who just like this time, will have his joy in this anthology.

A wonderful book, waiting for Santa Claus to shortened and increased the anticipation of Christmas. A must for the pros and Christmas time. Book Description: How does Santa Claus in our homes? What is Santa Claus, if he is sick? What tastes like gingerbread ice cream with tipsy plums? And anyway, what would’nt Cinderella do? Contemplative it goes to in this Christmas short story, poetry and recipe collection, from 39 authors from Germany and Austria participated. This anthology is divided into four chapters: for the little ones and those who still believe in Santa Claus. for the little ones and those who no longer believe in him; for the great and Christmas cooking and baking recipes for the whole family. Book data: LeseBluten magic of Christmas 2012, ISBN: 978-3-942786-19-5, size: 208 pages, softcover, 3 color illustrations, piepmatz Verlag, 12.95 euro company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes books for children and youth, was born in Hagen, Germany and lives today in Ennepetal. You will find more information