VSCT TShirt Magic Touch

Unbelievable but true: the VSCT T-Shirt magic touch touch changes the color! An absolute innovation and simply a must-have! Now you can show everyone how hot you really are the VSCT T-Shirt magic touch tea makes it possible! The new year has barely begun, because we can look forward again through a new and particularly innovative idea from the home VSCT clubwear. This time something really quite special is straight out of the spring of creative designer: the men’s T-Shirt that changes color! A specially developed thermo reactive Farbetechnologie changes the VSCT Magic touch tea under its color when exposed to heat. So the VSCT T-Shirt colors brighter, for example, by wearing or touching. This lightening of the T-Shirt is only partial and only temporary. This means that once the respective warm body cools down some, it assumes its original color again. The VSCT shirt is so subject to a permanent interplay. And because this is the passionate designers from VSCT still not enough, they offer us the VSCT T-Shirt magic touch in several varieties and colors! There is something sure for everyone.

VSCT has long been known for cool T-Shirt designs, but with this exceptional men’s T-Shirt has outdone really themselves the label of clubwear. VSCT is already established for urban clubwear and enriches regularly with new styles that almost bursting with creativity and ingenuity the dreary fashion landscape. To evolve again and again, to have never stopped to shine again with new collections and never to lose the original philosophy of the eyes that is the Leitfanden of VSCT. Especially VSCT T-Shirts are again and again for this characteristic. The VSCT accompanied since the origins, individual stay”is the motto. The VSCT magic touch tea is almost the epitome of individuality and creativity. And the always style in a harmonious combination with authentic clubwear. VSCT magic touch tea it’s magic! As the official release date was Mitt/end of February applied. Of course you can find this incredible VSCT T-Shirt then in the clubwear & streetwear online shop yancor.de. You should not miss! Here even a taste of the begeherten men’s shirts: