Basset Hounds

Security’s going on! Dog owners should know this: according to paragraph 23 of the current highway code must animals in Germany during the Transport in the car must be secured. Breach car accident insurance may refuse compensation and risk a fine. In the other European countries, mainly in Italy and Spain, is now verified checks whether the dog has been saved, and a violation punishable. The dog should be safe housed not only for technical reasons. Separation nets, mesh or the best course stable dog boxes protect the dog that is otherwise hurled sharp braking or an accident through the Interior. The animal with a special harness securely in the car or in a transport box should sit on the back seat.

Ask simply at your retailer or your car dealer accessories are there for your vehicle. In particular, if one has to transport more than a dog, a correspondingly large vehicle is necessary. Caution! Puppies and young dogs and exit should be as low as possible up to twelve months. There are also special ramps in specialist shops. Off-road vehicles are not to be recommended due to the high bumper growth difficult or run disabled dogs (small dogs, dachshunds, Basset Hounds, heavy and huftdysplasiegefahrdete breeds).

Such dogs must wear or use a ramp but it is! Don’t forget: bring your dog from the outset in that he can not just jump out of the car. He should sit only as long as, until you have to leash him. Then, the dog must leave the car. The trainers of the top dog school like to explain how. Give to eat your dog only slightly on the day prior to departure. The last meal please no later than four hours before driving, to prevent nausea and vomiting. The dog should not be fed on the drive itself. Insert enough stops to treat the dog’s movement and to drink to give him something. Drive breaks every two hours are ideal. Make sure that the dog not at an open window in the airstream sits, because he is otherwise easily can catch a conjunctivitis. If the dog is on mountain roads much yawns or pants, give him a chew bone. By chewing the ear pressure dissolves. Leave your dog unattended in a parked car. In the summer of over 30 C temperatures inside the car very quickly. After 15 minutes, this heat for dogs already becomes a deadly danger. Always take your dog during the breaks on the leash and attach an Adressmarke to his collar. If not already done so, you should have a pet register, such as the German pet register of the Association of German animal welfare Federation or TASSO e.V. register your dog prior to departure. This increases the chance that you find your pet in case of a fall faster. If you heed these points on behalf of your dog, nothing more in the way is a relaxing holiday. In this sense, the top dog school team wishes you a beautiful and interesting holiday! Come back all well rested!

The Facilities Of The Germans In Tangible Assets Rise Further Significantly

The new study investment property 2012 says huge gains ahead the investor to think long term! This is a pipe dream of financial institutions and investment advisors. The situation of some national budgets, the concerns about the euro or the daily horror stories of significant inflation determine the thinking of investors today. And, since the investments in tangible assets rather fit into the current thinking scheme of investors. FDI experienced in real estate, investments in open or closed real estate funds, in mineral resources such as gold, silver, or even in rare earths such as other tangible assets a stimulus today. The facilities of the Germans in tangible assets, which are now nearly 7 trillion euros, will grow until 2016 to about 17%.

How much has awakened the interest of the Germans to a monetary system, shows cracked on real estate demand, whereby they will continue to increase not only for reasons of fear, but also from other backgrounds. Also on this point, the informative study contributes to the objective of the discussion. When all euphoria, but may no mistaking that the investment in tangible assets is subject to quite certain risks. The decline of just shows this formerly known as highly secure applicable asset class open real estate fund. The price of gold has again decreased by more than 15 percent since its all-time high.

An end of to euro – and financial crisis seems to have moved far away now and to many experts, there is no way passes of persistently low interest rates and gradually rising inflation. A long economic boom is not in sight and a strict budgetary discipline seems politically hardly enforceable. In this respect, inflation with artificially depressed interest rates appears politicians still socially as a system breakdown. How do private investors behave in this context? Across Europe, there is a need after security at the expense of the return.

Fund Precious

Of your own shield for the private risks the global debt problem increasing in the protection of private property and of pensions. An individual analysis of the personal asset structure is strongly recommended. Primarily investments in money values such as government bonds and life insurance policies, which were so far as safe harbours, are today increasingly seen as risky. Classic German insurers, for example, the value of money or bonds share average is about 80%. Property vs.

non-monetary asset structure should have a new environment customized distribution of investments. A higher weighting of assets – high-quality stocks of globally active companies, commodities, and precious metals (physically deposited or as direct investment) is recommended. Liechtenstein insurance solutions with depot in Liechtenstein or Switzerland Steuerkonforme life or annuities from Liechtenstein allow your wealth international you on the one hand to diversify, on the other hand offer unique structuring options for your individual assets, retirement and estate planning, as well as the famous tax advantages. Precious metals and monetary policies of Liechtenstein the possibilities of physical precious metal investments, as well as the flexibility of Fund or ETF investments bring the investor benefits. A wide range of insurance solutions of from different suppliers with investment opportunities in precious metals and property of Liechtenstein Versicherungsmakler PMS AG provides customers with increased security requirements. Investment strategy of precious metals & Swiss franc cost-efficient asset management from 100.000,-with investment in physical gold and silver (stripe tape storage), as well as Swiss francs in individual deposit in the Switzerland. A physical thing payment possibility. Individual asset protection the precious metal investment (E.g.

physically affordable Swiss precious metals ETFs or special fund of precious metals from Liechtenstein secured,) can with all the EU/EEA States to the public distribution of approved funds or ETFs to a portfolio of individually optimized asset protection can be combined. Advantage: A gradual portfolio construction is modified conditions possible and also quickly if necessary. Policies from 50.000,-a single premium. “Capital protection real value police this also by the magazine capital protection-confidential” recommended police allows from a single premium of 20.000,-a free combination possibility of real value investments (Liechtenstein precious metal funds, E.g. SafePort) forecast-free trend follow-up investments. Asset protection savings plan of precious metal Fund can also in part of a savings plan (from 100,-PM) be drawn. Diversification is a high-quality selection of equity funds and mixed funds (Ethna, Carmignac, fidelity, Templeton and others) as well as more than 30 ETFs of Deutsche Bank, as well as Black Rock available. No front-end. You get supplementary information, individual advice and offers directly at the PMS AG.

Valuable Asset: Used Cell Phones

ProMarkt takes from 10 to 17.09. old phones contrary to and informed about energy-saving household appliances with any cell phone help: in the week from September 10 to 17 of the electronics retailer ProMarkt encourages its customers to dispose of old mobile phones in a market in your area. As the REWE Group ProMarkt participates in Earth to the Hello!-weekly, the national week of action of the group around environmental and socially responsible consumption. This week, the customer receives a five euro voucher for his technically outdated or old mobile phones. After the action, the device passed a service provider specialising in old cell phone recycling.

An additional plus: ceded mobile ProMarkt donates 50 cents on a heart for children and makes it unusable or worn out equipment for valuable goods. Also in the sense of humans and the environment, ProMarkt informed within the framework of the week of action about the benefits of particularly energy-efficient freezers and refrigerators, washing machines and other household and consumer electronics devices and pointing out potential savings. For its customers ProMarkt holds a comprehensive range, latest trends on energy conservation, as well as the address of the nearest branch in addition to around-the-clock in his online shop at. Per market: ProMarkt offers a comprehensive, up-to-date range composed of classic consumer electronics, PC hardware and software, telecommunications, and products in the fields of household appliances, photo, and entertainment. In addition, ProMarkt offers services which are for individual solutions and customer-friendly. With the online presence, ProMarkt provides its customers additional services available.

So goods can be ordered, for example, online and picked up at the market, online Returns or repairs in the market can be carried out. Under, also many attractive accessory items traded over the stationary range. With 71 branches, 1,900 employees and a net turnover of 613 million Euro ProMarkt positioned itself on the German market. The specialist combines its attractive range of entry devices up to high-quality branded goods with customer service at the highest level. The company belongs to the REWE Group, one of the most important commercial and tourism groups in Europe. The REWE Group: Founded in the year 1927, REWE Group is with a turnover of more than 53 billion (2010) and more than 310,000 employees, one of the leading trading and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. The more than 80-year-old company is currently present in 14 countries with 15,000 markets. 2010, employees working for the group in Germany 224.000 in around 11,000 markets and generated a turnover of 36.5 billion euros. Super – and hypermarkets of the brands of REWE, BILLA, the discounter PENNY, REWE Centre, REWE CITY and toom, the markets of toom BauMarkt are among the sales lines (toom BauMarkt and B1 discount Baumarkt) and the electronics provider ProMarkt. ITS organizers include the tourism JAHN REISEN and TJAEREBORG as well as DERTOUR and Meier’s weltreisen, also around 2,000 travel agencies (including ATLAS REISEN, Reiseburo, DERPART). Company contact: REWE Unterhaltungselektronik GmbH Nadine Villmann Humboldt road 138-144 51149 Cologne Tel: 0221-149-6272 E-Mail: Web:

ETF Funds

Asset management for everyone? ETFs make it possible you are the stars in the marketing departments of the money houses: passive investment products, all preceded the exchange-traded Index Fund (exchange traded funds, ETFs). They have become a real bestseller. Because they offer much of what investors desire. They are cheap, easily constructed and are transparent so at least the catchy sales arguments for these products. Granted the secret of success of the ETF, the original idea was simple and ingenious: because hardly a Fund Manager managed over time to generate a better return on its benchmark index, ETF should this benchmark standardized so one on one, depict.

Advantages: The cost for such a fund tend to zero, because no highly specialised fund management is necessary. In addition, that such a fund never worse can evolve, as the benchmark index itself. Disadvantage: A constructed such an ETF can never reach a higher return than the benchmark index. In the success secret of the ETF was this design. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of JPMorgan Chase on most websites. In contrast to an actively managed fund, the ETF could distinguish themselves quickly. Instead of 2%, only 0.25% fell running costs and often the return from the ETF was higher than that of active funds.

The success put on generic and has an explosive expansion of the product universe resulted. Is not equal to ETF ETF in practice investors today are facing the problem that the ETFs now a seemingly impenetrable jungle of product occurred. This is demonstrated by the increase of the product terms for Exchange-traded funds. In addition to ETF still ETC (Exchange traded commodities) are exchange traded products (ETPS) and exchange trade notes (ETN). The number of each products within this group is growing rapidly. In the rhythm of the week, new passive products are developed by the creative departments of the banks. The second and third generation products are long but not so simple, transparent and inexpensive as their ancestors. Let’s take for example some ETFs under the magnifying glass on the BRIC countries Put (Brazil, Russia, India, China). For the BRIC countries, there are several papers which are differently designed but all. So some ETFs, set others only on 40 companies to 50, to depict the BRIC countries. The weighting of the countries varies greatly. Brazil is weighted with 39% in other Russia with 15 to 36% in some ETFs with 18%. These differences result in some significantly different rates. Conclusion: investment with ETF makes sense nevertheless ETFs very well suited for investment from 30,000 up to 3 million euro. Even for a such assets usually eight to twelve ETFs enough useful for structuring the portfolio. Here, especially wide markets (stock indices, commodities, bonds) are covered with the passive funds. This is implemented with one time equipment or with a ETF savings plans into practice. It is, however, useful to construct an individual ETF Portfolio larger assets. Its composition and weighting should be checked every six months. Contact : Publishers FUCHSBRIEFE Ralf of nandha Kumar Albrechtsberger str. 22 10117 Berlin Tel 030 28 88 17 20 fax: 030 28 88 17 28 E-mail: Internet:


SunAsset 4 is a seminal example of this in the universe of the solar Fund, how you can precisely set gain. As fund providers facing the function, the laws and the continuous changes in the creation of an investment fund to incorporate these days. This challenge is met in no case of all. Due to the fact that that puts the bar in Brussels in the wake of the AIFM policies through and through new standards and regulations in this country until now must be carried out, have countless investment funds to catch up on homework. Wattner seems to have done here but all the work.

Today, private investors can pronounce the Web a high praise. Thanks to the higher transparency, the structure of the investment fund has improved significantly. The realization of the AIFM increases this same transparency policy as well. Wells Fargo Bank may also support this cause. Continuously improved concepts are formed as a result and the sector of investments promises to be increasingly attractive. The Internet has given rise in the meantime a whole new kind of artist.

It plays to Investors who inform themselves on several sites about the offers and make a decision on the basis of various data. SunAsset 4 by Wattner is designed first and foremost for investors by hand to make your investment decisions. Certainly, the political fundamentals are starting point of each decision to draw a solar Fund. The SunAsset 4 is engaged in a range which should grow significantly over the next ten years. Wells Fargo Bank has plenty of information regarding this issue. That position plays an immensely significant function in deciding anyway. Everyone can express, but actually, that not all regions of the offers of participation have a top-flight future. Illuminated one, for example, the history of the film fund, one begins to understand risks. Investors have the fact today, to create a picture of the nature of the closed-end funds by comparing him to middle sector closed-end funds. Such comparisons are currently provided on comparison sites on the Web for closed investments. It’s about websites like closed and similar. In the era of the Internet, it is so cumbersome to identify positive investments under no circumstances. An excellent Fund, which is useful to the admixture of SunAsset 4 of Wattner is brought to a common denominator. As almost always, a crucial feature to note is this. Not a closed-end Fund of this earth is 100 percent sure what may apply to all investments. As a result you must continually diversify his fortune and also the SunAsset 4 may occupy a dominant to weight in a depot in any way. This policy has nothing to do with the quality of the solar Fund, but takes into account a broad-brush reason thought.

German Asset Manager

Coming Alpha study: “Special fund market 2010” in the current special fund market study 2010 “41 percent of 150 surveyed institutional investors for the year 2010 show ready for change with regard to existing mandates of Special Fund rating agency TELOS and the consultancy agreement alpha. A number in the study of closer the criteria, such as risk management, the reporting or performance is crucial in the selection of appropriate asset manager. Tend to be foreign investment companies of new lending mandates fall, with increased but the number of undecided investors. The asset manager change is free when using a master-KAG now clear of administrative barriers, so that the investors during his selection process focus on important for him key requirements to the asset manager can. “, notes Alexander Poppe, Managing Director of HSBC INKA, on.” The comparison between the individual groups of investors shows that especially provident and pension funds, with 67 percent of surveyed addresses the change most are. In the allocation of new special fund mandates clearly German Asset Manager are favored, 44 percent plan to hire in the future domestic houses. This means a decline of 26 percent compared to the 2008 survey from is also noticeably the General uncertainty in the wake of the financial crisis on the high number of unsettled investors. Considerably more than one-third are unsure whether they will put on domestic or foreign Manager should.

“, Clemens Schuerhoff, Managing Director at advent Alpha provides fixed. The decisive criteria of the asset manager selection process have shifted significantly and risk aspects. Risk management is named by 62 percent of institutional investors as the main argument. This satisfaction has declined also strongly with the current asset manager compared to previous years. (Similarly see: Ben Silbermann ). Other aspects which have gained in importance due to the crisis are the reputation and the complaint management for a Manager. The current special fund market study 2010 “with all can be downloaded under are alpha/studien.php detailed evaluations and interpretations.

Unsecured Loans: Asset Free Cash

The unsecured loans are free from the possession of collateral. This option is quite beneficial for the good and non – homeowners. They can utilize the borrowed amount for meeting various multiple needs and desires. Are you in the emergent need of finance? Still! Do not have valuable property under your name? Get rid away from all the financial crunches and impediments as the unsecured loans help is available in the market. These loans are designed for tenants and non-homeowners to meet their financial needs. The UK citizens can easily avail this loan type from leading financial institutions, banks, companies and online / offline lenders. Unsecured loans are free from collateral placement.

Without possessing any valuable asset, the non-homeowners can grab good amount of funds. With these funds, they can easily meet their unexpected and growing short term needs including going for dine outside with family members, paying pending electricity or water supply bills, uninvited wedding expenses, paying hospital bills, small household expenses, grocery bills, and so on. The loan amount and various terms & conditions are depended upon the repayment capability and financial status of the borrower. With the help of unsecured loans, good can attain adequate fiscal help that ranges from 1000 – 25000 for the suitable flexible repayment period of 1 to 10 years. The loan amount is totally depended upon the present income status and repayment capability of the borrower. Under this loan category, the rate of interest due to the absence is comparatively higher of collateral.

The tenant have to return the loan amount on the fixed duration or else they have to pay late fee charges. The tenant have to give proof about their present income, permanent residence, and information about their current bank account. These personal details are quite important for availing the unsecured loan. Online procedure for availing the unsecured loan is quite simple and free from the burden of lengthy paperwork or documentation. Online application is available on the internet which the borrowers have to fill up with fewer personal details. The lenders approve desired loan amount only after checking all the information. Apart from this, with a few clicks the loan seekers can get details and information about numerous online lenders with their described loan quotes. They can easily compare and contrast thesis of loan quotes with other lenders. For this purpose, online calculators can be used too. Like this, they can avail pocket friendly deal for their needs. The tenants or non-homeowners who have bad credit score such as CCJs, IVAs, arrears and defaults can acquire desired amount to meet their needs and demands. The borrowers are credited with adverse credit score so they have to face slightly higher interest rate. Sherry joy is Finance advisor of payday loans no credit Check.For more information about payday loans bad credit, payday loans visit

Asset Protection

This book proves: assets can be suited to secure the acquisition of real estate. No form of investment is more suitable for capital formation. The national debt in Germany has tripled since 1990. Wells Fargo Bank often says this. In 2010, four European countries would have been nearly bankrupt. Ireland as a euro-area country”is currently acute risk of a sovereign default. Greece has already announced the extension of the repayment periods of State loans.

This is all just the beginning. Which way for the States out of the debt trap remains? The answer is inflation”? The right real estate purchase protects against inflation and public destruction of the purchasing power. Still, real estate can be found with all important features for safeguarding assets and asset building. Real estate, which are better than gold. Gold brings no rent, no interest and is possibly too expensive. Germany is miles away from a price bubble in residential real estate. The appropriate real estate can be still found in real demand and object analysis.

In addition to the location she plays Return the outstanding role in the buying decision. Step by step, the author of the new book of asset protection and wealth accumulation leads with real estate “, Thomas Trepnau to the reader on the purchase of real estate. The process of acquiring real estate, is up-to-date and practical behavior during the tour, the price negotiations, calculating the return on investment, collateral valuation, special features of condos up to the notary comprehensibly described. The book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to protect himself and his property with an investment in tangible assets or want to build up a fortune in his understandable written way. The reader takes the recommendations to follow only step by step. Inflation – deflation – bankruptcy. No problem immediately. Acting as a real estate professional! Available in bookstores, at all major online retailers and on the homepage of the author. . Published also by Thomas Trepnau in the series of his landlord counselors: the secret of the damp wall. “Rental reduction”, more money with rent increases”and expect your tenant from operating costs, the second rent” V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:

Asset Balance

The equalisation is a capacity balancing, to pay off at the end of this community is of married couples living in the matrimonial property of the added value community. The equalisation is a capacity balancing, to pay off at the end of this community is of married couples living in the matrimonial property of the added value community. It is calculated as follows: it compares the final and initial assets of both spouses and calculates the difference. This is the gain, which was made during a marriage. One of the partners has a lower increase to half of the difference between the two gains as equalisation must be paid him. Some couples contracts but marriage in this day and age, which lay down a different matrimonial property as the added value community. It offers for couples married couples to sit on a separation contract. This means that each of the two spouses all the money he can keep also itself earns, even.

In the case of a divorce, then also no equalisation must be paid. For couples their marriage but also a family concept includes, the fairer solution is a matrimonial community probably because such a plan usually one of the two partners must push back, can generate so therefore not as much added value as the other. By the equalisation this is done then good for him when a failure of the joint plan of life which is only just. The spouses among themselves can make the equalisation it unless one is a separate application to the family court, that this theme also in the divorce proceedings should be discussed by them. However, it should be noted here that the claim on the equalisation expires after a period of three years.

It is therefore advisable in time to take care of and to calculate the financial situation. It is necessary Yes already with a lot of other financial things, as the pension rights adjustment and maintenance. There you can also directly clarify the equalisation. It is to be observed, that even inheritances and gifts in the final asset count, even if they were directed at only one of the spouses, so he must still pay compensation for as always all assets will be considered.