L. Ron Hubbards Effective Learning Methodology For Learning Problems

“There is actually a working methodology to can talk to psychologists understand virtually any topic nowadays often very zungenfertig by attention deficit disorder” or learning disabilities “in the school. This can often not students, because no one ever taught them, how it learns and recognises obstacles in learning and how to overcome these obstacles, as in the successful Lernmethodik of L. Ron Hubbard is the case. Currently, the number is estimated to about 800 million people around the world by illiterate. According to Leo study by 2011, there are over 2.5 million total illiterate as well as 7.5 million functionally illiterate in Germany. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ashton Kouzbari offers on the topic.. They can recognize individual letters and recognize any words, but no sense in the text, and not write also related texts.

Over 800 million people in the world are practically ignorant. The future prospects of such disadvantaged people, for example to learn a profession and thus build its future and its To make living, are virtually zero. It a good portion of these people lack the ability of reading and writing, to get at the present time and something other than low activities to perform. Because these people have never read a book in their lives, the intellectual level is determined in the whole of computer games, television shows, daily soaps, music tracks and similar. Additional information is available at Hyundai. Accordingly, it is difficult these people to bring an independent thought and to carry out E.g. conflicts with others through dialogue. What remains are frustration, drugs and violence, and thus the absence of fundamental moral values.

L. Ron Hubbard was so bold to claim that there is a working solution for every learning problem. He worked some years teaching and wondered why some seminar participants did not understand the curriculum could not apply, or it was boring for them or they had no desire to participate in. Finally, L. Ron Hubbard discovered that it three basic Learning obstacles are.

ActivAge Start Alzheimer

All information about Alzheimer’s disease around the clock. Lyon (France) may 7, 2008 the French company ActivAge the launch of the website de.alzheimer-360.com Announces, the first site with current news on Alzheimer’s disease. Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner pursues this goal as well. Currently, about 1.2 million people suffer from dementia in Germany. Two-thirds of them are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. She can occur before 50 years of age, their frequency increases but sharply with age. Learn more at this site: Cindy Crawford. (Each has suffers from the 60th and the 80-year old every third Alzheimer’s disease). Recently Robert Kiyosaki sought to clarify these questions. Also an increase in dementia is expected due to increasing life expectancy.

For the year 2030, experts expect with 2.5 million affected. Because Alzheimer 360 collects all current news about Alzheimer’s disease at a single site, any person who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease (seniors, professionals, associations,…), can find all the information about this disorder of the brain with a single mouse click. The website provides access to the latest news headlines and also additional services, such as: the search for keywords file archiving a free newsletter subscription to obtain daily or weekly the latest news about Alzheimer’s disease. The website Alzheimer 360 there are French, Spanish and Italian in English, so that any person who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease, can benefit from this service. ActivAge ActivAge is publisher of online services aimed at improving the living conditions of seniors, by you will be offered an Internet technology that is suitable for your skills and expectations. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary team (psychologists, computer scientists, Web Designer,…) working on the development of new online services for the whole family. Au? erdem ActivAge 2006 received by the UNESCO first prize at the inter generation competition of the FIAPA (International Federation of associations of older people) for his work for the reintegration of Veterans into society through the New technologies offer.

GmbH David Bottger

The ALMconf is (management day) and 27-28 October, 2010 (Technical Tracks) in Stuttgart instead of Oberhaching for the first time on October 26, 2010, July 08, 2010 – the ALMconf will take place for the first time on October 26, 2010 (management day) and 27-28 October, 2010 (Technical Tracks) in Stuttgart. The application lifecycle management Conference is a German-speaking Conference, which focuses on the topic of application lifecycle management both from technological and economic point of view and here the art is to show the State participants. It is organised by the HLMC events GmbH in close cooperation with the iX from the Heise magazine publishing. Hardly an issue affecting such software engineering in recent years such as application lifecycle management (ALM). In terms of method, as well as on the tool market to determine significant changes were here in recent years.

The issue of integration”- both what individual tools (single point solutions) concerns as well as the integration of distributed teams – has gained considerably in importance. But also economic aspects the pure licensing models increasingly play an important role are long outdated, approaches, as for example SaS, leasing models, billing usage, etc. are increasingly interesting. The call for papers to the ALMconf is now available and can see: call-for-papers.htmlonline are submitted. Closing date is 26 August 2010 contact: HLMC events GmbH David Bottger junior project manager Kirchplatz 6 82041 Oberhaching phone: + 49 89 613 04 484 fax: + 49 89 613 04 486 E-Mail: Internet: about HLMC events GmbH HLMC is specialized for seven years on the Organization of events in the field of software engineering. HLMC focuses both on the technical/content as well as the organizational handling of conferences, user group meetings, workshops and road shows in the sales order.

Total already several thousand participants from the IT industry have visited the events of HLMC. HLMC discusses the current trends in software engineering and thus ensures the success of the event. The services of HLMC includes the search and selection of method lectures, keynotes and user -, the acquisition of sponsors and exhibitors and the entire organisational and administrative processing of designated events. In addition, HLMC advises various companies in the implementation of events of any kind. By the clear and precise focusing on the field of software engineering HLMC here has established an excellent and extensive network, from which the clients benefit from HLMC. Via iX since the founding in 1988 has iX as a required reading of professional IT user established. The editors carefully researched all important topics of the Internet with regard to the successful use of computers in the company intranet, networks, operating systems and client-server computing and underpins it with manufacturer-independent tests. On the cross-editorial website heise online involved is also the iX-editorial on the current reporting on IT topics. Under is different offers such as blogs on topics from software development, current news, a monthly survey and a provider information service for companies that meet the professional character of the magazine. The contents of iX are available at eMedia from year 1988 on CD-ROM. Since 2003, iX regularly organises conferences around the theme of better software”and offers various workshops on topics in the field of software engineering with international renowned speakers. It also published iX under the label of iX study”regular studies and tool analysis.

The MyHammer

Customer in Germany now know that you can find at the same time qualified fastest and cheap craftsmen and service providers with MyHammer. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Silbermann. And the record number of the deals shows, craftsmen and service provider MyHammer now naturally use as a cheap and easy way of Auftragsakquise.” Gerrit Muller looks back with pride on the past year: 2009 was the best year in the company’s history for us, we were able to in all areas. We have the year used daily to improve our product. Including indication of all qualifications and references, the greater clarity in many areas such as the range of products, and overall a better usability of the platform include the newly introduced MyHammer YellowPages with greatly improved transparency of provider profiles.” MyHammer: MyHammer is the number one among the online market-places for trade and service contracts in Germany with more than 1.2 million registered users and over 30,000 daily ongoing tenders. MyHammer receive customer offers in a very short time and save with 30 percent and more. The offered the MyHammer service providers and artisans range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to care and teaching. The MyHammer marketplace private and commercial clients launch tenders on the craftsmen and service providers make good calculated bids.

The customer freely chooses the appropriate provider, after Customer and contractor evaluate the execution of the order each other. MyHammer simultaneously offers an innovative trade book, which includes more than 230,000 craftsmen registered with MyHammer and service providers. Contracting Authority can targeted after around 1,000 branches with keywords and local search provider and contact directly. In the search results, the reviews of the provider are displayed by previous clients. The MyHammer reviews are a reliable and objective criterion for award of the contract. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 50 employees. For more information see.

General Hotel Award

Second award three months HomeMatic Energiesparkomponenten make the hardware platform Hamburg/blank, February 22, 2010 on the Energiesparkomponenten of the eQ-3 AG and HotelNET-EM contronics-based energy management system has received the gastro innovation award in the category of facility & management. Gunther Oettinger, Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg and EU Environment Commissioner, presented the award on the occasion of the international trade fair for the hotel and catering industry (INTERGASTRA). The ausZeichnung confirms that especially in the hospitality industry an automatic room temperature control pays off, which can save up to 30% on heating costs. Wireless thermostats and window contacts, of the HomeMatic system developed by eQ-3 AG, form the hardware platform of the solution. With the innovation award of the gastro Messe Stuttgart, features seminal ideas of the industry DEHOGA Baden-Wurttemberg (Association for hotels and restaurants) as well as the General Hotel and Gastronomie-Zeitung. Click Ben Silbermann for additional related pages. In the area of facility management & \”won the energy management solution distributed by KraftCom Kommunikationstechnik HotelNET-EM\”. Thus, this system has already received the second award within three months.

Automatic room temperature control in the hotel room the system is composed of the Energiesparkomponenten which eQ – 3 AG and the contronics GmbH. The solution is suitable for the Nachrustung of existing heating systems in the hospitality industry as well as for the erstinstallation in new buildings. The hotel rooms are equipped with wireless window contacts and radio electronic thermostats of the HomeMatic series eQ-3, as well as a HomeMatic single room controller. Depending on the hotel room occupancy and use of the room temperature thus automatically regulates. So, the system at the check-in of the guest moves up the room temperature via radio to a previously defined value. During his stay, the guest can adjust the temperature. After check out, the heating will return automatically in the setback mode. In this way, 6 percent per lowered can Degrees Celsius of heating costs savings are up to 30 percent within a year.

All Cook Only With Water! (But It Should Be Clean!)

For the treatment of drinking water and industrial waste water by the legal demands and increasing cost pressures, the treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater HDT trade events is an increasingly important theme in all areas of production, from the metal processing to the food industry. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. Today, the cleaning of waste water is always coupled with the question after a treatment and reuse of the more expensive raw material water. This can be a part of current treatment of different wastewater streams of great importance. The Haus der Technik in Essen offers this on 26-27 April 2010 a symposium treatment and reuse of industrial waste water “. Switching between basics and modern examples of practice discusses the main procedure of treatment of industrial effluents. The seminar is led by Mr.

Prof. Dr.-ing. Gerd Braun of the IAV Institute for systems – and process engineering of the University of applied sciences Cologne. He thereby receives practical support by experts of ENVIRO-Chemie water treatment technology GmbH from New Delhi. Also in the HDT, the event will current techniques to drinking”instead. The seminar is especially information about current developments and new research results of drinking on 06-May 07, 2010. It covers in particular the procedural principles for membrane filtration and ion exchange including pre-treatment of the water and flushing and cleaning process, as well as the quality assurance and monitoring.

Still, the principles and design criteria are developed and running conditioning examples discussed. The HDT in cooperation offers both seminars with the DGMT German society for membrane technology.

Semi-trailer Including Load

And it happened again – a trailer was stolen including the on the charge. A theft protection is inexpensive and fast to implement. Scene Berlin: Sunday, May 23, 2010, a semi-trailer with cargo was stolen on the Lichtenrader Damm. The theft victim to unusual cargo consisted among others of pharmaceutical products. Thefts of this kind of stolen trailers including cargo, are not uncommon. Is it relatively easy to steal a parked semi-trailer for the thieves. Even the time-consuming reloading of cargo does not apply for this variant. Pinterest often says this. So for example trailers stolen filled to the brim with electrical items or also with mundane things, such as pallets or gravel.

It may read while unspectacular, if but the number of pieces or the weight of the load will be involved in the consideration, the damage amounted to quickly several thousand euros – and that only for the charge. Then go several ten thousand euros are incurred for the stolen trailer. So, for example, the Police Department reported South Hesse by one of the aforementioned types of theft the following: … The trailer with the license plate GG-MH 68 and GG-MH 78 were loaded with over 1000 Euro pallets. The pendant with the charge for a total of about 95,000 euros were gone on Sunday evening (28.3).

… You can read the entire message on Hesse meldungen.com. In another case, the amount of the loss is estimated at several hundred thousand euros. Here, a truck trailer with seven hundred computers was stolen. (rp-online.de) the economic damage is usually considerable, but in principle avoidable. With a minimal investment can be recovered in trailers and cargo and a steal even at an early stage. It involves a tracking device (or even tracking device) the trailer is equipped with the. Was noticed a theft, the position of the locating transmitter is viewable via the Internet. Better though, is used for the early detection of theft the possibilities. So about a movement alarm can be set, the within a given time all movements detects and reports go unnoticed for the offender. The alarm messages can be redirected to the owner or a Guard Headquarters that seven days a week around the clock on an alarm immediately responds. The trackers requires no external power supply for construction machinery, containers, trailers and co because it is equipped with a battery, which provides a term of up to 5 years. The integrated Elektroik is impact-resistant and shock-sure shed. Thanks to the housing protection class IP65 (dust-proof + protected against water jets) positioning device is safe can be used in everyday outdoor use.

Bruchsal Week Diabetes

To fight against the disease, is inform and clean up with wrong nutrition lessons Jutta Schutz was born in Lebach, Saarland and now lives with her family in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2008 the publishing house publishes your self-help book tredition suddenly diabetes”, last year she gave Edition the book in the second. In the self-help book “suddenly diabetes” portrays the author in a loose way, diabetes in a Diary style, about their own disease and settles with false teachings of nutrition. It describes their way out of the metabolic disorder without medication, and only with the help of a complete nutrition. Her book differs greatly from the diabetic books, which are written from the point of view of doctors and scientists. As self interested party she would like to encourage all diabetics with type 2.

Carmen Hardock talked weekly for the BRUCHSALER Jutta Schutz of the book and the disease diabetes. “Hardock (H): woman contactor, what has led you to write this book?” Schutz (Sch): If I count up all the reasons here, it blows up our interview, but the mere fact that the World Diabetes Day is diabetes as a global epidemic, is reason enough. There are currently some 283.3 million diabetics worldwide and every day come to 17,280 new patients. I wanted to swallow no drugs and let me know the day the diagnosis almost nonstop about this disease. My husband told me that it was very important to play my information collected in a book. H: we know now your motivation to write. But why is it important to inform the people for you as self interested party? We are, after all, the country with the most doctors…” “Sch: because I must unfortunately conclude that diabetics at all not are informed, what they themselves can do, to combat diabetes.” H: but diabetics are trained but sufficient.

Security Technology

With safety! SURE! > MikroShop.de Wedel, April 9, 2008 – Elektro Gross and retail for security technology in Wedel opened the Wedel company THW service has in February 2008 opened its doors for professionals and consumers online. Us it is important to various target groups, such as such as police stations, retail stores, inexpensive electric materials to supply with detective agencies as well as private individuals,”says Managing Director Thomas Hontsch. The range of assurance techniques, self protection, tracking and monitoring techniques to batteries and light bulbs. What was not yet integrated in the online-shop can be added to in the short term on request. Our planning for the future: The distribution of our products according to customer-specific needs. Pinterest may help you with your research.

The advantage for the registered customers, clear structures and further discounts. Some examples from our extensive range: For individuals: metal detectors, finding lost keys or rings can not only bought but also to lent. For security: In addition to hand-held scanners and passage detectors we offer also stitch or for self-defense bullet-proof vests and pepper spray as everything else around the pepper spray just. For entrepreneurs in senior positions, politicians or secret carriers: Abhorsichere mobile radios, with Verschlusslungen up to 4096bit. Without conversation delays or waiting! Simply make a call. For shipping companies and ship Chandler/supplier: Electric material available 120/240V pump, contactors and control cabinet, etc. Benefit to you: the delivery is carried out directly in the port of Hamburg or Hamburger Marina, our dispatcher.

GmbH Companies

Will be assessed in five criteria: overall development of the company, creation and protection of employment and training, modernization and innovation, engagement in the region as well as service and proximity to customers, or marketing. Only one thousandth of the over three million companies in Germany was nominated. We feel confirmed by the nomination in our corporate strategy”, explains Benefader. Already in the past GWS has received awards in the ranking TOP 100 companies in the German medium-sized businesses also several times”. “In addition, the IT service provider was the third year in a row a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” and most recently as President, Microsoft BBs Club members “appointed. We could achieve that, because our employees are every day with high level of commitment and expertise for our customers”, explains the Managing Director. The status “so Benefader: despite the great pressure of competition in trade for 2008, we see a very good starting point for a positive business development of the GWS.” GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992.

Today over 200 employees work at the sites of Munster, Munich, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner, the GWS specializes on the development, networking, support and optimization of inventory control and composite systems for trade and service companies. More than 1000 customers use products of GWS. Interconnected companies both from the commercial and the agricultural sector among the customers. In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops.

Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2006 amounted to EUR 25 million sales. The GWS conveyor and holding company for ERP systems EC it is To customers, influence on product development. A solid shareholder structure of the GWS (GAD eG Munster 54.9 percent, FIDUCIA IT Karlsruhe 10 percent, GWS conveyor – EC 25.1 percent as customer participation and minority interests of Central, which operates the GWS), potential security guarantee and expert support in the operations. Contact for the press: Jurgen Ronsch Press & more GmbH on the capelin bushes 95 48155 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 251 899 1854 fax: + 49 (0) 251 899 1112 email: this press release can be obtained, area Press Center, electronically.