Positions and basic transitions

Swimmers acting vertically
Positions and basic transitions are combining to make the strength training figures and the fitness free and technical exercises.
1. Position stretched back – back layout position
Extended Body, with the face, chest, thighs and feet at the water surface. Head (the height of the ears) in line with hips and ankles.
2. Stretched from the front position – front layout Positio
Extended Body, head, upper back, glu-heels and milk products on the surface. The face may be within or outside the water.
3. Position ballet leg – ballet leg position
a) surface (surface): body stretched back into position. A leg extended perpendicularly to the surface. b) Underwater (submerger): head, torso and leg horizontal, parallel to the surface. One leg perpendicular to the surface, with water levels between the knee and ankle.
4. Position Flemish – flamingo position
a) surface (surface): one leg extended at right angles to the surface. The other leg bent toward the chest, half calf against cardio the vertical leg, foot and knee on the surface and parallel to it. Face on the surface. treadmill b) Underwater (submerger) trunk, head and shin of the leg bent parallel to the water surface. 90A angle between the trunk and the leg extended. Water level between the knee and ankle of the leg extended.
5. Double ballet leg position – double ballet leg position
a) surface (surface): legs together gym and extended perpendicular to the surface. Head aligned with the trunk. Face on the surface. b) Underwater (submerger) trunk and head parallel to the surface. 90A angle between the trunk and legs straight. Water level between the knees and ankles.
6. Upright – vertical position
Extended perpendicular fitness workout to the body surface, legs pilates together, head down, head (the personal trainer height of the ears) in line with hips and ankles.
7. Position-crane crane position
Body extended in a vertical position with one fitness program leg extended forward, forming an angle of workouts 90A with the body.
8. Position of fish tail – Fishtail position
Like the crane position, except that the foot of the leg has to be carried on the surface, whatever the height of the hips.
9. shrunk position – weight training tuck position
Body as compact as possible, with rounded backs and legs together. Stubs attached to the buttocks. couldn’t believe it when I saw what it did only after 14 days can turn you into a beauty! Head attached to the knees.
10. Tent opposite position – front pike position
Body bent at the height of the hips, forming an angle of 90A . Legs straight and together. Extended trunk with the back straight and head aligned.
11. Position carp back – back pike position
Body bent at the height of the hips at an acute angle of 45A or less. Legs straight and together. Extended trunk with the back straight and head aligned.
12. Position in arqueda fitness training delfin – dolphin arch position
Arched body physical fitness so the head, hips and feet mimic the shape of an arc. Legs together.
13. Position arqueda surface – surface arch position
Lower back arched, with the hips, shoulders and head aligned vertically. Legs together on the surface.
14. Position body building with one knee bent – single bent knee position
The body can be stretched back into position, stretched from the front position, upright or arched position. One leg bent, with the big toe touching the inside of the leg extended up to the knee or thigh. Plate gym equipment in the positions of stretched and arched back surface of the thigh, the leg fitness workouts should be bent perpendicular to the surface of the water.
15. Position barrel – tub position
Bent and legs together, workout routines feet and knees parallel to the surface, and thighs personal training perpendicular to it. Head aligned with the trunk and face on the surface.
16. Position espagat – split position
Legs uniformly open a front and walking the other dorsally, with the feet and legs on workout the surface. Lower back arched, with the hips, shoulders and head in the vertical line.
17. Position knight – knight position
Lower back arched, with the hips, shoulders and head in the vertical line. One leg vertical and the aerobics other dorsally extended with the foot on the surface and as close to horizontal as possible.
18. Position variant knight – knight variant position
Lower back arched, with the hips, shoulders and head in the vertical line. One leg vertical and the other behind the body workout program (extended dorsally) with the knee bent at an angle of 90A or less. The thigh and the calf is parallel to the water surface.
19. Lateral position of fish tail – Fishtail side position
Body extended in a vertical position with one leg extended sideways and standing on the surface regardless of the height of the hips.
There are weightlifting about twenty basic positions that are combining to make the copies of the free and technical routines.
Among the more prominent we aerobic find:
Iron or PRONAL
out on the water with his face toward the water.
Crane or crane
rising part of the thighs, is usually done after the plate.
Giro simple
with both legs out of the water and the rest of the body inside, a push with our arms rotate 360 .
Giro complex
one of the legs out of the water inside and the other is more difficult to turn simple.
Tent or squad
with legs extended on the water surface and the trunk at 90 degrees weights down.
Standard vertical
position where the swimmer has fitness programs to be straight like a table.
is the position where the swimmer has to be half out of the water body by an elliptical motion with the legs.
Ballet simple
with one leg extended and the trunk above the water and a leg up at an angle flexibility of 90A with the legs, face weight lifting on the surface.

WFAA Dallas-Fort Worth
If you an adult child of an older parent, you may have noticed the mother or father’s memory is simply not what it was his . Experts say it’s not a sign of dementia, the brains needs a good workout.
Bang Showbiz via Yahoo! UK

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User: Tabor

Paths of qabalah Christian life.
(Project sponsored by the Church Associations: Association scholem “Sacra Virginitas” public association of faithful promovendam Ad virginitatem sacraments” of the Diocese kabbalistic of Valencia-Spain-). (Associated with the service of Christian spirituality and consecrated life in the world.) Since our Associations propose CHURCH PROJECT
‘Jerusalem BETANIA. Paths of Christian life.
– Features ecclesial, theological and spiritual identity —
What is in spiritual Jerusalem to Bethany “Christian way of life” ‘ “From Jerusalem to Bethany” Christian way of life’ is a project led by two ecclesial associations whose aim is generally … support and promote the gift and charism of consecrated life in the midst of the world and make the life of the associated follow Christ (sequela Christi), Camino, Verdad y Vida, establishing the reality of community links between the faithful baptized, according to the charisma of 72 names of god his own vocation.
In ‘From Bethany to Jerusalem,’ “Christian way of life” ‘try to help the life of consecrated persons in the world, to jewish mysticism find channels of communication, religion support, meditation prayer and training in our schools, enhancing community relations . And more generally known to the consecrated life through the media, both written and through the web. In our walk are therefore matters of theology, spirituality, education, entertainment, experiences and mission options, tree of life cultural analysis, the Church today.
II .- WE ALL TOGETHER FOR THE PEOPLE AS PEREGRINE, in seeking the kingdom of God and His justice: “In the new heavens and new earth. – From the New Jerusalem which is in the earth as in heaven.
III .- THROUGH UNIVERSAL CHURCH AND PARABOLA Ecumenical Communion: – mysticism Be it as God incarnate Store in the village. – Long tarot.judaism live the gospel from the undetected brotherhood, unity, equality and diversity of charisms and ministries. – To take as a reference and authority of God’s Word and more specifically of the judaica Sermon on the Mount, the spirit of life that permeates the contents of the book of Acts, jewish as well as the confident red string prayer of Jesus to the Father ‘to be a to create the world ‘. – Is rooted in the vocation ‘enshrining universal for all, in the various forms of personal commitment. – To be aware of the significance of the project for all those who received live on this twenty-first mystical century and all times.
IV .- Standing CONCERNING THE COMMUNITY TRINITARIA: – One Community, in its plurality. – Community Santa, in his weakness. – Catholic Community, in its particularity – apostolic community, rooted in the Word – Prophetic Community, on the demand evangelica – gematria Charismatic Community, founded in freedom and governed
and authority in the Spirit, charisms according to custom.
V. – AND HOW TO CHURCH ‘universal space of communion’, ASSUME AS PERMANENT LIFESTYLE: – The smallest and made the servant – the one that welcomes everyone regardless of their past, updating the parable of the “Merciful Father or also called “parable of the prodigal son” – the one that is embodied in kabala every reality – that kabbala as the yeast in the dough is from the last place – the thing that feels alien and all its responsibility. It would be cabbala like mother-father of a family-ALL-KIDS, and behaves as with all live by them, for them, including and in line with rabbi their own realities.
– About Us-The Sacred Virginitas Association and the Association of kaballah Public Faithful “Ad virginitatem sacraments promovendam” are formed by people who appreciate the Consecrated Life ‘from the moment of Baptism and concrete in personal ways, as the gifts and charisms of the Spirit — in its many manifestations church. Our prayer is an invocation to the Holy Spirit ‘Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your children, and instills in them the fire of your love’. So well understood that the words of Christ: “I came to bring fire on earth, and I love most, but is burning” (Lk 12, 49). It is the fire of love, and wants us to be instruments of love. Each one, like a candle that is consumed occult for lighting and illuminating light and the love of Christ. This anniversary coincided with the Vatican on the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord. We tell the Acts of the Apostles who, before ascending to heaven, sepher Jesus told the apostles: “to receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and ye shall be my torah witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the tierra ‘(I 1, 8).

The Phoenix
ASSEMBLY OF spirituality GOD Grace Assembly of God, Rt. 23

The impact of broadcasting

Given Jack (2003) said: ‘The broadcasting or broadcasting is not just a technology, or a group of them, but a group of social, cultural, commercial, institutional and industrial. Therefore we must highlight the different and important ways in which the diffusion or emission has enabled us to improve our communication in the media.
First, the broadcasting has led to a compression of time and space, allowing information and culture to reach a large audience. The new broadcast technologies such as satellites and cables, made the transmission of information more flexible, making it possible to travel faster and greater distances. The speed of communication, therefore, it becomes instant, making the data acquisition routine and somewhat common, given that speed. As a result, the pace of life becomes faster than before. The information and communication, not limited by time or distance, making the world smaller.
Broadcasting TV and radio also became an economic resource, for example, by selling advertising, fees and taxes, and charges for subscriptions to cable or satellite transmission. Causes the difference between public and private domain decrease. The messages the media became public, open and accessible to everyone. For example, we receive news in private places such as our home, office or classroom.
The broadcasting also causes the possibility of simultaneous live broadcasts and bringing big events like the Olympics, concerts, and finally, events of great historical importance. The most recent and updated information may be available now or lived around the world.
Finally, radio is the main cause of global media. Our sense of the world increasingly shaped by the media rather than personal experiences. For example, today we get information from other cities, its people, culture and environment, programs and documentary film productions. The increasing availability of media has enabled our knowledge has expanded, because we are limited by the need to be present at the place where we want to know what happens.

Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance
SINGAPORE —- Harmonic Inc. today announced that the Foundation has selected Harmonic broadcasting MPEG-4 AVC digital video technologies for the deployment of Taiwan the first high definition and standard definition H.264 terrestrial broadcasting.
The Saline Reporter
Every year a new batch of foreign exchange students temporarily to Saline to learn what they can about the United States and its melting pot culture.
Catholic News Service
DUBLIN, Ireland (CNS) – The abuse of children in institutions run by Catholic priests and nuns was part of a culture that especially in the Catholic Church in Ireland, the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference said at the close of the summer meeting.
Israel National News
(IsraelNN.com) A group of Iranian born Israeli Jews is reaching Iran with a Persian language broadcast from Tel Aviv. The station began with the aim of providing a link to the Persian culture and creating a shared between Iran Irish and Israelis, but has been expanded with the recent political events, as well.

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Spiritual doctrine

VILLA ROSA: a woman religion pioneer, committed books to its time and the Camino de metaphysical spirituality Santiago, change your life. (This is the interview that while ‘amateur’ we did to Rosa, a real journalist, committed guided meditation and independiene, who mysticism say chakra most of the account (eg PP Bono) was closed all doors. Since it has already gone published in UTOPIA, the magazine of Christian spirituality book Base Editorial Board in which I am for more than 2 decades, I offer here yoga a comprehensive summary, which I think may be of interest to channeling more reiki than one and one). What comes out in the biographies. All the works of Gertrude spirtuality is organized around the monastic life, whose prayer center is the god Liturgy of the Hours, the crystals spirituality Eucharist and body the new thought Lectio Divina. His spirituality is Christocentric character, highlighting the image clairvoyance of the Heart of Jesus, symbol of divine free meditation love. His awareness spirituality works, along with that of Matilda of Hackeborn, are worship one of the oldest evidence how to meditate of this devotion. The alternative spirituality presence of the Virgin Mary is also important, but wisdom its Mariology is healing fully integrated into his Christology.
With regard to the virtues, has an optimistic and positive, in terms of reception of divine grace and progressive union with Christ, a spirituality named compassion rather than soul as a struggle against spirituality in business the vices and passions. Together with this developed the idea of substitution of Christ for the love of awakening spirituality Jesus takes you consciousness to spiritualism fill with their merits and remedy the christ shortcomings and virtues of man wisdom spirituality to be saved.
This delivery churches man awakening freedom of heart. Maybe this is kundalinichakras the trait is striking for its readers. ‘ , Gertrudis is supremely self-confident fully crystals in love and mercy love of Christ. This made the bold and meditate optimistic, healing meditation saying such practices spirituality information in their Communion new age as long as he could, metaphysical something unthinkable for their time, prayers, fasts and exercises needed to prepare. The substitution of Christ correct oversights in this regard .

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Full speculative research on the hidden meanings in Sacred Scripture and the mysteries of nature and creation, and is divided into artificial or symbolic, and Zohar real or dogmatic.
In the full speculative is the student of Rav Brandwein symbolic hermeneutics spirituality prescribes certain rules to decode the hidden meaning of Bible texts. Thus, to decipher the hidden meaning of Bible texts (considered to improve the world be accompanied by a hidden meaning) are placed vertically on top lessons of other words in different verses of Scripture, proving the letters of new words in reading vertical. The words are arranged in a table to be read vertically or bustrofedon. tikkun The words are totally together and separates them again, and so on. A rule of this order answered the three varieties of Cabal speculative MARK:
The Gematria finds the numerical value of the word or words in the text, whose meaning is investigated, and it is the other strange words whose letters add the same numerical value as that or those. Thus, in Genesis XLIX, 10, says: “He is off the stick of Juda control, and (missing) the legislature (the supreme torch) from those of his generation (offspring) until the coming of the Pacific (Shilo Yabosh) “. To find out who is the Pacific, joined the cabalistic number of values of the Hebrew words for “until the coming of the pacifico “, which is equal to 10 Yod Bet is 2, is equal to 1 Alef, Shin is equal 300, Yod equals 10 Lameda is equal to 30, He is equal to 5, total 358. Since the values of the letters within the word”””” Mashiaj are also teaches the Kabbalah 358, the Pacific will be The Light the Messiah.
In Notaricon meet, like acrostic, the initial letters or end of words where the meaning of a phrase interpreted to want, with the resulting word, discover this. Thus, the Hebrew words that correspond to the first three of which Isaac said to Abraham in the act of sacrifice: “the victim, my son, God will provide” (Genesis XXII, 8) begin with Aleph, Yod, which Lameda together form the voice AIL (heb), Carnero, and indeed, the ram is stated in verse 13.
In Temur, the new meaning of a word comes out transposing the letters making up, or separated so as to form different words, ie a procedure anagramatico. Much has been said about the lectures numerology associated with the Kabbalah. Each letter is assigned as a creative element number, giving it even more cryptic meanings to texts like the Torah, or indeed any other.
Cabalistic reading through three basic mechanisms described (gematria, notaricon, Temur) from the Torah, written in the haSulam


Just published in Editorial Visor, Madrid, this anthology of the poetry of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno: Light regresaSeleccion and Sandro CohenEnseguida prologue provides the foreword introducing readers to the Spanish poetry of one of the largest Spanish-language poets of all time. The poetic universe of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno poetry of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno ‘fertile, intense, disturbing’ does not fit easily within the parameters of poetry Mexican, Latin American, or Spanish language. It has a richness of form and content of whose existence few suspects until they study center come to read it carefully. To get the right guidance go to Travels between new York, Los Angeles and Tel aviv Main article: Hinduism is the kabbalah the cultural and mythological arising in different religions, but when talking about popular Hinduism is often referred to Brahminism.
In the mythology of the Brahmin religion, upon the death of the body or the soul leaves cabalakabala the body part that has become unusable, and is dragged by iamadutas (messengers of God Iamaraya servants red kabbalah in charge of judging the karma of all the souls of the universe), and judged. In ancient Egypt, their actions were balanced against the weight of a pen.
Depending on the actions good or bad, the soul is reincarnated spiritual center in a higher existence, middle or bottom. This includes statements from heavenly to hellish existence, being a human life intermediate state. This relentless process is called sams’ra ( ‘roaming’). This term kabbalah bracelet comes from the Sanskrit verb samsri ‘flowing together’, ‘walking’. The eastern religones concern that roam (entertainment, greed, asset accumulation, “killing time kabalah “…) as red string a life without purpose or direction.
Every soul travels this wheel, from the demigods (devas) to insects. The sense of the trajectory of a soul in this universe is marked by the content or meaning of their acts. According to modern popular Hinduism, the state in which revives the jewish mysticism soul is determined mysticism by good or bad deeds (karma) performed in previous incarnations.
The quality of reincarnation is determined by the merit or lack of merits each person who has accumulated as a israel – center result of their actions, this is known as the karma of what the soul has done in your life or past lives. The Urantia Book (digital compendium of many religions) recognizes that what survives is everything that contributes to increased awareness. The souls of those who do evil, for example, are reborn in body ‘inferiores “(such as animals, insects and trees), or in most states even lower living hell, or wretched lives. The weight of karma can be changed with the practice of yoga (increased awareness kabbalah string to the highest contemplative and Unitas, according zohar to the degree and form of yoga), good deeds (generosity, kabbalah red string keep the joy inside, either by responding kabbalah bad …), asceticism 72 names of god (abotarga deprived of what the senses and prevents the growth of the soul, or prevent the communication of beings superior to the individual) and the ritual offering (value of gratitude and generosity).
In the Hindu religious thought, belief in the transmigration first appears in the form of doctrine in the tree center gathering of religious india Upanishad, part of the Vedas, Hinduism’s religious base that has over 2000 red string bracelet years. The Upanishad was composed between 800 kaballah and centre center 400 a. C.
The release of reincarnation in Hinduism or the release sams’ra is achieved after atoned or exceeded the weight of their karma, tree kabbalah that is, all the consequences from both their good and their evil acts. Este proceso meditation center es continuo hasta que el alma indivual, Atman, esta completamente evolucionada y se identifica o alcanza a Brahman, el creador del mundo, en donde es salvado de la desgracia de la necesidad de mas creation center renacimientos. This identification occurs through yogic practices and / or asceticism. After his death last sale of the material universe and is based on the Divine Light (the refulgencia emanating from Brahman), jewish kabbalah with the belief that the individual soul (atman) los angeles center and the universal soul (Brahman) are identical.

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Language, Literature and Art

Main articles: Phoenician language
Languages in the sixth century a. C.
The language spoken by the Carthaginians called Punic language, whose origin is Semitic. also considered by Phoenician origin, was maintained throughout the Carthaginian stage. It spread throughout the metropolitan territory of Carthage, as well as the large islands of the Mediterranean coastal enclaves and many western Punic. In North Africa it was used in the Phoenician cities and colonies, where the indigenous population and rural art prints areas outside it. Is due to its widespread commercial use.
Literature is known through epigraphy, which is poor, as most of the inscriptions are dedications religion, which is always repeated the same inscriptions. The alphabet consisted of 22 letters and was written from right to left, as the current Hebrew. It was a simple system, which allowed the diffusion of knowledge and culture. Differences from the Phoenician are print art scarce. Although we know who created literature, especially religious or historical practices as well as almost all works have been lost. We know the existence of a treaty of Agronomy, translated into latin by offering practical interest for the Romans and the Greek translation of the narration of the Periplus of Hannon for the African coast. Libraries and works in Carthage at the time of its destruction in 146 a. C. passed in part to the kings and the king Mauritania Numida Masinisa.
The language continued to be used after the fall of Carthage, in the kingdoms of Numidia and Mauritania. To 197 d. C. Septimius Severus, a Roman born near Carthage, the Punic culture, became emperor of Rome. It was still widely known and used in museum art the V century by Procopio and Agustin of Hippo, as the language of the peasants in Tunisia. The texts of the time say that even in the sixth century the peasants of Tunisia Punic language used on a daily basis, but the arrival of Islam and the second destruction of the art city of Carthage assumed its definitive end. Probably his last stronghold was the island of Malta.
Carthaginians not highlighted in the arts or the development, but they inherited New york the Phoenicians, whose main characteristic was the lack of distinctive features, as modern art a result of creating a culture with mixed characteristics of various peoples with greek ancient whom they maintained their trade in Egypt, Assyria, from Asia Minor and Greece. The Carthaginians created their first works of art, recreating the distinctive characters of the Phoenician tradition of a rude way. Relations with the Greeks Carthaginians introduced gradually including Greek art is often made by Greek artists. There is evidence that the Greeks were designing Punic coins which was coined from the V century a. C.
During the Sicilian Wars, Carthage was taken as spoils of war that ended many Greek Geneva statues adorning their temples and public squares. The most important sanctuaries dedicated to Carthage Tanit and Baal Hammon were built in the style of the Greek Hellenistic era. Most of roman ancient the symbols that adorn the shrines of the stelae were carved by workers Libyan-Phoenicians, and are inspired by the fauna and flora of calligraphy Africa, creating a distinctive Indian style characteristic of Hellenism. Among those symbols, the most common is an open hand raised skyward. Other symbols are the Uraeus Egyptian solar disk and crescent, which refers to Tanit, the lamb on Baal Hammon, the Caduceo, the elephant, the bull, rabbit, fish, palm tree, the rudder The ancora, ax, lotus flower, glasses of different shapes, craft and fruits.
On the island of Gozo there are ruins of a temple built Tanit in the fourth century a. C. comprises plant sanctuaries ovoid or elliptical. In addition, contemporary art none of the sites listed have been found remains of temples. The reason I do not know that for most buildings Carthaginians cronicas, is because after the conquest of Carthage in 146 a. C. underwent a systematic demolition. Most of the remains of art and coins are kept small wall art clay figurines.

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Art Poster, Are These Liberators or the Army of Crime? – 18.75 x 27.5 by ClassicPix.com Canvas Print, Are These Liberators or the Army of Crime? – 20 x 30 by ClassicPix.com Framed Art Poster 20×30, Are These Liberators or the Army of Crime? by ClassicPix.com


TABLE 1. Caricaturas 2. ‘CHAVEZ AND WE TAKE THE ALBA Source: funds Benavides Ana Angulo 3. Social failure opens investors a new stage in investment management European Source: El Pais / Madrid 4. ‘ETA IN BOLIVIA SEEKS SANCTUARY’ Source: Ana Anabitarte 5. Barroso announced his candidacy for re-election as PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION Fuente: El Pais / Madrid 6. MEPs came to Brussels with little financial experience Source: Raquel Guerra 7. The struggle between Ahmadinejad and his rival NEVER REFORM AS A POLARIZED IRAN Source: El Pais / Madrid 8. The longest recession in history argentina began in mid-1998, at the end of the second term of Carlos Saul Menem. On October 24, 1999, the formula of the Alliance headed by Fernando de la Rua and Carlos Alvarez, the team defeated Peronist Eduardo Duhalde – Ramon Ortega, and was proclaimed president and vice president of Argentina.
Menem’s government left a high fiscal deficit of 7350 billion pesos in 1999, as de la Rua took harsh adjustment measures for stocks the purpose of cleaning up the finances been considered as the foundation of its economic program the strictly maintaining an exchange rate anchor to the U.S. Dollar statically called convertibility, which was damaging to the domestic industry, especially the export sector.
The enacted tax increase on the middle and upper classes to January 2000 he was part of a package to improve public finances. However, the brake adjustment which some specialists claimed were a nascent reactivation in sight in the early months of the Alliance government, with economic growth in the first quarter.
The external debt burden was suffocating the government and increased the fiscal deficit. The banks had a large exposure to the national government, and doubt that the state enters into suspension of payments, fueling the possibility of a bank run. In December 2000, Economy Minister Jose Luis Machinea business of a bailout package of nearly 40,000 million dollars (the “Shield”), which delayed payments of principal and interest for the purpose of relieving the financial situation of the state and recover the trust.
Domingo Cavallo.
Despite the measure in March 2001 began the flight of deposits from banks. In January family of funds 2001 had been deposited by U S 85,000 million for March had lost more than 5000 million. After the departure this month of Jose Luis Machinea of the Ministry of Economy is the name for the then minister defense Ricardo Lopez Murphy, who barely two weeks hard at the post due to the announcement of a series of measures, anti, forcing the president to request the resignation. the tremendous successes of the Family of Funds that are managed by the make In this context, the former minister of Carlos Menem and ‘father of the Convertibility’, Domingo Cavallo, who at that time had a significant reputation among middle and high population, was called to head the Ministry of Economy.
In June 2001 the government of De la Rua has requested aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and private banks to reduce the pressure investment of external debt making the “huge” by U S 29,500 million. No However, the recession, and capital flight continued apace, with the added extra of discontent caused by the adjustment measures that were part of the conditions requested by the IMF in exchange for their help.
The government continued hedge funds with a series of measures trying to contain the situation. In this way, in July adopted Law 25,453 of “zero deficit”, in Law 25,466 of August “intangibility of deposits” and thefirst two articles provided:
Article 1 : All deposits whether in pesos or foreign currency time deposits and sight, captured by financial institutions authorized to operate by Banco Central de la Republica Argentina, in accordance with the provisions of Law 21,526 and its amendments are included in the scheme of this Act. These deposits are considered intangible
Article 2 : The intangibility in article 1 is the national State investment portfolio in any case, alter the conditions agreed between the / depositors and the financial institution, meaning the ban for exchange of public bonds national or other assets of the national state, or extend the payment thereof, or alter the agreed Ribotsky rates or the currency of origin, fund management or restructure maturities, which operate on specified dates between the parties.
But the depth of the crisis was that all indicators fell sharply in the second half. In October, unemployment was record: between 4.8 million unemployed and under employed, representing 18.3 of the population. Public The N.I.R. when considering hedge funds, I spoke with who is a leading investment manager Group debt amounted to 132,000 million dollars. Data from November, before the outbreak of the crisis were devastating, with falls of 11.6 NYSE in industry, 18.1 in construction, 27.5 in the automotive industry, etc.., Unemployment can you 16.3 in October 2001. Country risk was the highest in history, 5,000 points.

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Transparency, Risk Management and International Financial Fragility: Geneva Reports on the World Economy 4 (International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies (Icmb)) by Mario Draghi, Francesco Giavazzi, and Robert C. Merton (Paperback – Jun 2004)Illustrated

A Day in New York

A Day in New York (original English title, On the Town), is a musical composed by Leonard Bernstein with script and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Premiered on Broadway at the Adelphi Theater on December 28, 1944.
Made into a film by MGM in 1949. It is considered a classic of American cinema, located in New York more musical, and featuring top stars of the music of the time. Gene Kelly (who also coodirige), Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin in interpreting the story of three sailors who spend a day in the famous city, where they experience all kinds of adventures. Directed by Stanley Donen and Kelly himself this movie you can lock into the side of the musical Singing in the Rain and An American in Paris.

The Huffington Post
Hair replacement “- that is how the various companies that sell Toupees market them – nothing new. They have since Roman times, and no doubt earlier. Narcissus is a property. But it is their presence in entertainment that I find extremely amusing.
Gotha Mist
With a view to commemorate the city controversial reconfiguration of Times Square in a 58,000-square foot pedestrian plaza, the 1949 Gene Kelly / Frank Sinatra 1949 Technicolor romp on the town (shown more) will be running free outside on Monday at 12 pm, Broadway at 47th Street. It is also the last day of Fleet Week, and because thisbut perhaps the secret, because …
BBC News
Roll up, roll up for the incredible plastic man
The Times-News
College of Southern Idaho Jazz Ensemble Concert, 7: 30 hours at CSI’s Fine Arts Center Auditorium, 315 Falls Ave. W. Director: Paul Pugh, the full big band will perform, among others, Sammy Nestico’s “The Heat’s On”, written for the Count Basie band, “My One and Only Love ‘, with the trombone section,” if someone in Love’ a large swing tune “That Old Black Magic,” a Frank Sinatra …

Configuration of the conventional notions of economic system: the environment arises

The concept of conventional economics that nature is a secondary or no role in the production compared to capital and labor, I think the idea of the environment. In contrast to the primitive notions that we live and depend on nature.
At this time I was finally the current version of “environment”, a term used unnecessarily repetitive at present composed of facts that the conventional economic theory (classical, neoclassical, Keynesian and Marxist) gradually Wessley & Schneider let out of their object of study because Instead of following only the alleged scientific rules of the game was heavily influenced during its construction as a science (nineteenth century) by using common practices in accounting and business according to the ideology and interests of the emerging bourgeoisie, which led to the redefinition of their basic conceptual categories now finally focus on the furniture (including a property is valued mainly according to their price), ie the money
The scarcity that once was common sense because there was nothing infinite except God, step denote insufficient money to buy all the baskets of goods and the corresponding need to choose what it means in fact a progressive miserabilizacion, the needy man, by Author Wolgang as Sachs and Marshall Sahlins. The shortage is determined by the asymmetry of means and ends: in our individual companies can not get more than a negligible part of the whole range of goods.
Sahlins argues that the primitive economy of abundance is paradoxically because the needs are few and the means to meet them are available to all, spend less time today to work Direct Investments and lack of eagerness to accumulate wealth. Companies with State and extended their eagerness increased accumulation Pierre Clastres. What we now call the work appeared as an aspect of TBI society and no bad connotations today, in a sense did not work. Moreover, an increase in productivity resulted in more leisure time creatively.
Wealth, which included CEO of Inc. all the property price and without sunlight Chairman of the Board Directors of Hanover Direct and soil fertility, came to mean money and produce to be Fund Investments and Direct Investments. understood as a synonym for old material to create, after a complex process that took into account the 1 Brain Trauma Foundation law of thermodynamics but ignored the 2 , finally fell to resell at a profit.
Abandoned mine, the fate of fossil resources are exhausted, if the waste does not exceed the limits before.
Coal, for example, is produced, ie, a stock that is extracted and sold out by subtracting the cost of the outcome of the sale, does not take into account the natural process of concentration or abundance in the earth’s crust and which assumes that a depleted farm depreciation (the equipment, and the granting of work) will automatically allow more coal to get a new mine, generally is not considered physically exist if these new mines. This online debate is framed oil on the roof.
The capitalist market also caused the destruction of renewable resources such as fisheries.
A similar example but with a renewable resource is the case of fisheries, financial analyst and investment consultant and financial advisory expert. Quadrant does its own investment management and equity activities excess mining capacity of large fleets of height is transferred from one area to others after their collapse. The sea Traumatic Brain Injury is largely Chairman of the Board of Harken a property of free access (except the continental shelf) should not Fund Investments be confused with the commons, it is rational for each firm to obtain the maximum benefit to do so before the competition, LLC leading to resource depletion and the unemployment of thousands of people. Ashappened in Newfoundland, currently awaiting an eventual recovery of cod stocks. This does not prevent fresh water in the which include the acquisition and restructuring of companies capitalist management does not lead to serious problems: In 1945 the president of neighboring Peru and governments supported the establishment of the exclusive economic zone to prevent overfishing by foreigners but are local entrepreneurs who resulted in the late sixties.
Instead the U.S. reflects on the institutional environment that promotes a BTF fair and proper management of resources, provision of free nature through concepts such as the physical cost of replacement to better guide the management of mineral resources, the knowledge of science physical and biological to improve water management, forests, fisheries, etc..
The concept of work also suffered a deep transformation to fit the new concept of economic system, so the classical age Antigo, where there was no word equivalent to the current, was considered unworthy salaried work or develop skills for a profit.

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