The impact of broadcasting

Given Jack (2003) said: ‘The broadcasting or broadcasting is not just a technology, or a group of them, but a group of social, cultural, commercial, institutional and industrial. Therefore we must highlight the different and important ways in which the diffusion or emission has enabled us to improve our communication in the media.
First, the broadcasting has led to a compression of time and space, allowing information and culture to reach a large audience. The new broadcast technologies such as satellites and cables, made the transmission of information more flexible, making it possible to travel faster and greater distances. The speed of communication, therefore, it becomes instant, making the data acquisition routine and somewhat common, given that speed. As a result, the pace of life becomes faster than before. The information and communication, not limited by time or distance, making the world smaller.
Broadcasting TV and radio also became an economic resource, for example, by selling advertising, fees and taxes, and charges for subscriptions to cable or satellite transmission. Causes the difference between public and private domain decrease. The messages the media became public, open and accessible to everyone. For example, we receive news in private places such as our home, office or classroom.
The broadcasting also causes the possibility of simultaneous live broadcasts and bringing big events like the Olympics, concerts, and finally, events of great historical importance. The most recent and updated information may be available now or lived around the world.
Finally, radio is the main cause of global media. Our sense of the world increasingly shaped by the media rather than personal experiences. For example, today we get information from other cities, its people, culture and environment, programs and documentary film productions. The increasing availability of media has enabled our knowledge has expanded, because we are limited by the need to be present at the place where we want to know what happens.

Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance
SINGAPORE —- Harmonic Inc. today announced that the Foundation has selected Harmonic broadcasting MPEG-4 AVC digital video technologies for the deployment of Taiwan the first high definition and standard definition H.264 terrestrial broadcasting.
The Saline Reporter
Every year a new batch of foreign exchange students temporarily to Saline to learn what they can about the United States and its melting pot culture.
Catholic News Service
DUBLIN, Ireland (CNS) – The abuse of children in institutions run by Catholic priests and nuns was part of a culture that especially in the Catholic Church in Ireland, the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference said at the close of the summer meeting.
Israel National News
( A group of Iranian born Israeli Jews is reaching Iran with a Persian language broadcast from Tel Aviv. The station began with the aim of providing a link to the Persian culture and creating a shared between Iran Irish and Israelis, but has been expanded with the recent political events, as well.

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