Modern State

A comparison will be made in this article enters the prticasmercantilistas as for the international trade and International the doComrcio Theory, looking for to assimdemonstrar the imperfections that characterize aforma of mercantilista thought. 2.IDIAS MERCANTILISTAS During centuries XV and XVII the Europe passed for one sriede transformations politics, intellectual, religious and geographic. In what serefere to the transformation politics, century XVI saw to appear the Modern State quecoordena all the differences active forces of the nation. Already the transformaointelectual, in such a way mentions Renaissance to it in the scope of the art, literature ecincia. In the religious scene, I attended the Protestant Reformation to it. Astransformaes geographic, in turn, is marked by the maritime expansion, giving origin to a great precious metal flow. It is in this scene that is born the mercantilism: set of idiase practical economic that lasted during three centuries in all Europe.

The idiametalista one was one of them. For the mercantilistas, the gold ea silver, was the maisperfeito instrument of acquisition of the wealth. Or in other words, the gold eaprata is for the nation, the forms eminent of the wealth. This manifestation mercantilista dopensamento coincides with the discovery and the exploration of the mines deouro in America, having its birth in Spain. To accumulate the deouro maximum and silver, Spain takes a series of interventionist measures, to paraimpedir that the precious metal skirt of the country. The mercantilistas compreenderamtambm the importance of the exchanges between nations: the international trade. It occasions anoo of ‘ ‘ scale of comrcio’ ‘ that it goes thus, to the few to substitute ade ‘ ‘ scale of controle’ ‘. gest-and-michael-bruno-chairman-of-1st-dibbs/’>Phoenix Ancient Art. The mercantilista conception if widens: one admits it entered and exit of the gold, contanto that at the same time he is tomadauma series of indispensable measures, tending to assure to the country uma’ ‘ commerce scale credora’ ‘.