Magic DVD Copier For Mac 1.2 Is Released

Magic DVD software releases Magic DVD Copier for Mac 1.2, Magic DVD Copier for Mac 1.2 released to facilitate DVD backup Magic DVD software, to facilitate DVD backup Magic DVD software Magic DVD Copier for Mac 1.2 released. This program want the DVD backup of Mac users to facilitate by allow you to copy all DVDs on Mac hard disk or burn DVD on a DVD blank or erasable DVD disc without difficulty. The features of this new program include especially: 1 copy and backup DVD on Mac hard drive, cloning or burn DVD on all empty/volatile DVD(DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL). 2.Entfernen all restriction of protected DVD (CSS, region, RCE, Sony ARccOS, PuppetLock). 3. supports auto-update feature. 4.

two modes: “full disc”, to copy the whole disc in 1:1 mode, “Main movie” to copy the length of most films without unwanted audio and subtitle. 5. support merging into a single VOB file for output. 6.kann automatically delete already posted DVD(Wenn es ist loschbare). 7 reader error ignore and skip to copy other functions details can be found under: what differences are there between DVD Copier for Mac and DVD Ripper for Mac? Magic DVD software has released Magic DVD Ripper are, however, DVD Copier differs from DVD Ripper for Mac in the following two locations: Magic DVD Copier for Mac helps you directly burn to blank or erasable DVD disc, while Magic DVD Ripper need a burning software.

Magic DVD Copier for Mac can change not the formats when copying DVDs, but Magic DVD Ripper for Mac can convert DVD into various video formats. Get and buy Mac users can download free Magic DVD Copier for Mac by (the blue “Download” button on the upper right corner) and can you try the whole functions for 5 times. $39.99 is for purchase, the price of a one-year license for personal. But is there a lifetime upgrades license with a 44% Discount on the site, and you can also you will find yourself a special offer in about Magic DVD software is a leading DVD solution belongs to online-shop of Magic DVD software. Magic DVD software program offers almost toe-year professional experience on DVD win & Mac OS users with outstanding DVD backup solution such as magic DVD Ripper Magic DVD Copier, Magic DVD Ripper for Mac, Magic DVD Copier for Mac.

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