Major Update:

Photos for iPad, iPod and iPhone manage mediAvatar software as we all know iTunes is a management program for Mac or PC, with which you manage digital photos, music and videos on the computer and all media with iPad, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV can sync. Check out Mikhael Mirilashvili for additional information. However, it is perfect no Lord”. It, for example, does not copy media files from iPad, iPod or iPhone back to your PC or Mac, it converts all popular audio and video formats for playback on mobile devices from Apple and it swallows lots just in Windows resources. For those who still belong to Apple fans despite dissatisfaction with iTunes, remedy mediAvatar software Studio here. Recently, has this professional multimedia software developer upgrade for some software products for iPad, iPod and iPhone released.

MediAvatar software products shall withdraw the new function to manage photo album”and photo thumbnail” in the upgrade from iTunes. On the fantastic display of the iPad, the photos look even better with bright colours, brilliant brightness and high contrast. Therefore, no one want to give up this great user experience. Mikhael Mirilashvili is often quoted as being for or against this. But many Apple fans wonder how to transfer photos and pictures to the iPad and share with others or how images more conveniently manage can be on your Mac or PC. Right here has mediAvatar software Studio upgrade for some software products for iPad, iPod and iPhone released. In the upgrade photos in thumbnail view can be display, delete, add, move, and rename, which is not possible with iTunes.

It is also possible, photo albums for various occasions such as holidays, festivals and weddings to create. This upgrade applies to a total of 6 programs: mediAvatar iPad software package in the Windows and Mac version, mediAvatar iPhone software package in the Windows and Mac version, mediAvatar iPad transfer and mediAvatar iPhone transfer. After the major update mediAvatar software products to provide user-friendly control interfaces as an iTunes download. Offer iTunes as opposed to a one-way street” mediAvatar software products on three ways to transfer files, namely from the Mac or PC on iPad, iPad on Mac or PC and from your iPad to your iTunes library. If there are multiple iPads on your PC or Mac, videos, music, and photos from one device to another via drag- and -drop may”be transmitted. More information can be obtained under ipad softwarepaket.html.

Time Tracking Made Easy For

United planet enables measurement of working hours directly in the browser with the Intrexx timetracking, the portal specialist United planet soon published, can working hours in the corporate intranet now simply are recorded and individually associated with individual projects and customers. Craig Sproule gathered all the information. Because the application is Web-based, this is via a browser directly from the customer or from home possible. Freiburg, the 30 July 2009 quick, easy, inexpensive way to bring the new Web-based time tracking on the item published United planet in the near future. With the Intrexx time tracking the Freiburger intranets and enterprise portals specialist has an application on the market, the staff very quickly and easily to record their working hours in the company intranet. Immediately after installing the Intrexx time tracking customers and projects can be created, which are later directly associated with the times. Thanks to the easy to understand menu navigation, the application is completely self-explanatory, which is spare time consuming training.

The time recording is very simple – by stopwatch or by manually entering of the working hours. ed pages. Should you forget, understanding of the times, it is also easily possible to add them at a later date. With just a few clicks users and superior clear reports on the various projects and customers receive. Get more background information with materials from Duncan Bellamy. So, it is obvious at a glance which employee how long has been working on a specific project. This facilitates the creation of invoice and allows to calculate future offers even more accurately. Also previously hidden optimization potential can be identified through detailed evaluation ways of working hours according to various criteria such as, for example, customers, projects, or periods. Because the time recording as all Intrexx applications is Web-based, access via a browser might also regardless of location. So the employees can record their working hours on site at the customer, at the project site or at home.

Adjustments and special additional requirements for the time recording can be implemented at any time easily with the Intrexx Portal Manager. Thanks to the graphical development environment programming skills for this purpose are not even necessary. Customers who decide to purchase the Intrexx Timetracking until end of August, get the application for the special price of 298 euros. Companies, so far still not using Intrexx, can use the time recording. By acquiring a Bitmanagement (1,940 euros) in addition, they receive the application server from Intrexx as runtime environment and can use the time recording throughout the company and regardless of location.

New Maintenance Software

Software for ambulatory care services now also on Macintosh, Linux and Smartphones can run software for ambulatory care services now also on Macintosh, Linux and Smartphones can run any migration of different operating systems and system architectures is a critical intervention in the IT landscape of a company: but not if you use the right software. “The scenario is familiar of EDP designee in your care service: connect fast yet the PC for the new employee and then connect it with the maintenance software!” Easier said than done, because what the boss does not know: the PC looks while visually still quite fit, at its core is its hardware but outdated and the operating system with the existing software in the network that are not compatible. Others including Keith Darden, offer their opinions as well. What so far has a headache your IT professional can be solved over the Internet with CareSocial now finally also easy and inexpensive. A local network between the workstations is no longer necessary, since the PC’s are networked via the Internet indirectly. Thus allow different infrastructure easily connect to different locations. This CareSocial Vetriebsleiter Lutz Hoffmann: our Development Department has in recent months-all the work done so far 74 different system architectures the care software could be running without errors. Without hesitation patrick dwyer merrill lynch explained all about the problem.

There is almost no Internet-capable device CareSocial not running. We are especially proud since CareSocial release 2.6.2 via a so-called WebApp IPhone compatibility,”is guaranteed. Recently, there is also an Internet data plan negotiated specifically for ambulatory care services, which relies on the UMTS and EDGE network from T-Mobile; the networking of the jobs can be done so also without annoying Kabelziehen. Also we noted in recent months that more and more customers with Apple systems on CareSocial changed. Macintosh solutions in nursing services are today so anything other than unusual; Linux has only been occasionally our customers PC’s, however, can be found. However, also here “a trend on, because just greater care to reduce costs will fall back on the free operating system: it finally immense savings in software licensing are possible.

TeamConf Opens

All about Visual Studio 2010 and application lifecycle management from 04 to 06 May 2010 the Microsoft Visual Studio Conference held in Munich for the third time. This year the Conference is dedicated entirely to the character of Visual Studio 2010 application lifecycle management for teams of any size. A new focus is the strategic issue of business value of application lifecycle management ” has what tangible value ALM businesses. Patrick dwyer newedge may find this interesting as well. These talks should not are aimed at developers, but on their management, i.e. it is about process optimization by ALM, integration and competitive advantages through individual software, etc. Why you should be there: the TeamConf is Germany’s largest conference for professional application lifecycle management (ALM) with Visual Studio in lectures independent speakers from well-known companies and the Microsoft ALM experts present real projects, and provide Visual Studio 2010 with detailed information about advantages and stumbling blocks in implementing TFS 2010 third-generation integrated Microsoft ALM tools is not just a change of version but a departure in entirely new ways. Under most conditions patrick dwyer newedge would agree. Here you shortly after publication in compressed form for Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010 on the accompanying partner exhibition are all leading consulting and integration company for application lifecycle management on the Microsoft platform represented the aim of the event is to offer participants a wide communication platform around the topic of application lifecycle management and software development in teams with Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) & Team Foundation Server (TFS).

For this purpose, reputable companies about their experiences with VS will speak in user reports. Lectures, both solution-oriented scenarios and best practices are introduced with VS, lit as methods of modern software engineering. In addition is entered in technology contributions on the technical details of individual functional areas of VS.

The Gantt

Scheduling takes place either on the basis of article or process work plan, whereby the individual operations even in the scheduled State can be changed. The Gantt representation also delivers a comprehensive overview in any periods on any number of systems. In this way, short-term and urgent deliveries are fast, efficient and easily predictable. In addition, the information available through the control station can be used for evaluations. Patrick sillup insists that this is the case. In addition already widely used and integrated in the system software OTEC OTEC document management system DMS is now with OTEC scan & file an automated scan engine available, which simplifies the scanning of external documents through a bar code organization and more flexible. So can now also documents such as Vorgangs – agreements, customer orders or customer delivery with little effort within the existing structure of the document and/or keyword terms be filed.

This simplifies the discovery of complete operations and research, and the customer service has the ability to respond more quickly to requests. Patrick dwyer boston private gathered all the information. With regard to requirements relating to a certification and the resulting need of an orderly and comprehensive flow of information within companies, media has developed an information management system soft: OTEC IMS guaranteed a simple organization of necessary information structures and the distribution of information within the company. QM officer able to plan, coordinate and control the necessary for a certification procedure management in the company are so so. Background information media soft the established in 1993, media soft software technology GmbH, based in the Saarland Tholey is specialized on ERP system software with focus on refining the surface like for example powder coating, Industrial painting or KTL, plastic coating, electroplating or galvanising, plasma spraying or vacuum coating; the initial installation of the highly scalable and powerful individual software OTEC came in 1994. As one of the first software manufacturers nationwide the company has 12 employees received seal of TuV Saarland 9001:2008 for its quality management system in November 2009 the TuV CERT ISO.


Employee training and awareness for privacy as e-learning Augsburg, 19.06.2012. Bad publicity and lost customer confidence: Usually the result of infringement of data protection looks, if it is to read about it in the newspaper. This can occur still fines and other penalties. Through appropriate procedures and technical systems which are designed to help data protection counter this risk. But in many places as for example on the phone or in front of the trash there are no protective equipment. Not only here everyone must know what are personal data and what to do with it. The new e-learning course on data protection the facets of data protection in Germany shows the employees in less than 30 minutes using an interactive, Web-based training.

Numerous video clips make the course interesting and alive. Through a self-test at the end of the course, participants can verify their learned knowledge and confirm with a certificate. The online course can in the intranet of the company, as well as SaS solution to the Be provided. Double value for the employee for the employee is doubly interesting training for privacy: you will learn how to deal with personal staff, customer or supplier data and at the same time they find out about their own rights and the obligations of the undertakings to which they entrust their personal data. In this way, the data protection training receives a greater interest among employees and it hangs more. Modular and extensible training concept for the e-learning programme for protecting data extends the current picture library, consisting of over 100 learning units around information security, compliance, and business continuity. Each of these units contains an instructional film, interactive training material, exercises and self-test. Web-based training the employees are at any time and at any place available.

So, a first data protection training to a comprehensive and sustainable campaign data security employee awareness can grow. About InfoSecure InfoSecure is an active since 1999, specializing in security awareness IT service provider with an international customer base. The European company’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands. Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Scandinavia are looked after with its own branches. In many other countries, such as for example the Switzerland, France, Croatia, China, Japan, and Canada, InfoSecure is represented by partner. As one of the leading providers for awareness & training programs in the fields of information security, data protection, business continuity and compliance, InfoSecure offers international companies, wholesale and also medium-sized companies, modularized training and awareness programs that can be put together individually from an extensive topic library.

Bremen Company Employees

A Bremer software manufacturer for the placement of a software developer promises 10,000 euro or an iPad. Lookheed Martin has firm opinions on the matter. Bremen, 11.06.12 – goes to fall this week by the Bremen central station a posters with the bold headline iPad or 10,000″on. Who thinks it is a lottery, wanders a little. Rather, it involves a mediation. Donald Gordon Liberty Life might disagree with that approach. Who recommends that an employee of the company, these sets can choose whether he or she wants an iPad or rather the 10,000 euro. Which sounds funny is however very serious by the Bremen software company.

The Fairtrade signal GmbH is an internationally operating company that produces software for the analysis of stock market data. Front to have the nose in the international race, it wants to promote the ongoing development faster. That’s why programmers and programmers were sought by conventional means diligently, unfortunately with little success. Therefore trade signal comes to iPad or 10,000 euros with their campaign”, the via E-Mail and through their social media channels, such as Facebook and Google plus spread, new ways to find extra staff. Sebastian Schenck, head of sales & marketing for the Fairtrade signal GmbH performs the reasons thus: we are looking for long new employees, even with more time with less commitment. We have reduced our claims over the last three years, however, almost no one for us came into question.” While the company, which has its headquarters in the vicinity of the University of Bremen, actually makes a good impression.

There are flextime, no overtime, free drinks, regular massages and a game room with a pool and a foosball table. “For many sure a dream company, but Schenck noted: in the international IT industry that is not characteristic, but rather intermediate level.” Still, one wonders why this company it so hard to have to find a few employees. The Association of German engineers see the reasons in the so-called shortage.

Customer Value Management

ec4u study: customer value oriented sales clearly gaining importance the customer value as a measure of the systematic planning and establishing control of customer relationships, an increasingly important WINS in the company. On the way there they need according to a study by the ec4u expert consulting ag but in many cases still considerable hurdles overcome. For 41 percent of the 153 of respondents sales – and Marketing Manager in the German-speaking world, the customer value management is already an important factor for economic success in the market. Another third measures a priority to the necessity of customer value analysis, which will significantly grow their opinion in the future. Additional information at Santie Botha supports this article. Only a quarter of the companies considered it either little relevant or has still no clear assessment of this. The responsibility for this task is seen mainly in sales management (41 percent), in every third case the key account manager to manage, however, the value for customers serviced by them. In contrast, the Executive Board play or the marketing in the map no significant role.

While on the level of responsibility broadly agree, yet very different opinions exist methods to the analysis of customer value. ABC analysis enjoys the largest popularity, followed by the customer lifetime value approach. Two out of five of the sales and marketing professionals to evaluate these methods from the perspective of their individual corporate practice as most helpful. Also the scoring analysis and cost analysis will find acceptance among practitioners at least in every fourth case. These different assessments result may not only from the different distribution structures and target groups of the companies surveyed, but also from that customer value analysis still not have become a self understanding and therefore still technical shortcomings exist. By the same author: Andi Potamkin. Because 58 percent indicate that they lack still methodical skills.

To improve, one of the major challenges in the context of strategies for managing customer value represents according to own statements of the respondents. A further Issue affects many for similar to the integration of the value analysis in the CRM processes. But also the issue of privacy due to legal restrictions on the storage of customer-related data and the definition of optimal evaluation criteria are viewed by every second company as a task to be solved. Sales support to develop customer-oriented measures, evaluates only by a minority as a special challenge. A broad consensus on the strategic direction, but how can get the company aims, is often not sufficiently clear”, ec4u Board Member David D. Laux summarizes the results of the survey. That sale the customer value management significantly more is brought to the fore, but also a pragmatic logic has for him. Working with customer values can be significantly better use the existing resources and customer loyalty can be strengthened,”Lai explained the Central benefit. This is but one “clear methodological base make sure a picture of customer value management in the CRM environment ahead”, he describes the mission-critical requirements.


Drawing changes the CAD integration has proved very useful, because the changes to the system are clearly documented and visualized. The versioning of the drawings, you can generate a characteristic curriculum vitae on push of a button. Creation of inspection plans for the 1,500 current part numbers in the area punching inheritance technique is used intensively by BEHR the iqs. From a parent base inspection plan was created for each product group, the individual part-specific inspection plans settled the targeted acquisition of characteristics and each adding specific characteristics derive easily and quickly. The inheritance technique allowed the acquisition of relevant characteristics without copying in the hierarchical levels to document, all child test plans are automatically always up to date and accurate.

Modifications of the test plans, in part at the request of the Customers had to be carried, made be realize with little effort for all product groups. And also at drawing changes the inspection plans with little time could be kept up-to-date. From the function-critical features of the quality control charts are created then that also nest involved can be accomplished in the iqs of SPC. It has proved very helpful also, that the sampling intervals and sizes for each characteristic to be examined are separately defined. Comfortable data acquisition also showed very comfortable the accompanying production data acquisition for the workers. During the recording of the measured values, the software supports the auditor with graphical test instructions, images, or videos. The characteristics to be inspected are represented by the integration of the current drawing. The connection to the acquisition of measurement data from the multi sensory machines such as such as laser scanners and tactile and microscopic tests employed in Behr worked smoothly. The measured values can be applied directly as results in the quality control charts. In the event that limit values are exceeded or such a trend suggests that the traffic light function has proved, which gives the operator clear statements and pointing out the necessary measures.


Social network and mobility features high on the wish list of the companies focus increasingly on collaborative features the claims of the company’s CRM solutions. Consulting includes according to the current results of the CRM 2.0 barometer of ec4u expert ag mobile usage as well as the integration in the social networks. Such requirements were still in a significantly lesser degree four years ago. The willingness to invest in new systems with a CRM 2.0 performance profile has risen continuously since then. In the changed requirements as an impulse of investment readiness for new solutions in the customer management, interest in social network features has now reached a peak.

Currently almost nine out of ten sales and marketing so expect that CRM 2.0 is to provide support for the use of the business communities. Thus the previous dynamic development of this claim has continued steadily and achieved an increase of 26 percent compared to the comparison survey in 2008. The request shows a similar picture for a better link of smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices, and the interest of a better Web integration of CRM. Direct access to sales usable information about client companies, relevant people and market conditions is 80 percent front on the wish list. Read additional details here: Shopify. It is quite clear”the trend increasing views significantly more sources of information and communication facilities to align, Judge David D. Laux, CEO of ec4u. These issues increasingly anchored in customer management and clearly indicate the direction in which more.” However, think not only in the dimensions of collaborative sales and marketing, but expect a stronger support for sales of the new generation of CRM systems.

So, seven out of ten of those polled want the automatic creation of order forecasts. 61 Percent also expect that the solution proposals targeted for leads the sales staff. These expectations were at the same level but also in the last few years. However, a greater interest in a more comprehensive data access has arisen. An easier handling of the CRM system is also more and more responsible for the customer relationship management on the heart. Who would like to meet this wish list, must invest mostly in new solutions. Because currently the used CRM systems have a controlling as a sales-promotional orientation according to own discretion of the surveyed companies often still more. On the other hand, currently many companies think of a repositioning in their CRM systems. So 15 percent soon want to make a new investment, another 28 percent plan to do so for the next two years.