Jump to ComentariosVirgilio Martinez Enamorado to the monumentality of the architecture Nazario, the Alhambra in front, has overshadowed its more modest manifestations, being these, even the smallest part of all that monumental. One of those parts of the whole place is the slogan of the Nazaries””””””’ (wa-la illa Allah Galib) ‘no victor but God “or the recent proposal to “God alone is sovereign” (1), divided into two forms, cufico and cursive, for all of your great monument Nazari (2). Map of the territory under the British Mandate of Palestine before the creation of the kingdom of Transjordan.
In 1914 the Ottoman Empire decided to enter the First World War and the British government began to see the Zionist movement as a potential ally in a war that seemed wrong to develop allies. By 1917, David Lloyd George and Arthur Balfour, prime minister and foreign secretary, respectively, seeking partnerships that could improve the course of the war. It was then I believe that Jews could be doubly useful, helping to hold the eastern front and stimulating the U.S. war effort. That was how was the November 2, 1917 the Balfour Declaration, by which the United Kingdom were in favor of the Zionist plan of creating a Jewish national home in Palestine. The victory over the Ottomans would leave the British government over control of Palestine in the next thirty years, as a term of the newly created League of Nations
During the 20 years the number of Jews in Palestine increased significantly: in 1922 there were 83,790 of a total population of 752,048, 156,481 in 1929 had a total population of 992,559, doubling its population in seven years. Jewish immigration was channeled through the World Zionist Organization, whose main figure was Chaim Weizmann, and linked with the Jewish Agency for Palestine, which served as a government for the Jews of Palestine by buying land and building schools and hospitals. The main figure of the organization by the mid-thirties was David Ben Gurion. The Philosophy of Ben Gurion and his colleagues was to build Zion, a Jewish nation forged. The Arabs did not have institutions like where Jews were developing because of the feudalism that still exist and that enabled the most powerful clans dominate the majority of the population, highlighting the continuing clashes between the Husseinis and Nashashibis .
Palestine was relatively quiet between 1922 and 1928, when the violence in Palestine in the form of clashes between Arabs and Jews and between the Arabs in West Jerusalem Barrier. In August 1929 the clashes ended with the massacre in Hebron, Safed and other Jewish communities in Palestine 1929. The result of these incidents was the killing of 133 Jews and 116 Arabs, and a reinterpretation of declining Balfour Declaration and the Zionist aspirations: two British Commission, under the command of Walter Shaw and John Hope-Simpson, tried to redefine the British policy in Palestine, identifying fear of Arab immigration and the purchase of land by Jewish as the main cause of the difficulties between the two communities. The recommendation of Hope-Simpson that the characteristics of the territory only admit 20,000 more Jewish immigrants led to the rejection of the Zionists. However, in February 1931, British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald wrote to Weizmann that your government did not intend to prohibit Jewish immigration, mainly because the situation in Palestine seemed to have calmed down again. However, this relative calm did not last long: the European political exchange full Arab-Israeli conflict. On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in March and had already secured his dictatorship.


Maria Pinto, fertile commune located 53 kilometers from Santiago, it is accessible by Route 68 and Melipilla. It has about 84 of rural population and a population of about 11,000 inhabitants. With an area of 393.5 km it is still possible to feel the smell of our countryside accompanied by a unique landscape. “Maria Pinto, beauty and tradition” becomes a relic of the Chilean countryside of the metropolitan area, which rises in the valley of the Estero Puangue. In the past 12 years the community has made considerable progress in terms of infrastructure, basic services and housing. Multi-oriented advances sustainable development have become one of the communes with better environmental management in the country. Environmentally treatment plant has a solid household waste, where it generates compost and has been visited by numerous delegations from the most diverse corners of our country, the concern for the environment has gone further, installing modules for heating solar water in some establishments, and a strong environmental education. Maria Pinto, although no tourist infrastructure has increased, is projected as one of the communes with greater development of tourism in the region, with its micro-entrepreneurs, artisans and producers, with their nature, environmental concern and its most precious treasure that is its people. Among the activities are typical of the year the anniversary of the parish in the month of May, the anniversary of country, and in the month of February the traditional Eurovision Song Maria Pinto.

Career He

Career He joined the San Juan de Dios Hospital as a medical intern in 1926 and late 1927 he was appointed as a medical assistant to Dr. Moreno Canas in the Department of Surgery and Orthopedics. On August 25, 1936 he was appointed as Head of the Clinic for General Surgery Department, ‘Dr. Carlos Duran. As assistant to Dr. Moreno Canas, participated in the surgery that was performed at Cortes Carvajal Beltran in the arm in order to repair a previous injury. The operations were not successful as expected and the patient Moreno blamed him and rods have been used as “guinea pigs” in an experiment.

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Did you know … KB Market research is the design, collection, analysis and systematic communication of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. Aboutaam Virtually all marketing decisions should be accompanied by studies and collection of information, if a company wants to launch a new product will require a market research, if you want to know the public response to an advertisement also need.


TOYOTA low moves EARTH CHARTER parameters, whose priority is caring for the planet. Also recycled cars to reduce the impact on the environment, either by building new cars or used as energy within the company. TOYOTA member companies must follow the guidelines of its parent expressed since 1998, is for this reason that abide highly critical points below show some of them. -Ensure compliance municipal, provincial, national and any compromise that subscribes related environmental issues, as well as the requirements of Toyota Argentina SA in this matter. -To prevent environmental pollution by acting primarily on those areas of the company that are related to contaminants. -Commit to the extent possible, to recycle, reuse or reduce waste from the work done at the dealership. -Prepare and encourage through training to all members of the concessionaire to make them aware of those damages caused by not caring for our environment -Provide and coordinate financial and human resources needed to meet environmental objectives and targets. -Sustaining our commitment to continuous improvement in every aspect addressed in this environmental policy, and in each project to be conducted by AMIUN SA, TOYOTA official dealer. -Develop and maintain an environmental management system under ISO 14001. His approach is not just environmental but also social. Since in its annual report, which highlights the activities undertaken, in addition to sections on environmental management, design and development, purchasing, production and logistics, and sales – after sales space devoted to social aspects. TOYOTA Cars stipulations meet and exceed the limits stipulated in harmful particles in states like California ULEV.Besides creating low-emission cars like the Prius hybrid, which uses an electric motor and gasoline, reducing oil use by 50 . Ideally, companies that provide support in a remarkable way to conserve our environment.

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Perhaps the Parisian architectural heritage has only comparison with that of Rome, contributing to that since 1991 the banks of the Seine in Paris are considered by UNESCO as World Heritage. The Paris ‘Modern’ is the result of a vast urban renewal plan emerged in the mid-nineteenth century. For centuries it had been a labyrinth of narrow streets and wooden houses of middle class, but from 1852, Baron Haussmann did a great urban plan largely demolished to form broad avenues lined with neoclassical buildings of stone for the new bourgeoisie, most of this ‘new’ Paris is the one we see today. The plans of the Second Empire, in many cases are still in force, as the city of Paris imposed since the so-called “alignement” (law that defines the position of the building leaving a given street width) on many of the new construction.The height of a building also determined by the width of the street, and the Paris building code has seen few changes since the mid-nineteenth century to allow higher buildings. The effort to preserve Paris’s historical past and current laws make it difficult to create within city limits large public buildings and facilities necessary for a growing population. Many institutions and economic infrastructure are already in the periphery or in the process of doing so. Financial firms (La D fense) business district, the main food wholesale market (Rungis), major renowned schools ( cole Polytechnique, ENSAM, HEC, ESSEC, INSEAD, etc..) Laboratories world-renowned research (in Saclay or Avenue), the largest sports stadium (Stade de France), and even some ministries (such as transportation) are outside the city of Paris.The National Archives of France are being moved to the northern suburbs, a process to be completed by the end of 2010. However, severe limits unchanged, strict building codes and lack of developable land in Paris have not created the phenomenon called “museificaci n” who know other European cities. Three of the most popular and oldest parks in Paris are : the Tuileries Garden, created in the sixteenth century to the palace of the same name (now defunct), located on the right bank, near the Louvre, the Luxembourg Garden and Jardin des Plantes was created by Guy de la Brosse, physician to Louis XIII. Most other parks in Paris are creations of the Second Empire: The parks of Montsouris, Buttes-Chaumont and Parc Monceau is the work of Jean-Charles Alphand, an engineer with Napoleon III. Another project in this period was the Bois de Boulogne, west of Paris.The Bois de Vincennes, to its east side, received similar treatment during the following years. These forests provide to the city 2,000 hectares of nature, in addition to other newly created spaces like the Parc de la Villette, Parc de Bercy, theme parks and attractions such as Disneyland Resort Paris and Parc Asterix.


Audit Management becomes today a vital element for management, allowing managers to know how well resolved the economic, social and environmental problems that occur at this level generated in the a healthy dynamic company that successfully lead to the goals. This audit is closely related to the structural and functional characteristics of the object of study, so that its implementation requires a guide to suit prevailing conditions and, without limiting the auditor’s independence and creativity, enables him to achieve a systematic and order that makes you the best results in the shortest possible time. Inside the Cuban Economy, agriculture and tourism have to play a crucial role and hence they are required to accomplish their goals with a rational use of resources.It is the aim of this work to identify barriers faced by the management audit and design in terms of guidance in these priority sectors. For its better development in designing a website very easy access. All the above leads to present in this paper a summary of investigations carried out and that shows the opinion of the author, after lengthy investigation of the barriers now facing the management audit has been mainly distinguished accommodations, transportation for tourism and agriculture in the territory where it has a guide already applied for implementing the performance audit in these places, from the characteristics of management in each entity. We describe areas to be audited, tools to use, develop working papers. A comprehensive evaluation is a new approach within the modern administrative culture is to implement, use and develop methods and techniques that objectively reflect the real level of government and the situation of the company. Many jobs, methods, techniques and procedures can be found in books and manuals for making the diagnosis of problems and their causes. Do not ignore this development and derived from a horizontal and vertical integration has emerged in the field of auditing the performance audit, yet little applied practically in Cuban conditions. The work presented meets vital to the economy: Tourism, Agriculture and Management Audit. The tourist industry in recent years has presented a rapid development. Agriculture in turn, requires strong development to meet the needs of our population.Is imposed on the pair of the foregoing a qualitative leap in the control, which would achieve the desired goals with the required quality. The analysis performed give grounds to assert that this new quality has not yet been achieved in their desired stage, it is clear that we are faced with a problem: Lack of comprehensive control over the subject of executive management. It therefore made an investigation into the current control system which is used in order to study this work. Research carried out over the last 6 years in the tourism sector entities and agricultural focus attention as a major cause, the absence of the management audit as an element of self that enables an accurate diagnosis, timely and systematic of the entity as a whole. Clearly describe the barriers faced by this activity today and implement guidelines for the management audit activities linked to tourism and agriculture for its high incidence in the country. Is that the goal of this work is scope performance audit as an integrator of control and continuous diagnostics. It is assumed that design and implement a management audit grotto in the aforementioned activities will: Fully raise the control of human, financial, materials in sustainable development. Promote progress toward the goals of these vital sectors in the development of the population. Encourage senior management to devote their time to tasks which by their nature are delegated. Promote the development of management audit in our society. To carry out the implementation of this hypothesis were carried out various tasks including the main ones were: Assessing the current situation of this type of audit in the territory.


I liked going to anatomy classes really, really liked the practical, well nice group had formed … I got nostalgic … as time passed che! Rouviere French classics and always the most used Testut .. The myth that action 5 times Testut anatomy and the last time he had already presented the book ready and approved, the need to know all .. jaja ..

Organ (biology) Principal

Organ (biology) Principal organs and cardiovascular system and genito-urinary tract of a woman (Leonardo da Vinci, 1507) An organ (Latin Organum: tool), in biology and anatomy, is an associated set of circumstances involved in tissue structure and function . Within biological complexity bodies are at a level of biological organization above and below the tissue system. In cell biology, an organelle or organelle (short body) is a structure or sub compartment -cell, analogous to the organs of multicellular living organisms, which performs a specific function.

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The greatest works of art were made as a tribute to honor the gods and kings. The largest ziggurat temples built were called. Consisted of several terraces to which it was accessed via stairs. At the apex stood the sanctuary. He was about 90 meters long and 80 meters high. Aboutaam