Stop Wasting Your Time and Money

Lately I’ve come to browse a book by Alexander Elder, Trading for a Living. reviewing his concept of the three Ms: Mind, Method and Money Management and I find it funny the way he treated psychology the trader, traders comparing the losers with Alcoholics Anonymous. Elder recommended investors to operate in the stock market faced with losses in the same way that people in Alcoholics Anonymous is facing alcoholism. Even advised his “twelve-step method”, replacing the word alcohol with the word loss. Elder explains: The drinker can not resist the temptation because he continues to feel and think like an alcoholic. The trader does not know how to prevent losing their habit because it continues to lose feeling and thinking as a player.

The alcoholic’s life goes downhill, out of control, when he denies being an alcoholic. He denies that alcohol control your life and feeds the fantasy that is able to leave at any time (as smokers). Or thinks I drink or change reduce some of the solution to the problem. The trader losing his mind erodes gradually merging savings, being plucked while denying that it has lost its way in the markets. You can not accept the painful truth and the hidden himself and others.

He speaks of his successes but never their failures. The drinker of Alcoholics Anonymous sobriety learns that begins in the mind of people. Traders learn to survive on the Stock Exchange that the problem was not with the methods or in the market, was in their minds.

What Car Insurance Do I Really Need?

The consumer of car insurance has many insurance companies to choose from. Insurance companies are very creative when it comes to attracting new customers, including on the car insurance. Insurance packages and letters of protection are so often offered in addition to make the policies of interest. Thus also in the car insurance. Here are the insurance companies offer auto insurance to also be happy with just one passenger insurance or a safe-conduct. What power do I really need on my car insurance? What insurance is appropriate and how can I do without insurance? – All we want to see in this insurance product. Auto insurance, also called motor insurance: As the name implies, this is in car insurance is compulsory. The automobile liability insurance will pay caused by car you damage the enemy.

These include personal, property and financial losses. Your own damage from the Auto insurance is not paid. In the selection of insurance rates are different levels of cover offered. Recommended are policies with EUR 100 million sum insured. Comprehensive insurance: For the full comprehensive insurance is a voluntary insurance.

Comprehensive insurance pays even caused damage to your own vehicle. In the scope of insurance but also damage due to theft, glass breakage, game, fire, lightning, etc. included. A comprehensive insurance is recommended for new vehicles and vehicles with a high value. CDW cover: The third party insurance as the comprehensive policy of voluntary insurance. Through a third party insurance but does not itself damage caused to your own vehicle paid off, as well as any damage caused by vandalism. The other is similar but the scope of insurance, fully comprehensive insurance. A third party insurance it can be worthwhile even for older vehicles. Personal Insurance: is often used as supplemental or Insurance with car insurance with the service. This is, however, is an unnecessary insurance. All damages are paid by the passenger motor vehicle liability insurance caused the accident, including your or the opponent. For a car driver himself why a general insurance is advisable. Of protection: The safe-that is often offered in addition to automobile insurance, is also voluntary. About the costs of protection breakdowns, but also in case of accidents are settled. This includes, among other things, rescues, towing, Mietwaagen, hotels, etc. Check before concluding that additional insurance if you have a membership may not be secured by a car club in your rate. Traffic insurance: the traffic insurance is a voluntary supplementary insurance policy. She pays including attorneys’ fees, court costs, witness fees, etc., and assessment costs, etc. after an accident, or for a car purchase. About Traffic insurance you are insured as a pedestrian on the road. Because accidents often quarreled over the question of guilt, this is a useful supplement insurance. In summary one can say doubt that car insurance is needed. A passenger insurance is definitely recommended not compulsory. Who is on insurance comparisons cheap car insurance one can invest the saved money but makes sense in a traffic insurance, which can not hurt in any case.

Office Equipment Klever Shopping

Fancy purchasing office supplies can save lot of money above all small and medium-sized companies are anxious that the purchase of new office equipment is profitable. Anyone who has a small or medium companies, know that certain needs must be weighed against each other. Many factors must be considered when buying Office supplies or decisions about the use of the Office space. These range from the operating climate for the incurred costs. The time that is used to make the smartest choice pays off above all, if it’s longer-term investments. On the basis of the wealth of advertising campaigns and the selection a decision about which products and which companies are best suited for the respective business, can make it difficult. The Internet as a very useful can be when making decisions about the purchase of office equipment.

Here you can save a lot as an entrepreneur. To get a realistic picture in customer reviews about the product, which customers with similar needs. In addition, there are many forums where hardware and software products will be discussed for the private and business sectors. This gives the opportunity to benefit, without even a costly mistake by the experiences of others. It’s worth in advance to find out what is best suited for the Office. The involvement of employees includes, if it’s computer or office equipment. Finally, there are the employees who daily use the devices.

Instead of getting to buy to let or to make its decision too much of the cost depending on persuade, it is recommended that you listen to the suggestions of the staff and what are the requirements set at the facilities. If the employees are involved in the decision-making process for the purchase of new hardware and software, the company can certainly save money because unnecessary functions that are often not needed in everyday life is not. In addition to ensures that the new facilities to the benefit of current and future is oriented, which not a few months later a new device must be purchased. You can as an entrepreneur through the use of multifunction devices, which combine multiple devices, or make savings by purchasing a software package which can be used in all offices. Good research and the involvement of employees in the discussion also help make the best decision for the company.