Iraq American

is made by the organism already citadosantes, in the case more specifies the ONU (organization of United Nations) and the FMIpois U.S.A. by means of the ONU is capable to establish economic sanses, comoo done embargo Cuba, using any excuse for such, type lacks decooperao, terrorism as in Iraq, among others. The FMI loans money to the countries of America, however this money makes intervenesonde can be expense, thus having a direct intervention naeconomia of this country. Being that this part of the imperial state is that estmantendo its expansion to the world and America, a time that legitimizes its power, which parents goes to breach of time relations with U.S.A. and not to have fear of umaretaliao of the type suffered for Cuba. Venezuela de Chavez not yet rompeuporque needs to vender its oil and fears a retaliation of this type.

Brief consideraes words of president Venezuelan Hugo Chavez in the ones of one idea bemclara of situation of Latin America today, when it affirms that not if fecharuma can country of the relations with excessively, in the economic situation that the world vivehoje, however affirms that accepted the imposed politics and not proposal for the EUA a crime, is to all renegar the past of fight of this continent against exploraodesumana that already is long ago created in America with the slavery and dEuropa depended. The models of American domination north are well clear and the exemplosesto the test, as Mexico, its neighbor and commercial partner, have economiafragilizada, therefore the relations are different, a time that U.S.A. has empresaspara to go to Mexico and to vender its products, the Mexicans do not have access to bensde consumption basic and continues in the dependence, divides external growing stabilized eeconomia. The empire American north is formed by an established economy naespeculao of capitals, at this moment it is passing for a crisis that explodiuno real estate sector and shook all the economy of the country, its expansion estbaseada in the terorrismo of state, that if fortified and appeared with bigger force emenos disguise after to the attack the towers moans of New York. World-wide the economic panorama points with respect to these questions, U.S.A. procurandomercado to any cost, fits to the emergent states to say what they want, emcerto point what they can make ahead of the military apelos of U.S.A. We cannot negarque these parents is in fact the greater harnesses to militate of the planet, and as in such a way nodispensa chance to show its force. Bibliography Brazilian Central Bank.


– To always send the same resume, independent of the intended vacant. – Not to bring up to date the data. 5. HOT TIPS: FOR WHO IT WANTS TO MAKE RIGHT – Well-taken care of with the incorrect data in the resume, they mentioned by incautiousness are or intentionally, they can cause serious problems during the selective process. – It is very common to find in the resumes references the positions that do not condizem with the qualifications of the candidates.

This means knowledge lack of the hierarchic level and the responsibilities of the position. – The objective of the resume is not for closing a business, and yes for conduziz it the interview. It prevents to mention in the resume its wage aspirations, unless he is requested. – You to mention intended wage, in the resume, that does not condizem with its experience or the longed for position, will be wronged in the election. – Either sincere: not he mentions that he studied in definitive university, that made such course of extension or after-graduation, if will not be truth. – Languages: the companies generally apply tests to evaluate the fluency of the demanded language. It does not indicate that it possesss English fluente, if in the truth its fluency is more for the intermediate level.

– Courses: nothing to place courses lightning, if they had mainly not added nothing to its career. It includes seminaries, courses, workshops or lectures that had made you to develop some interesting ability for its area of performance or importance for desired position. – To dominate is different to know: to dominate a computer science tool is very different to have superficial knowledge. It does not invent, nor tries to maquiar its professional abilities, qualifications or experiences. – It writes correctly: inadequate use of terms, dbias expressions and jarges, words and I exaggerate in the abilities can be motivated for declassification of a resume.