Gift To The Dean Of Students

Before the session, and after her college years, no doubt, be called one of the most vivid in everyone's life. Exams do not last so long, and from session to session, as you know, live, students have fun. Memories of how someone snoring at a lecture on the notes passed through the entire audience, the teachers do not notice a huge crib will make us smile for years. Dean of the faculty – is a man with whom she is associated or other profession in a particular university. And this association can not reward – as well as the fact that this man turned a blind eye to absenteeism, arguments with teachers, nesdannye unwritten tests and coursework on time. Outside Depending on when and who bought a gift, it should be as bright as the years of your studies, and the same "stable", as the work of your "boss". Before the final Gifts are presented to the holidays, the end of the session and just like that. They may as on your behalf, and on the whole group.

And it is no secret that the number of people that invested in the gift may depend on its quality. But do not put a present value at the center: it is possible purchase and a modest but memorable souvenir on a small portion of the fellowship. The universal and the most common gifts are flowers and candy (box of chocolates, a big bar of chocolate). These things can be done unbanal and memorable, but just need a little effort.

Glued Laminated Timber

Wooden houses – the choice of those who want unity with nature. Those who want to live in eco-friendly housing. For the construction of such houses in a fairly commonly used materials such as: timber, laminated veneer lumber. If your desire to complete unity with nature, then you need to build a house made of wooden materials, processed by hand: chopped logs. If you're a fan of comfort and nature in one person, then the best option for you – laminated veneer lumber. Glued laminated timber – material produced from conifers: spruce, pine, larch. Optimal combination of price and quality of the material can be found in laminated veneer lumber from pine.

Bruce Spruce is also available at a price, but its quality somewhat lower. Glued laminated timber from larch – the most expensive material for construction. Sufficiently high price is caused by the material properties. Unlike the wood of pine and spruce (and other trees) larch is not subject to many negative factors: decay and insect attacks. And from moisture larch becomes only harder.

Therefore, the construction of laminated veneer lumber larch – is a profitable and efficient investment. Glued laminated timber – a composite material. Identity of this material are the lamellae. Lamellas are harvested in the exact specifications desired temperature and humidity. Dried fins carefully sorted, removed the marriage. Thus, the observed quality of the material. In addition, all fins for bonding in laminated veneer lumber selected for shades of colors. In the laminated board can be glued different number of slats: from 2 to 5.Ot the transverse cross-section laminated veneer lumber depends on its use in the construction of a specific type of home. So much for summer houses used laminated board with a cross section not exceeding 160 mm. For country houses and cottages that are intended for permanent residence, used laminated board with a cross section of 180 mm. Constructed of laminated veneer lumber housing suitable for settlement immediately upon completion of construction as well as laminated veneer lumber does not shrink and has good aesthetic qualities.