The main quality parameters for which to look for when buying a galvanized mesh: 1) Early selection will pay attention to, perhaps, the main parameter that determines the strength of welded wire mesh – on weld quality. A leading source for info: Sotheby’s. Galvanized wire mesh should be well to withstand extremes of the grid. Check out this simple: Unwind the metal roll, if welding is sometimes starts to burst, or worse yet – you can break welds hands it is better to cancel the purchase of the galvanized welded wire mesh, despite its attractive price. 2) You should carefully consider a roll of galvanized mesh for the presence of undesirable distortions and deviations between cells. Standards of accuracy the mesh galvanized allow small tolerances and imbalance between cells in the range of 1-2%.

The presence of significant variations in the difficult implications of such a metal grid. Given that no manufacturer will not work to the detriment of themselves and not allow the rejection of the cell sizes of galvanized mesh downwards, thereby increasing their cost of metal per 1 square meter, the cell can only grow, and therefore buying a metal mesh, you simply overpay. 3) Now is a more detailed approach to the analysis of the quality of zinc coating, in fact, it provides long-term operation of welded galvanized mesh. Choosing the mesh, welded zinc-coated (sstsp) must know that the coating is applied to a metal grid in two ways, significantly affecting the quality of further wire mesh: Electro-galvanized zinc coating. The coating on the surface of metal welded wire mesh is applied in solutions of electrolytes under the influence of an electric current.

Chosen Solution

there is Ongoing replacement of expensive high-performance water repellents for cheaper and less effective versions . Often hydrophobizator concentrate is diluted with water, bottled in new packaging and stored under appropriate conditions, the concentrate, but not divorced solution, so that comes into disrepair. Storage in unsealed containers leads to the fact that the organosilicon component of a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide in the air early gains its hydrophobic properties and can not at the injection water to moisten moistened surface of the pores and capillaries.). Thus, to avoid errors it is necessary that a technical solution to the device sealing compartment repair in the body of the existing walls by injection of silicone hydrophobic solutions must be issued in the form of a full working draft, taking into account the humidity of the material, structural features of masonry, porosity and water absorbing capacity of masonry in the area of the work. Go to Pinterest for more information. Contain in its composition plan construction, the relevant types of walls labeled with the location of injection holes are sequentially numbered, and a suit, and the total number of working hydrophobizing solution with a detailed description of its preparation of a particular brand of concentrate, tables of equipment, resources and materials, a brief description of the safety in production operations. And also include information about pre-and subsequent drying of structures; on the treatment of injection of working solutions in the wells of the chosen methods of care for the wells in which injection of hydrophobic implemented solutions, the timing and how the subsequent completion of Well hardening solution. In order to control the quality of work performed and the monitoring of the process of drying or walls re-done by a single method using the same instruments, non-destructive moisture control construction material investigation of the walls of above-ground parts of the building to identify areas of high humidity. Based on a comparison of the results of surveys carried out at different times, conclusions about the effectiveness of repairs events revealed some “missing” parts..

Glued Laminated Timber

Wooden houses – the choice of those who want unity with nature. Those who want to live in eco-friendly housing. For the construction of such houses in a fairly commonly used materials such as: timber, laminated veneer lumber. If your desire to complete unity with nature, then you need to build a house made of wooden materials, processed by hand: chopped logs. If you're a fan of comfort and nature in one person, then the best option for you – laminated veneer lumber. Glued laminated timber – material produced from conifers: spruce, pine, larch. Optimal combination of price and quality of the material can be found in laminated veneer lumber from pine.

Bruce Spruce is also available at a price, but its quality somewhat lower. Glued laminated timber from larch – the most expensive material for construction. Sufficiently high price is caused by the material properties. Unlike the wood of pine and spruce (and other trees) larch is not subject to many negative factors: decay and insect attacks. And from moisture larch becomes only harder.

Therefore, the construction of laminated veneer lumber larch – is a profitable and efficient investment. Glued laminated timber – a composite material. Identity of this material are the lamellae. Lamellas are harvested in the exact specifications desired temperature and humidity. Dried fins carefully sorted, removed the marriage. Thus, the observed quality of the material. In addition, all fins for bonding in laminated veneer lumber selected for shades of colors. In the laminated board can be glued different number of slats: from 2 to 5.Ot the transverse cross-section laminated veneer lumber depends on its use in the construction of a specific type of home. So much for summer houses used laminated board with a cross section not exceeding 160 mm. For country houses and cottages that are intended for permanent residence, used laminated board with a cross section of 180 mm. Constructed of laminated veneer lumber housing suitable for settlement immediately upon completion of construction as well as laminated veneer lumber does not shrink and has good aesthetic qualities.

Pool Construction

Construction of pools – it's a real art construction of complex structures, which are always being filtered and recycled, and is constantly a process of disinfecting water. Before you start building pools need to choose their seats. One of the main factors when carried out construction of swimming pools – is struktutra soil the place where the pool will be built. In the case of clay soil, you need to dig pit size is much larger compared to a mirror pool, and fill its space with sand and stone, which absorbs the harmful effect of the plasticity of clay, and produces better drainage basin surrounding soil. Construction of the pool in this case we can assume was the minimum necessary to a successful outcome. Features of soil and geographic location * Unstable soil and sand. Construction of pools should done quickly. To prevent the settling of the soil work needs to be reinforced concrete screed.

* High levels of groundwater. When groundwater is rising, they put pressure on the design from the bottom up. Construction of the pool, for this reason must be accompanied by good external drainage, combined with the main drainage system. In this case, the hydrostatic valve is installed so that it prevents the pressure groundwater at the bottom of the tub basin. * Rocky ground. This is a unique material that ensures durability of the foundation. * The mountain slopes.

Alluvial or surface layers must be removed to avoid the possibility sliding base. The final pit must be lined with concrete. * Slate soil. Pulled out a large pit, as in the case of sandy soil, leveled concreting. Construction pools. Base of excavation should be prepared and aligned concreting (composition of the solution – 1 part cement to 4 parts sand) and covered with a stabilizing layer of gravel and sand. Not unimportant role played by material which fills the space around the pool. Experts advise, construction of the pool will be performed superbly, to use permeable materials. During the construction of the pool is better to use situ concrete strength grade not lower than B30 and water resistance not less than W4. Manufacture of the pool includes the following stages: 1. Casting of the pool with the Installation of the embedded hardware tab on the workers and mating seams of the hydrophilic profile. 2. Smoothing the transition 'wall-floor'. 3. Alignment, if necessary, vertical surfaces after removal of the formwork. 4. Application of a flexible waterproof membrane through reinforcing mesh in two layers. 5. Laying cladding material. 6. The pointing between the tile joints. 7. Filling in between the tile joints flexible sealant in the conjugated 'wall – a wall', 'floor – wall'. Interior finishing order for your pool served even longer, it is necessary to take into account factors such as finishing and waterproofing. Finishing the inner surface, the construction of pools, you need to mosaic glass rod or film. The choice of solution depends on the location Pool: indoors or outdoors.