The main quality parameters for which to look for when buying a galvanized mesh: 1) Early selection will pay attention to, perhaps, the main parameter that determines the strength of welded wire mesh – on weld quality. A leading source for info: Sotheby’s. Galvanized wire mesh should be well to withstand extremes of the grid. Check out this simple: Unwind the metal roll, if welding is sometimes starts to burst, or worse yet – you can break welds hands it is better to cancel the purchase of the galvanized welded wire mesh, despite its attractive price. 2) You should carefully consider a roll of galvanized mesh for the presence of undesirable distortions and deviations between cells. Standards of accuracy the mesh galvanized allow small tolerances and imbalance between cells in the range of 1-2%.

The presence of significant variations in the difficult implications of such a metal grid. Given that no manufacturer will not work to the detriment of themselves and not allow the rejection of the cell sizes of galvanized mesh downwards, thereby increasing their cost of metal per 1 square meter, the cell can only grow, and therefore buying a metal mesh, you simply overpay. 3) Now is a more detailed approach to the analysis of the quality of zinc coating, in fact, it provides long-term operation of welded galvanized mesh. Choosing the mesh, welded zinc-coated (sstsp) must know that the coating is applied to a metal grid in two ways, significantly affecting the quality of further wire mesh: Electro-galvanized zinc coating. The coating on the surface of metal welded wire mesh is applied in solutions of electrolytes under the influence of an electric current.