The Discussion

Then, to get strong and get three steps, 1. Looking from afar, salt of the scene, observed the situation. Mira como si fueras a third person in a theatre or cinema watching the scene with another couple arguing. Observe and think how they would do to get out of this situation. Imagine, think alternatives.

2 Recovers balance, calms your mind take a deep breath through your nose, it retains the air five seconds, released by the entamente mouth. Repeats endlessly until you feel your heart beating quiet and your muscles are relaxing, loosening. Get it you will achieve it. 3 Trafficking put you on their side, as that you hear and understand their position this is not contradictory, it is an important strategy that it disarm the opponent with phrases as to see explain me good to see if you understand… I understand your anger but we are going to do something to fix this… You’ll see how it goes slowly calming attacks, and you’re entering into conversation with each other, and the discussion or the verbal attack disappears. Very important: it is necessary to start just is DEN early symptoms, either a bad reply, a criticism, any aimed at lowering you Word. NO LO OLVIDES.

I propose then, take you 15 minutes from now, to begin to practice the steps 1 and 2 of this technique, and be trained to deal with at some point the discussion as a negotiation that come to fruition, and you can, in this case, in these holidays, spend a good time with your family. I wish you the best. By psychological violence eradication and recovery of your self-esteem. I invite you to visit: original author and source of the article.


Between Mbya, however, jerojy is used for dancing in the sacred language. The radical jy appears in Cadogan with three possibilities of meaning, two of which I quote here because perhaps explain the use of the term jerojy for the ritual act. One of them is tough, strong, used with reference to rope and wood; Che rapacha ijy, is strong rope of my bow, and the other is cooking kanguijy ojymramo oguenoe, once cooked chicha, was pulled out of the fire (1992). The jerojy can mean become strong or become boiled 11. How strong could be explained by the own goal of the ritual, which is strengthening, and the Cook would refer to cooking that would be related to the maturation of the seres12. The lyrics speak in reverence to the shaman of the Sun, source of light and wisdom, maintainer of life. The shaman, head of the family, is the presentificacion of the shaman in the context of ritual and also in the cotidiano13.

However, this reverence and respect do not exclude joy, on the contrary. Through beautification and upright chest of ritual participants try to tame the monsters and appease the rage. The etymology of the word jeroky, used to designate the ritual, according to suggestion of Cadogan, comes from ky: tender (tender tenderness), whose root is also originated the term mongy: adorn themselves, beautify, which refers to the establishment of a relationship between jeroky and beautification, rejuvenation (1959: 97). The two genera of the ritual are performed to obtain joy, more specialized in invoke and receive one, and other more specialized in overcoming the obstacles. The own jeroky has as one of its reasons the aggressiveness away. Aggressiveness is the first affection that appears in the myth of creation and to cause disruption, exiting in the first father walk, or ramoi, grandfather. In Guarani creation myth mother doubted what the father said about having already reaped the fruits of the field, to what it reacts is angering and walking, yendose14.

The Foot

Few things learned from you with your wise words and tips!. Taught us the meaning of savings, which humans need the heat of the companion, the helping hand of the word of consolation.You were always attentive to the daily performance of your daughters, aware of how much thing said on the television or radio work carry out, pending the innumerable visits of one to look after him sleep until afternoon and kisses in your bald (head) of the other.Love you profess is so big, so big that there are no words to describe it, is a feeling, an emotion, is the fear that something bad happens to you, and by this same fear, silently without that nobody found out, had an anger towards those years that fell upon you and us away from the possibility of your cuddle, of your love, of your dreams, you wanted always present.We understood that there were many your zest for life, that you fought, you not given with the disease that affected your strength, because you know that before the smallest signal that we needed, which soldiers were there, next to you, ensuring your dreams, thoroughly, taking care as you did with us for years.Day after day we were here beside you and from your sick bed te volviste silent, with the look lost in search for that well-being that will allow you to share with your girls again. Seeing distant, meanwhile, one of your shoots struggle with their tears that are flowing which spring, and the other kisses your arms, your chest, your head, trying to tear you away from that reality that the US clothes but do not want to assume. THE BIG MAN IS ON THE VERGE OF SPLITTING. We would give life if it were possible to make that not happen.Nothing was done, hour after hour, night after night at the foot of your bed, hopeful that you levantarias and we would again see you sitting in your favorite chair, under la mata mango in this courtyard that is lost in the distance, worrying inasmuch as he spoke to you about. But it was useless, I say, it was not useless, gave you everything: always with you. Feelings: law of life, you had for many years, never enough to enjoy you. Perhaps we are selfish but we love making presence here, however we can not contradict the will of God that decides your game to another level.From this rostrum, beside you, accompanying you as always, junticas in perfect harmony with this Green nature where you lie, you say, as you were saying about us: Pa we love you, you are our pride. And on this day by the hand of the guide we ask Diocito to us care to my Paito. Your twin daughters original author and source of the article.