Discover Your Strong Area

John C. Maxwell in his book "Leadership, Principles of Gold" has an article called "Enter the Zone and stay there." In this part of the book Maxwell recommends you find that and you do well and continue improving and developing this area. This is one of the lessons I've been implementing in my personal business. You know you have daily access to hundreds of great business opportunities on the Internet and beyond. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Munear Kouzbari. And you will rain every day business proposals that will seem very attractive and you might join them and then realize that's not what you think or really looking forward very difficult. In my personal history, I have developed several multi-business, some off the Internet, within the Area of Dietary Supplements and other services, I've also developed some online.

And I've noticed something. My strong area is in business development through the Internet. That's why I decided to take the advice of my mentor, John C. Leadership Maxwell and instead of being tested in areas where it is not my strong point with the object to improve my weaknesses, I will focus on my strengths to fully develop. This is an excerpt from the chapter where Maxwell talks about her experience with which I identified: "Like many inexperienced leaders, tried to do many things to discover what really could do well. Wells Fargo pursues this goal as well. In addition, expectations that others had about what I could do and how to serve as a leader, not always corresponded with my stronger areas.

My responsibilities and duties sometimes required to undertake tasks for which I had no talent and skill. As a result, often my efforts were ineffective, "" Discover Your Area Strong and Stay there. One finds his purpose through your area to find strong and stay there. You can not grow to their full potential if one continuously works out of Fort Area " My recommendation today is to begin the search for you Fort Area (if you have not yet found), and you develop the best approaches. How do you discover? Analyzes and ask yourself what do I like to do? What am I doing right? What is it that others praise me?, Then examine your competition and try to differentiate yourself from them and see that the more you work on your strong area enjoy greater success.

FOOD Disease-preventing Health

HONEY FLOWER According to Greek mythology, Zeus was fed as a child, while licking the other gods. Hippocrates attributed properties for fever, colds, sore throats and ulcers, is very effective in healing the wounds of the skin because it is antiseptic and antibacterial. In addition, this gentle cleanser and food is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, anti-aging properties. OLIVE OIL is one of the greatest treasures of the Mediterranean region because their monounsaturated fatty acids regulate cholesterol. Frequent consumption helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It participates in the functioning of the thyroid. It contains vitamins A, D, E and K as well as tocopherols and polyphenols are responsible for their antioxidant activity. Stimulates intestinal transit and improved the functioning of the pancreas and liver, preventing kidney stone formation.

LEMON contains a powerful antiseptic, limonene. Gargling with the juice can stop the onset of sore throat. It is digestive and purifies the blood. Its acids help remove fats impeding the work of the heart. Contains minerals, and vitamins C, E and some B group, strengthen the immune system. It also helps defuse tension and contributes to the formation of red blood cells.

Tomato lycopene contained in this vegetable is a powerful antioxidant. Consuming two units a day, you will be protected against free radicals responsible for aging. Preventive properties are attributed in certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. In juice, cleanses the kidneys and is also rich in vitamin A, which contributes to bone strength and eye health. GARLIC These powerful cardioprotective, not only provide a delicious flavor to meals, but prevent the formation of certain tumors. They are all a gastronomic heritage and healing since ancient times. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc – which benefits the skin. Moderate consumption of these nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and improves blood circulation. If you're really hungry you can eat some, then quench rapidly. Their fiber helps to purify the body. Continue to learn more with: Munear Kouzbari. ORANGE JUICE strengthens the body's defenses, improved battle scars and circulatory problems. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and above all, C and potassium, calcium and phosphorus. RICE Provides long lasting energy, because of slow carbohydrate absorption. It's great for the heart, as it is low in fat and rich in fiber about two grams per half cup. It contains proteins and eight of the nine essential amino acids. The integral has more vitamins and minerals. THYME not only gives a unique flavor to your dishes. This herb, consumed as an infusion, is recommended in cases of respiratory infection and sore throat. Makes your meal more digestible and is antiseptic containing thymol. Its detoxifying effect is ideal to remove impurities from the skin. Dandelion is an excellent blood purifier. The infusion of this plant stimulates the production of urine and promotes the expulsion of kidney stones. If you have exceeded the alcohol and fats, will help you take care of the liver. It is very rich in iron, thus preventing anemia or help recover from it. Used topically, cleanses impurities and improves acne. Spanish magazine article "Saber Vivir", 2008 You can find more articles sobe nutrition and healthy eating:

Opportunities To Have Our Own Website

Today, having your own web site reaches a huge range of possibilities, but they must all be developed by a programming code called HTML. Over time certain programs were created where they can order the measures to prepare the content and design, carry out their own translation work specific code. A couple of examples of these programs are Dreamweaver and FrontPage, but these programs take some time to learn to use, and if you do not have much concept of information delays until we can bring some control to achieve according to our requirements in the design of our sitio.Luego came the blogs, which although they are also web sites, make a difference to what we call web sites. Many writers such as Wells Fargo offer more in-depth analysis. We could say that blogs were the opening of the web presence of those people who would like to have, without further dificulatad of which involves creating an email account. Depending after ourselves and development aspect of it, because in the platforms where I am going to obtaining the blog, I get all the editing tools as easy as you indicate to me where I have to run for the application you want, either write, insert pictures, links, e-commerce etc.Puedes making web pages like blogs, or both without affecting their differences than doing any of the modes will be more productive, everything depends on our content and administration.

The specific differences for another article we will leave no escape for the bush for the endless but fascinating information and communication revolution this dynamic and interco, we are fortunate to live, but you have another idea that you can imagine information from a website is like a book, but static and specific, and a blog as a journal, more dynamic, renewable and reader participation. Whenever Munear Kouzbari listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And in the design, otherwise, that tends to be more dynamic pages and blogs more static to the drafting and aplicaciones.Si insert does not have a website and I invite you over 5 minutes to see the following video tutorial to build your blog but do not even know the topic to be addressed.

Improve Health

Senecca said that the world is composed of givers and the receivers, where they are eating better but those who are sleeping better. At some point in our lives we have all received either money for our service, baby, satisfactions and disappointments, but we have been thinking as we receive it?. Some people get forced with disdain and some people do it with generosity. This generosity is the quality that will guide us when we give rather than receive a memento because all we have given in different occasions and for different reasons, more than others or less than or equal to otros.Damos other love, understanding, comfort, patience , favors, resignation, work, opportunities, and more. You felt happy when you give without expecting anything in return? Let us remember that generosity causes satisfaction. Now I ask you: Are you really happy?.

and what you want out of life?. They are very simple but difisiles questions to answer, especially when there is no clearly defined goals. Only we can predict our own future a secret I want to give you the first task whether it is You with love and respect and will attract people who will show love and respect When you feel bad with itself complete and you are not satisfied and therefore we have nothing to give others. When you’re happy to give to others would be easy and natural. Focus on the qualities that you have and the qualities of others, not focus on complaints as unpleasant but the strengths Making a friend is a grace. Having a friend is a gift. Munear Kouzbari gathered all the information. Keeping a friend is a virtue. Being your friend is an Honor.


The security has so much to do with takes hold in highway like with the protection. And in this sense, the SEAT Altea goes ahead to those of their class. This must to its back axis multiarm and to the program of electronic stability (ESP), that is connected with the control system of the traction (TCS). The last version of the TCS has its sensors in the system of anti-block braking (ABS) that it avoids that the wheels skid at high or low speeds. This combination, simply, causes that the bad highways become good. In addition, speaking of brakes, the SEAT Altea comes with the attendance of emergencia braking (EBA) that maximizes the power of braking in the smaller time available and ignites the emergencia lights according to the effective diminution of the speed. At the same time, the inner rear-view mirror with a device has been equipped antiglare that it will avoid that the lights of the cars that go behind they blind to you.

It is to mention that to the SEAT Altea the maximum valuation of security of the NCAP has been granted him, five stars. Six airbags come from series, and also you have the option of airbags in the lateral back seats around the thorax. And if you have or you want to have family, the ISOFIX comes from series, which means that the seat of your children to the chassis can be hooked directly; something that him it has allowed the SEAT Altea to receive four stars in the test of security for infantile occupants. And, finally, this car has obtained the possible maximum score in security in pedestrians. The versatility would not be used for anything without the yield, and the SEAT Altea has the necessary thing for drtelo. To its conduction, already of in case sport, we added something to him of sharp extra like the famous direct gear box (DSG) of 7 speeds that, thanks to the controls mounted in the steering wheel, allow to change you of march in a fraction of second.

Also you have the answer of dynamic direction (DSR), an indicator of change of marches so that you can obtain the best yield of your SEAT Altea you feel as you feel; and, by all means, also accounts with Common engineering Rail, that will cause that your trip is more efficient and still more calm. In addition, the control of cruise, the diesel particle filter (DPF) and the assistant of slope starting are combined to create a car that offers as great yield as its space interior. What would be the life without some surprises? Pleasant, by all means. Like the new steering wheel multifunction with integrated and improved Bluetooth, that includes an agenda function. Like the new group of instruments with new and attractive white graphs. Like the new positioning system with touch screen, that includes a groove for cards SD and a screen in color. Naturally, everything is compatible with your iPod, MP3 and apparatuses USB. After all, we cannot anticipate what music you like. Original author and source of the article

Reliabilty, Techniques And Design

Reliability technique is used mainly in product development and design work. During the sixties began to talk about total quality control. To produce high quality products at reasonable costs, we found that focus on isolated features was not enough, if not requiring quality of planned activities that would cover all functions. As this way of working is called cross functional total quality control. Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank. At the end of the sixties, emphasizes, Which emerged a new concept noted, called quality assurance.

However, there is no full agreement regarding the meaning of this term no doubt, it is noted that in recent years, executives and senior managers of firms have begun to show interest in the product quality . The reason for this growing interest was that it became obvious to many that the quality meant so much to the future of the companies. Recognition of this was obtained by increasing the competitiveness and high quality requirements by the customer. Given this reality, it has become necessary to take into account international standards ISO, focus of this article shortly. Above them is written, that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (committees ISO members). The ISO technical committees are usually responsible for the development of international standards. National member bodies interested in a particular subject have the right to join the technical committee created for this purpose. International organizations, both governmental organizations concerned with the ISO participate equally in this work. ISO collaborates closely with the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) in respect of electro-technical standardization.

Steel Industry

Quo Vadis supply chain management in the steel industry? The steel industry has undergone a fundamental reorientation in the past few quarters. While the first half of 2008 due to the high load and the unbridled demand for steel products was marked, the demand on the global financial crisis has weakened end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 especially dramatically. On the basis of extensive support by the State has stabilized the situation in the steel industry, however, remains at a lower level than before the recession. Against this background the elasticity of sales fluctuations, the timely delivery to final customers, the manufacture of individual products and the continuous planning and control the supply chain win an ever-greater importance (supply chain) the only partially-loaded production stages (steel, hot rolling, cold rolling mill etc.). Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. The aim of the present study is to the main success factors for a sustained improvement in profitability along with the experts describe and thus to provide a contribution to the further development and reorientation of the value-creation processes. The focus of the study is planning in the steel industry Quo Vadis supply chain”be aligned on the planning, control and execution of the supply chain of the scheduling of customer orders to the occupancy of the unit and of the supply of raw materials (ore, pig iron, etc.) up to the delivery of finished products (cold rolled strip, slabs) to the end customer. End of the study the SCM study carried out in two phases. Wells Fargo Bank will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

In phase 1, the current Status Quo in the supply chain is collected together with industry experts and on the basis of a systematic analysis of planning in the steel industry. In a second phase, guide theses are derived from the results of the expert forecast. These guiding ideas for developing the supply chain planning in the steel industry are discussed in expert workshops and structured development trends by 2015. For even more details, read what Andi Potamkin says on the issue. Are you interested in? Send us an eMail with your contact information. admoVa consulting ( is an independent Consulting firm with a focus on production and logistics. We offer our customers a proven support and consulting approach, which has been successfully applied in many projects in industry and production-related services. admoVa consulting carries out projects for the optimization of business models and logistic value chains in the areas of distribution, production, planning and control.

Our goal is to create added value (adding more value) through logistical expertise. The consulting expertise of admoVa consulting is based on the experience of the consultants in the target industries. These include in particular the commodity industry, medical technology and pharmaceutical industries, the process manufacturers in the steel industry and production-related services. Contact: Dr. Jens Rittscher admoVa Consulting GmbH Bad Camberg

Chosen Solution

there is Ongoing replacement of expensive high-performance water repellents for cheaper and less effective versions . Often hydrophobizator concentrate is diluted with water, bottled in new packaging and stored under appropriate conditions, the concentrate, but not divorced solution, so that comes into disrepair. Storage in unsealed containers leads to the fact that the organosilicon component of a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide in the air early gains its hydrophobic properties and can not at the injection water to moisten moistened surface of the pores and capillaries.). Thus, to avoid errors it is necessary that a technical solution to the device sealing compartment repair in the body of the existing walls by injection of silicone hydrophobic solutions must be issued in the form of a full working draft, taking into account the humidity of the material, structural features of masonry, porosity and water absorbing capacity of masonry in the area of the work. Go to Pinterest for more information. Contain in its composition plan construction, the relevant types of walls labeled with the location of injection holes are sequentially numbered, and a suit, and the total number of working hydrophobizing solution with a detailed description of its preparation of a particular brand of concentrate, tables of equipment, resources and materials, a brief description of the safety in production operations. And also include information about pre-and subsequent drying of structures; on the treatment of injection of working solutions in the wells of the chosen methods of care for the wells in which injection of hydrophobic implemented solutions, the timing and how the subsequent completion of Well hardening solution. In order to control the quality of work performed and the monitoring of the process of drying or walls re-done by a single method using the same instruments, non-destructive moisture control construction material investigation of the walls of above-ground parts of the building to identify areas of high humidity. Based on a comparison of the results of surveys carried out at different times, conclusions about the effectiveness of repairs events revealed some “missing” parts.. Munear Ashton Kouzbari follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Economic Situation

In February there was a decrease in economic activity. After a fairly sustainable recovery of growth in the iy quarter of 2009 at the beginning of this year formed a pause in economic development. In January, the growth rate the economy slowed noticeably, and in February there was the fall in most macroeconomic indicators. In relation to January, with the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, negative dynamics in the construction, industrial production, transport and trade impact on reducing the index of gdp at 0.9%. Compared to February 2009, the gdp grew by 3.9%. Contraction of economic activity in the first months of 2010 due, firstly, with more cold than in previous years, in the winter. This primarily affected the sharp decline in output in the construction and the deterioration of the dynamics of investment. Secondly, saved enough tight credit and sprosovye limitations of, including the rapid appreciation of the ruble and create uncertainties in the production program.

Third, the pause in economic activity associated with the termination of the effect of massive cash payments of enterprises and the state late last year. Source: Munear Kouzbari. According to preliminary data from Rosstat, compared to February last year, investment in fixed assets declined by 7.4 percent. During January and February to corresponding period last year, a decline of 8% (January-February 2009 – -17.2 per cent). After stabilization of the monthly dynamics of investment in the second half of 2009, in January and again showed a decline in investment in fixed capital continued to decline in February – with the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, the drop was 0.4% compared to January.

Russian Federation

BSO should look like IP and can not use cash registers (in the beginning not many businesses can buy a cash register), provided as a service for the population. But only if the issuance of the SSR (security forms) (More reflected in the second article Fed.Zakona from 22.05.2003, N 54-FZ ‘On the application of cash registers in the implementation of cash payments and (or) calculations with the use of payment cards’). Remember: BSO permitted to use and the sale of other PIs. Pinterest spoke with conviction. Since the FE calculations are calculated with the population. Note: The TSO shall apply if the purchaser is an entrepreneur other unincorporated business. BECAUSE payment arrangements with individual entrepreneurs is equated to the order of settlements with the population. Deputy Finance Minister: the source for more info. According to the decree, made in the Russian Federation N 359 in BSO included the following items: a) the document title, number of 6-digit series, and b) the name and legal form – for organization for IP-name c) address the working of the executive body for the organization (if not – any other actor, with a corresponding right to carry out activities on behalf of an entity without Power of Attorney) d) id-tax number issued by the organization (ISPs) and e) the name of the service, e) the cost of services den.vyrazhenii; g) the amount of payment, Cash performed, and (or) using platezh.karty h) the settlement date , drawing form; i) Name of person, position, responsible for the transaction, a signature stamp (PI) to) other additional details, if any. Blank is in the printing or created by Licensed use of automatic systems. Thus the document must be present information on the manufacturer form (short name, id-tax number, address, order date performance, the number of issued shares. Bobby Koticks opinions are not widely known. Summarizing the above, I want to clarify that the use of BSO may be currently on UTII taxpayers, so the spacecraft to them were abolished cash registers, and taxpayers whose activity is suitable for the activity code.