Marketing Training

Marketing – an integral structure of doing business in today's market environment. All the company's activities in the environment – is marketing. Customers, suppliers, competitors, marketing, pricing, advertising, PR, exhibitions, sales promotion, all this marketing. A study of consumer behavior, product development, brand, packaging, service, everything is also marketing. Strategy in the market, how to beat competitors civilized legal means, all the marketing. Properly conducted market research and develop a marketing plan can significantly increase profits. But the conditions market is constantly changing, so the marketer is so important to constantly raise their level of education.

Training on marketing can in a short time to master the theoretical material and practical skills. Trainings Marketing designed specifically for professionals and managers of marketing services of large, medium and small companies. During training, practical knowledge of instructors and consultants are divided, having a successful experience in implementing business projects in the field of marketing, as well as acting heads of the relevant services. Training in marketing have their own specificity, depending on the qualifications of a specialist. For Head – the emphasis on strategic marketing planning. For professionals, managers and analysts – to implement a marketing plan, advertising, marketing and operational management of marketing. For owner – the overall structure of the marketing organization.

As a rule, identified two reasons for attending training sessions on marketing – is a professional need and career plans. Training is considered as additional education that improve the value of a specialist in the labor market. Training on marketing responded quickly to the changing economic situation in the country and the world. The most pressing issue today for marketers – that you can take to organize an effective marketing during the crisis. Trainings are ready to offer the most effective methods of crisis management marketing. Economic crisis imposes its own characteristics to conduct marketing, and they must adapt. The new marketing strategy takes into account the reduction in advertising expenditures and research and adjust marketing organization in the enterprise. As the teachers training in marketing, in very recent times, the demand on the topics of strategic marketing and marketing research. Increase the popularity of these areas may indicate reorientation of enterprises with short-term goals for long-term. In the second place in popularity – training in brand management and advertising and PR. The most popular are educational programs on branding FMCG-products. Recently, the demand for training in preparation of marketing plan. Apparently, this is due to the fact that marketing is now being applied more systematically in the companies, and marketers should be able to expect their actions in advance. Often, training in marketing are conducted in corporate form. What gives companies? First, and foremost, an understanding of the importance and nature of marketing in their approach to daily business.

Cost Of The Portal. How Much Reality Does A Website In Kiev ?

Web site development, web design – intellectual work. Credit: Wells Fargo Bank-2011. Tariff intellectual work is impossible. A clear and quick answer to a question about the cost of the site, as well as web design can be given. The more finance website owner wants to get from web-project, the more money should be invested in the development of the site. The cost of creating the site the site depends on many parameters. The first of the challenges facing the site, the quality of site content, and as its target audience.

Every product and every service has its price. High-quality goods or services are expensive. A list of our sites, you can see in our portfolio. The main cost is the salary of experts engaged in developing and maintaining the site. Doing a survey, how much is a web-site is often forgotten that the cost of site development can far exceed the cost of developing the site. The price of creating the site, you can simply calculate the additional Site design stage, if known at least one of the desired performance of the web-project. The average income for the first year of operation, which should bring web-project.

The number of transactions in the first year that you plan to make using a web-site. Interested in purchasing the site or selling the finished site useful in cases where the transaction amounts to not less than $ 4,000. Otherwise deal to buy the site is not a business, but rather entertaining. Over time, the pictures becoming more expensive. Websites are created to address specific current problems. When changing tasks and changing design. If the site is not improved, it is cheaper, and then dies. Create a site in Kiev, as well as the redesign of the site should be commensurate not only with financial resources, but also with the possibility of technical implementation planned at this stage of development of science and technology.

Improve Oral Sales

Written business communication – as an intuitive term, so mysterious and. For those who are not associated with regular communication and correspondence with business partners, contractors and customers, the ability to write business letters and proposals seem superfluous. Those who are accustomed to active sales, standing behind a counter or cutting off the phone to strangers or unfamiliar customers, written communication, too, at first glance needed. However, 80% of the successful negotiations of the concerned oral counterpart at the other end should be asked: "Please Send all the same information you just presented orally within 15 minutes of conversation, in writing. Preferably in the form of the offer. " To say that after this oral work negotiator and the seller is made of 100% would be an exaggeration.

In such cases, any self-respecting company has harvested and watered-down pattern of the text – "the offer" striking in their novelty and the format and content. There are options, starting with the assertion that the product (service, product) the most, only "almost nothing" to the lengthy information about how big and famous company offers cooperation and trade. As a rule, as written, if the product is a massive, unpopular, expensive, or unclaimed market in general. People such as CMO, Nissan North America would likely agree. Question on filling – how many contractors will be customers of the 10% who agreed to review a written version of a generic compact oral offer to sell something? The answer is ambiguous, but even if negotiations after sending the proposals are successful in 20% of cases, the effectiveness of the master telephone sales is 2% of the total number of treated clients from the database. A lot or a little, let the answer specialist who sat on the phone 8-10 hours working day, only the third time in getting on the right in his face, time to talk with dozens of potential clients in the best case. Learn how to write business proposals, business letters and marketing texts are not so simple. You can click your fingers in the air and say, "Now I can do!" – After reading the excellent advice free from the Internet "experts" on the promotion of blogs.

After reading the articles on how in actual fact need to write a "business letter to a foreign company." It will not help, believe me. Any skill requires work, study, practice, even as additional training or distance learning courses, designed not for years, but the real dozens of hours of study. Not every city in Russia is "The School of Business Letters", rather it works in full-time-only in St. Petersburg at VO, 8 Line, 29. Tel. +7 (911) 220-60-80. However, remote and interactive Training format is now available to all – training via the Internet was not just the norm, but the most convenient and economical way of self-education. Especially in the field of business written communication.

Chinese Business

Of course, the costs will be, but it paid off faster than the mini-mills. Also sold as vodka and moonshine at home and sell, in spite of the laws. Watching how much you want to invest money in this business, depends on the status of your business. Micro-(51 – 501 l / day) or mini-plant (501 – 15 001 l / day). Therefore be defined with the planned volume of output. The most popular are the breweries with capacity of one thousand liters per day.

The choice of equipment for beer production is very wide. In our country it is engaged and that the solder population and earn billions from. So many places to buy such equipment. And it is not always known car companies are better Czech, Chinese or Russian mini-breweries. For example, the equipment of German company Integral-Geha worth $ 660 thousand (1000 liters / day), and the Russian company ZAO "Moscone" – $ 180 thousand. Our domestic manufacturers are buying more Russian military equipment, in case of breakage can be less expensive to repair equipment such as foreign.

They are always more expensive. If you create a small business with a small volume of output of finished products, then you specially Company Limited Liability Company "Mega Power Hong Kong Group" (Germany) has created a mini-brewery with a total capacity of 80 – 100 l / day, the cost – 980 rubles. Need room area of 6 sq. m. and 2 out of service personnel. Also needed for production technologist, a person who is knowledgeable in this, but the owner of the brewery nedolzhen be a layman in this matter and find out what and how.

Database Development

If you are a director, manager, owner, entrepreneur and want to effectively manage the company, to get maximum results in a short time – you need objective information for decision solutions. One of the important conditions for successful business is the timely provision of reliable data to guide decision-making. The main problem – the speed and quality provide data for management decision-making and reporting. Solve the problem without the introduction of the company's management information systems in today's enterprise is almost impossible. Databases are a modern form of organizing, storing and accessing information. Examples of major information systems are banking systems, order train tickets, etc. The purpose of development of any database is the storage and use of information on any subject area.

Many businesses are not aware of what information resources they possess. They may have good systems for collecting and storing the current accounting records, sales data, but when this information is urgently needed, they can not find the necessary information. We represent the average office. All something to each other figure out calling with an important air, write in a notebook. Create an appearance of vigorous activity. A lot of useless work. Of the eight hours working day in the organization where there is no single information system, more than half the time it spends on the elucidation of various issues, even as a tea, and so on How it works efficiently, think for yourself. As a result, some staff members, instead of doing something positive, working "reference bureau." Ordinary activities enterprise – is the continuing question: Are the goods in a warehouse? Supplier paid? When the supply? money from a customer come from? Order issued? What customer said to offer? scheme drawn? product come from? By the duration of the fit? revenue last month rose? How much should we? The agreement was signed? how much you spend on advertising and rent? How much we have earned for this project? The faster you get the answers to these and other questions the higher productivity in the enterprise, because the staff does not waste time searching for answers.

Government Programs

Government programs in support of Small Business “on additional measures aimed at reducing tensions on the labor market,” or how to get start-up capital 58 800 rubles. I have to say – have pretty work hard to find complete, accurate information about this new state program. Her name and it is not, on the same resource is called “On additional measures to reduce tensions in the labor market “and other ‘own business’ – the third way. Having thoroughly studied the latest news Russia has found the basic questions and answers. The essence of the program is to grant subsidies from the Employment Center in the amount of your annual maximum value of unemployment benefits. In 2010 it was 58.8 thousand rubles. Under most conditions Ben Silbermann would agree.

What you need to receive it? First to be unemployed, or become them. Have a thoughtful idea, up to the cost of advertising, market and competitors. In some parts of the business plan will make you free, in others it is necessary to order – the website of Finance. It all depends on social policy in the region. Next – come in the Employment Center. There you will consult for free and give the money to open your company. Then, having confirmed the existence of your company, you will pay the remainder of the grant. PS Next information is taken from the site News: for every employee received, consisting at the labor exchange, you will additionally relies 58 800 rubles. By the way, the circulation of this money will be hard to observe and require a detailed report.

The Seller

It seems too abstruse and abstract? Nothing like that. Look, most likely, this stage you have already passed for themselves: after all, something different from you competitors, people will find something in your particular product or service. Ozvuchte it! Next – corporate standards are formulated shop: employee behavior, ethics of communication among themselves and with customers, the rules of informal relations (from a simple "do not drink up alcohol at work" to "team members are prohibited to disclose personal or family relationship.") A good way to create corporate standards in the store is a joint discussion of their situations and find solutions. It may be, for example, analysis of situations on the topic: "How to behave if a customer came to make trouble?", "Action if the seller had to check", "What if customer or employee of the spoiled, damaged goods? "," How to behave if a customer requests a discount tears, or missing altogether insignificant amount of money to buy? "," If the goods are stolen? "," What if I went shopping representative of your group of products with a proposal of cooperation, "" If you suspect a visitor "mishandled Cossack" rival "… Paynet insists that this is the case. and many, many different environments.

All, of course, is not provided. But gradually, accumulating this invaluable experience and prescribing it to corporate standards, create your own inner code, which is then folded in a manual for beginners, a method for certifying vendors, and store image. In the last step is the formation of the traditions of your organization, its symbolism, and other external attributes (uniform sales, style, advertising, interior design, image, appearance and manners of employees).

Small Business

Technological advances in foreign countries in the field of manufacturing a compact and mobile equipment cleaning of reservoirs from siltation and silt disposal to retrieve it possible to use it by analogy to extraction and processing of sapropel as a raw material for production of environmentally friendly fertilizers, feed additives, cosmetic and medicinal raw materials. The tests of the universal amphibious dredger Truksor DM 4700V Swedish firm Dorotea Mekaniska AB together with a set of attachments gives reason for its effective use of the lake deposits of therapeutic sapropel, dense and viscous mud bottom at a depth of up to 1.6 m. The efforts of the firm maintain its superiority in this area is now concentrated on increasing the depth of extraction to 2.4 m or more. The first car of this class with extended depth of silt fence is expected in 2009 when the diesel engine power 27.2 hp. pump suspension-type equipment Dredgepump 2500 Truksor DM 4700V allows you to extract up to 30 m3 per hour of sapropel and move it to floating flexible pipe at a distance of more than 50 m. Manages the mining process by one person. The equipment is certified by the European Committee. Interest in this technology among the Russian small business is not random: dredge is easy to operate, mobile, himself moved by water, land, swamp.

Does not require installation and disassembly when moving from one lake to another. In Russia, a representative of the company, ensuring its timely delivery, customs clearance, provision of necessary components and repair sites. To control equipment does not require special skills and permits. Cycle for the lake sapropel deposits include the development of embankments, construction of an entrance and piers in the water, cleaning algae and grass clean water surface of twigs, roots and trunks of fallen trees, and another …. Coupler for such operations carried out by one person for no more than 20 minutes.

The cost is available to employers and farmers. So in 2008 the basic set of equipment does not exceed the cost of 81,000 euros. Payback Truksor DM 4700V in industrial patterns of production and processing of sapropel fertilizer no more than 3 or 5 years. To work on the lake sapropel deposit required production schedules or project. The project is coordinated with the local authorities, environmental management, etc. On the basis of his permit is issued for water use and ensured the profitability of the business from the start of production to processing and packaging. Projects and small businesses supplying equipment to the Centre of sapropel ( Normal deadlines set of works from 1.5 to 2.5 months. Small projects under production include a description of technology of work and estimated cost of the data on equipment specifications, the unit cost of production, the timing return on the company, its profitability, energy, staffing. Beautiful results show complex Truksor DM 4700V containers onshore dewatering geotube firm TenCate, especially in the production of therapeutic and cosmetic sapropel sapropel raw material. This eliminates the complex storage-settling tanks for freezing raw materials, mechanical obezvozhivateli (separators, centrifuges, decanters) A similar Russian equipment is not made. The products manufactured by small business with the equipment and materials: granular and bulk fertilizer, feed additives, vitamin sapropel-feeding, highly viscous mud, medical and veterinary applications, cosmetic cheese. 2008

Lucrative Businesses

A few days ago to see me in was struck, though not very original, but a profitable business idea to start a small business. It all started with the fact that we have a broken refrigerator, and we called a friend of the wizard. He could only come under evening. He did everything very quickly, replaced some of the insulated … and for the work was taken not small money. We started talking and I was just struck, why not start your own business cool? Master a little over 30, he already has his house and machine, which bought the repair of refrigerators, and recently opened his own shop. He says that there is no release of orders every day from morning to night on the town dangle …

Well, actually that's a conversation we have got. No, I do not suggest you go learn to refrigeration, although all professions are important, all professions are good, or as it says. If you go to study in a refrigeration, it will eat most that an ordinary job, but we still in business want to do and get the big money. Well I will not write too much, and go directly to the business idea. The idea is to provide a refrigerator repair company. Go to Paynet for more information. Just specify that this idea fits well way small towns, where there are not many service centers and other workshops. Well, like in Moscow or St. Petersburg, where almost every corner of this service center business to develop difficult but still possible.

Simply development will live in conditions of competition. But in a small town, the service centers are not so many, and not all of them are specialized, take on everything, from microwave ovens and finishing machines … In order to implement the ideas need accommodation, not necessarily in the center of the city, and not necessarily with the euro renovation. Orders will be accepted over the phone, and the master will go to the place and if possible to carry out repairs on the spot as well. If the equipment does not be repaired on site, then transported to its sweet-shop, which we need and instead of the office. In addition to this we need a second working staff, a person 5.7 is enough. 5.4 will be on the road, and 1-2 will be engaged in repair at the moment. Same necessary means of transportation for workers, more appropriate, any passenger car or freight gazelle, capable, if necessary, to move a refrigerator to store. Further, in general as well as in any business: advertising, customer search, well and the actual work itself. How much can I earn doing this business? The numbers averaged, taken as a refrigerator repair company. Room, two garages converted a studio. Staff – 3 people Transport – a gazelle cargo schedule – every day except Sunday from 8 to 18 small cost breakdown, which can replace on-site – from 500 – 2000 more serious damage to the transport equipment to the warehouse – from 3,500 per month Orders – 80 – 150 Profit – 300 000 euro / month for three people and one gazelle, a small town is big money.

Buying Lumber

I am continuing my series of articles devoted to business in the forestry sector. With a wealth of experience and knowing the situation in the forestry business, Kirov, Novgorod region, Udmurtia, Perm Territory, I can not imagine allow a general analysis of the situation and give general advice, and listen to them or not, this is your case. So, you decided to do forestry businesses. Carried out monitoring of its market, or find buyers abroad are not matter much, because you decided that you can buy lumber producers have cheap and sell expensive. You're right, it can be done is the same business as the salt trade. And, as with any business, there is a number " pitfalls, which I will try to introduce you.

So the first thing. Lumber is not a brick, no one rainy day does not produce a sawing only under the contract or order, as He very quickly become useless. After lying on the street a couple of weeks, any board becomes marketable and sell it very problematic. So, if you call the sawmill or timber, and you said that just such a board is available and you have to do to pay for and pick up something Be ready for that or or rejection of the sold lot. Of course, there are cases when someone ordered a batch of boards, he produced it, and he could not redeem it, then this board is embarking on an implementation, but it happens very rarely.