Technical University

Program participant Au-pair does not work more than 30 hours per week: 5 days a week at 6:00 or 6 times a week for 5 hours. Be sure to at least one day in week should be output. And if the family and member of Au-pair were very friendly, it is usually the weekend they spend together: go out of town to the park, the zoo, the nature. But with the host, as in love, may be lucky, but maybe not. Yellow Jackets often addresses the matter in his writings. Sometimes the party Au-pair and family do not find a common language and they have to leave, sometimes family overload assistant job or given the opportunity to attend language courses. For his work Au-pair gets a small salary to pocket expenses, the family also provides shelter, food and insurance. I was not very caring family. For example, I was fed once a day at lunch, were given a packet of pasta for me and two children.

I highly recommend the program Au-pair young people who only advise to carefully choose the family. – It is difficult to study in Germany? – Sure. First of all, at first reading speed is very low. Literally every word has to look in the dictionary, because you read an ad hoc literature and the terminology is not taught in a language course. Very difficult to write reports. As a result, you are in all respects slows down at least three times. The truth eventually it passes.

Difficult to pass examinations in German universities. It is mainly written exams, and no preliminary lists of issues. The instructor can set any theme, including outside the program. It is very difficult in Germany to receive appreciation on the exam. But You can go practice in the workplace, and there to write a diploma. This gives students the opportunity to acquire practical skills and acquire contacts in the industry, and maybe find a job. Let's just say, in Germany to learn difficult, but prospects in comparison with the Ukrainian universities, space. So the result is worth the effort. – A lot of "our", Russian, currently studying in Hamburg and in general all over Germany? – Quite a few. However, among students Russian lower than the Turks, Chinese, Indians. When I arrived in the Technical University of Munich, I was the first in a Ukrainian studio program on information networks. But in general in Germany quite a lot of Russian immigrants. Almost all my friends – Russian. Say what you like, but the native mentality – the most intimate and friendly. – What you wish compatriots who are just going to study in Germany? Is it worth it? Why worry? – Oh! Here I 'll be completely optimistic. MUCH! Always worth. This is a wonderful opportunity to live in a normal country. Sometimes difficult, but if you suffer, then you can reap the fruits of their labors, and it will not happen in the next life, and just a few years. Do not be afraid of the financial difficulties for the students here the sea opportunity to earn as a specialty, and not their specialty. I happened to 2 part-but it could have and 5 podrabotok. The main thing – do not be lazy. Studying abroad provides the opportunity to learn foreign languages and culture, learn something new, to get a lot of friends, seeing the world. Need to fear no one but himself, his laziness. More Nothing to fear is not necessary. Suitcase – education abroad

Influence Status

Individual's activity is determined by its consciousness, organizing this activity after recognizing the needs born and ways to satisfy it. But as far as ways to meet those needs that are generated by the social divisions (such as ways to improve the system of distribution of wealth in society) – is aware of (open) these paths are no easier than to make discoveries in any field of knowledge, where discoveries are made only as a rare exception in parallel by several people, and usually one person, with subsequent spread open knowledge among the rest of society. Therefore, the vast majority of people are coming to realize how to improve industrial relations are not independent in the process of thinking about its socioeconomic status, and in the process of perception of revolutionary ideas, developed and promoted by leaders of the revolutionaries. For more information see Hyundai. On the basis of which, one could argue that no true idea of the revolutionary activity of people determined by their socio-economic status. Socio-economic status of men that determines their consciousness only a predisposition to accept the counter-revolutionary or propaganda. Revolutionize or kontrrevolyutsionizatsiya mind the vast majority of people are in the process of promoting the ideas and theories developed by the leaders of the relevant social forces.

Yes history is made by the masses. But the masses run lead. The influence of personality on the development of social processes, the greater a greater influence on the consciousness of the identity of this individual, and thus the public consciousness groups, classes and nations.

Marketing Training

Marketing – an integral structure of doing business in today's market environment. All the company's activities in the environment – is marketing. Customers, suppliers, competitors, marketing, pricing, advertising, PR, exhibitions, sales promotion, all this marketing. A study of consumer behavior, product development, brand, packaging, service, everything is also marketing. Strategy in the market, how to beat competitors civilized legal means, all the marketing. Properly conducted market research and develop a marketing plan can significantly increase profits. But the conditions market is constantly changing, so the marketer is so important to constantly raise their level of education.

Training on marketing can in a short time to master the theoretical material and practical skills. Trainings Marketing designed specifically for professionals and managers of marketing services of large, medium and small companies. During training, practical knowledge of instructors and consultants are divided, having a successful experience in implementing business projects in the field of marketing, as well as acting heads of the relevant services. Training in marketing have their own specificity, depending on the qualifications of a specialist. For Head – the emphasis on strategic marketing planning. For professionals, managers and analysts – to implement a marketing plan, advertising, marketing and operational management of marketing. For owner – the overall structure of the marketing organization.

As a rule, identified two reasons for attending training sessions on marketing – is a professional need and career plans. Training is considered as additional education that improve the value of a specialist in the labor market. Training on marketing responded quickly to the changing economic situation in the country and the world. The most pressing issue today for marketers – that you can take to organize an effective marketing during the crisis. Trainings are ready to offer the most effective methods of crisis management marketing. Economic crisis imposes its own characteristics to conduct marketing, and they must adapt. The new marketing strategy takes into account the reduction in advertising expenditures and research and adjust marketing organization in the enterprise. As the teachers training in marketing, in very recent times, the demand on the topics of strategic marketing and marketing research. Increase the popularity of these areas may indicate reorientation of enterprises with short-term goals for long-term. In the second place in popularity – training in brand management and advertising and PR. The most popular are educational programs on branding FMCG-products. Recently, the demand for training in preparation of marketing plan. Apparently, this is due to the fact that marketing is now being applied more systematically in the companies, and marketers should be able to expect their actions in advance. Often, training in marketing are conducted in corporate form. What gives companies? First, and foremost, an understanding of the importance and nature of marketing in their approach to daily business.

Improve Oral Sales

Written business communication – as an intuitive term, so mysterious and. For those who are not associated with regular communication and correspondence with business partners, contractors and customers, the ability to write business letters and proposals seem superfluous. Those who are accustomed to active sales, standing behind a counter or cutting off the phone to strangers or unfamiliar customers, written communication, too, at first glance needed. However, 80% of the successful negotiations of the concerned oral counterpart at the other end should be asked: "Please Send all the same information you just presented orally within 15 minutes of conversation, in writing. Preferably in the form of the offer. " To say that after this oral work negotiator and the seller is made of 100% would be an exaggeration.

In such cases, any self-respecting company has harvested and watered-down pattern of the text – "the offer" striking in their novelty and the format and content. There are options, starting with the assertion that the product (service, product) the most, only "almost nothing" to the lengthy information about how big and famous company offers cooperation and trade. As a rule, as written, if the product is a massive, unpopular, expensive, or unclaimed market in general. People such as CMO, Nissan North America would likely agree. Question on filling – how many contractors will be customers of the 10% who agreed to review a written version of a generic compact oral offer to sell something? The answer is ambiguous, but even if negotiations after sending the proposals are successful in 20% of cases, the effectiveness of the master telephone sales is 2% of the total number of treated clients from the database. A lot or a little, let the answer specialist who sat on the phone 8-10 hours working day, only the third time in getting on the right in his face, time to talk with dozens of potential clients in the best case. Learn how to write business proposals, business letters and marketing texts are not so simple. You can click your fingers in the air and say, "Now I can do!" – After reading the excellent advice free from the Internet "experts" on the promotion of blogs.

After reading the articles on how in actual fact need to write a "business letter to a foreign company." It will not help, believe me. Any skill requires work, study, practice, even as additional training or distance learning courses, designed not for years, but the real dozens of hours of study. Not every city in Russia is "The School of Business Letters", rather it works in full-time-only in St. Petersburg at VO, 8 Line, 29. Tel. +7 (911) 220-60-80. However, remote and interactive Training format is now available to all – training via the Internet was not just the norm, but the most convenient and economical way of self-education. Especially in the field of business written communication.

Entrusted Education Company

The author: John Teplyakov, a consultant on corporate learning company "Provocation GROWTH" The relevance of the topic we are not talking: now every company is faced with the fact that employees must be trained. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo. Business training – the most effective way of teaching adults. Therefore, the present occupation business coach is one of the most popular and sought after. Most large companies establish their corporate universities, departments form the training, recruiting and training managers are trained. Bill Phelan: the source for more info. ! Profession business coach – one of the most popular and sought after.

On the corporate training market is actively working a number of companies, specializing in training and consulting. Every employer wants an expert whom he hires, consistent with the position that it takes. Business Coach is no exception, and it also imposed specific requirements as to professional training. In Europe, the criteria for evaluating a business coach are quite simple – he must be trained. If the organization that trained specialist, has a name in the market, compliance with quality standards, has a program in which future business coach will be trained 5 years, then you will agree, it indicates the level of skill. ! In Europe, the trainer taught 5 years. Unfortunately, here in Russia, business coach public education so far to get anywhere.

And the criteria for assessing professional business coach does not exist, such as a doctor or a lawyer. But to distinguish amateurs from professionals we still have in spite of all these restrictions? .. In fact now a business coach can call themselves, anyone who took a two-day training program for coaches or management personnel. Like buying a corporate training with a beautiful name, to determine whether it is competent to lead? Recommendations for evaluating the competence of a business coach – Apply all that is used for estimating any other specialists, whose skills should be high.

Foreign Languages And Business

We all were taught or are teaching one or even several foreign languages. For decades, the tradition evolved to learn English, German, French. Slightly less popular, but still quite common were (and are) Italian and Spanish. And of course, always have been and are individuals who took the fortress of Arabic, Hindi and even Sanskrit. Foreign languages are studied by someone quite consciously, to set goals, someone is very Interestingly, while someone studies them as a fashion or tradition, which in today's society absolutely must know at least one foreign language. However, if we approach the issue of informed, what languages are really worth teaching today? In this article we will talk about the Chinese language and how can this complex and unusual language to claim the title of one of the most important languages in the world today.

To begin with, that said in Chinese two-thirds of our planet. This fact – a consequence of the traditional high fertility in China, which even with strict control measures on the part of the state is still difficult to reduce. By itself, this fact would not have had much matter whether China is usually underdeveloped country with low economic potential. However, the situation is reversed. Experts predict that by 2050 China will become the world's economic leader, surpassing even United States of America, and Chinese, according to some experts, may be the most important foreign language, replacing English. China's GDP is comparable to the U.S. GDP, but due to cheap labor in China every year open up millions of enterprises, and accordingly, its economy has invested heavily.

Higher Education

Only one in four important "crust" – a pass to work. 7% of students in general can not determine what they learn in high school. It turns out that many young people demonstrates the non-market thinking and nonmarket forms of behavior. They choose the path of "nowhere," hoping for a miracle, assistance, retraining. That is why sociologists, and sounding the alarm: high school less than half the function of training professionals. – In the public mind has formed a stable stereotype: Higher Education – home value – Alla says. – Since the 1980's. parents of the current generation of students received a quality education, then for their children they would like to do the same.

Today, 90% of city dwellers and 80% of the villagers are willing to pay for their children to school university. But amid oversupply of specialists such as lawyers, economists, psychologists, became popular with employees of the initial vocational education. But such education often does not provide the children professional practical skills in the proper amount. In the West, a training center with facilities for training. We – no. Looking for electricians, fitters, plumbers, welders … their salaries are enough high. But an adequate understanding of these professions do not form today, so they are not held in high esteem. From session to session, What you need to be successful? "The quest for lasting knowledge," "teaching quality" – of course: these factors were surveyed at the highest rate of utility. Important, however, they felt, and "the ability to make contact with the teacher." At last: demands of teachers (one in ten said its bad!), the presence of moral incentives to learn and work in parallel scientific work.

File Formats

File formats. Each file has its own name. It consists of a file name and its extension, separated by the sign of (for example: photo.jpg). The file name can be selected by the user, or programmer, creating program. Extension (also sometimes referred to as the format), tightly linked to the type of file, and change is absolutely contraindicated.

The most common file formats: Archives: RAR – a file or group of files compressed with using RAR-compressed (has a higher compression ratio than ZIP). 'RAR' comes from 'Roshal ARchive' (the name of the developer – Eugene Roshal). ZIP – compressed file, use a ZIP-compression, is supported by most compression program. Windows users can create a ZIP-file, using, for example, the program WinZip. Video: AVI – video format file containing the data that can be encoded in different codecs. Uses less compression than similar formats. AVI files can be played by different players, but the player must support the codec used to encode the video.

The word codec – comes from the words to encode and decode. MPEG (MPG)-format for storing video and audio compression and data loss. MPEG4 (MP4) – film or video clip that has been compressed in MPEG-4 standard, commonly used to exchange and transfer video files online. This format uses separate compression for audio and video tracks. SWF – ShockWare Flash. SWF files created using the software Macromedia Flash. SWF format is also known as Flash Player. The format used to store vector graphics and animation clips that can contain sound. To view it uses Flash Player Player, and modern Web-browsers. Edit SWF-files can not be. Graphics: Continuation of the article:


Inter alia "Secondary educational" learning a language does not give a complete picture of modern slang, idiomatiki, information about the style of life and madder communication in modern France. Although knowledge of French today, not only "Nice", but also, inter alia, be useful. For example, today in France, public higher education is given free of charge, and scientific foundations and universities provide a range of scholarships and grants for education and training, a prerequisite of which is knowledge of French. At the same time, remember that the French language is spoken not only in France and Paris. French is the official language in 33 countries, including Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

In addition, this language is working in a number of global organizations. By the way, you anyway will also have the French language, if your activities related to computer science, laser, space and aviation technologies. Incidentally, the French business – school confidently holding the first places in the rankings of European countries. And yet, whatever the appearances, France was, is and likely will remain legislator of fashion trends. At the mere mention of France, once an association with spirits, wine, fashion and romance, beauty, grace and sophistication. So, maybe it's worth see all the eyes, wash our hands and go to France, in the city of lovers, all look at ourselves and at the same time, learn the language in the linguistic environment. By the way, a detailed map of Paris, almost the first thing to learn in the classroom language, everyone knows who had to learn the language.