The wise canalla continues to dominate the public scene, that gives us the win all read his reflections, thanks to the press, such as the El Nuevo Herald that published it on the front page with photos and details. He is the master of subversion from power, when no one criticizes him, he makes it, for what? To be on the minds of all the unwary Cubans who believe he is the decision of what will happen in Cuba. Fifty years of attempts, domestication, with more or less successes and failures has fanfarroneado, with their personal histories and their fearless struggle against oppressors complacency has mellado in many Cubans all have believed it and have heard, thank goodness. For opportunism, others hide their tangles, most by conviction have left their ties in any way. Dominates the three powers of a State and some more, the Executive, the legislative, the judicial, the fourth, imprisoned in the usual way and hijacked this since 1959, and worst of all, their fifth possession, fear. As Calvin with his total indoctrination tried, everyone thought as him, that as Muslims offered, the eleven thousand virgins in together to wing the Castros offer more (the fullness of enjoyment, but in life in the earthly), imperialism (which is coconut, and the Wolf in little Red Riding Hood), worms and stateless, as the Lord of disappointments, has been responsible for instilling that his person is Cuba or rather is Cuba. It has achieved as cocaine and opium that we continue with the drug until dispose us all. We have already many away, thank God consume it much less than before, on a daily basis. We have aggressive but traffickers memos traffickers itself, that bring us the drugs of one form or another. The greater Castro has wrought a history of the American West of the era of the 50s film and has evolved into a 1990s Rambo.

Governor Natividad Gonzalez Paras

That most of the time I spent it leafing through books. To my surprise I had a huge cardboard box with more than 100 books that I don’t know how he knew that they interested me. It was his first gift: a huge and generous provision of books I devoured. Then followed other boxes with more interesting books until circumstance and misdeeds of youth I walked away from his side and I started my journalistic career independently. Recently, namely the loss of the books that was accumulating in more than 25 years, it gave me 320 books of its rich bibliographic heritage.

PIONEER of education Jorge Villegas was the creator of the first Faculty of Sciences of the communication of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, where he was the principal for six years, times enough to see the first graduates among which important communicators as Gilberto Marcos and Ulrich Sanders, among others. Then he was called to occupy the editorial management of the newspaper El Diario of Monterrey where he devoted himself to journalism to 100 percent. Under the direction of the newspaper came out many brilliant journalists who have been directors of newspapers, senior executives or officers of the State Government. The archive shows the managerial work of Jorge Villegas and its thousands of columns written over the years, in a discipline that few journalists can boast. On 6 September gave him a tribute that was attended by friends, politicians and journalists and is commemorated 50 years of journalistic practice. Later, the society of history, geography and statistics gave a well-deserved tribute on December 15. Also in December the Bachelor Villegas presented his book Monterrey between centuries where he was Governor Natividad Gonzalez Paras has indeed received serious questions of the journalist.The book was presented by Jorge Pedroza, prominent historian and the comunicologo Gilberto Marcos Handal.

In 50 years, rather than outline the daily routine and be clear minds in national and local politics, Jorge Villegas has valid facts in people who were overcome. Missing many columns written and many for reading. Meanwhile, its name transcends time and his humanist spirit will continue helping young people who request advice and assistance. One of its tasks important. Because, in the journalistic his long career has opened the puertsa of history. And, as said Julio Sherer: journalists the facts behind them.