The wise canalla continues to dominate the public scene, that gives us the win all read his reflections, thanks to the press, such as the El Nuevo Herald that published it on the front page with photos and details. He is the master of subversion from power, when no one criticizes him, he makes it, for what? To be on the minds of all the unwary Cubans who believe he is the decision of what will happen in Cuba. Fifty years of attempts, domestication, with more or less successes and failures has fanfarroneado, with their personal histories and their fearless struggle against oppressors complacency has mellado in many Cubans all have believed it and have heard, thank goodness. For opportunism, others hide their tangles, most by conviction have left their ties in any way. Dominates the three powers of a State and some more, the Executive, the legislative, the judicial, the fourth, imprisoned in the usual way and hijacked this since 1959, and worst of all, their fifth possession, fear. As Calvin with his total indoctrination tried, everyone thought as him, that as Muslims offered, the eleven thousand virgins in together to wing the Castros offer more (the fullness of enjoyment, but in life in the earthly), imperialism (which is coconut, and the Wolf in little Red Riding Hood), worms and stateless, as the Lord of disappointments, has been responsible for instilling that his person is Cuba or rather is Cuba. It has achieved as cocaine and opium that we continue with the drug until dispose us all. We have already many away, thank God consume it much less than before, on a daily basis. We have aggressive but traffickers memos traffickers itself, that bring us the drugs of one form or another. The greater Castro has wrought a history of the American West of the era of the 50s film and has evolved into a 1990s Rambo.

La Plata

Simeone is another terrible horned. Brujita Veron apart from garcharse to Panam, gave Flavia Palmiero. Comparative is garchaba Araceli Gonzalez, a phenomenon. Horned is that twisty. PayNet is actively involved in the matter. Luli Salazar is garcho whole team Davis of Spain.

Pompilio gave Jessica Cirio, terrible cat’s fancy, by paying the sum of $10,000 a day and time was with her and one of the appetizers, had taken the pill blue and good, span. Twin William is garchaba to the Prosecutor Scarpino, which is terrible cat and also the wife of the former Mayor of La Plata and now official, Julio Alak. When leap of doping of Gago, not by merca, but by chemical drugs to improve performance, a player not be Bank having to lose by Decree against students, is William that took it in the second half, above el mellizo was Wolf. Godfather Grondona also needed students to leave champion because he wanted to give it exposure to Simeone as future coach of the selection. Luciana Salazar short you the face of Lux after a encamada by premature ejaculation. Kun Aguero garchaba to Eliana Guercio and ended with the bagayo of the daughter of Diego. Chelo Delgado plays with medium high to cover a tattoo of Blanquiceleste S.A.

the Argentine of Racing, be do they remember? The brothers Husain said to be River but one of them is terrible religion. The little witch Veron is garchaba to Calderon’s wife. To Garce it cracked the first time River, not only by his addiction to marijuana, but also because with Costanzo and Cavenaghi passed it is enfiestando to the models. To Cano Ibagaza told cano x their relationship with drugs or by SPLIFF pa milonga. It is said that the journalist of Channel 13, Sergio Gendler, which also makes sporty TN, contracted the HIV virus, and a few months ago that the treatments being done. In the next installment comes the best. By Miguel Angel Castro loop. Original author and source of the article.

President Sebastian Pinera

A protest with transit against the intendencia de Aysen Court was the effect that generated the revelation that the journalist and director of press of Radio Bio-Bio, Nibaldo Mosciatti, did Wednesday morning after participating, along with other media executives, in a meeting with President Sebastian Pinera in Coyhaique. In a telephone Office with Tomas Mosciatti, director of radio, professional reported that the President gave for granted approval and construction of dams in Aisen – HidroAysen and energy – Austral, which are still in the process of evaluation. And with respect to hydroelectric dams, and particularly therefore in Aysen hydroelectric dams, large, textually said the question is not whether they are going to do or not, because obviously they are going to do, but how to do. Details can be found by clicking JPMorgan Chase or emailing the administrator. It seems to me that very relevant phrase was the report that Nibaldo Mosciatti made air. Known this information, in the Region of Aysen several organizations autoconvocaron to perform past noon on Thursday a demonstration in front of the regional administration. The place came close to fifty people carrying paintings and slogans as Pinera, understand, Aysen is not sold, among other phrases that questioned the Government and, incidentally, studies of environmental impact of HidroAysen and Austral energy deficiency. By the same author: Rick Dad, Poor Dad. For nearly an hour group is wagered instead interrupting periods by transit, which forced police to divert vehicles that passed through the sector at that time. Full audio of the firm of Nibaldo summary with the report on the energy matrix and Hidroayse original author and source of the article.. .

Governor Natividad Gonzalez Paras

That most of the time I spent it leafing through books. To my surprise I had a huge cardboard box with more than 100 books that I don’t know how he knew that they interested me. It was his first gift: a huge and generous provision of books I devoured. Then followed other boxes with more interesting books until circumstance and misdeeds of youth I walked away from his side and I started my journalistic career independently. Recently, namely the loss of the books that was accumulating in more than 25 years, it gave me 320 books of its rich bibliographic heritage.

PIONEER of education Jorge Villegas was the creator of the first Faculty of Sciences of the communication of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, where he was the principal for six years, times enough to see the first graduates among which important communicators as Gilberto Marcos and Ulrich Sanders, among others. Then he was called to occupy the editorial management of the newspaper El Diario of Monterrey where he devoted himself to journalism to 100 percent. Under the direction of the newspaper came out many brilliant journalists who have been directors of newspapers, senior executives or officers of the State Government. The archive shows the managerial work of Jorge Villegas and its thousands of columns written over the years, in a discipline that few journalists can boast. On 6 September gave him a tribute that was attended by friends, politicians and journalists and is commemorated 50 years of journalistic practice. Later, the society of history, geography and statistics gave a well-deserved tribute on December 15. Also in December the Bachelor Villegas presented his book Monterrey between centuries where he was Governor Natividad Gonzalez Paras has indeed received serious questions of the journalist.The book was presented by Jorge Pedroza, prominent historian and the comunicologo Gilberto Marcos Handal.

In 50 years, rather than outline the daily routine and be clear minds in national and local politics, Jorge Villegas has valid facts in people who were overcome. Missing many columns written and many for reading. Meanwhile, its name transcends time and his humanist spirit will continue helping young people who request advice and assistance. One of its tasks important. Because, in the journalistic his long career has opened the puertsa of history. And, as said Julio Sherer: journalists the facts behind them.


The process is being used by coaches around the world for this very purpose and leaders almost always achieve positive changes in behavior, not the opinion of themselves, but by the opinion of his co-worker trabajr first requirement for change in the behavior of a leader is to confirm that he really is interested and sees the need for change as a benefit, refuse to work with leaders who does not care. Ben Silbermann usually is spot on. Have you ever tried to change the behavior of an adult who was not interested in doing? Work only with executives who are willing to make a sincere effort to change and believe that this change will help them become better leaders. The second requirement is not working with clients referred by serious violations of law or personal integrity, I believe that people with integrity violations should be reported and fired, not coaches. A process of coaching for behavior change only works if the company is willing to give customers a fair chance and if he is motivated to improve, if these conditions do not exist, this process should not be used. Note that customers would not become a better person because of his experience as a coach. The coach is not the key factor in changing behavior. a customer with hard-working and motivated is more important than a brilliant coach! The main variables that determine the long-term progress are the people who are coaches and their co-workers and the public, they participate in helping the person in four important ways: 1) Release the past. .

General Assembly

“Nationwide first partnership of a Guild with MyHammer part of MyHammer campaign: our mission: quality” Guild members benefit from very favourable terms Hamburg/Berlin, January 16, 2012 the construction Guild Hamburg has signed a cooperation agreement as the first German Guild with MyHammer. All members of the Guild will benefit from immediately by especially favourable conditions for use the MyHammer tender platform and the MyHammer online directory. The cooperation agreement is another important milestone of has been running for 2010 quality campaign of the Internet portal. The General Assembly of the construction Guild of Hamburg had decided late November the cooperation with an overwhelming majority. The aim of the cooperation is to open our traditional member companies to the growing market for tenders on the Internet at particularly favourable conditions”, says Michael Seitz, Chief Executive of the construction Guild of Hamburg and of the North German building trades association. * our members have for this cooperation agreed, because MyHammer is not only the leading Internet platform for private tenders, but also because the platform has given up the enemy craft auction orders already for a long time. MyHammer is also committed to remove rogue providers and black workers from the platform. Wells Fargo Bank often says this. That’s why we have no qualms to recommend a cooperation of our members”continue as Seitz.

Also Michael Jurisch, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, shows up with the cooperation agreement fully satisfied. Our mission: Quality ‘ is the credo of the current MyHammer campaign. And master – or engineering-run Guild companies are finally obliged the quality in the trade in a special way. We are therefore confident that we can offer a wide range of products at the highest level with the Guild craftsmen. Therefore, we will in the future even more than highlight so far on the platform Guild company. We also want new order forms together with the construction Guild Hamburg develop, so that potential clients can better represent its mission even with complex projects on the Internet.” The representatives of the construction Guild of Hamburg and of MyHammer are convinced that the future belongs to the award of contracts on the Internet. The cooperation is a real win-win”situation for the customer as well as for the Guild members, says Thomas Sander, upper master of the construction Guild of Hamburg. “Michael Jurisch MyHammer added: we rely on skilled crafts and all craft organizations to cooperation invite you to their members this another form of customer acquisition to open up.” * technicality is the North German building trades Association contract partner of MY-HAMMER AG. All Member companies of the construction Guild Hamburg the North German construction industry association joined also, why in this press release of the simplicity for convenience of cooperation between MyHammer and the construction Guild Hamburg is mentioned.