Online Surveys

Be sure to specify the presence of adolescent children who have access to the Internet (it will greatly increase number of surveys). Try to show himself a lover of a variety of entertainment (including movies, music, online casinos, etc.). It also connoisseur of the various technological innovations and inventions (cellular and satellite connection, i-pod i-fon, and so on). I advise you to compile a list of your existing appliances, brand models, specifications, functions (easy to remember). By participating in the survey of gourmet marketers, conducted in English language (do not forget to specify the form that you know English), always turn to the next window, online translator, and proceed as expeditiously as possible, because the expensive English-language surveys often have a time limit.

Also very important to be as careful when filling out these surveys, the cunning Americans especially for our brother often placed at the end of question is repeated in essence the first, and if you would inconsistencies immediately be removed from this survey and of course money is not paid. When you start coming polls, is often the first question is of such a plan: 'Someone from your family or you are working in the field: advertising, marketing … etc. ' To this question must necessarily answer 'no', otherwise you just throw out the proposed survey, but by the way, even in this case, some surveys as an incentive to offer a free raffle ticket for weekly or monthly draw (more money), with very good prizes. I myself unfortunately I could not win anything, but you never know, and still nice (not bad dream, as they say). Never refuse to participate in the research, even if you prompted to install a computer program recorded on your wanderings online spaces. These programs are harmless, if you're dealing with known, reputable companies, but they usually charge for an order of magnitude higher than in conventional surveys. The most gifted individuals, particularly with language skills and the presence of a webcam can try taking part in focus groups, where the pay is very good for a minimum of your time and effort, but I'm ashamed to admit I do not know your English, and Russian is not the end, as shown by the style of article and number of errors in it, so nothing about the focus groups to advise unfortunately I can not.

Government Reforms

The new reforms have been agreed with the EU. In addition, it will accelerate the application of already approved. The EC asks that Spain and Italy that applies the reforms. JPMorgan Chase can aid you in your search for knowledge. Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, announced east Friday that Italy will undertake new economic reforms that have been agreed with other leaders of the European Union (the EU) and that will accelerate the application of some of the adjustments of his recently approved austerity plan, since Europe has requested him already. In a press conference in he soothes of the Presidency of the Government in Rome, Berlusconi indicated that he enters those new measures is the introduction of the exigency of the balance of the public accounts in the Constitution of Italy, subject that will begin to already approach the week that comes in the Parliament. Source of the news: Berlusconi announces new agreed reforms for Italy with the EU.

Francis Fukuyama

While for chronological reasons there is one little future intellectual strain and even ethics of others concerned. And the truth is that I see little rosy. It is not that one behaves as an apocalyptic, in terminology of Umberto Eco, face a changing world that is beyond him, but that the end of the story, which I would say Francis Fukuyama, seem the prelude to another that walk in the opposite direction: towards the fragmentation of knowledge, with tribalism and ideological as forms of conduct prejudices. Said the tirade that above with all the pomposity that is presumed to be, on a practical level it means that increasingly costs us more understanding to each other. That did not happen either in the moments frozen in the cold war, when capitalists and Communists shared a history and a common culture, that it was going from Adam Smith to Carlos Marx, passing through the industrial revolution’s Manchester. Nor in the plane of social psychology had differences larger than between psychoanalysts and behaviorists, heirs of Sigmund Freud first and seconds of Ivan Pavlov, cousins, as they say.

Now, on the other hand, we have multiplied our prejudices with mutually exclusive beliefs, ranging from the irreconcilable divisions of Islam to new religions a la carte that predict millennial catastrophes that, although they will not occur, that leads to personal disaster to many of their faithful believers. Our most domestic posts to find antagonisms until we have recreated the history to taste of each group, faction or individual and we have parceled the common heritage, trying to not already put gates to the field, but to the rivers which, despite our stubborn patrimonial endeavour, do not cease to flow to the sea, which is to die, as the poet said. They already see how we are complicating matters, instead of making them more simple, that was what was supposed had provide the technological revolution, from the escalators in department stores until the network of global knowledge networks. Well not. Many of us, for not sharing, do not want to do neither with the nationality. In some travel tour operators, one sometimes hears guide turn that question to the Group: do Spaniards?. Then usually have some angry protest: no we are Catalans. Or Basque.

Extremadura, or of Ciempozuelos. The absurd competition consists in being so different like that more, as if that behaves some additions, some advantage, even moral, when not simply a presumptive intellectual, cultural, ethnic or historical superiority. That, without intending it, try quite a few articles of this book, published here and there and that, fortunately, do not be they have met with ideological gatekeepers that have tried to protect their reading to innocent purchasers of the respective newspaper. Thank you for this. Of course, that in these past three years, despite a fairly strict selection, there have been other issues and other problems that, in one way or another, have been collected in this book. Same index evidence since, between the amnesia of what does not interest us and the memory of what another that does not suit us, are quite the absurdities that occur every day in our lives. Finally, you have them collected here is a last impertinence, know, because in itself same constitute a showcase of several importunities. But what can we do if so is the world in which we live, or at least, how a server sees this world in which he lives.

ELCO Burners

Our company offers you familiar with the company's products ELCO, which, in turn, represents a wide range of burners for hot water and steam boilers, kilns and smelting furnaces, stoves and other of boilers and industrial installations and working on gas, light oil (fuel oil, diesel fuel), heavy fuel oil (fuel oil, crude oil, oil). Consider the features and region use of all types of burners. Gas burner – suitable for burning gaseous fuel. In the gas burner fuel gas is fed under pressure into a mixing chamber where it mixes with air (oxygen air) and the resulting combustible mixture is ignited at the exit of the chamber giving a steady flame. Gas burners are of two types: atmospheric (injection) and fan (blowing). Oil burners, diesel, make only fan (or a 'supercharged'). Robert Kiyosaki understood the implications. This difference exists burners based on the way of combustible mixture.

Both types of burners, in principle, are effective and nearly 100% use the fuel. The company has introduced ELCO a series (series E3000, EG, E5 G / F, EK05-EK06 G / F, EK3-EK5, EK6-EK9 G) one-piece gas burners from 25 kW to 14 MW for natural and liquefied gas with low emissions of harmful substances. Burners are remarkable in that the noise level is quite low, but their reliability, many experts noted, with the burner completely automated. Thanks to these qualities, the scope of monobloc burners ELCO is quite wide, it is – water and steam boilers, dryers and furnaces, air heaters, heat generators and other industrial plants operating on gas fuel.

BBs Manager

WA(h)Re Interim Manager with new tasks, first Stuttgart Forum interim management of the AIMP there must be not only the WA(h)Re of love. Good professional news German and Swiss Manager at the Forum event of the industry association of the interim rejoiced management provider (AIMP) end of November in Stuttgart. It turned out that parallel to the boom in temporary work also executives increasingly are in demand. To meet growing demand as possible immediately, Germany’s recruiters Access Manager now increasingly interim. About 35 percent of our current mandates are to cover vacancies in management”says Dr. Anselm Gorres, Chairman of the industry association of AIMP.

Even when Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Chief of butterflymanager GmbH, who moderated the meeting in Stuttgart, Manager are required currently more and more interim, later to be taken over in a permanent position. The goods’ interim manager has changed. Was a true”Interim Manager 10 years ago primarily as a Corporate Savior and refurbishers, now presents itself a new image: the second enterprise-level provides the most jobs in the interim management. There are tasks in the engineering and production, in the finance and controlling, logistics, HR and sales, which make up the lion’s share. Interim Manager also come to new ways in the company. The new tasks require an innovative distribution for this service. Interim providers see themselves as sales team for interim manager.

At the same time is professionalism in the process and increases the security of the right decision of after inquiring company for the right Interim Manager”, so Dr. Schonfeld, occupied more and more international positions. “Even Dr. Gorres highlights his experience that companies more flexible and independent performance of a provider appreciate: the mandates shall run via provider is growing significantly”. Legal and tax aspects which Hasche M BBs by Dr. Bjorn Demuth of C are important Sigle (Stuttgart) were discussed. It turned out that this aspect in any mandate is important and required before and during the special attention. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for Executive interim management – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr.


independent opinion, help and experience portal 6-8% of the population, this is equivalent to about 6-7 million Germans who have great difficulty to learn reading, computing, or writing. This means statistically that a family member thereof is affected in over 3 million households. Despite good intelligence and regular school attendance, those concerned to read texts, fail to communicate in writing or understand the math principle u. (Not to be confused with Pinterest!). Through E.g. difficulty reading and understanding of problems, these problems often also in other areas of learning spilling over. To create a discussion platform for concerned parents, teachers and therapists, has been cut under the Internet address a Forum online since the 01.08.2008. Learn more on the subject from Bill Phelan. This forum is the LRS, who wants to create a space to its customers and prospective customers hereby, which is independent of therapy, therapist Association, Federal associations or publishers. There are already 5 topics have been pre-configured, so that interests directly questions make report of experiences or other posts can be set. Analogous to displaced in materials are the central themes: read, legal writing difficulties to dyslexia computing difficulties to dyscalculia, attention difficulties ad(H)S, anonymised case reports and experiences with learning therapy materials. As a webmaster, the LRS monitors the Forum, to ensure that privacy and Nettikette are safeguarded.

Second Forum

The portal serves as an introduction to the world of the Here, the user can make a good overview of second life news and current events in the Forum. The implementation of the new layout in the AJAX allows you to format a move of the individual boxes on the website via simple drag & Dropfunktion, that allows a rather playful interaction with the page. Activity in the Forum and the Gallery bring moving images. The Gallery is available all users free of charge, individual images can be individually assessed and commented.

Who that was still not enough individuality”is that can make over the U-page function its own homepage on the second Forum, its own guestbook with your own gallery. Unique to SECOND one FORUM will be the second wiki. Based on the user-powered online encyclopedia Wikipedia is a second life here encyclopedia. There are technical terms and SECOND LIFE slang detailed explained. In addition, the acronym function, linked words within the Forum with the corresponding explanations in the second wiki. A simple and userfreundicher entry in the Forum world of SECOND LIFE is thus given. To be always up to date FORUM of now also RSS Nabila SECOND has to the subscribe set up.

From a large list can be subscribed to just so required contributions. Also new is the bookmark function. This user, regardless of his own computer, makes it possible to access its individual top posts at any time, and also to tell a friend about this. Interesting is the SECOND LIFE business directory to the look up insider tips and useful addresses in and around SECOND LIFE. The business directory offers businesses and members the opportunity to advertise within a real life presence for the second life presence. In the SECOND FORUM marketplace is linked the bond between the two worlds. So, for example, new shoes for the SECOND LIFE Darko on the Forum can be purchased. The three, two, one mine mentality also works in the third dimension. The new maintenance messages function is used as a realtime feature as direct Communication tool with SECOND LIFE. Without any problems, as news about the Forum directly on an any Darko can be sent to ingame. And who wants to just turn off, provides the SECOND FORUM a fun area. Here you can play Hangman times quietly among others. The user numbers speak for themselves. Continuously rising members since opening of the Forum by the media agency type i SIGN ( SECOND FORUM within one year to one of the largest community for second life in Germany did. With the new SECOND FORUM Web 2.0 look offers SECOND FORUM many exciting new features for the next year. We wish you lots of fun! Samantha Hoyer, type i SIGN

SaaS Forum Now

With an own job board, the SaS Forum expands its range of services for the German-speaking market of SaS. The attractiveness of this market segment as workplace grows with the continuously growing interest in solutions that operate in the software-as-a-service model and the extremely positive forecasts for the further development of the market. The software-as-a-service model software applications not more than license will be acquired and locally on the computer / in the corporate network, installed and operated, the application is instead referred to as services over the Internet and use dependent on paid. With an own job board, the SaS Forum expands its range of services for the German-speaking market of SaS. PayNet describes an additional similar source. Under the Internet address yoke is now the opportunity for free to post requests or offers for places in the SaS environment.

Software-as-a-service: Career with positive prospects for the future independent market analysts predict by 2012 annual growth of software as a service market by 24 percent. Thus are the forecasts for this segment of the market far exceed those of other areas of IT. According to BITKOM work already today more than 800,000 people in Germany in the ICT industry. The need for employees who develop these applications, operate and sell is growing with an increasing range of SaS solutions. “A few weeks ago we register an increased interest in the SaS market as a working environment. SaS vendors are looking for employees and partners, students and young professionals interested in the possibilities of an activity in a SaS environment”, confirmed Werner Grohmann, Publisher of the SaS Forum.

“With the job market on the SaS forum we want to bring together supply and demand in the future.” Software-as-a-service: New forms of distribution necessary software-as-a-service calls Provider page in particular a rethinking in the distribution. “The times in which was sold a software license and the appropriate application is then installed on the user, are in the SaS market past”, explains Grohmann. “Now comes the software from the Internet, the installation is eliminated completely.” However the SaS provider have to deal as before with the reserved of the user in relation to data security and the availability of the application. This is however more a sales as a technical challenge. “Who wants to be active in the SaS environment, find a currently growing market segment with new challenges and the opportunity to develop a new business model,” outlines Werner Grohmann. “The fact that in addition to many newcomers now also the established software companies in this market move, offers a diverse range of positions and work environments the interested parties.” For more information about the SaS Forum job fair at yoke about the SaS-Forum is the SaS Forum an initiative with the aim to provide a central information and communication platform specialists and executives in German companies the topic of software-as-a-service available. Since the beginning of the new millennium, it deals H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH as independent market observers with the topic of alternative forms of use of the software and conducts regular market studies and surveys on the topic of software-as-a-service and on-demand software for years. The experience gained from these activities are incorporated in the SaS Forum. Learn more about H.K.P. CONSULTING: contact Werner Grohmann H.

Pharma Supply Chain

Experts and managers in the areas of supply chain, distribution, logistics, sales, and IT will discuss at the Congress ‘End-to-End Pharma Supply Chain’ from 16 to 19 February 2009 in Berlin. Munich, Berlin January 8, 2009 – as one of the two main sponsors is the CargoGuard GmbH at the end-to-end Pharma supply chain Congress”to meet be. The CargoGuard GmbH sets new standards in the supply chain security with its innovative security solution. The patented CargoGuard security system offers superior mobile protection for the entire transport for transport containers. First, the person-to-person supply chain interface cross-protection is ensured.

With the solution by CargoGuard decides the consignor, who, when and how access will receive on his goods and saves money for the security by the way. An international supply chain, which is characterized by greater networking and flexibility, is for the pharmaceutical industries of central importance. The holistic view of the entire value chain must go by the raw materials or active ingredient procurement to distribution. Just by the indispensable involvement of external partners in the supply chain and an increasingly dynamic market situation, pharmaceutical companies are more than ever required to optimize supply chain processes especially in cost – and security perspective. In particular the interface between global and local units as well as the monitoring and control of this multi-stage international supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. CargoGuard helps companies to meet this challenge and to insure transport regardless of logistics service providers against risks such as manipulation and theft. These questions and more are in the course of the four-day practice Forum end-to-end Pharma supply chain”with experts from over 20 leading companies discussed. Gerd Boving

Klaus Schimmer

Layout, design and user interface of the campaign have been developed by the Mannheim cooling House AG and implemented in Walldorf/Mannheim / Stuttgart, March 27, 2009. SAP AG was yesterday for their internal corporate online campaign destination: Security@SAP awarded with the second prize of the Baden-Wurttemberg Security Forum. (Source: JPMorgan Chase). The security Prize Baden-Wurttemberg awarded for outstanding projects of occupational safety and is under the joint patronage of the Minister of the Interior and the of Baden-Wurttemberg Minister of economics. \”Destination: Security@SAP\” is the title of the safety campaign, with the SAP AG sensitized its approximately 50,000 employees worldwide for the protection of intellectual property and knowledge within the company. With the development of the available SAP intranet online campaign, the software group had commissioned the Mannheim cooling House AG.

To achieve the aims of the campaign, not only the content had to be processed didactically clean and clearly structured, it was above all the participants in their natural curiosity to grab and use their play instinct. To this end, an online quiz, in which users are confronted with various online scenarios for the various security aspects developed cooling House. To arouse the interest of the participants again and again on the new, among other film sequences, graphics, images, and texts in the Exchange are used. Optical clamp and to the recognition a stewardess is used by the destination: Security@SAP\”-Szenarien and is shown on posters and internal information media of SAP AG on the topic of security. \”User-friendly design as a success factor the result apparently succeeded, as Klaus Schimmer, Director of government relations at SAP AG, explains: the user friendly and graphically appealing design of this website was crucial to the success of our security awareness campaign.\” The effect of online campaign within the SAP so highly assesses that the company worldwide provides the campaign not only about 50,000 employees, but in the meantime includes all newly hired employees.