Francis Fukuyama

While for chronological reasons there is one little future intellectual strain and even ethics of others concerned. And the truth is that I see little rosy. It is not that one behaves as an apocalyptic, in terminology of Umberto Eco, face a changing world that is beyond him, but that the end of the story, which I would say Francis Fukuyama, seem the prelude to another that walk in the opposite direction: towards the fragmentation of knowledge, with tribalism and ideological as forms of conduct prejudices. Said the tirade that above with all the pomposity that is presumed to be, on a practical level it means that increasingly costs us more understanding to each other. That did not happen either in the moments frozen in the cold war, when capitalists and Communists shared a history and a common culture, that it was going from Adam Smith to Carlos Marx, passing through the industrial revolution’s Manchester. Nor in the plane of social psychology had differences larger than between psychoanalysts and behaviorists, heirs of Sigmund Freud first and seconds of Ivan Pavlov, cousins, as they say.

Now, on the other hand, we have multiplied our prejudices with mutually exclusive beliefs, ranging from the irreconcilable divisions of Islam to new religions a la carte that predict millennial catastrophes that, although they will not occur, that leads to personal disaster to many of their faithful believers. Our most domestic posts to find antagonisms until we have recreated the history to taste of each group, faction or individual and we have parceled the common heritage, trying to not already put gates to the field, but to the rivers which, despite our stubborn patrimonial endeavour, do not cease to flow to the sea, which is to die, as the poet said. They already see how we are complicating matters, instead of making them more simple, that was what was supposed had provide the technological revolution, from the escalators in department stores until the network of global knowledge networks. Well not. Many of us, for not sharing, do not want to do neither with the nationality. In some travel tour operators, one sometimes hears guide turn that question to the Group: do Spaniards?. Then usually have some angry protest: no we are Catalans. Or Basque.

Extremadura, or of Ciempozuelos. The absurd competition consists in being so different like that more, as if that behaves some additions, some advantage, even moral, when not simply a presumptive intellectual, cultural, ethnic or historical superiority. That, without intending it, try quite a few articles of this book, published here and there and that, fortunately, do not be they have met with ideological gatekeepers that have tried to protect their reading to innocent purchasers of the respective newspaper. Thank you for this. Of course, that in these past three years, despite a fairly strict selection, there have been other issues and other problems that, in one way or another, have been collected in this book. Same index evidence since, between the amnesia of what does not interest us and the memory of what another that does not suit us, are quite the absurdities that occur every day in our lives. Finally, you have them collected here is a last impertinence, know, because in itself same constitute a showcase of several importunities. But what can we do if so is the world in which we live, or at least, how a server sees this world in which he lives.

BBs Manager

WA(h)Re Interim Manager with new tasks, first Stuttgart Forum interim management of the AIMP there must be not only the WA(h)Re of love. Good professional news German and Swiss Manager at the Forum event of the industry association of the interim rejoiced management provider (AIMP) end of November in Stuttgart. It turned out that parallel to the boom in temporary work also executives increasingly are in demand. To meet growing demand as possible immediately, Germany’s recruiters Access Manager now increasingly interim. About 35 percent of our current mandates are to cover vacancies in management”says Dr. Anselm Gorres, Chairman of the industry association of AIMP.

Even when Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Chief of butterflymanager GmbH, who moderated the meeting in Stuttgart, Manager are required currently more and more interim, later to be taken over in a permanent position. The goods’ interim manager has changed. Was a true”Interim Manager 10 years ago primarily as a Corporate Savior and refurbishers, now presents itself a new image: the second enterprise-level provides the most jobs in the interim management. There are tasks in the engineering and production, in the finance and controlling, logistics, HR and sales, which make up the lion’s share. Interim Manager also come to new ways in the company. The new tasks require an innovative distribution for this service. Interim providers see themselves as sales team for interim manager.

At the same time is professionalism in the process and increases the security of the right decision of after inquiring company for the right Interim Manager”, so Dr. Schonfeld, occupied more and more international positions. “Even Dr. Gorres highlights his experience that companies more flexible and independent performance of a provider appreciate: the mandates shall run via provider is growing significantly”. Legal and tax aspects which Hasche M BBs by Dr. Bjorn Demuth of C are important Sigle (Stuttgart) were discussed. It turned out that this aspect in any mandate is important and required before and during the special attention. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for Executive interim management – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr.

Second Forum

The portal serves as an introduction to the world of the Here, the user can make a good overview of second life news and current events in the Forum. The implementation of the new layout in the AJAX allows you to format a move of the individual boxes on the website via simple drag & Dropfunktion, that allows a rather playful interaction with the page. Activity in the Forum and the Gallery bring moving images. The Gallery is available all users free of charge, individual images can be individually assessed and commented.

Who that was still not enough individuality”is that can make over the U-page function its own homepage on the second Forum, its own guestbook with your own gallery. Unique to SECOND one FORUM will be the second wiki. Based on the user-powered online encyclopedia Wikipedia is a second life here encyclopedia. There are technical terms and SECOND LIFE slang detailed explained. In addition, the acronym function, linked words within the Forum with the corresponding explanations in the second wiki. A simple and userfreundicher entry in the Forum world of SECOND LIFE is thus given. To be always up to date FORUM of now also RSS Nabila SECOND has to the subscribe set up.

From a large list can be subscribed to just so required contributions. Also new is the bookmark function. This user, regardless of his own computer, makes it possible to access its individual top posts at any time, and also to tell a friend about this. Interesting is the SECOND LIFE business directory to the look up insider tips and useful addresses in and around SECOND LIFE. The business directory offers businesses and members the opportunity to advertise within a real life presence for the second life presence. In the SECOND FORUM marketplace is linked the bond between the two worlds. So, for example, new shoes for the SECOND LIFE Darko on the Forum can be purchased. The three, two, one mine mentality also works in the third dimension. The new maintenance messages function is used as a realtime feature as direct Communication tool with SECOND LIFE. Without any problems, as news about the Forum directly on an any Darko can be sent to ingame. And who wants to just turn off, provides the SECOND FORUM a fun area. Here you can play Hangman times quietly among others. The user numbers speak for themselves. Continuously rising members since opening of the Forum by the media agency type i SIGN ( SECOND FORUM within one year to one of the largest community for second life in Germany did. With the new SECOND FORUM Web 2.0 look offers SECOND FORUM many exciting new features for the next year. We wish you lots of fun! Samantha Hoyer, type i SIGN

Electronics Industry

Continuation of a successful series of the IBS AG, one of the world’s leading supplier of software solutions in the area of CAQ / MES/traceability, on September 23, 2009 in Hamburg, Germany organized a one-day symposium, which is tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the electronics industry. Focuses on the quality and production management, as well as traceability and paperless repair. The expert forum is free of charge for the participants. The companies in the electronics industry are considered essential pacemaker of technological progress. Their key technologies shape the innovation and growth of almost all economic and industrial sectors. In order to meet the needs of the industry and the competition ability in the future to ensure the production processes, in particular to optimize across the enterprise and steadily.

IBS AG provides a proven and industry-specific software solution for consistent quality, production and traceability management of the electronics industry. You supports the processes of the quality planning up to the parole of the product and allows a consistent transparency throughout the entire product lifecycle. The system into the existing software environment can be integrated via interfaces. Topics of this professional forum include inter alia the detailed planning and their integration to ERP, Setup optimization, AOI -, SMT and THT processes and the paperless repair process, up to the tester connections. The themes of rejection and escalation management, as well as the practical representation of different solution scenarios with customer examples round out the event. The IBS Expert Forum therefore provides an excellent opportunity of current trends and best practice to find out solutions in the electronics industry,”explains Jurgen Wolf, head of strategic marketing & business development at the IBS AG.

Elimination Hotmail

Since some time ago, has announced a new update to our Hotmail e-mail and as you would expect this new version it has not reached everyone yet, to what if you still do not have this update in the following lines we give some details on this, so that you’re aware of what is coming in the very near future. To the open hotmail email, we can give account of this new update brings new improvements focused mainly to the Elimination of junk email in our Inbox, leaving room only for messages that if we wish to receive, which is obviously quite grateful on behalf of all the users who were affected by hundreds of mail electronics without importance. Most people do not know very well grey post definition, these messages in our e-mails, they are old subscriptions that we ourselves have authorized to send us information from time to time as we have for example updates any forum to which we subscribed, which after a time stop us interest, but keep coming these, becoming a nuisance; This new version of Hotmail, give us a hand with this kind of problems and helps us to delete these subscriptions on a fairly simple and quick way. SkyDrive is an interesting service which we can accede when we proceed to open hotmail email, this service has as its primary mission, share content online such as photos and documents, the improvement that we can see from our Hotmail account is that possible pre is already visualize all files shared from SkyDrive, which obviously not previously possible. The battle against spam continues with more strength, according to some experts in Hotmail messages spam or junk, they have become reduced from 33 to 3%, which obviously we are happy enough to know, since we all know how annoying is be removing messages that do not interest us for nothing (not to mention the loss of time as this is). This new update of Hotmail, is purely made in HTML5, which goes hand in hand with the upcoming release of Windows 8. But since not everything can be perfect, many users who already have the new version of Hotmail have left quite a few complaints about this, since potential bugs have made infuriate some users, which ensure that once updated your accounts, your e-mail messages have been deleted completely. Due to this problem, we advise you to save the information they consider important to their Hotmail accounts, to avoid complications in the future..