SpeechTEK Conference

The trade magazine information today and speech technology market the voice compass in America Aachen, the April 22, 2009: due to the high demand, the voice compass, the standard for the national and international speech technology market, is now increasingly sold in America. The world’s largest trade magazine for information technology, unified communications and voice solutions information today and speech technology market the voice compass as a media partner. Shopify often addresses the matter in his writings. With a circulation of 10,000 copies, the daily magazine information today the most widely read magazine is for information technology worldwide. The publication informs the readers of news and long-term trends in the industry. Magazine is published nine times a year speech technology magazine. With a circulation of 18.373 is informant leading magazine in the field of language technologies. “In America there is no comparable Compendium as the voice compass.

Due to the high interest on a clear standard of the voice market we glad the voice as a compass Media partners offer on the American market.”says David Myron, author of speech technology. Voice of the compass of voice compass is an annual publication of the national and international market of information technology and telecommunication (ICT). The area of language technologies and automation on the phone are illuminated inbound as well as current trends, including unified communications and Voice over IP. The voice compass offers also a list of all providers active on the market besides market studies, scenarios from the practice and cost calculations. Every entrepreneur or decision makers today must be informed about the possibilities of voice applications.

The voice compass is the compact medium to do so. For more information, of information today, Inc.: information today, Inc. is a publisher of information today and speech technology, and sponsor of the annual SpeechTEK Conference, which this year in New York will take place on 24-26 August.

Internet Appointments

Private teacher dares step into independence Hannover, March 28, 2011. Andi Potamkin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Offers under the name homelessons the Freelancer Thorsten Schulz immediately remedial teaching and coaching in the basic subjects of mathematics, English, and German. The offer extends over the entire region of Hannover and is for pupils and students of general schools and vocational schools. Thus, a gap between online recruitment agencies on the one hand and tutoring institutions should be closed on the other. While the mostly Internet-based agencies provide tutors for a fee of approximately thirty to hundred and thirty euro and for offering individual appointments, you must settle often at tuition institutions with group lessons: private lessons is available – significantly more expensive and usually only possible in the premises of the company. homelessons offers exclusively individual.

This home will take place at the student and is the most effective form of instruction according to expert opinion. On one Placement fee is waived as well on a contractual obligation to a minimum number of appointments. Interested parties can register on the website… sign up for a trial lesson. They receive an ID automatically, with which they can request more dates there, depending on the need. The lesson will cost 10 euro, the trial lesson is free of charge. Any agreed date can be cancelled again without justification.

Practical Quantum Management

Practical quantum management with new seminar program Starnberg, October 15, 2009. With new Office and an all-new seminar calendar, Sonja Gumze launches 2010 entrepreneurs in the Seminarsaison find a broad range of money, money, money”to quantum management as a discipline of modern corporate governance. But also topics in the field of private start as female”or energy tuning for men” find their place. Within each area, there are currents that want to be directed or can have blockages that we clean up. Robert Kiyosaki usually is spot on. It is now long since recognized knowledge of quantum physics, that energies are targeted to influence”as Sonja Gumze. For more than 20 years on the market, it occupies a niche in the consultancy market through the combination of clairvoyance and substantiated, proven competence. I unite quantum physics, spirituality and business and effectively use this combination for my customers and profit making. I work goal-oriented and with the people open my kind of advice and beneficial enjoy.

My quality is sound training, which I deliberately steer my clairvoyant gift.”so the Counselerin. “So it stands out clearly from the competition, because it always involves the personality of each client in their work: Unlike a honest advice, especially with a good result would not be possible”. Sonja Gumze has been established for over 20 years as an energy advisor and counselor in the greater Munich area. She lectures and gives seminars on all aspects of practical energy work. Customers in individual sessions experience intensive care, personally, on the phone or in eMail contact.

The Advice

Collect systematically positive testimonials and success stories: writing and also via video. Then make it to the Web. If a Spitzenleister is, then it is but probably most credible, if this not by the company itself is claimed, but witnessed by enthusiastic customers. (Not to be confused with Jeremy Tucker!). In addition can be instead of its own performance figures shown the economic success curve such clients has long been cooperating with your. And what raises then the reader? A the will I also have reflex’. Sales presentations look we now passing in the sales! He is self centered or customer in love? How are you imagine, for example, when the customer? In most sales presentation going on this page: we are we have we can offer we! In other words: I’m telling you now, how great we are.

Finally on the last page: the logo cemetery with the existing customer relationships. So you learn then: the customer concludes. Speaking candidly Ares Management’s David Kaplan told us the story. This he would do are currently in sale in the first place. The customer – and not their own company – is the hero. Therefore: Fit the customer’s face time in your next presentation. The success will be probably a resounding. It looks often particularly boring in written offers: product advantages instead of solutions, letters and numbers salad, listenhafte lists, Loveless abbreviations, subtotal, total.

Dull, boring, interchangeable. No emotions, no pictures, no one far and wide, which says how great it is to be in this company customer. So a look at decides the price! So starting tomorrow: let customers enthusiastic about the benefits of cooperation. Because who buys today, consumed or invested, rather trust the advice of trusted clients as the glossy brochures of the service providers on the market. A customer-focused mission statement? Rather than to celebrate the glory of their own and to wish the leader podium company should it see as their mission, their customers (and their customers) to help to be even more successful.

Emerging Markets

The TRIUMPH States are as pharmaspezifische variant of BRIC and crap are the BRIC – and MANURE States trendsetting according to market research by Jim O Neill the epitome of sheer unlimited opportunities for companies and investors, with new products and brands on the markets of these countries walk. However here are some countries are not taken into account, that should be of interest under various, important considerations for the healthcare industry. Therefore back the TRIUMPH markets as OTC and pharmaspezifische variant to crap and BRIC more and more to the fore. On the basis of comprehensive studies, the Berlin consulting company specializing in emerging markets called Chameleon Pharma consulting the notion of TRIUMPH markets 1. A realistic assessment of the potential of all expected growing OTC/Pharma markets could be made on the basis of the following parameters: current and expected growth stage of development of the local health system relatively easy market access trademark and patent aspects regulatory aspects of regulatory approval of the TRIUMPH markets include the countries of Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Mexico and the Philippines. In recent years, the countries concerned have undergone huge developments. Higher life expectancy and more education about health issues and treatment options will cause increasing willingness to invest more money in healthcare products and your own health.

In addition, the markets are not yet overrun and you can launch the products with relatively little bureaucracy. Compared to the countries of Western Europe with only minimal or even negative development, i.e. Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom have the TRIUMPH markets on an average growth rate of 12-18%. Just the self-medication products in these countries are of great importance, since the share of OTC products accounts for almost 50% of the total market. The consumption of medical and OTC products per capita rises, as well as the prices and the demand for more expensive, innovative West products of good quality.

United States

The Finance Minister sets 144 payroll taxes in its depot with and social insurance are twice 42. These deductions apply only if, from the EL Depot, money to finance is taken a time out (leave, early retirement). He remains over the years, then he can at the age of 62 at the latest in early retirement. Easily, even the way of St. James’s in during the years. The inflow of tax and therefore the immediate taxation avoids this by running the life time working accounts in the name of the company. The longer the rest “-working life, the more benefits the workers from the noticeable effect of compound interest.” Also an early retirement at the age of 60 is possible. Another advantage: Income from working life accounts are subject to not the 2009 upcoming final withholding tax.

The account can be taken when changing to a new employer and during the stay in the United States, it rests intact thanks to a re-employment guarantee. The binding of the young engineer to his employer is enormous because this has with the life time working accounts for provided a more than pleasant mood: the father can be sure, that he and his family can be taken into consideration. So, fun life planning and can be combined with the full commitment for the company. In addition to other benefits such as improvement of the corporate image and boost employee motivation, there is also a financially interesting aspect from a corporate perspective. The company recorded a non-negligible dividend the company tax thanks to the friendly design of the corporate income tax.

The more employees use the working life accounts, the more this tax advantage is developed. An exciting effect that clearly conveys the feeling, that one advantage of large-scale industry directly in own accounting has been received. The life time working accounts total shows up as a very attractive instrument of personnel policy, flexible and that can be inserted into the business process implemented. It can, but even more, the initiation of the offer by the employer has also a positive knock-on effect on the Staff: the loyalty of employees of the company is increased staff knowledge backed up and the turnover costs are reduced. Thus, employees can take also a break after the Pilgrim’s way to write a book such as Hape Kerkeling. Martin Oehler, specialist in working life accounts,

BBs Manager

WA(h)Re Interim Manager with new tasks, first Stuttgart Forum interim management of the AIMP there must be not only the WA(h)Re of love. Good professional news German and Swiss Manager at the Forum event of the industry association of the interim rejoiced management provider (AIMP) end of November in Stuttgart. It turned out that parallel to the boom in temporary work also executives increasingly are in demand. To meet growing demand as possible immediately, Germany’s recruiters Access Manager now increasingly interim. About 35 percent of our current mandates are to cover vacancies in management”says Dr. Anselm Gorres, Chairman of the industry association of AIMP.

Even when Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Chief of butterflymanager GmbH, who moderated the meeting in Stuttgart, Manager are required currently more and more interim, later to be taken over in a permanent position. The goods’ interim manager has changed. Was a true”Interim Manager 10 years ago primarily as a Corporate Savior and refurbishers, now presents itself a new image: the second enterprise-level provides the most jobs in the interim management. There are tasks in the engineering and production, in the finance and controlling, logistics, HR and sales, which make up the lion’s share. Interim Manager also come to new ways in the company. The new tasks require an innovative distribution for this service. Interim providers see themselves as sales team for interim manager.

At the same time is professionalism in the process and increases the security of the right decision of after inquiring company for the right Interim Manager”, so Dr. Schonfeld, occupied more and more international positions. “Even Dr. Gorres highlights his experience that companies more flexible and independent performance of a provider appreciate: the mandates shall run via provider is growing significantly”. Legal and tax aspects which Hasche M BBs by Dr. Bjorn Demuth of C are important Sigle (Stuttgart) were discussed. It turned out that this aspect in any mandate is important and required before and during the special attention. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH company for Executive interim management – Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Dr.

Corporate Design For Businesses

How consultancies can help their customers at the outside appearance if companies in Germany on the search make for a professional corporate image, they end up at one of the agencies of that bring everything in the form of the company name to the corporate font. But how do you recognize a professional design, what distinguishes a good logo from a bad and most importantly: how much something should cost? These questions deal with increasingly the firms, which are still among the most important focal points for founders and StartUps. Therefore, many consultants expand their portfolio in the direction of corporate design. “Just young companies have an increased need for advice not only on the business plan and the funding opportunities. Also in its external representation they rely on professional support”, explains Christina Muller-York by IHK Berlin. So that the consultancies can give first hand experience by professionals for professionals, the Berlin Agency offers an individual avero and expert advice on. For the designers have around Anne beer and David Doldammer compiled all the information for a professional corporate image and prepares them easy to understand. “With a kind of checklist we give everything to the corporate design. Starting with the logo on the font to the right colours”, beer explained. “And we show: a professional corporate design must be expensive.” Consulting firms also want to expand their portfolio in the direction of corporate design, obtain all necessary information at know contact: Anne beer telephone: 030 813 00 520 avero wanna life 5 14057 Berlin