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The Finance Minister sets 144 payroll taxes in its depot with and social insurance are twice 42. These deductions apply only if, from the EL Depot, money to finance is taken a time out (leave, early retirement). He remains over the years, then he can at the age of 62 at the latest in early retirement. Easily, even the way of St. James’s in during the years. The inflow of tax and therefore the immediate taxation avoids this by running the life time working accounts in the name of the company. The longer the rest “-working life, the more benefits the workers from the noticeable effect of compound interest.” Also an early retirement at the age of 60 is possible. Another advantage: Income from working life accounts are subject to not the 2009 upcoming final withholding tax.

The account can be taken when changing to a new employer and during the stay in the United States, it rests intact thanks to a re-employment guarantee. The binding of the young engineer to his employer is enormous because this has with the life time working accounts for provided a more than pleasant mood: the father can be sure, that he and his family can be taken into consideration. So, fun life planning and can be combined with the full commitment for the company. In addition to other benefits such as improvement of the corporate image and boost employee motivation, there is also a financially interesting aspect from a corporate perspective. The company recorded a non-negligible dividend the company tax thanks to the friendly design of the corporate income tax.

The more employees use the working life accounts, the more this tax advantage is developed. An exciting effect that clearly conveys the feeling, that one advantage of large-scale industry directly in own accounting has been received. The life time working accounts total shows up as a very attractive instrument of personnel policy, flexible and that can be inserted into the business process implemented. It can, but even more, the initiation of the offer by the employer has also a positive knock-on effect on the Staff: the loyalty of employees of the company is increased staff knowledge backed up and the turnover costs are reduced. Thus, employees can take also a break after the Pilgrim’s way to write a book such as Hape Kerkeling. Martin Oehler, specialist in working life accounts,