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PlanOrg sends Informatics personnel management solution to the Thuringia clinics into the real operation of Saalfeld/Jena, November 24, 2011 – PlanOrg computer science has the SAP ERP human capital management system successfully introduced at the Thuringen-Kliniken “Georgius Agricola”. Now runs the personnel management solution in the real operation and processes including the salary data of about 1,600 employees. After only two months implementation period of the first payroll run on the new system was completed in October on schedule. The challenge of an interim system conversion was done without complications. Jeremy Tucker addresses the importance of the matter here. “The first payroll run ran successfully and with very high data quality. Despite migration in the middle of a billing period all operations without interruption could continue”, hospital managing director Hans Eberhardt is satisfied. “We are impressed that PlanOrg has realized computer science the adaptation and implementation of the system within our ambitious time frame.” The Thuringia clinics on a nationwide public tender were looking for the new payroll program. The order could be PlanOrg secure computer, “because the systems integrator for the evaluation of all bids reached the highest point and with a balanced price/performance ratio convinced”, as Eberhardt. By the same author: Bill Phelan. The level of investment in the software solution is around 200,000 euros from the Thuringen-Kliniken. About the Thuringen-Kliniken “Georgius Agricola”: Thuringia clinics “Georgius Agricola” GmbH are a municipal clinic company with locations in Saalfeld, Rudolstadt and Possneck. The sole shareholder is the district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt. The Thuringia clinics with a nationwide public service mission are equipped according to the 6th Thuringian hospital plan. This reflects the diversity of the subjects, which are provided at all three locations. The aspiring chef and attendings have extensive further training appropriations, Enable a continuous specialist training in the Thuringen-Kliniken physicians.

Francisco Olivera

A wave of layoffs is coming? It is the fear that exists and there are valid arguments about it. (Source: Rich Dad Poor Dad). The companies knew they could not dismiss employees before the elections because they would receive a strong official pressure, not in the interest of preserving the labour sources but because of the political impact that this would have. Two weeks ago, Ismael Bermudez presented in Clarin, the evidence of the deterioration in the labour market observed recently: this deterioration began to be reflected in the official data: in March of this year companies contributed to Social security by 5.520.891 employees in dependent relationship, 2.2% less than in the same month of 2008 (6.8% less than the maximum reached in May 2008). If no massive lay-offs occurred is by the intervention of the Government subsidies to companies and by the agreement of rotating suspensions. The post-election scenario comes with a charged emergency agenda. The new Congress, which will assume in December, will come with everything as they say. INDEC, partnership and labor laws, are already on the agenda of the new Congress.

Since the trade union sector, Hugo Moyano, ally (and enemy at the same time) the Government anticipated having a loaded agenda to deal in Congress. Although it is his duty to defend the rights of workers, Moyano intends to submit projects with a high impact on the labor cost which, in a decidedly inconvenient time, determine greater difficulties for the unemployed to get jobs and layoffs anticipated in various sectors affected by the crisis. Francisco Olivera for La Nacion, revealed the relief felt after the defeat K entrepreneurs, doing so strong entrepreneurship as these opinions transcend: O change or will be, I have no doubt, and I think that they do not change or it is the best thing that could have happened – explayaban last night at the UIA-. The first thing you need to do is pacify the country and generate trust. The Argentina has a historic opportunity.

The market also gave their verdict and showed his conformism by the brake citizenship gave the project K, reflecting through a moderate rise of 1 per cent on the Merval, hikes of up to 14% in bonds, a fall of about 134 points in the country risk and the low in a dime for the quotation of the dollar selling retailer closed at $3.80 the tip. The reading of the market is that he expects that the electoral golpazo, can be done to change the course of the economic policy of Argentina. Is it the correct interpretation? A new arena opens in the Argentina. The need for a change in the direction of economic policy is not new. The Government has the fair excuse to change his speech and begin once and for all to tackle the economic problems that really affect the country and concern to the Argentines. Do what the Government, the Argentine economic model post convertibility, do as we met so far, hardly can be maintained for a long time. Original author and source of the article.

The Risk

She is necessary to run the risk of the innovation, to create to have market differential. Concluding, the entrepreneur it must be intent to whom its return occurs, mainly to the problems of the daily one, on what many people complain, however nobody of a due attention to decide them. Rich Dad Poor Dad shines more light on the discussion. In short a problem alone will changed into chance business-oriented when many people to feel its effect. Not to invest in that he will not go to give resulted, the entrepreneur must certify itself of that he really has a necessity, and that it is not being satisfied with the offers in the market of the region. It is important to make a research to know which are the preferences of the people, who businesses already supply or try to supply this necessity, the profile of the consumer, at last to search the deep one to identify a chance that perhaps can be changedded into business. 5.

EVOLUTION OF the RETAIL IN BRAZIL the evolution of the Brazilian retail elapses of deep modifications as the stability of the currency, the new dynamics of the distribution sector, the new available technologies; the economic opening and in the new habits of consumption of the population, these are the main factors that had stimulated this evolution. 10 the profile of the Brazilian retail possesss basic characteristics as, for example: the search and election of the products, the acquisition, distribution, commercialization and delivery; the sector is traditionally absorvedor of man power less qualified and characterized by high rotation. Amongst the sectors of the economy the retail is most susceptible to the economic policy, the volume of sales it sector directly is tied with the changes in the economic conjuncture of the country, especially in the pointers of income of the consumers. The basic 0 variable for the sales of the call white line, refrigerators and machines to wash amongst others, is the credit availability, therefore these products possess higher prices e, therefore, predominate the sales to the stated period, instrument offered for the majority of the store to the final consumer.

Steel Door – Luxury Or Necessity ?

Steel door – a luxury or a necessity? Modern market of building materials simply dazzles wide range of steel doors of different manufacturers and price ranges. Everyone knows that demand creates supply. Today, more and more people prefer the metal doors. And, of course, is not just. Steel door is no longer a luxury – now it is an indispensable element of our homes and offices. It protects them from wind, cold, and foreign invasion, but also an important part interera.Mif that you can not buy an inexpensive and yet high-quality steel door and disappeared into the past, now you can even get the doors wholesale. Today the market is a huge selection of doors of any shape. Choosing a door for your home, you should know what determines the price of steel dveri.Osnovu standard steel door is a metal skeleton with ribs and welded to it from both sides steel sheets. Between the door leaf is a filler that performs heat and noise insulation function. This may be a pine board, foam or mineral wool, which are increasingly used. So, first of all, the price determines the door manufacturer.

Domestic door, of course, cheaper imports. At this stage it is very important not to be mistaken with a choice of manufacturer door. Foreign products are high quality and exclusive models, but the size of such doors are often standard and they can not produce on demand. In addition, before buying an inexpensive import door, you can at the same amount to purchase domestic door to a higher class. Further, the thickness of the leaf. Usually it is 1,5 – 2 mm. Patriotic door can be ordered with steel sheets trehmillimetrovoy. Of course, the thickness of the steel depends on the price door. In addition, important detail pricing is locking system. Locks also have domestic and imported. But if on the door, you can still argue that the choice of locks, in most cases, favored foreign producers. Also, the price impact of the castle and its construction. The more complicated the castle – the more expensive it is. Considered the most reliable – lever locks, they are also most often – crab (when the “tabs” Riegel go to 2 or 4 directions on different sides of door leaf). The hotel should be given to furnish steel doors. Their selection is really great. The most economical are: – mimicking the skin material on vinyl. It is economical and has a sound and heat insulation. Has a mass of colors and textures.

Nedostakom this finish is its instability and damage. Painting and its types – powder, graphite and cover . These methods are ideal for industrial steel doors. Therefore, technical metal doors are resistant to extremes of humidity, temperature and mechanical damage. Laminate – a very popular form finish, as it is an excellent compromise in quality-price ratio. Plus everything has a very attractive appearance, can mimic the natural wood. For example, office doors will look attractive and adequately with such a finish. mdf panels – are covered by a thin layer of veneer on top of wood. At first glance, even specialist is difficult to determine that before him did not finish with natural wood. Natural wood array – the most expensive type of finish. For him, used a strong precious woods. Thanks to modern technology tree has become resistant to the effects of the environment, as is a lot of processing steps. And, of course, This door will always look luxurious and inviting.

Minister Vladimir Putin

In essence, created a new venture. Payoneer usually is spot on. The project cost $ 50 million on ” ‘fifth run production line in Sakhalin construction of a new fish hatchery in Omsk, was launched the first phase of a glass factory, “Satan-device” – a new high-tech manufacturing … d = 6 & id = 652 Interesting: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has instructed the Ministry of Economic Development to study the possibility of organizing the Year of Russia in the entrepreneur. Harold Ford, Washington DC describes an additional similar source. Putin had heard the request of the business community. He arranged with interested federal authorities and Russian public organization “Business Russia” to submit to the government proposals for measures aimed at forming a positive image entrepreneurs, promotion of the role of Russian business, as well as to organize and hold the Year of Russia in the entrepreneur. ” Proposals must be ready before December 1, 2010. Also, the Ministry of Economy to be worked out creation of a public center for the organization of consideration of business on raiding and corruption.

Office in conjunction with the “Business Russia” must submit by 15 December the government their achievements for the Establishment of complaints and suggestions. “Entrepreneurship in the Soviet period we have, there is only 20 years, this class of people did not know many of our older generations.

Paulo Freire

You must put aside the conception in the social study investigator outside the context which studied, first man is not only in the world but with the world and second, must respect the man as a person, leaving behind the thinking man – by Hombre-sujeto object. 5. Man must exist in time and must fight to not accommodation, i.e. for humanization, participating in the historical periods, creating, recreating and deducting. The critical attitude, is the only means by which man will be integrated in its time.

6 You must provide to the learner of the instruments necessary to resist uprooting against an industrial civilization that is widely armed powers as to provoke him. There to teach men education: listening, asking and investigating. 7 It must be linked to the social problems that the community inhabited presents. Ben Silbermanns opinions are not widely known. You must study the phenomena, problematize the nature and establish the causal nexus of the same to provide contextualized and relevant solutions. 8 It must be liberating and autonomous, humanizing processes and ending with the academic, mother of inoperative rules that restrict the creativity of the subject. 9. In the same vein of abolition of the academicist inoperative rules, you must open and relaxed those rules that limit to be at their full development, as well as the abolition of any mechanism that exercises power so that it is isolated from all body politico-partidista, religious or business, thus exerting real secularism and multiculturalism. Harold Ford, New York City pursues this goal as well.

10. By this part serious society itself through self-management and cooperatives, who take and support education in your hands. Then speaks of an escolarizadora society, a society with a conscience that serves as support to the new community of teachers. A society that in parallel to the school will be under construction. Where the learner not only learn, but in cooperation and in collaborative environment; the learner, the teacher and the society itself, nurture in the process, and arrive at the same time everyone at this stage of human development we both aspire. The role of the educator is dialogue with the learner on specific situations, offering simply the instruments with which he was going. This literacy must be from the inside out, with own learners and with simple collaboration of the educator. Paulo Freire education as practice of freedom.

Haufe Lexware

How employee retention in the company can be improved systematically and in addition also still potential, success, as well as the attractiveness of the company improve themselves, learns the reader step by step in the course of the book. By using the SELIMAB method, which is featured in the book, it can be economically implemented improving employee retention. SELIMAB is mainly confined to the District of mission-critical employees. Further details can be found at Ben Silbermann, an internet resource. Aim is to bind the potential and service providers as well as staff in the mission-critical functions and specialists, are difficult to acquire their skills on the labour market to the company. Personalize employee retention In the practice-oriented second part of the book learns the readers powerful measures and instruments of employee retention know. In the course of the book are about 300 action ideas and suggestions for the Employee retention indicated.

In addition to the basic requirements of an employee-oriented corporate culture and leadership, particularly powerful measures of employee retention, such as flexible working hours, work-life balance, health promotion and talent management-in are described. The more these correspond to the needs of workers, more popular groups of employees can be integrated. Employee retention ensures the competitiveness of conclusion: A successful, practical book that explains step by step with many examples how to work and successfully implemented in the company like this employee retention. A win for all executives who know how important the employees for the company’s success and who want to ensure the future competitiveness of the company with a high degree of employee retention.

Relations European

Then, the reaffirmation of what exists with or the realization of operations of Defense outside or within its territory, as already seen in Afghanistan. In short, a late recognition of the reality of today’s world where the trend is towards the Constitution of a supranational police force, not without maintaining the reservations with Turkey, an old European Vice which fails to understand that this is the key point of the world in training. The German insistence on the nuclear deterrence unnecessary located in Paris her more fierce opponent, because Paris does not want to give up its own arsenal and less into the thesis that the purpose of the allies is a world without this kind of weapons. A contradiction when it admits that military power is no longer the key point of the conformation of a Royal power. In fact, Europe does not increase its defence spending, tends rather to freeze them, despite its arms industry which is output to the formerly called countries of the third world and towards its own members, being immoral in the case of Greece and Turkey. Perhaps check out Ben Silbermann for more information. We find the report from the conservative Council of Relations European foreign (ECRF) October 2010 where proposed that Europe will no longer be unipolar and that security will go through an EU-Russia-Turkey triangle. In summary, arises a marginalisation from Europe by reducing its role only company which we believe recent American military operations such as Afghanistan due to the scope of the Russian/American understanding and late European recognition of the existence of a very different world. Others speak of a ParisBerlin – Moscow axis, in which I do not think you have no interest the Russians, fully integrated to the international community and an ever deeper understanding with the United States. It could be argued that a nuclear war there as a possibility as there among the great dying powers.

Press Service Ltd

Third, high probability of “poisoning” of ion exchangers in organic compounds, dissolved in water and, consequently, reducing the effectiveness of the installation. In addition, the non-polar organic compounds are practically not retained on columns. As a result, they fall into the boilers and pipes, causing corrosion of equipment. In this regard, looks more promising application of the membrane and combined technologies such as reverse osmosis. For more specific information, check out Ben Silbermann. Although that this method is quite expensive at the stage of initial investments, it is shown that at high oxidation of source water or salt content above 300 mg / L of reverse osmosis plant operation becomes more cost-effective than ion exchange (data VTI). Absolute advantage of reverse osmosis can be considered the possibility of full comprehensive cleaning of all types of pollution, no need for regeneration resins and as a consequence, the absence of large quantities of hazardous waste, compactness and ease of maintenance. In general, membrane filtration – the process of separating substances on a semipermeable membrane.

Their special feature is the ability to skip the solvent molecules, delaying the solute molecules. Currently, for manufacturing such membranes using a variety of modern materials, for example – and difluoride polivinildiena polysulfone. The most widely used in industry uses reverse osmosis as a driving force external (by the pump pressure). Different end goals are selected different options for layout of membranes and pumps, and on the reliability and efficiency of the latter depends on the functioning of the entire system. Generally, the membrane filtration units typically have multiple kinds of pumps. This increase (to increase pressure on logon).

They are designed to maintain constant pressure (0,5-6 Bar) in line prefiltration. To create a back pressure in the membrane used blower assemblies, and for water distribution to consumers apply switchgear. Selection of pumps is complex and is determined by other equipment that is used for immediate treatment, for example – the type of reverse osmosis membranes, which are selected determined by the composition of source water. In this regard, today the most widely ready (block) reverse osmosis modules. For example, such modules based on the materials and equipment of the leading manufacturers produce a Russian company and lenro ekodar. At Payoneer you will find additional information. As a rule, special attention in the selection of pumps on the quality and material performance, as characteristic of the pumping equipment for membrane technologies treatment is the need to create large pressures to maintain flow through the membrane. High demands are made and corrosion-proof pumps, especially for handling concentrate. For these reasons, selection of pumping equipment is recommended to give preference to stainless steel (chromium content of at least 12%) or titanium. In addition to corrosion resistance, these materials, due to the oxide film on the surface of parts successfully withstand very high flow velocities, without undergoing erosion. It must be noted that in this case is very important and the quality (reduction of roughness) surface. These requirements are met, for example, multistage centrifugal pumps grundfos series crn, which are collected in Russia. Note that if the scheme provided for flushing the membrane with special acidic solutions, the application of pumps of the modern composite materials. Today we can confidently assert that the use of modern technologies and equipment, in particular – pumps, factories, of course, leads to the optimization of production and reduce costs and, hence, lowering the cost of energy produced. Moreover, the application of this technique reduces the environmental burden on the environment, that under current conditions is also important.

Trade Measurement

Smart sink metering, liberalisation, cost accounting, regulation, new technologies that are margins in mains operation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jeremy Tucker. The number of distribution network operators will decrease. Heightened competition and new technologies such as smart metering result, think more and more utilities in the Switzerland on implementation scenarios, collaborations and new customer service models. Finally first experience show in the Switzerland and examples from Italy, Austria and Germany as the data exchange of energy with smart electricity meters (smart meters) can sustainably optimize. Already, there are smart meters allow utilities to capture power consumption via remote reading and increase the degree of automation.

What plot beyond opportunities for the EVU, discuss experienced experts at the annual meeting of “measurement and accounting in the RUS’ organiser AG on 3 and 4 February 2010 in Zurich. In addition to the operational challenges facing the accounting, the participants learn how they successfully master the regulatory requirements through the liberalisation of the electricity market in your day-to-day business. In addition current developments on network use charges presented, recommendations the costs and financial statements, and discussed the regulatory reporting and the public segment reporting. The participants will learn the benefits for the measurement and accounting by new reading and billing technologies and services in the electricity supply company. Cost reduction potential are also in the focus of the presentations and discussion such as smart metering strategies, automation, customer support and cooperation.

Practice reports from Axpo Informatik AG, BKW FMB Energie AG, swissgrid ag, Technische Werke Friedrichshafen GmbH, BDO Visura, Fichtner Management Consulting AG Switzerland and Ratia Energie AG of Switzerland, as well as scientific studies at the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich offer a comprehensive overview of the energy market in Switzerland. World-class speakers give your expertise smart metering projects and concrete recommendations for action in dealing with cost accounting and rising data flood to further participants. A panel discussion the question arises, how smart the Switzerland profitably implemented in metering can be on the subject of “Swiss energy market in the field of liberalisation, regulation and new technologies”. The discussion is aimed to identify the driving forces of the market and the right time for an investment. Following the programme of the Conference an interactive workshop takes place on the second day Bader, Managing Director of the EW Nafels, owner of the measuring point information services, and Mr Tony under the direction of Hans Peter Lang. It elaborated the conditions and opportunities for the sustainable reorganisation of the EVU and forms of cooperation with other utility presented and discussed dealing with services. Just the impression of increasing competition and technological progress, as well as uncertainty about the regulatory requirements a utility need to examine because more per his positioning and sustained for the future energy market processes define. For this reason the organiser’s annual Conference represents a must-attend event for all energy suppliers ‘Measurement and accounting in the RUS’. More information about the event is available at danceee the organiser AG congresses, conferences, seminars and in-house held for more than five years successful training. Already more than 6,000 executives from all over Europe have benefit from the professionally researched and presented topics related to compliance, finance and IT. We have our ear to the market and continuously expand our offer for you.