Steel Door – Luxury Or Necessity ?

Steel door – a luxury or a necessity? Modern market of building materials simply dazzles wide range of steel doors of different manufacturers and price ranges. Everyone knows that demand creates supply. Today, more and more people prefer the metal doors. And, of course, is not just. Steel door is no longer a luxury – now it is an indispensable element of our homes and offices. It protects them from wind, cold, and foreign invasion, but also an important part interera.Mif that you can not buy an inexpensive and yet high-quality steel door and disappeared into the past, now you can even get the doors wholesale. Today the market is a huge selection of doors of any shape. Choosing a door for your home, you should know what determines the price of steel dveri.Osnovu standard steel door is a metal skeleton with ribs and welded to it from both sides steel sheets. Between the door leaf is a filler that performs heat and noise insulation function. This may be a pine board, foam or mineral wool, which are increasingly used. So, first of all, the price determines the door manufacturer.

Domestic door, of course, cheaper imports. At this stage it is very important not to be mistaken with a choice of manufacturer door. Foreign products are high quality and exclusive models, but the size of such doors are often standard and they can not produce on demand. In addition, before buying an inexpensive import door, you can at the same amount to purchase domestic door to a higher class. Further, the thickness of the leaf. Usually it is 1,5 – 2 mm. Patriotic door can be ordered with steel sheets trehmillimetrovoy. Of course, the thickness of the steel depends on the price door. In addition, important detail pricing is locking system. Locks also have domestic and imported. But if on the door, you can still argue that the choice of locks, in most cases, favored foreign producers. Also, the price impact of the castle and its construction. The more complicated the castle – the more expensive it is. Considered the most reliable – lever locks, they are also most often – crab (when the “tabs” Riegel go to 2 or 4 directions on different sides of door leaf). The hotel should be given to furnish steel doors. Their selection is really great. The most economical are: – mimicking the skin material on vinyl. It is economical and has a sound and heat insulation. Has a mass of colors and textures.

Nedostakom this finish is its instability and damage. Painting and its types – powder, graphite and cover . These methods are ideal for industrial steel doors. Therefore, technical metal doors are resistant to extremes of humidity, temperature and mechanical damage. Laminate – a very popular form finish, as it is an excellent compromise in quality-price ratio. Plus everything has a very attractive appearance, can mimic the natural wood. For example, office doors will look attractive and adequately with such a finish. mdf panels – are covered by a thin layer of veneer on top of wood. At first glance, even specialist is difficult to determine that before him did not finish with natural wood. Natural wood array – the most expensive type of finish. For him, used a strong precious woods. Thanks to modern technology tree has become resistant to the effects of the environment, as is a lot of processing steps. And, of course, This door will always look luxurious and inviting.

Marketing Mix

Marketing is everything he marketing affects all processes of a company and this is what we must convey in our own company, explains Kotler. Marketing decisions affect customers, the members of the company and the external partners. And thus, together, you should get to build strategies. It is important to take into account these elements at the time of working strategies of centralization on the client. One of the critical phases in this process is to know customer (or segments one by one) in such a way that our Organization will design offers in accordance with the needs of the client. It is precisely the same Kotler who promotes the concept of the change of the 4 famous Ps of the Marketing Mix (product, price, place and promotion) to the 4Cs (customer, cost, convenience and communication). This is an approach to clear the change of culture of centralziacion in product towards centralization on the client.

In this regard, this is what it says Kotler: the four Ps of the marketing mix are still a useful marketing planning organizational framework. Not There is nothing wrong with adding a few Ps in order to place more emphasis, as for example, packaging, people (people), policy and management of the public opinion. However, the companies would gain much if they translated the four Ps to the four Cs, departing from a point of view based on the customer instead of which is based on the seller. The product becomes the value for the customer, the price becomes the cost to the customer; the distribution becomes comfort/convenience for the customer; and communication becomes a community of customers. The buyer wants value for elcliente, lower total costs, communication more honored and more comfort. Obviously a more focused marketing on the client may be what helps the companies to gain competitiveness in the short and medium term.