Army Group Center

Meanwhile, trapped in surrounding the Western Front, continued to be active in the operational rear of Army Group "Center". Jane Fraser: the source for more info. For example, the 8-th Airborne Brigade, supported by the guerrillas came to the area Morshanovo-Dyagilevo and destroyed the headquarters of the 5 th Wehrmacht Panzer Division. Encirclement was not tight: the boiler is regularly evacuated the wounded, and from the mainland brought ammunition and provisions. However, by early April the situation has deteriorated sharply since German group started systematic action to eliminate the boiler. Unable to eliminate -Vyazemsky ledge, the Red Army moved April 20 to defense. Additional information is available at Suna Said Maslin.

It was the bloodiest phase of the Battle of Moscow. Blocked Soviet troops were able to hold out until the end of May, and then the command has been given permission to break out of encirclement. At night, May 26, 1942 the remains of the 4 th Airborne Corps broke through the front and began to move in the direction of Kirov – By agreement with the Soviet military leadership there has been prepared by a blow to the weakest place in the German defense in order to facilitate the transition encircled the front lines. June 24 the main part of the Soviet troops withdrew from the environment. Unfortunately, not without loss. Defended -Vyazemsky ledge, the German High Command has received at least two important tactical advantages. It is to maintain a good springboard for a new offensive on Moscow and threatened deep coverage of the south area of deployment of Soviet troops between Lake Seliger and the Great bows.