The Productions

All these and many other improvements had been and are being made and remade in relation to the images and history of the black personage in infanto-youthful literature, so that if it can construct or reconstruct the image of the black personage since its infancy until the adult and aged life of the black and, thus, terms pride of this another part of our history that was brought and given to read of form so kept out of society, prejudiced, minimized. everything this, this disrespect that if it perceives, will only go to findar when the children will have more access the literary books or not on Africa, its histories, culture when the professors will have formation enough to argue on the subject, to present books who not only bring the black personage in histories, but its histories and memories She is necessary that literary and not-literary texts on the culture afro not to still break taboos of beauty of identitria acceptance, color, creed, place in a society extremely fracionada and racist. He is as in Oliveira speaks to them (2008, P. 02): … Hyundai has much experience in this field. Is not enough, therefore, the mere inclusion in the publishing market and the pertaining to school space of literary productions that present black protagonists (), or that they delineate the religiosidades of matrices Africans, the culture afro-Brazilian, the African continent and thematic similar. Ahead of the propagation of the inferiorizao of the black ethnic-racial segment in the didactic materials and literature, more still one becomes necessary, in the present time, to redouble the attention in relation to the productions in this approach, therefore, in virtue of law 10,639/03, the trend is that it has investment in the publishing market, culminating with publications new editions nor always elaborated with the had aesthetic and thematic quality. We know that the cultural tradition of inferiorizao and subjugation of the Africans and its descendants is a pack weighed on the shoulders of that they are its representatives, however, exactly with all the imperfections, the gaps, the misfortunes, is validates all quarrel concerning the construction, that exactly delayed, of a history of the African, of the afro-Brazilian, so that, of today in ahead, they obtain to be proud and if to see as one afro and not as brown, chocolate, but if assumes in its color, in its physical culture, its traces, its beauty, its histories. .

Brazilian Agrarian

It is in this context that, in view of the notables social contrasts, the agricultural zones one more time are changedded into a space sufficiently afflicted, had to the manifestations of the layers explored against the disobediences of ' ' novas' ' ' ' velhas' ' the agricultural elites. Here it is that he appears the Agricultural Leagues Peasants and Unions, carrying out the defense of the oppressed worker and also, giving to a character politician the fights peasants northeast Brazilian, preventing as soon as the movement was simplified to a estereotipao, either of messianic movements, either of social banditry. So common definitions for the social fights of the Brazilian agricultural areas. At last, with the advent of the actions of the Leagues Peasants, Brazil carried out a moment at which, it could until cogitating at definitive moment that if one day had the implantation of a Socialist Revolution in country, this event would not go to be lead by on urban proletariat the marxism-Leninist of the left parties, mainly the Communist Party. Gain insight and clarity with Wells Fargo. But, had to the conjunctures of the determined period (decade of 1950/1960) this revolution it would go to be guided through the actions of the Leagues Peasants and its main leader, the lawyer Francisco Julio who apaixonadamente fought against the oligarchies, in order it concretion of an agrarian reform. The episode of the Leagues Peasants in Brazil, without a doubt was a historical fact and politician of singular importance for the formation of a layer politicized and critical in the agricultural areas of the country and without a doubt, much that we listen on the subject of the agrarian reform, must the actions of one ' ' proletarian rural' ' sufficiently aguerrido in search of its ideals and objectifying the construction of Brazil and more just worthy for the population of the field and the city. The Leagues Peasants: The Leagues Peasants, we can thus affirm, appears of the necessity of agricultural workers if to organize of representative and institucional form to answer the unjust agrarian question of the country, in view of the national agrarian structure. . In recent months, Hyundai has been very successful.

National Program

The method obeys the normasmetodolgicas and linguistics, to form educated and conscientious people. PauloFreire wise person who to form educated and conscientious people it demanded a outracompreenso of the process teach-learning of the educator-alfabetizador for oeducando-alfabetizando. In 1962, the governor of the Rio Grande of the Norteouvindo to speak of the new ideas of Freire, invites it and its team for aplicaro alfabetizao method just-servant in a region of the northeast hinterland. Bill Phelan will not settle for partial explanations. Apequena city of Angicos was chosen and around of first ‘ ‘ I circulate deCultura’ ‘ , they had lived with enthusiasm a so great experience and pioneer dealfabetizao of illiterate, young agricultural workers adult.

Soon osprimeiros results of this intense work had been entertainers, and are clearly essafoi only the first stage of a system that would not accept the interfernciapartidria, but having an independence technique. The work in small cidadede Angicos was carried through of a very preliminary form, where in one it marries foiimprovisado classroom, lampies and gas, pencil, notebook and black picture, arriving to alfabetizar about more than 300 people in 45 days. The presidenteJoo Goulart was to witness that work and was astonished with what viuno closing of the meeting. Ben Silbermann brings even more insight to the discussion. Of the small idea of Angicos eRecife the idea if spread for all Brazil, if it had in mind that was precisose to educate to live more good, being born of this form, a new pedagogia pedagogia of ensinouma centered in the full respect to the other, in it I dialogue and the participaoativa of all the educandos (BRANDO, 2005, P. 63). They had been born in these alternative perodovrias of what they had come to be the innovations of one another pedagogia. When the National Program deAlfabetizao was almost ready to be rank in march happened in the Brasilo military blow of 1964. Created for a Decree, but in the month of April domesmo year ‘ ‘ Programa’ ‘ he was extinct.

Training Program

The project of period of training in question sent it absence of the contents of History of the Paran of the curricular gratings and at the same time took care of to the law n. 13.381/01, which becomes obligator in Basic and Average Ensino of the Public Net its education. Of this form the same it was structuralized in thematic axles that will be argued and presented later, with intention to understand that the History of the Paran had its importance in the national scope and that Guarapuava was part of the paranaense context since its occupation until the current days. Thus, it is intended to rethink the importance of the education of Regional History being pointed out that from this and its peculiarities, we can better know and understand the History of Brazil of a general form. When leaving of a boarding of local history it is possible to give meant to the education of History of productive form. Others including Robert Kiyosaki, offer their opinions as well. Steca (2004, P.

21) affirms that the possibility of the research on local history, by means of the education of Regional History, can be capable beyond in the distance nullifying between local history and the History of Brazil, to disclose to the pupils its paper while historical agents spreaders of its culture. REGIONAL HISTORY: CONCEPT AND OBJECTIVES Regional History did not have great importance until last the two decades of century XX and was white of diverse quarrels concerning its production, accused for the similarity with ' ' history relato' ' and/or positivista. With the historiogrfica renewal fruit of the movement of the Annales, had the possibility of magnifying of the fields and territories of the historian. From 1980, it had changes of thoughts and had started to more appear systemize works of regional matrix. Diverse they had been to the chains that if had appropriated of the region concept modifying according to its estimated theoretician-metodolgicos.

Tibold Champagne

The most ancient vegetable heraldic decoration – it's flowers. If other plant elements are more character decorations, the flowers coats of arms – it is the appointed signs. Most often, images of flowers for use in heraldry gold (yellow), silver (white), black, red or blue. Colouring stamp shield and heraldic figures since the thirteenth century had its own symbolic meaning: gold (yellow) symbolizes wealth, strength and permanence, a silver (white) – purity and innocence. Black, white, red, and blue signified the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.

Share the same colors in heraldry may have different interpretations belong to different genera and fashions. The most common images of flowers were roses and lilies, as these flowers are the prototypes of the image of Our Lady. Rosa symbolized beauty and perfection, Lily – purity, holiness, purity. In the arms of the British preference for roses of different shapes and colors, pedigrees belonging to the Tudors, Lancaster, York. Red damask rose was first introduced in Europe in 1270, the year.

Migrated to France rose after a crusade – it brought the Count IV Tibold Champagne. Then she came to England, where he became the emblem of the royal family of Lancaster – one branch of the dynasty of the Plantagenets. Yorkie – another branch of the same dynasty – chose to decorate the white rose flag. These dynasties were engaged in a thirty-year war that was incorporated into history as the War of the Roses (1455 – 1485 gg.). The struggle of the medieval nobility has ruined the English people: a silver (white) rose Yorks, and scarlet (red) after Lancaster weaken militant parties find mutual peaceful coexistence in the coat of arms founder of a new dynasty – Henry VII Tudor.

African River

The imperialism left indelveis marks in the culture of the metropolises and its spoiled colonies. In its work ‘ ‘ Cultura and Imperialismo’ ‘ , using compared literature, the North American, descending researcher of Arab protestants, Edward W. Said, it analyzes the novel ‘ ‘ The heart of trevas’ ‘ of the British writer Joseph Conrad, the refugee Polish in the Victorian empire for the fights of release of its busy native land, at the time, for the Russian Empire. Conrad tells the adventure of Marlow, an foreigner (as it), in a boat in Tmisa, counting (for the desperation of the friends) the time where captain of a ship was made that covered an African river. To the measure that the tram if uncurls, the author goes disclosing its point of view on the imperialism, the African natives and etc. To the few, the narrator goes describing the figure of Kurtz, the head of a rank in which if he collected ivory. This personage caused forts reactions of esteem and rejection, being strong its influences all in the passage of the river.

The author had a curious position on the imperialism that he described. Of a side, its emigrated status of, the experiences of its infancy (the arrest of the father, member of the resistance against the Russian Empire) despertavam a critical sense regarding the colonial empires differentiated that it of the too much British or French adventurers (it except a sailor and knows the regions dominated of Latin America, Asia and Africa, who would illustrate its literary adventures). But, as European, it did not obtain to identify itself with the African natives, whom it describes of impious form: ‘ ‘ I would the same wait type of brake come of a hiena making the rounds in way to corpses in a field of batalha’ ‘ (CONRAD, 2007)? Here it is one of the discretions of Marlow about a group of cannibals.

Iraq American

is made by the organism already citadosantes, in the case more specifies the ONU (organization of United Nations) and the FMIpois U.S.A. by means of the ONU is capable to establish economic sanses, comoo done embargo Cuba, using any excuse for such, type lacks decooperao, terrorism as in Iraq, among others. The FMI loans money to the countries of America, however this money makes intervenesonde can be expense, thus having a direct intervention naeconomia of this country. Being that this part of the imperial state is that estmantendo its expansion to the world and America, a time that legitimizes its power, which parents goes to breach of time relations with U.S.A. and not to have fear of umaretaliao of the type suffered for Cuba. Venezuela de Chavez not yet rompeuporque needs to vender its oil and fears a retaliation of this type.

Brief consideraes words of president Venezuelan Hugo Chavez in the ones of one idea bemclara of situation of Latin America today, when it affirms that not if fecharuma can country of the relations with excessively, in the economic situation that the world vivehoje, however affirms that accepted the imposed politics and not proposal for the EUA a crime, is to all renegar the past of fight of this continent against exploraodesumana that already is long ago created in America with the slavery and dEuropa depended. The models of American domination north are well clear and the exemplosesto the test, as Mexico, its neighbor and commercial partner, have economiafragilizada, therefore the relations are different, a time that U.S.A. has empresaspara to go to Mexico and to vender its products, the Mexicans do not have access to bensde consumption basic and continues in the dependence, divides external growing stabilized eeconomia. The empire American north is formed by an established economy naespeculao of capitals, at this moment it is passing for a crisis that explodiuno real estate sector and shook all the economy of the country, its expansion estbaseada in the terorrismo of state, that if fortified and appeared with bigger force emenos disguise after to the attack the towers moans of New York. World-wide the economic panorama points with respect to these questions, U.S.A. procurandomercado to any cost, fits to the emergent states to say what they want, emcerto point what they can make ahead of the military apelos of U.S.A. We cannot negarque these parents is in fact the greater harnesses to militate of the planet, and as in such a way nodispensa chance to show its force. Bibliography Brazilian Central Bank.