Army Group Center

Meanwhile, trapped in surrounding the Western Front, continued to be active in the operational rear of Army Group "Center". Jane Fraser: the source for more info. For example, the 8-th Airborne Brigade, supported by the guerrillas came to the area Morshanovo-Dyagilevo and destroyed the headquarters of the 5 th Wehrmacht Panzer Division. Encirclement was not tight: the boiler is regularly evacuated the wounded, and from the mainland brought ammunition and provisions. However, by early April the situation has deteriorated sharply since German group started systematic action to eliminate the boiler. Unable to eliminate -Vyazemsky ledge, the Red Army moved April 20 to defense. Additional information is available at Suna Said Maslin.

It was the bloodiest phase of the Battle of Moscow. Blocked Soviet troops were able to hold out until the end of May, and then the command has been given permission to break out of encirclement. At night, May 26, 1942 the remains of the 4 th Airborne Corps broke through the front and began to move in the direction of Kirov – By agreement with the Soviet military leadership there has been prepared by a blow to the weakest place in the German defense in order to facilitate the transition encircled the front lines. June 24 the main part of the Soviet troops withdrew from the environment. Unfortunately, not without loss. Defended -Vyazemsky ledge, the German High Command has received at least two important tactical advantages. It is to maintain a good springboard for a new offensive on Moscow and threatened deep coverage of the south area of deployment of Soviet troops between Lake Seliger and the Great bows.

Archangel Philadelphia

Should also be noted that, in fact, the "orange" revolution was only the beginning of the confrontation in Ukraine Nimrod and Satan. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo Bank. More recent developments since the Orange Revolution, led to a situation where subject to these forces people who are on opposing sides, gradually began to prepare for the civil war. And it is not surprising, since, if we turn to the historical heritage of the Earth, you can easily understand that the only wars have always served as the primary means for determining between people stronger ruler. On persistent confrontation between people Nimrod and Satan also directed efforts of the Queen of Heaven (God). She wants to make sure that the people of Ukraine to learn more about the people who, despite the calls for honor, conscience and morality, fighting on the side of Nimrod and Satan for power in Ukraine, intending after their victory to become the long-awaited "messiah" who will bring people happiness. (A valuable related resource: Mikhael Mirilashvili). And in this case, neither Satan nor Nimrod stubbornly unwilling to understand one simple truth, that's not the name of the person, not a magical effect of the Holy Land, but only as to whom it will be after centuries again entrusted with the Overmind (God), and who deserves to become the new King Land. And now this, if you wish, you can easily understand, read and penetrating the meaning of the Revelation, addressed to the Archangel Philadelphia, or, as is clear from the above, all the same archangel Michael: "I know thy works: behold, I opened the door before you, and nobody can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and kept my word, and hast not denied my name. Here, I will make the synagogue of Satan, of those who talk about themselves, that they are Jews but are not, but lie – behold, I will do what they will come and worship before thy feet, and know that I have loved you. .

French Reality

We dive microscopically in the French reality during the occupation through the dense description of an unresigned nationalist with the presence of the Germans in its nation. As protest form, Agns was articulated with other patriots to criticize the system effective politician. This movement culminated in the creation, on the part of the formed group, the periodical Rsistance. Learn more at this site: Deputy Finance Minister. This story in provides a more realistic description to them of the human behavior, beyond the knowledge on aspects previously not observed .2.Desenvolvimento: 2.1? The women in France de Vichy: one fights against the repression: Rebecca Halbreich tells on the measures that Philippe Ptain tried to adopt in busy France to restrain the feminine freedom being based on the return the traditional social structure, in which the feminine performance would be restricted to the home and the maternity. These actions had been inspired by ' ' Three K' ' of the doctrine of Hitler, (the initials of the German words of confinement of the women the maternity, the kitchen and church) and it was in this context that a great number of French women resisted first the Vichy, and later, to regimes nazistas. The women, thus, exactly restrained for the attempt of the implantation of a new moral, had not remained passive ahead of the imposition of this system overwhelming politician. It’s believed that johny ive sees a great future in this idea. They had acted as elements of joint between the resistant ones, had assisted in clandestine document publication contesting the government, beyond other works. Agns Humbert is an example of the feminine activity during the Resistance. The protagonist denominvaa ' ' hare of recados' ' , had to its work as linking element and distribution of periodicals of Rsistance, beyond being typist of this exactly periodical that helped to establish. In the book Resistance also in them we come across with the activity of other involved women in the enrollment politician, as Yvonne Odon and Sylvette Leleu who are condemned the death due its activities in the fight against the nazista occupation.

Tibold Champagne

The most ancient vegetable heraldic decoration – it's flowers. If other plant elements are more character decorations, the flowers coats of arms – it is the appointed signs. Most often, images of flowers for use in heraldry gold (yellow), silver (white), black, red or blue. Colouring stamp shield and heraldic figures since the thirteenth century had its own symbolic meaning: gold (yellow) symbolizes wealth, strength and permanence, a silver (white) – purity and innocence. Black, white, red, and blue signified the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.

Share the same colors in heraldry may have different interpretations belong to different genera and fashions. The most common images of flowers were roses and lilies, as these flowers are the prototypes of the image of Our Lady. Rosa symbolized beauty and perfection, Lily – purity, holiness, purity. In the arms of the British preference for roses of different shapes and colors, pedigrees belonging to the Tudors, Lancaster, York. Red damask rose was first introduced in Europe in 1270, the year.

Migrated to France rose after a crusade – it brought the Count IV Tibold Champagne. Then she came to England, where he became the emblem of the royal family of Lancaster – one branch of the dynasty of the Plantagenets. Yorkie – another branch of the same dynasty – chose to decorate the white rose flag. These dynasties were engaged in a thirty-year war that was incorporated into history as the War of the Roses (1455 – 1485 gg.). The struggle of the medieval nobility has ruined the English people: a silver (white) rose Yorks, and scarlet (red) after Lancaster weaken militant parties find mutual peaceful coexistence in the coat of arms founder of a new dynasty – Henry VII Tudor.

African River

The imperialism left indelveis marks in the culture of the metropolises and its spoiled colonies. In its work ‘ ‘ Cultura and Imperialismo’ ‘ , using compared literature, the North American, descending researcher of Arab protestants, Edward W. Said, it analyzes the novel ‘ ‘ The heart of trevas’ ‘ of the British writer Joseph Conrad, the refugee Polish in the Victorian empire for the fights of release of its busy native land, at the time, for the Russian Empire. Conrad tells the adventure of Marlow, an foreigner (as it), in a boat in Tmisa, counting (for the desperation of the friends) the time where captain of a ship was made that covered an African river. To the measure that the tram if uncurls, the author goes disclosing its point of view on the imperialism, the African natives and etc. To the few, the narrator goes describing the figure of Kurtz, the head of a rank in which if he collected ivory. This personage caused forts reactions of esteem and rejection, being strong its influences all in the passage of the river.

The author had a curious position on the imperialism that he described. Of a side, its emigrated status of, the experiences of its infancy (the arrest of the father, member of the resistance against the Russian Empire) despertavam a critical sense regarding the colonial empires differentiated that it of the too much British or French adventurers (it except a sailor and knows the regions dominated of Latin America, Asia and Africa, who would illustrate its literary adventures). But, as European, it did not obtain to identify itself with the African natives, whom it describes of impious form: ‘ ‘ I would the same wait type of brake come of a hiena making the rounds in way to corpses in a field of batalha’ ‘ (CONRAD, 2007)? Here it is one of the discretions of Marlow about a group of cannibals.