Industry Training

Curiously, and on the contrary, when, in an organization or company presents a conflict, this becomes the owner and monopolist of the time and energy of all the members of this structure, and all efforts are devoted to get rid of the conflict. The haste, precipitation and the anguish, make their appearance in a conflict scenario. Usually, when it comes into conflict, the parties involved will try, at all costs, protect their self-esteem from what he considers attacks, and they are interpreted as threats, others. At the organizational level, or company, the relationship between people or groups is permanent, and to a greater or lesser extent, conflict is inevitable, due above all to a contrast, sometimes steady, interest. Changes in the structure of the Organization, personality clashes, opposite scales of values, threats of the personal status of members, or simply contrary views, are in many Sometimes, the source of the conflict. Conflicts which, for its satisfactory resolution for all parties, require something more than good words or good intentions, and necessarily require great negotiating capacity.

Both parties win after the negotiation, and thus be enriched, both parties lose, or parties imposed on the other, are the three types of finish for a conflict, and rather has to do with what type of negotiation has been used in its resolution. Both at the interpersonal level, such as organizational, frustration is forged when unable to reach the desired goal, after their efforts and energies derrochadas to achieve this end. In a business context, it would be desirable that, in the bosom of the organizations, the conflict was guided by some Member of the address, which will handle the resolution of the conflict, and that this should be made before it the conflict worse. The model presented by the Training Within Industry Program, gives us five indications, or steps, to take into account by the leader that you have to deal with the settlement of a labour dispute: 1. Recognizing and defining the nature of the dissatisfaction; 2 Be specific to get the facts; 3. To analyze and decide; 4 Give reply, and last but not least: 5 tracked. Original author and source of the article

Miraflores Palace

A version indicates that this is how called to the site of ancient boats, on top of a mast, where the sailors were located to descry the distance barriers, the enemy ships or any nearby coast. Who worked there was exposed to strong sunlight, heat and rain, and ended inevitably, dizzy. It wasn’t a very appetizing plaza by the way. There they were sent to those who committed errors or has misbehaved, always with the expression go to hell. The spectacle of the leaders was not exemplary, admittedly, but at least served to remove the monotony to the Cancun Summit and allowing that this would serve at least so that newspapers would have something to talk, because according to the experts, all summits are boring and useless. We should celebrate that Yes, the meeting was in neutral territory. Had been in Venezuela, Chavez had asked him to one of his lieutenants by the Immaculate guayabera of Uribe and After learning that this was made in Colombia might have said, with his warmongering and dictatorial tone expropriate it and used for the purpose of people if, on the other hand, the incident had happened to Colombia, maybe Chavez had given him a soponcio or fit, and upon waking, at the hospital, would have heard that, he was indebted to a high sum of money, but someone certainly reassured him saying that not to worry, adding up the savings of the pension and the severance package perhaps could gather to pay the debt without having to sell the Miraflores Palace.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events.

Web Server

We have heard of the so-called virtual private servers that offered Web hosting companies, but many times we do not know what or the advantages that have above others. Basically, a VPS is a Hosting with the advantages of a dedicated server, which gives you greater freedom and capacity, but it works as a shared server. The difference is that thanks to the techniques of virtualization, VPS customers are few, with a minimum of three members and a maximum of eight. Among the advantages that each client has access, the following: you can install and uninstall software. -Modify the server configuration without affecting the work that other webmasters are doing in their section.

Even for those who are afraid to make big changes, lets delete and rebuild our portion of server without any alteration to the entire server. -Are ideal for users who want to use more presentations and software to a shared server, but less to the of a Dedicated server. -When other users are not occupying storage space, the system automatically assigns the rest of the server to our portion. Once the users are using the limit ever established they will be there or will invade ours and vice versa. -An accurate transfer and using the processor speed control may be because they adhere to the stipulations of the contract and both parties company Hosting and customer problems are avoided. -Many packages that sell Hosting companies also offer domain registration service, which speeds up and facilitates the process to have with the same company all the contracted services and global payments in a single exhibition. Think what kind of server you should be and make the decision that best fits your needs.

Manu Magic Show

Tu Manumagic show of magic in Valladolid enters into a world of illusion where things more surprising can occur and where your can be the protagonist of an unforgettable moment… Enjoy the magic and will become your party or celebration something that everyone will remember. Card magic, manipulation, close-up magic, magic of living thus is the magic of Manu Magic! Card magic: The letters appear, disappear, are transformed and even come to life magical way with big and fun games of the masters of magic as Juan Tamariz Close-up: Magic close where miracles happen in front of your eyes or in your own hands and you participate so actively that you yourself can become magician for a moment. Magic with cubilietes, balls, tickets, etc. Stage magic: Vistosos and fun games with ropes, scarves, chains, Guillotines and other magic props.

Laughter and entertainment are secured for the public of all ages child magic: surprising tricks designed especially for the little ones enjoy and participate in illusionism where everything is possible thanks your imagination. They are the protagonists, helping the magic to materialize. Performances: Specialized in magic fence and Hall, acts mainly in private parties such as birthdays, communions, celebrations of colleges, NGO s, both in local public as in homes, housing developments, etc does not need any installation or stage for their performances. Tailor-made in Valladolid magic show: A different for each type of public show (child, family, adult, etc.) and always according to the tastes of viewers. Normally acts in Valladolid, but sometimes can be transferred to other locations (see).

Orlando Cruises

If you are considering a relaxing holiday or a trip that allow new experiences the answer may be in an escape on a boat of infinite fun. The magical world of Orlando beyond theme parks opens offer the delights of a cruise. Regardless of age, people around the world take daily vacation option enjoy paradisiacal destinations while they enjoy all the benefits that an upscale cruise can offer. Either the celebration of their wedding anniversary, quinceaneras trip or a family vacation, take a trip on the sea can be an unforgettable experience if done properly. Variety cruises market offers a myriad of different alternatives in terms of destinations, seasons, routes and duration of your trip. Value a cruise in Orlado offers you the possibility to enjoy unlimited meals, comfortable rooms, maid service, distractions for children and adults, dance halls among others, all within the same price. Activities you can enjoy varied activities on board for people of all ages, besides enjoying the ports that arrive within his tour. Most of the boats have swimming pool at the top, as well as casinos, dance halls and vastness of options in different cities of its travel.

Convenient a cruise allows you to pay most of their expenses in advance. Which will mean that you won’t need to carry too much extra money for your vacation. It is recommended to review the activities of your cruise itinerary and leverage that attract more attention. You will spend less time in transfers and looking for hotels and much more to enjoy with your family. A cruise in the magical world of Orlando can mean you an ideal space for a celebration, friends plan or a wonderful family vacation.

Flat-Screened TVs

However, if we are talking about very large segment of the market of flat panel TVs, it is, of course, the liquid crystal display TVs from 32 to 37 inches. According to supermarket of electronics "Eldorado", only in 2006 in terms of money the sales of LCD TVs in Russia increased by over 200% and unit shipments in terms – 151%. The popularity of LCD TV explained very simply – it is the most available to the public today, the technology the big screen. Things reached the point that companies who set the previously exclusively on plasma technology have begun to abandon it in favor of LCD technology. Everyone knows the example of Sony, which closed its production of plasma panels and redirect investments in LCD designs.

Sharp's invested huge money in the largest plant for the production of LCD panels of new generation. Have been rumors in the press, and that Philips has decided to abandon the plasma production, but these rumors were almost immediately refuted by the company representatives. Separation of priority technologies are particularly well illustrated by the company Panasonic, that not only did not abandon the production of plasma panels and TV sets, but decided to spend a lot of money to promote this technology. However, the company develops the technology of plasma, without detriment to the direction of the LCD, which the company believes also quite promising. Approximately parallel to and develops their television sets and other leading manufacturer of plasma company Hitachi, which recently introduced a new series of plasma and LCD TVs 32, 37, 42 and 50-inch 1080p and removable hard drive to 160 GB.

Seal Online Unemployment

seal unemployment online is a good alternative to using electronic media. Additionally, it is a formula that has a lot of facilities in these times in which technology is us preparing so we can somehow make social revolutions. It will always be good or is good at this point to measure the influence of the live web. This allows us, of course, take into account the enormous potential of the social web aggregation. On the other hand, certifies a phenomenon which is growing and which highlights situations. Situations that in itself we are invited to reflect on and continue. The web has become a method of expression that many reasons are known. Today it is almost unlikely that large socially speaking movements do not stop having a recognition in cyberspace for everything involving within its categorization.

On the other hand, huge distributive laws of services development is always dynamic. This generates that, in certain situations, we may face in good friends all you have to do the media impact of a phenomenon as of the unemployment in its basic Constitution. It has always been the source of controversy. Not always these processes of social activation have been quite positive in general. One always can opt to not descend until the categorization of what is known as a more or less biased information of such an important issue as unemployment.

In addition, legal processes in this sense are always to order for a higher placing. Almost you can say that the analysis of this situation implies that effectively we have to adapt ourselves to the designs of Internet, without even looking back or have bases. Otherwise, the problem could emerge once and for all in serious inconvenience. The Internet is fulfilling in the topic of unemployment a huge support, especially if you consider the enormous impact that in itself has achieved a huge informational distribution. Generally these processes are carried out taking more coercive power that has never been entirely clear for institutions that promote phenomena as unemployment in general. More forward you can see how these same processes have affected us in so far as they have not allowed the mobilization of the State is really effective and can assume. On the other hand, the huge media impact does not occur spontaneously. Clear; This creates all kinds of sensations around the issue of unemployment has not been seen before, and that the Internet has managed to overcome to a greater extent and distribution. Subsequently, all these web processes have helped that there is perhaps a greater control of the information that has not been entirely positive, but that always has been well manifested. Now, the Internet and unemployment always may combine, in greater or lesser extent, certain movements relevant until there is a change of background and structure. Reference: