Plastic Bags

When we look at their children or else only thinks about their appearance, you understand that I want to give them the best. And this concerns not only education and toys. I very much want children to enjoy the extraordinary the beauty of our planet, cleanliness of its rivers and lakes, waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets, touching to the heart of even the most unromantic person. When we look at their children or else only thinks about their appearance, the understand that I want to give them the best. And this concerns not only education and toys.

I very much want children to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of our planet, the purity of its rivers and lakes, waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets touched to the heart of even the most unromantic person. However, each person on a daily basis cause irreparable damage to the natural environment. For example, a simple action like grocery shopping in a store usually followed by packing into plastic bags. On average, each inhabitant consumes about 500 bags a year. Therefore, one tenth of the garbage are plastic bags, disposal of which causes irreparable damage earthly nature. If they are burning a large amount of carbon dioxide that destroys the ozone layer. If the recovery occurs naturally, it takes more than 400 years, since the bacteria capable of recycled polymeric compounds, which comprise polyethylene bags do not exist. In this regard, governments of civilized countries impose restrictive measures for enterprises that produce bags Supermarket of polyethylene.

In this regard, Europe is becoming increasingly popular eco-friendly packaging replacement for plastic bags in their daily lives. Famous designers make a hit ordinary shopping bag. This is made possible through an understanding of what a simple act as a waiver of plastic packaging is to preserve the purity and beauty of our planet. Environmentally friendly packaging in the modern world simply replaces a supermarket bags, but it becomes a real symbol of the conscious and healthy life. In addition, the restrictive measures imposed by many governments on the production of plastic packaging, result in the that supermarkets are beginning to sell plastic bags, and not simply pack them for free products. Therefore the use of reusable convenient and practical shopping bag has become economically viable. This bag when folded does not take much place in even the smallest handbag, and using easily accommodate all of the products. In addition, plastic bags have the unpleasant property to tear at the most inopportune moment and look very unattractive. What exactly is not true of today's fashionable bag, which is an excellent example of environmentally friendly packaging.

Big Bang Science

1.Origenes. Then try to present a satisfactory explanation of the principles of the universe, based on persuasive scenario in which I am confident. Taking into account the characteristics of the current universe and how it evolves over time, we can assume the following principle: "we can make predictions in the medium term, relatively, of the phenomena that occur in the universe and how it will evolve, and assuming real the big-bang theory, we can say that the events that preceded this time were too predictable, even to the beginning. " Thus, we refer to the evolution of the universe as uniform, constant, with minor variations due to their random nature. In anticipation of Edwin Hubble, galaxies are separated from each other at high speeds. This led scientists to the hypothesis of the expanding universe, based on the foregoing principle, predicting that, if the galaxies are separated from each other, in the past that would obviously been closer together, even get to thinking that all matter and energy in the universe was concentrated in a single mathematical point, a singularity, and beyond the limits of this material had no existence.

Now show me committed. Instead of assuming an expansion, which responds to the separation of galaxies at high speeds, say this: each of the galaxies containing millions and millions of stars, which are constantly losing mass because of nuclear fusion in its interior , which is transformed into energy, which comes into play fully the action of gravity, influencing the other galaxies. This justifies the separation of galaxies and dismisses the idea of an expansion. Inside the Sun are continuing thermonuclear reactions. Thus, every second the Sun converts about 564 million tons of hydrogen into 560 million tons of helium, which means that about four million tons of matter are transformed into solar energy, a small part of the which reaches the Earth and sustains life. This idea came to consider the foundations that support as the big bang theory. That is, first, to bring this unique high temperature and great pressure does not make sense, this point has a number of microstates equals one, so its entropy should be zero. Under these conditions, it could be for this point that the matter would Buse-Einstein state, which requires temperatures close to absolute zero.

In addition, for the great explosion occurred had been requested some disturbance or change of energy in order to shift the balance of course. So do not raise the universe's expansion. The explanation of the redshift observed Hubler then explain what the gravitational effect that occurs when you consider that the universe is losing mass. If we add the loss of mass of each galaxy sun comprising each second, which would result in a decrease in the attractiveness of each cluster, and the amount of energy of the universe increases constantly.


But let us look at one another. Hollywood produces a lot of movies that show the end of the world, disasters and epidemics. Why is the future is almost never a good show? Is a person can not afford this is fantasy? Perhaps the answer is that humanity is really no good future. Our selfishness develops. People are increasingly busy in this world, tired, nervous, kills himself, kills his natural, natural environment, without which he would not survive, but still does not understand this. We can easily come to a world in which it will be impossible to live. The changes will gradually accumulate and, ultimately, natural disasters can happen, do not even any opposition of planets. But, having reached equilibrium with nature in their desires and thoughts, we can stop all the 'irrevocable' violation of nature.

These phenomena – a consequence not of our earthly disturbances (excessive consumption, depletion and pollution of the environment), as a consequence of our relationship (selfish desires and thoughts). Recent scientific evidence suggests that changes a man makes his physical actions in environment, small and can not cause the changes that we observe in nature. Changes in the nature of the program due to its creation – to bring us to a higher level of existence. It's inevitable. All disasters and crises the world is nothing but a manifestation of unbalanced forces. It is our selfish forces cause such investigation to the still, vegetative, animal and human levels. It's inside me erupting volcano inside me rages Tsunami in me still, vegetative and animal levels, there is no balance.

And so to me appear, such external painting – a demonstration of what is happening inside of me! But to the extent that we reach an equilibrium with nature of the relationship between a surety, we will impact on all the lower levels of nature: animal, plant, inanimate. And all the rest. After all the problems (the nature of the perturbation) only occur due to lack of balance between people. Alexander Gimpel source of internet-newspaper – One World