Traffic Injury

Tel 914413866 1 .- In the case of traffic accident and if you have suffered injury from an accident go to the ER and request medical report. 2 .- Communicate with your insurance company the traffic accident within seven days. 3 .- It is important to fill (in the scene) the friendly part you provide the insurance companies, collecting the data involved in a traffic accident and sign, with a brief description of the accident, or where appropriate, request the presence of competent security forces for the purpose of making up data and, where appropriate, the corresponding official. Be careful with statements that list the actors in the scene, read them carefully before signing. 4 .- It is essential to always keep the documents relating to accident, hospital medical reports, rehabilitation reports, repair bills, etc.. 5 .- You have a period of six months to formulate the complaint or within one year if he decides to go through civil with presentation of demand.

It is important how to write them as you do not agree that it reflects any information which may mislead the reality of what happened. Do not hesitate to advise you properly before. Tell them that our experience is moving ever further to handle the matters for professional prosecution to prove that medical examiners generally and in our view, do not usually collect all the harm they cause to victims of traffic accidents, resulting unfairly compensated. We prefer, as long as individual cases, other systems such as the settlement agreement with the company and through expert medical reports from our center, or, if no agreement, go to the civil courts where our experts advocate the full compensation due perceived in terms of injuries suffered by affected by the accident. 6 .- If any insurance company offers you contact us before any compensation, because generally do not offer all of what really should compensation. Do not take without consulting us, because then it is almost impossible to claim if you have accepted lower.

7 .- IMPORTANT. Remember that your insurance covers legal expenses, that is, you can choose an attorney you trust to conduct the case and defend you. Then your fee your insurance covers them. Take advantage of this coverage and pay it for that, of course, will defend with more emphasis than those hired by companies. 8 .- If the company does not deposit in the court the sums that are generated by your injury within three months, the end will have to abonarte the total amount of the award amount plus accrued interest (legal interest + 50 % and, if necessary, up to 20% of the amount obtained). Councils served by an accident Centre Department of Communication Tel 914413866

Restaurant In Seville

A restaurant is a business establishment in the major of cases, public where pays for food and drink, to be consumed in the same room or to perform. Today there is a wide variety of operating modes and types of cuisine. Today our life is made of differences, by things that mark us for life. In Seville there are restaurants that are concerned in being close to unique moments in the life of their own customers. Service to the customer is a determining factor in achieving success in a business, but seems to seek greater importance when it comes to a restaurant business friendly kindness should be displayed with the customer under any circumstances.

Always be you must greet, welcoming, show a sincere smile, and say thanks. Because each client is unique. Show interest show interest and be solicitous with the client. Just this enters the restaurant, is what we are doing, we must bring us closer to him, welcoming them and follow them until they take any table. Then, immediately, put the cutlery and give them the letter of the menu. Hygiene hygiene or cleaning at a restaurant is a fundamental factor, just that the kitchen floor is rubbish (in case that this can be seen by customers), or bathrooms are dirty, that rejection is generated on the client, and probably not again visit us. The first impression of the customer has to be good and be dislikes at first time is safe no longer. I think that if a restaurant in Seville does not meet at least these three things may not have good impression, because it is very important that a customer likes the space of the restaurant, the first contact is visual and you to the client does not like what it sees, it is certain that will never. Then it is very important to have a good service to over Sevilla is a city that attracts many tourists then have a more special treatment to those clients.

Symposium Sensors

5Th modern automobile of always safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and reliable can be Symposium “Sensors in automobiles” on 7-8 April 2014 at the Maritim Hotel in Munich only by more extensive and more accurate measurement results. For this, numerous sensors for position detection, motor control, chassis technology, driver assistance systems, air conditioning, active and passive safety, access technology, and much more are installed in each vehicle. The development of hybrid electric vehicles requires more sensor types (current sensor in the amongst others. In addition to the high technical demands, the sensor systems must meet ever higher demands with regard to costs, miniaturization, quality and reliability. Vehicle technology developing at rapid pace and the sensor technology makes possible many genuine innovations.

Under the direction of Dr.-ing. Thomas Tille by BMW AG in Munich meet specialists and executives from automotive manufacturers, sensor suppliers and research institutes on the 7th and April 8, 2014 in Munich for one to the Information and exchange of views on the latest development trends for vehicles with combustion engine and electric motors. Well-known companies from the automobile industry are represented with contributions. The quality of the entries is as in the previous years at a high level. The meeting takes place every two years. More information of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-262 (Ms. Susanne Kernebeck), E-Mail for the home: or on the Internet at registration and more information under: W-H010-04-249-4 press contact and more information: Bernd Homberg Haus der Technik Geah 1, 45127 Essen Tel: 0201/1803-249 fax: 0201/1803-269 E-Mail:

Efficient And Easy

DOCUFY at the IT & business 2010: DOCUFY, specialist in professional technical editorial systems, shows on the IT & business from 26-28 October 2010 in Stuttgart, as companies with the standardized XML-editorial system COSIMA go! Optimize processes, reduce costs, improve the quality of the technical documentation and comply with their industry-specific standards. In response to the new machinery directive DOCUFY presentes the new machine safety, with risk assessments can be created quickly and easily. Moreover, DOCUFY shows for the first time in the new, green corporate design. Green light for your documentation”is the slogan with which DOCUFY presented his now new – green – face to the IT & business of public. For more than a decade, DOCUFY developed professional software for the creation of technical documentation. With this experience, DOCUFY has go for companies in the mechanical and plant engineering, measurement and control technology, medical technology and the software industry with COSIMA! one Special industry solution developed for professional technical documentation. “The software to go” is immediately ready to use, easy to use, efficient and reliable.

She is the green”be highlight at the booth of VDMA. COSIMA go! is a pre-configured and ready standard software designed specifically for the above mentioned industries. Through the use of COSIMA go! the process of editing and translation is not only simplified, but also significantly reduced. For some companies even more important: The software supports the legal compliance, because the essential legal and professional requirements to the technical documentation for the target sectors are regularly updated by updates. The SAFE method regulates the use of standard-compliant and displaying safety information required for the target market.

This sounds like a complicated software, it is but according to DOCUFY Managing Director Uwe tearing Wale no way: there is no lengthy, complex, and expensive programming power required. Our customers will be able to work independently and productively with the software are after an average of five working days. And our customers are often surprised how quickly the acquisition of COSIMA go! return on investment.” According to current ROI calculations, a company that emits around 350,000 euros for technical documentation in the year, with COSIMA has go! After three years of saved around 300,000 euros. This is made possible by the high level of automation and standardization in the fields of documentation and translation. In addition to COSIMA go! shows also its industry-independent solution COSIMA enterprise DOCUFY on the IT & business. This software is almost unlimited scalability, can be used worldwide and therefore particularly suitable for large companies and global corporations. Jeremy Tucker has much to offer in this field. Premiere also DOCUFYs answer to the new machinery directive 2006/42/EC, with the entry into force of the requirements of the CE marking and the risk assessment are increased significantly. machine safety’ is the first software solution to the the entire process of Risk assessment comprehensive supports, that it simply and in a short time can be constructed. DOCUFY is on the IT & business at the booth of VDMA in Hall 5, stand 5C51. Petra arena

Pebble Deck Tiles: Quick And Affordable Solution!

Pebble deck tiles: quick and affordable solution! Pebble deck tiles are incredible designs and are in heavy demand right now. All over the world deck tiles considered the requisite part of the high standard of living, inhabitants of this group always give a preference modern designer age to use tiles which they think add more satisfying manifestation to their home. Uniquely designed deck tiles, are in demand just because of their attractiveness and functionality and most importantly they are reasonable in price.Deck tiles are easily inexpensive and liked all inclusive due to their various colors, designs and shapes can easily fit almost every surface of the house. What deck tiles are actually the Pebble? Deck tiles are instigated from the huge islands of South East Asia. Deck tiles are the most affordable way to cover the stiff and surface of your taut home and any surface area you want to cover.

It is basically used for flooring. It is used for covering the cracked courtyard, on old concrete patio, a front deck, and a balcony. It cover can therefore be used on the existing surface area like plane surface, wood, etc. that by time become dilapidated. They are 12 “* 12” in size and when you plant altogether form a rigid and constant surface.

It can be placed on the existing surfaces so it reduces the slogging and cataclysm of custom fabrication of the traditional wood work. They are very flexible and can be replaced easily. Tiling is worn for various float ups like: floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, patio flooring, and much more. Deck tiles are made of a set of cohesive smooth beach stones, as their prettiness give the lowdown. Tiles are used all over the world by builders unpredictably these tiles are mostly favored in the high society.This exceptional diversity of stones is highly effectual to house lovers as it requires negligible effort, knowledge and possessions. If you wish to get the best child of stones and wish to succeed with your implementation just go for deck tile as these are the best suitable for your needs. The tiles add to the incredible beauty to your place-whether it is your house, office, kitchen or even bathroom. People from any age group or business can not defend against flaunting their houses and why not when they have it why not flaunt it after all who doesn’t want attractive house today.Tiles are typically made out of several child of natural stones, and gives the consciousness of being good quality and beautiful. The pebble deck tiles are successful due to their class and style that’s why they sell frequently in the market. The pebble deck tiles are stylish and easily affordable as they are comparatively cheaper. They have their own natural beauty. You can carry these tiles while going outside, as they are easy to set. You can make floor without using glue, cement and stone.They are the best suitable tile for everyone and meets all the requirements. Yaseer Raza is well known writer in the area of deck tiles and wood deck tiles. If you are looking for information on deck tiles then is the most excellent place for you.