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Classified aeronautical website complies with its first year of life web specialized in the publication of classifieds to buy and sale of aircraft completed its first year and is positioned as a leader in its sector in the Spanish-speaking market. It’s been over one year since the born in Spain and directed to the Spanish-speaking aviation market venture give to know with the clear objective of offering an easy to use, fast and efficient to facilitate the buying and selling of planes, helicopters and all kinds of aviation material directed exclusively to Latin America. In its first year of life expectations have been more than fulfilled surpassing 1,000,000 page views, and fruit of the work and enthusiasm of its makers, has managed to become a clear reference in the sector. In order to continue to grow the project has acquired generic domains and eager to cover the largest possible spectrum of the exciting world of aviation. Also has joined fashion and has its own space in the social network facebook via the address and twitter at for easy access to all users and notices published on the portal from reaching the largest number of possible interested parties. If you want to know more about this project you can contact with its leaders through the email address info (arroba) topaviones.

Arguelles Neighborhood

It will be in the street of Martin de los Heros, in Arguelles. The name of the Spanish Cinema figures such as Pedro Almodovar, Penelope Cruz, Sara Montiel, Luis Garcia Berlanga, Luis Bunuel or Javier Bardem will look. 25 Stars of granite, white marble and steel make up the first batch. The street of Martin de los Heros, Madrid district of Arguelles, will become the walk of Fame of Madrid and will wear the name of Spanish Cinema figures such as Pedro Almodovar, Penelope Cruz, Sara Montiel, Luis Garcia Berlanga, Luis Bunuel or Javier Bardem. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Academy of cinema, this street, where the cines are Renoir and Golem, will become the walk of Fame from Madrid from the 27th day, when it is opened by the Mayor of the city, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, and by the President of the Academy, Enrique Gonzalez Macho. The filmmakers Pedro Almodovar, Alejandro Amenabar, Juan Antonio Bardem, Luis Garcia Berlanga, Luis will have its stars Bunuel, Jose Luis Garci, Pilar Miro, Carlos Saura and Fernando Trueba.

Also will include actresses Empire Argentina, Penelope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Sara Montiel, Emma Penella, Amparo Rivelles, Carmen Sevilla and Concha Velasco, and the actors Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Pepe Isbert, Alfredo Landa, Toni Leblanc, Paco Rabal and Fernando Rey. In total, 25 stars, all of them granite, white marble and steel make up the first batch and designed by Oscar Marine, which may be extended each year with one or two other stars, according to the Film Academy. This project is part of the initiative of the Ministry of Presidency called streets of film whose purpose is to valorise and promote the arteries and areas of Madrid which have relationship with the cinematographic activity. Source of the news: Madrid will have its walk of Fame in the Arguelles neighborhood


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Francisco Granados

Madrid education counselor wondered what the outraged the 15-m in the assemblies of teachers. Teachers will give two hours more a week. Teaching unions have already announced mobilizations. Madrid Councillor for education, Lucia Figar, wondered Friday what they did outraged the 15-m in the assemblies that teachers have been held to decide the mobilizations that seconded at the beginning of the course, and has stated that they are the same that insulted and assaulted to pilgrims in the month of August. Figar is has rrido as well, in a statement provided by the counseling, the announcement of mobilizations made by teaching unions to demand the withdrawal of instructions disseminated by the regional Executive for the next school year, which envisaged that teachers give two hours more a week. The counselor has said that nobody understands very well what the outraged of 15-M present in assemblies, deciding if the teachers make Needless to, they do not strike or make it a day, and that this is politicizing and radicalizing a conflict, which had to be completed, (since) it has nothing to do with interests of teachers or with the quality of teaching, has been added. Figar has had an impact on the continuation of the conflict is undoubtedly bad news for everyone, teachers and families. For its part, the Secretary general of the PP in Madrid, Francisco Granados, has assured in declarations Thursday there was a very serious matter, since teachers participated in the assemblies that were held left antisistemas which are wreaking Street and the rule of law for months. He pointed out that these people have nothing to do with the initial motion 15-M, but are people who neither respects nor believes in the rights and freedoms of others, and he has criticized that CCOO and UGT invite them to the assemblies, since this shows that trade unions do not have any interest in education or by the quality of education, but wear the Government of Esperanza Aguirre.