Portugal Published

It announced its merchandises and it offered its we prstimos to order to come of Portugal all book luck? for very cmodos prices. In the trip that made in 1811 led to vender in the cut … great amount of books, more than six hundred headings diferentes’ ‘ (MORAES, 2006, p.142). Moraes also affirms that diverse areas of the knowledge were contemplated publications proceeding from the typography of Servant Beyond great number of merciful workmanships, it offered books of medicine, mathematics, right, classic literature and modern e? pertaining papers the news, announcements and everything how much it belongs to ace wars, tragedies and novels … comedies and entremezes teatral representation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo. It is to very notice the presence of few foreign workmanships; almost all the Portuguese supply is of book ….

It seems that its prices made good businesses in the River receiving printed matter orders of the traders therefore were cheaper of that of? thief of the Regal Press? as he says Morocco, in a letter … ‘ ‘ (MORAES, 2006, p.142). 3. WORKMANSHIPS PUBLISHED FOR the FIRST TYPOGRAPHY OF the BAHIA In relation to the first published workmanship have divergences. Rubens Borba de salient Moraes that, according to Peter Calmom, based on manuscript of the IHGB, intitled Information of the Bahia, the first published workmanship would be the gratulatoria Conjunct to the prince regent … for Incio Jose de Macedo.

It has also the affirmation of Alberto Lamego, as it detaches the author, for who the Prospect of the gazette of the Bahia would have been the first publication. Basea Lamego, for such affirmation, in a letter sent to conde of the Galveias, in Rio De Janeiro, dated of 17 of May of 1811, that it says: ‘ ‘ I have the honor to present the V. Excia. the first fruits of the press of this capital that V.

Hot Dog

The hot dog is a food of European origin, generally having its entailed creation to the city of Frankfurt in Germany. However this food quickly was spread out for the world, falling in the taste of the Americans and also of the Brazilians. Today it is very common for the most part to find a stand of hot dog of the public spaces or events that concentrate a great amount of people. In Brazil, more specifically, the traditional bread with sausage gained a infinity of variations, reflecting the marcante creativity of the Brazilian people. A served hot dog in the northeast region will not be necessarily equal to a served hot dog in the south or Southeastern region.

The hot dog is today practically a complete meal. It can be asked for to this food with potato straw, maize, peas, egg of codorna, cheese, salada, oil, pur of potato, catupiry and even though farofa. It has hot dog for the most varied palates. It is common to also find vendido hot dog with 2 sausages, different types of sausage different types of bread, taking care of to all the gostos. The sausage could be baked in the oven, cozida in water, fries or pressed. The prescription most common of gravy of hot dog includes tomatoe, onion, water and sausage. However more ingredients could be added, as well as garlic, chili and other temperos.

The sales of hot dog can be a sufficiently lucrative business, depending on the point of sales and the structure of its stand or van. The price of this food can vary very depending on the region, the competition, the size and the ingredients. Most common he is that the average is between 3 and 5 Reals, being able is clearly, to have dog hot or more cheap more expensive. Many people have considered the purchase of a stand of hot dog to increase the income in week ends or for specific events and many they work as selling of hot dog in integral time. Of any form, the choice of a durable and resistant stand is indispensable. A good stand of hot dog must have all the compartments necessary to store ingredients and to prepare the food, as well as a chassis and strengthened wheels. The stands also present, in general, a isopor or a small refrigerator for storage of drinks and gravies that they need to be kept cold. Today it has in the Brazilian market companies specialized in the sales of stand of hot dog, whom generally also they accept asked for customizao of the same ones, thus taking care of to its specific necessities.