Communication And Quality Of Life

This communication is a kind of exercise in imagination. Start from the assumption that someone asked me about what is an important factor contributing to raising substantive quality of life for current and future population of Argentine territory. Without much thought as a response that would give title to this communication. Subsequently start to slide the reasons that support such a response, mindful that this immediacy is based on a long series of studies, research and reflection that goes beyond the three decades. And moreover supported by intense experiences. Increasingly convinced of the limitations of the written word, try to overcome those limitations with long preambles, that discount may be tedious, but ultimately provide detailed justification for communication. Making clear that the order of precedence does not imply any utterance, beginning with explicit part of the essential theoretical knowledge required for an approach like the one attempt. The so-called "thought complex ", as it has been consolidated by Edgar Morin, sponsored by UNESCO, forms the background. may be expressed that the scheme of knowledge, he admits: the simultaneous coexistence of chaos with order (dialogic), understands that the cause effect and the effect it can cause (the recursion), and also that the party is in the whole and the whole in the part (hologrammatic). Without undermining the relevance of other sources, when starting the communication, I have this Andre Marchal books "Structures and Economic Systems", first published in French in 1955, and "Man and his works" Herkovitzs Melvin, whose first English edition is 1948, having been published in Spanish in 1961 and 1952, respectively.