The Discussion

Then, to get strong and get three steps, 1. Looking from afar, salt of the scene, observed the situation. Mira como si fueras a third person in a theatre or cinema watching the scene with another couple arguing. Observe and think how they would do to get out of this situation. Imagine, think alternatives.

2 Recovers balance, calms your mind take a deep breath through your nose, it retains the air five seconds, released by the entamente mouth. Repeats endlessly until you feel your heart beating quiet and your muscles are relaxing, loosening. Get it you will achieve it. 3 Trafficking put you on their side, as that you hear and understand their position this is not contradictory, it is an important strategy that it disarm the opponent with phrases as to see explain me good to see if you understand… I understand your anger but we are going to do something to fix this… You’ll see how it goes slowly calming attacks, and you’re entering into conversation with each other, and the discussion or the verbal attack disappears. Very important: it is necessary to start just is DEN early symptoms, either a bad reply, a criticism, any aimed at lowering you Word. NO LO OLVIDES.

I propose then, take you 15 minutes from now, to begin to practice the steps 1 and 2 of this technique, and be trained to deal with at some point the discussion as a negotiation that come to fruition, and you can, in this case, in these holidays, spend a good time with your family. I wish you the best. By psychological violence eradication and recovery of your self-esteem. I invite you to visit: original author and source of the article.