Maria Pinto, fertile commune located 53 kilometers from Santiago, it is accessible by Route 68 and Melipilla. It has about 84 of rural population and a population of about 11,000 inhabitants. With an area of 393.5 km it is still possible to feel the smell of our countryside accompanied by a unique landscape. “Maria Pinto, beauty and tradition” becomes a relic of the Chilean countryside of the metropolitan area, which rises in the valley of the Estero Puangue. In the past 12 years the community has made considerable progress in terms of infrastructure, basic services and housing. Multi-oriented advances sustainable development have become one of the communes with better environmental management in the country. Environmentally treatment plant has a solid household waste, where it generates compost and has been visited by numerous delegations from the most diverse corners of our country, the concern for the environment has gone further, installing modules for heating solar water in some establishments, and a strong environmental education. Maria Pinto, although no tourist infrastructure has increased, is projected as one of the communes with greater development of tourism in the region, with its micro-entrepreneurs, artisans and producers, with their nature, environmental concern and its most precious treasure that is its people. Among the activities are typical of the year the anniversary of the parish in the month of May, the anniversary of country, and in the month of February the traditional Eurovision Song Maria Pinto.