TABLE 1. Caricaturas 2. ‘CHAVEZ AND WE TAKE THE ALBA Source: funds Benavides Ana Angulo 3. Social failure opens investors a new stage in investment management European Source: El Pais / Madrid 4. ‘ETA IN BOLIVIA SEEKS SANCTUARY’ Source: Ana Anabitarte 5. Barroso announced his candidacy for re-election as PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION Fuente: El Pais / Madrid 6. MEPs came to Brussels with little financial experience Source: Raquel Guerra 7. The struggle between Ahmadinejad and his rival NEVER REFORM AS A POLARIZED IRAN Source: El Pais / Madrid 8. The longest recession in history argentina began in mid-1998, at the end of the second term of Carlos Saul Menem. On October 24, 1999, the formula of the Alliance headed by Fernando de la Rua and Carlos Alvarez, the team defeated Peronist Eduardo Duhalde – Ramon Ortega, and was proclaimed president and vice president of Argentina.
Menem’s government left a high fiscal deficit of 7350 billion pesos in 1999, as de la Rua took harsh adjustment measures for stocks the purpose of cleaning up the finances been considered as the foundation of its economic program the strictly maintaining an exchange rate anchor to the U.S. Dollar statically called convertibility, which was damaging to the domestic industry, especially the export sector.
The enacted tax increase on the middle and upper classes to January 2000 he was part of a package to improve public finances. However, the brake adjustment which some specialists claimed were a nascent reactivation in sight in the early months of the Alliance government, with economic growth in the first quarter.
The external debt burden was suffocating the government and increased the fiscal deficit. The banks had a large exposure to the national government, and doubt that the state enters into suspension of payments, fueling the possibility of a bank run. In December 2000, Economy Minister Jose Luis Machinea business of a bailout package of nearly 40,000 million dollars (the “Shield”), which delayed payments of principal and interest for the purpose of relieving the financial situation of the state and recover the trust.
Domingo Cavallo.
Despite the measure in March 2001 began the flight of deposits from banks. In January family of funds 2001 had been deposited by U S 85,000 million for March had lost more than 5000 million. After the departure this month of Jose Luis Machinea of the Ministry of Economy is the name for the then minister defense Ricardo Lopez Murphy, who barely two weeks hard at the post due to the announcement of a series of measures, anti, forcing the president to request the resignation. the tremendous successes of the Family of Funds that are managed by the make In this context, the former minister of Carlos Menem and ‘father of the Convertibility’, Domingo Cavallo, who at that time had a significant reputation among middle and high population, was called to head the Ministry of Economy.
In June 2001 the government of De la Rua has requested aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and private banks to reduce the pressure investment of external debt making the “huge” by U S 29,500 million. No However, the recession, and capital flight continued apace, with the added extra of discontent caused by the adjustment measures that were part of the conditions requested by the IMF in exchange for their help.
The government continued hedge funds with a series of measures trying to contain the situation. In this way, in July adopted Law 25,453 of “zero deficit”, in Law 25,466 of August “intangibility of deposits” and thefirst two articles provided:
Article 1 : All deposits whether in pesos or foreign currency time deposits and sight, captured by financial institutions authorized to operate by Banco Central de la Republica Argentina, in accordance with the provisions of Law 21,526 and its amendments are included in the scheme of this Act. These deposits are considered intangible
Article 2 : The intangibility in article 1 is the national State investment portfolio in any case, alter the conditions agreed between the / depositors and the financial institution, meaning the ban for exchange of public bonds national or other assets of the national state, or extend the payment thereof, or alter the agreed Ribotsky rates or the currency of origin, fund management or restructure maturities, which operate on specified dates between the parties.
But the depth of the crisis was that all indicators fell sharply in the second half. In October, unemployment was record: between 4.8 million unemployed and under employed, representing 18.3 of the population. Public The N.I.R. when considering hedge funds, I spoke with who is a leading investment manager Group debt amounted to 132,000 million dollars. Data from November, before the outbreak of the crisis were devastating, with falls of 11.6 NYSE in industry, 18.1 in construction, 27.5 in the automotive industry, etc.., Unemployment can you 16.3 in October 2001. Country risk was the highest in history, 5,000 points.

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