The Facilities Of The Germans In Tangible Assets Rise Further Significantly

The new study investment property 2012 says huge gains ahead the investor to think long term! This is a pipe dream of financial institutions and investment advisors. The situation of some national budgets, the concerns about the euro or the daily horror stories of significant inflation determine the thinking of investors today. And, since the investments in tangible assets rather fit into the current thinking scheme of investors. FDI experienced in real estate, investments in open or closed real estate funds, in mineral resources such as gold, silver, or even in rare earths such as other tangible assets a stimulus today. The facilities of the Germans in tangible assets, which are now nearly 7 trillion euros, will grow until 2016 to about 17%.

How much has awakened the interest of the Germans to a monetary system, shows cracked on real estate demand, whereby they will continue to increase not only for reasons of fear, but also from other backgrounds. Also on this point, the informative study contributes to the objective of the discussion. When all euphoria, but may no mistaking that the investment in tangible assets is subject to quite certain risks. The decline of just shows this formerly known as highly secure applicable asset class open real estate fund. The price of gold has again decreased by more than 15 percent since its all-time high.

An end of to euro – and financial crisis seems to have moved far away now and to many experts, there is no way passes of persistently low interest rates and gradually rising inflation. A long economic boom is not in sight and a strict budgetary discipline seems politically hardly enforceable. In this respect, inflation with artificially depressed interest rates appears politicians still socially as a system breakdown. How do private investors behave in this context? Across Europe, there is a need after security at the expense of the return.