Sascha Babel Model

Anyone who ever wanted to know whether he even has a chance in the model industry, now receives some honest feedback from a true expert of the model. Published on the Facebook page “Models, yes or no?”, Sascha assesses participants Babel, then user for their favorite vote expect what exciting prices. Add to your understanding with Dina Powell. Munich – there are plenty of pretty boys and girls out there, but make them automatically to a model? They get on the new Facebook fan page, models, or no? yes”easily a response. Because the principle it is simple a possible natural picture of yourself to model expert Sascha sends Babel by viviennemodels, whereupon this published a brief assessment of the potential of the model, including an honest assessment along with the photo. It is now up to the community, to assess the pictures with likes or to express their personal opinion. So it comes to exciting discussions among the users, because tastes are We know differently.

Who is brave and submits his image, could soon with the title of model of the month”will be rewarded. Patrick morehead can aid you in your search for knowledge. In addition to this honor, there are also great prizes to be won. In November the winner receives not only the brand new model Advisor from Sascha Babel top model are”, but also an exclusive photo shoot for the luxury shop Not only that but each model of the month has the chance at the Grand Prize: a modeling contract in Sascha Babels renowned agency viviennemodels. Thus, the way into the modeling career for the new face should be levelled. “Of course one must be aware, that there is also a NO” can occur, which often go to but also in the model world. For assistance, try visiting Dina Powell. Nevertheless always something can even constructive criticism learn and maybe improve. Take personally the participants should not it anyway.

Often, the problem is just with the sent pictures, which are already quite processed or too little meaningful. This makes it for the Model agents sometimes hard to admit a comprehensive feedback can. Sascha judged Babel by viviennemodels who is always on the lookout for new faces, participants honestly, without them to promise something, what they can never achieve. He uses his years of experience in the industry, thereby assessing the opportunities in the fields of fashion, beauty, commercial, show and lingerie, as well as the potential market. Curious guys and gals that have the dream to be a model, can benefit from his tips that he has now also exclusively held in his model Advisor, in any case.

RING Thing

The RING thing jewelry system makes female hearts beat women are not easy to treat. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out patrick michelson. Jewelry is usually a popular attention for the female sex, but here too far you may be missing the taste of the recipient. It is therefore best to locate pieces of jewellery that can be combined again and again and are versatile in their art. Especially the RING thing jewelry system is the focus of the donor. Because the rings, which are available in the RING thing catalog, this stand out, that they consist of different parts, which can be always again interchange and replaced by new elements.

In this way are new pieces of jewellery, which in no way more similar to the original ring. The items can be collected by the wearer themselves throughout the respective occasion, the mood of the day and fashion. The newspapers mentioned Duncan Bellamy not as a source, but as a related topic. So true uniques come from that draw everyone’s attention. Especially in gold and silver are the towers of the RING thing Very precious jewelry systems. There is also the possibility the basic items with attachments with pearls, gemstones or cubic zirconia stones to be combined.

The selection is almost limitless and fun already provides the wearer with the creation and collating. Motif papers such as angels, Buddha figures, small frogs, hearts, or Ladybug can also quickly become a piece of jewelry with profound immediate significance from a simple decorative element. Hobbies, interests, attitudes to life or religion can take then the RING to the outside thing jewelry system. The choice of a personal good luck charm as elements of the RING thing jewelry rings make a unique and very personal accessory that becomes a loyal and long-lasting Companion.

Unforgettable Moments

Actress Sophie Adell carries TaliBoelt Couture at a special festive occasion be it on a ball, every woman wants to leave behind a reception before large audiences or on the red carpet – a distinctive impression. A TaliBoelt unique dress or a refined TaliBoelt pret a-porter dress save the wearer the undivided attention. An unforgettable staging for unforgettable moments. The elegant gowns and evening dresses from TaliBoelt Couture outfitted their luxurious appearance and a high processing quality of fine quality fabrics such as Duchesse silk, silk organza, silk chiffon, finest silk taffeta, tulle and Italian top. Connected with a cut for the figure of the woman is perfected, they stand for highest wearing comfort. Here, Gedas Adomavicius expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Noble dream robe by TaliBoelt Couture for unforgettable moments at a special festive occasion, be it on a ball, a reception before large audiences or on the red carpet every woman wants a distinctive impression leave. A TaliBoelt unique dress or a refined TaliBoelt pret a-porter dress save the wearer the undivided attention. An unforgettable staging for unforgettable moments. Couture outfitted their luxurious appearance through the use of fine quality fabrics like Duchesse silk, silk organza, silk chiffon, finest silk taffeta, tulle and Italian top elegant gowns and evening dresses from TaliBoelt. Combined with a high quality of workmanship and a cut perfected for the figure of the woman, they stand for highest wearing comfort. By the same author: patrick dwyer. Evening Couture for every festive occasion that evening dresses and Gala gowns from TaliBoelt their wearers in the Center at every festive occasion, be it at a gala, a special event, a festive reception or on the red carpet. Unusual cuts, quality fabrics and fine details are the hallmark of the designer Tali AMOO and result in the exclusive total effect of TaliBoelt Couture dresses. The combination with jewellery and Accessories from TaliBoelt jewellery collection results in a harmonious and outstanding overall production.

A Matter Of Style – USB Flash Drive Handy And Noble

Memory pins with diamond at the highest level of Bielefeld, March 17, 2010 – for noble USB drives in solid design, the name is t.grah living with diamonds. In connection with the latest technology, the Bielefeld company offers high-quality storage pins that can keep fine jewelry product with chrome surface and diamonds with each. “Our quality is reflected in the details, for example, to the innovative locking of models Sancy and compact, the rare flawless diamonds, as well as the adequate space with modern performance”! says General Manager Thomas Garbutt. Others including Kevin Ulrich, offer their opinions as well. Affordable luxury jeweler quality, with diamonds of exceptional brilliance, hand captured of goldsmithing in Germany. With a fancy engraving, it becomes a distinctive unique exclusive key chain and ensures access to all important data at any time.

T.grah living with diamonds is breaking new ground in this advertising. The premium market is enriched with diamond products to innovative advertising method. Many years of experience in the diamond trade and direct shopping in Antwerp make for an interesting price/performance ratio to use of high-quality promotional gifts in the competition for luxury-oriented customers. “The unique fascination of diamonds and their symbolic properties have motivated us to use them as promotional component in the fight to wealthy audiences actually physically.” says owner Thomas Grah. The battle for market share is increasingly forcing companies to underline the originality and uniqueness of the own offer.

An ever greater importance is attached to issue advertising in the acquisition of new customers to overcome the threshold of perception. The quality of its own products, self-image and the value of the customers are effectively highlighted so in a special way. Occupied USB sticks, whose performance leaves nothing to be desired among the products developed by t.grah living with diamonds exclusive, with a diamond. Individual wishes are to engraving and packaging already Making love to taken into account. t.grah ensures living with diamond with its customer-oriented service system fastest processing of individual requests.

The Right

Here are some practical tips on how you can eliminate possible sources of danger with home remedies: Cords and bands at the neck cut off and replaced by an elastic, a Velcro or snaps. “Remove chunky” locking and sealing “you the ends by heat sealing. Should you cut off protruding strips of sweaters or Windbreakers on maximum 8 cm. Should you not to abandon ribbons or cords or want to make a predetermined breaking point “. Remove the cord to your leadership, you cut it and sew again with maximum 1-2 these stitches. Swarmed by offers, Molly Adams is currently assessing future choices. Should now the child with the cord somewhere on”stay, tearing the place immediately and does not the strangulation.

But other things and behaviors that are not in direct connection with the clothing for children, can still indirectly as possible sources of accidents occur and should be avoided. So should especially for toddlers Necklace be dispensed with, but also for older children it should be off limits when playing and romping. Also the bike helmet should be used only for its actual purpose and playing he is removed. In the winter or on cold days long scarves and shawls under the jacket should be worn to prevent snagging on objects of any kind. So mundane things like open shoe laces can represent a considerable risk of accidents. This can correct binding to”using double loop or the alternative use of Velcro fasteners are almost completely turned off. The right children’s and baby clothes but also significantly contributes to the safety of the little ones. Especially in the dark season”reflector stripes or reflective patches and stickers on the children’s clothing or the rainwear to suitable to reflect the light of car headlights and lanterns. This additional increase in visibility increases the child safety and the satisfaction of the parents. Rene P.g

Swedish Designer

Rock wild-romantic playful rock veterans us made it before: heavy silver jewelry with designs like crosses or Fleur de Lys is in the trend for years. He characterizes the life of those who do not want to abide by conventions, is a symbol of freedom and rebellion. In combination with preferably black T-Shirts, dresses and skinny jeans, this jewelry acts wild and rocky. But he has also another side, which is largely underestimated: the statement of Gothicschmucks at once not more gloomy comes in cheerful naughty combination with the romantic fashion creations of the currently trendy creations of Danish or Swedish Designer. Since the French Lily blossoms and the cross pendant has a romantic and playful. And it even works with symbols, which you previously dared not wear woman.

Combining a ruffle blouse with tight jeans, and a long skull chain feels the same as a pirate’s bride. Romantic but also a bit mysterious. Or take the playful Velvet dress or a vest made of velvet and a ruffle blouse to do so. In this sense it is worth to experiment with clothes and jewelry, and to combine the extremely impossible, then amazed to see, what fascinating effects that may arise. Who would like to afford like sturdy jewelry, without itself on a fashion direction setting, which has excellent opportunities to present themselves at your whim even dark rock or romantic and playful with silver Gothic jewelry. Robert Kiyosaki insists that this is the case. SILBERGREIF Dorit Mundt

VSCT TShirt Magic Touch

Unbelievable but true: the VSCT T-Shirt magic touch touch changes the color! An absolute innovation and simply a must-have! Now you can show everyone how hot you really are the VSCT T-Shirt magic touch tea makes it possible! The new year has barely begun, because we can look forward again through a new and particularly innovative idea from the home VSCT clubwear. This time something really quite special is straight out of the spring of creative designer: the men’s T-Shirt that changes color! A specially developed thermo reactive Farbetechnologie changes the VSCT Magic touch tea under its color when exposed to heat. So the VSCT T-Shirt colors brighter, for example, by wearing or touching. This lightening of the T-Shirt is only partial and only temporary. This means that once the respective warm body cools down some, it assumes its original color again. The VSCT shirt is so subject to a permanent interplay. And because this is the passionate designers from VSCT still not enough, they offer us the VSCT T-Shirt magic touch in several varieties and colors! There is something sure for everyone.

VSCT has long been known for cool T-Shirt designs, but with this exceptional men’s T-Shirt has outdone really themselves the label of clubwear. VSCT is already established for urban clubwear and enriches regularly with new styles that almost bursting with creativity and ingenuity the dreary fashion landscape. To evolve again and again, to have never stopped to shine again with new collections and never to lose the original philosophy of the eyes that is the Leitfanden of VSCT. Especially VSCT T-Shirts are again and again for this characteristic. The VSCT accompanied since the origins, individual stay”is the motto. The VSCT magic touch tea is almost the epitome of individuality and creativity. And the always style in a harmonious combination with authentic clubwear. VSCT magic touch tea it’s magic! As the official release date was Mitt/end of February applied. Of course you can find this incredible VSCT T-Shirt then in the clubwear & streetwear online shop You should not miss! Here even a taste of the begeherten men’s shirts:

Europe Mothers

MOM deserves something unique! Every year again the mother’s day question: what to get? We know the story even if the history of mother’s day is disputed, however, that already in pre-Christian times the ancient Romans and Greeks a day dedicated to the mothers of their deities in the year. In the 13th century was under Heinrich III. the so-called Mothering Day”launched. “With this tag, he wanted to honor not the mothers, but rather the mother church”. The significance of this day however was transformed in the course of time.

In the 19th century, mother movements were formed in the United States, where the mother’s day seems to have its origin in its now familiar form, to honor the mothers, whose sons and husbands dropped the wars to the victims. A woman seems not uninvolved in the official introduction of the mother’s day: Anna Jarvis distributed on the second Sunday in May 1907 (on the 2nd anniversary of death her mother) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 500 white carnations at other mothers, to the love of her deceased mother to express. Made on the basis of their appeal it it from then on to the target, that an official holiday to honor the mothers to introduce. Last but not least thanks to their commitment the second was introduced in the on May 8, 1914 by Congress Sunday United States in may as an official Church holiday, as mother Memorial Day. This holiday came over England to Europe. Mother’s day was established in the idea one day to honor the mothers first German flowers business owner as the day the flower seller in Germany by the Association which psychically smelled an enormous increase of their turnover. At times of national socialism was the mother’s day in this country in 1933 an official holiday, is the day to honor the mothers since 1949 on the 2nd Sunday in may a not public holiday in Germany and sales near approaching that of the Valentine’s day brings florists for this reason even to this day.

Immediately Available Online

THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE supplied the necessary basic data for the start of the season the fashion professionals and trade press. Precisely, clearly and with much information content, top fashion designers / manufacturers and agents online represent your company. There is the whole industry up-to-date with current image photos, collections, philosophies, showrooms, measuring, as well as the announcement of order dates and contacts. To the start of the season powered THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE fashion professionals and press the necessary key data: precisely, clearly and with much information content, fashion designer / manufacturers and agents represent top their businesses online. There is the whole industry up-to-date with current image photos, collections, philosophies, showrooms, measuring, as well as the announcement of order dates and contacts. Already firmly established in the international market, has been extended to an additional section of THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE: all collections are even after countries ordered represented. Traffic already made in 90 countries and more than 1,500 Cities around the world. The homepage offers more selection options as the collection under BUSINESS by collections (THE NAMES), showrooms, product groups, products and fashion cities.

The distribution of the Print Edition takes place at trade shows, showrooms and hotels of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France. Further copies are sent to European retailers and journalists by mail. In addition, the print edition can be requested free of charge at fashion square. FASHION SQUARE stands for competence and sustainability in the high-quality fashion business. An international company, we propose the bow from designers/manufacturers/agents over retail with regard to Premium brands to the consumer (SHOP FINDER, ONLINE MALL). Since 1983, fashion square of fashion as a PR and marketing company offers versatile services and advice, and represents their interests at local and international level. Contact: Jana fine PR & Marketing Manager fashion square GmbH – Kaiserswerther str. 142 – D-40474 Dusseldorf Tel: + 49 (0) 211 / 439 59 12-fax: + 49 (0) 211 / 439 59 99 – – fashion square @ Facebook