Swedish Designer

Rock wild-romantic playful rock veterans us made it before: heavy silver jewelry with designs like crosses or Fleur de Lys is in the trend for years. He characterizes the life of those who do not want to abide by conventions, is a symbol of freedom and rebellion. In combination with preferably black T-Shirts, dresses and skinny jeans, this jewelry acts wild and rocky. But he has also another side, which is largely underestimated: the statement of Gothicschmucks at once not more gloomy comes in cheerful naughty combination with the romantic fashion creations of the currently trendy creations of Danish or Swedish Designer. Since the French Lily blossoms and the cross pendant has a romantic and playful. And it even works with symbols, which you previously dared not wear woman.

Combining a ruffle blouse with tight jeans, and a long skull chain feels the same as a pirate’s bride. Romantic but also a bit mysterious. Or take the playful Velvet dress or a vest made of velvet and a ruffle blouse to do so. In this sense it is worth to experiment with clothes and jewelry, and to combine the extremely impossible, then amazed to see, what fascinating effects that may arise. Who would like to afford like sturdy jewelry, without itself on a fashion direction setting, which has excellent opportunities to present themselves at your whim even dark rock or romantic and playful with silver Gothic jewelry. Robert Kiyosaki insists that this is the case. SILBERGREIF Dorit Mundt