Modschtaba Khamenei

They say Ahmadinejad have a means of pressure to keep his place. Rahim Mashaei, the close connections to Indian Magicians said to be explosive secret documents gave him, which head and collar could cost large parts of the establishment of the Islamic Republic. The tired Guardsman once of glorious leaders of the revolutionary guards and little successful candidate for President in 2009, launches Mohsen Rezaei currently using its Persian website interesting insights into events and contexts in the Iran, taking place in the shadow of daily politics. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. He also is a man of the first hour of the system and has established over the years best connections. Beginning of may 2012 he pointed in a detailed article on a resumption of the activities of the group, which has cooperated with Said Emami. These people want to represent Said Emami as a martyr and bring his ideals. The proud killer Ruhollah Haq considered callous murderer who has boasted of having done his religious duty, because he killed people.

He is considered Ahmadinejad’s supporters. His career in the dark basements full of secrets and its Activities in planning for the physical destruction of opponents is long and reveals that this man is a convinced revolutionary. In addition to other offices, he directs the Center for documents of the Islamic Revolution 3. The insights in the files of the previous service SAVAK were very helpful for the planning of new crimes. Also an another zealot who was sacrificed in the era under Khatami to the protection of the establishment worked under his aegis. The sacrificed servant Said Emami comes from a Jewish family in the Iran. He has studied in the United States and worked for many years under Ali Fallahian and Ruhollah harden in the intelligence Ministry. Ali Khamenei Emami confided to his family during a long stay in London. Its familiarity to Modschtaba Khamenei, a son of Ali Khamenei comes from this time.