Transparent Sun Protection

A static-adhesive foil for the window prevents excessive heating by solar radiation and granted at the same time clear prospects. (tdx) Folding stores, shutters, blinds, these sun protection products are so tried and true, so annoying can sometimes they act at the window. Finally you in the winter garden can enjoy a free view and look out the roof window in the sky. Still you can not forgo especially in the warm season at a window adequate sun protection, as the summer sun otherwise would heat up the living quarters. In recent months, Jane Fraser has been very successful. “A transparent sunscreen, such as d-c-fix, here is the solution: effectively prevents harmful ultraviolet rays to heat, and at the same time that the residents always know what’s going” keep. Static adhesive sunscreen benefit homeowners and tenants in three ways: thanks is the slide in the location, the direct heat to more than special pigments Half to reduce say the heat that inside penetrates through the disk, to reduce and to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. Credit: Suna Said Maslin-2011.

However, the slide blocks 95% of harmful UV radiation and helps to protect furniture and other home furnishings from fading. In winter garden, living room, and the plant is placed supplied still enough daylight: the high transparent film is translucent to at least 75 percent and thus promotes a bright, friendly atmosphere. Benefits also result from the handling of the film. Depending on the frame shape and size, it can be tailored to and then applied from the inside on the disc with a conventional box cutter. This disc film first with a sprayer are moistened, then the piece of film best twosome at the window attached and removed the moisture with a squeegee to the sides finished! Because the film no glue, as they required for a secure grip static shall be liable to the window.

For this reason, she can be also repeatedly use an important factor for tenants who want to take their sun protection in case the next move. As an alternative, also the Energiesparfolie of d-c-fix to the usage may be the sunscreen at the window. In summer, exhibit similar features as the Sun version: reduction of heat and ultraviolet radiation and light transmission. In the winter adds yet another positive feature: the Energiesparfolie which is self-adhesive, improves the heat insulation by 65 percent, reduced so the heating costs and protects this environment and wallet. Also, complex rehabilitation around the window under certain circumstances can be avoided. But no matter whether solar or Energiesparfolie films for the window make for a pleasant indoor climate and satisfied tenants. More information to the d-c-fix glass films, see. Image: Whether in the winter garden, in the living room or under the umbrella of a transparent Sunscreen provides effective heat and UV protection in the summer without doing to keep out the Sun. Image: tdx/Hornschuch Tanja Est

Nestbox Construction Manual

So build your birdhouse specifically and thus help the environment with a nest box for birds! In Germany, there are clearly too little bird houses and thus too little nesting box locations for birds! And why is that? Because we cut down more and more trees, fields, and forests in Germany and thus destroy the natural space for a birdhouse, bird feeder, so! If however, everyone in his garden would build a nest box, there’s this problem hardly welcome in Germany! And it is even better but to make it a small home project, and to build a nest box with a construction manual itself. Of course, you can simply buy but also an Aviary at the hardware store. Then you need “to hang the birdhouse only in his garden”. It’s best if you hang the Bird House at the Garden Cottage, or in its own tree in Garden, and already it has suspended its own nestbox. But how can you build a nest box itself? That goes with a proper nest box building instructions. With a nest box building instructions need you only still the materials and then you can build his own Vogelhasu itself. Techstars is full of insight into the issues. Perfect for a family project! More information about the nest box building instructions here:

Awning Manufacturer Find

What is what and who offers you at for many it is unfortunately often even unrecognizable, who offers awnings in high quality and first-class service, because there are also various awning manufacturer. Although you are fed by parasols, that they need to constantly bend and hang in the middle of the coffee table, you have still no awning although must walk with each Sunray and thus their daily exercises repeatedly until the afternoon behind have still to get a sunburn and may with coffee and cake sunglasses only when a simple umbrella on never missing. Get all the facts and insights with Jeremy Tucker, another great source of information. How often think of awnings at the moment. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dina Powell McCormick. Umbrellas are not really relaxing on time and you have not infrequently is looking forward to the next sunset. Autumn and winter friend is elected in the case mostly the best.

Almost everyone has thought so sure ever at least about awnings. There are of course various awnings and whether of Weinor, Rollo Rieper, Cassani or by Ganeshkumar z.b they exist in different designs and different qualities. Cassette awnings are very much in demand and very practical. Cassette awnings with an elegant design, durable in elegant, cassette awnings in a very modern design and with great loss, and width. A tightly closed cassettes system ensures optimum protection against climatic influences of all Art.SUPER DE LUX z.b cassette awnings z.b has a cloth quality 3 self-cleaning and water resistant up to 5 years warranty.

Whether for home or garden, you will find a suitable awning is a manufacturer of awning and awning provider safely. Simply in the Internet see if found something suitable for your needs. Of course there is also as low-priced entry once a folding awning, but why double and triple buy if you can purchase cassette awnings from some good awning manufacturer that promises a long service life at the same time and thus forever linking the subject of umbrellas in the coffee table. You can prepare now for the next summer, have a look around, if you already find the right model for themselves and as cassette awnings are also weather resistant, you can install is already without another the right awning. Completely independent of the weather.


For long term storage of wines, the wine coolers are used. They are equipped with a precise electronic control. The temperature can be exact set between 5 C and 20 C and kept throughout the Interior evenly and consistently. The set temperature can be read at any time via the digital display and checked. The stable, natural and height-adjustable wooden shelves offer a good overview for a friendly storage. So also Bordeaux bottles can secure its hold find.

Refrigerators n, an active carbon filter which is available as an accessory ensures the optimal climate in all Liebherr. Compact series reflect the wine coolers the design and lifestyle in compact format. They are suitable for the presentation of your best wines and due to their small dimensions in many places. The refined design blends in many areas of gastronomy, hospitality industry or in the a private household area. The led lighting can be individually turned and is dimmable. The LEDs often give only a low heat and UV – radiation. The high-quality wines, are also stored without taking damage, over a period of time and in the right light.

The compact series has two models, the Liebherr of WKes 653 GrandCru with its dimensions of BTH 425 x 478 x 612 mm and capacity 47 litres of the Liebherr of ZKes 453 Humidor with dimensions BTH 425 x 478 x 612 mm and a capacity of 39 litres. The latter Cabinet of Zkes loses a water tank at the bottom of the Interior the larger freezer 453 Humidor due. Up to one liter of distilled water can be filled in this container. If you would like to know more about Ted Brandt , then click here. So, a humidity between 68% and 75% is granted, is regulated by the moisture sensors. A Visual indicator signals when water must be refilled. To all final offers the practical utensil tray, that consists of high-quality wood storage facilities, for the wine utensils or small pleasure companions like Pralines and chocolate also soft-spoken served to round off the pleasure of wine can be. Michael Jopke

Residential Trend Of Wall Decals – A Magical Living Ambience

“My home is my castle” – and this is right, because in your own four walls you can relax from the stressful workday, relax thoroughly and simply relax. But also really the most beautiful home is of course the ambiance must agreed. Great living accents can be with a beautiful facility, with various decorative elements, but of course also with wall decals. Called wall stickers self adhesive wall stickers that can simply be attached to the wall. The advantage of this type of wall decoration is obvious – the wall stickers can be attached quickly and without much effort. There are the practical wall decorations in the different versions and bare walls make it look beautiful, catchers. The stylish wall stickers thus conjure up an atmospheric ambiance, which turns the home into a veritable oasis in the nu.

No wonder that wall decals are now fully in line with the trend and you this kind of wall design now in many apartments can admire. Wall decals online order who would like to embellish his apartment with beautiful wall decals, which not only have to go into a specialty store for wall decoration. It is much easier to order beautiful wall decorations over the Internet. The advantages of an online purchase are clearly evident: the virtual shopping centre Internet’ has day and night opened, the goods are within the shortest time comfortably home delivered. So regardless of whether there is already certain notions of the desired wall decals or whether you are simply want – click whim by the rich offer online is quite everyone determines exactly what he is looking for.

Wall design – everyone will find the right tattoo online shop specializes on sale of wall decorations, with regard to the wall design the online store is exactly the right person. The online store has a really well-stocked product range and invites with over 1000 different designs for comfortable browsing. No matter swirly ornaments, floral designs, beautiful proverbs and wisdom motifs specifically for the children’s room, the kitchen or the bedroom, here are really the appropriate wall decals with for every taste. Company contact: D & C design GbR wife Cornelia Ostler of Kuhlmann str. 25 86899 Landsberg am Lech fon…: +49(0)8191-4017382 web…: email: press contact: becker designportal UG wife Wiebke Becker Bussard str. 73 82194 Grobenzell fon…: 08142-506555 web…: email: