Army Chico

Who dared to oppose itself directly to the regimen was pursued, imprisoned, tortured or exiled. Thus, Chico Buarque was taken for the Ministry of the Army to give declaration on its participation in ' ' Walk of the One hundred Mil' ' , act of protest against the dictatorship, carried through in Rio De Janeiro for initiative of the estudantil movement and on ' ' subversivo' ' spectacle ' ' Viva&#039 wheel; '. Pressured for the policy, it was for Italy, in voluntary exile, where it remained per two years, always desiring to come back. Then, Chico, pursued for the censorship, became double master in sensible and arrived to compose under the pseudonym of Julinho de Adelaide. The young continued the seguiz it. The public loved already it.

Its compositions differentiated it of the too much composers. Exactly focusing the enrollment politician, its workmanships kept the necessary lyricism to the soul. The young dreamed of its musics, namorava to the sound of them and fought for its ideals stirred up for its verses. Its musics were the bridge between the dream and reality. It was waltz and shot. In the year of 1970, Chico came back to Brazil, and the country that found was not more the same.

With the AI-5, the space for the subtility definitively it had finished. The time of ' ' Dourados&#039 years; ' it had been there behind and the country idealized for its generation revealed a promise that would not be materialize. Emilio Garrastazu Mdici, considered the most authoritarian general of the regimen, was in the power. A vast system of censorship and torture if had installed to hinder any manifestation opposes the dominant order. Vast, but not very perspicacious. Chico Buarque, that also already was not more the same, infuriated with Brazil that found, wrote ' ' Although Voc' '. In the song, it criticized president Mdici and the dictatorship, using, with much ability, language resources that they made possible double sensible in the letter.

Current Publishing

Henry Remak defines comparative literature is the study of literature beyond the borders of a particular country in and the study of the relation between literature and another area of knowledge or opinion, including art, painting, politics, sculpture etc, the comparison of literature with another one or others, and comparison of literature with other spheres of the expression human being. Comparative literature develops some lines of inquiry, including: the first one says respect to the destined research the theoretical problems and historical they are. Poe example, compared the aesthetic one says respect to the comparative study of literature with others disciplines artistic. As they are explicit include boardings historical and theoretical on the literary texts that are studied, as much as literature and of the involved culture, its education is the intertextualidade, that is presented, as much in its theoretical problems and its quality of literal phenomena in its operation. The imagologia studied with the literary and social imagination in relation to the representation of other evidences of that the representation for the image study. This image is the expression of a significant separation enters two types of cultural reality. Its purpose is to disclose to the ideological value and politician who can have aspects of a literary composition, while condensation of the ideas of the actions author with its social and cultural environment, while defying the cultural identity, in a dialgica relation where the identity and alteridade are assumed as more than a subject. The tematologia assigns the seek area that deals with the comparative study of literary subjects and myths, and emerges as a legacy of compared research of popular literature.

Since the Seventies, thematology affirms that, in its critical historical and hermeneutic one, with keys of reading and interpretativas hypotheses. Its objective is to interpret the variations and the metamorphoses of a literary subject throughout the time, to the light of its relations with historical, ideological and the intellectual one. Critical identification and the interpretation of a citizen inside of certain classroom of detector texts can act as ideological. The subject of a group of comparison of texts can show as imaginary a certainty is modulated in the time, through certain literary forms and inside of cultural spaces, defined and established bonds with the history of the ideas, ideologies, the sensitivity mentality.

Family Secret

True love is real and walk right outlasts all tangled …einem Christine Kabus with Norway novel “In the land of the vast fjords” on travel in a natural world of Norway full of magical abundance in the period around 1940 during the turmoil of the war takes us and reveals a family secret until the year 2010 undissolved Norway – land of the endless mountains, home to clear fjords and untouched nature and source of inspiration of many announcements + fair. Now, where the days are shorter and darker, we feel this deep yearning after warming log fires, delicately fragrant cakes with candlelight and a book. It is the atmosphere in which we combine with Norway. This country, which is inherent in the magic of enchanted Inviolacy of nature, unusual mountains and glaciers, leads the main character of the novel to a long-kept family secret. She discovered their lives recently and has to learn that she must give this another direction.

Acts for Lisa – a modern, young woman – her life despite chaos in the best order, up to the Time, where she learns that her late mother was adopted and Lisa’s long family is not their birth. Her only clue is an old Medallion which leads them through their research in the Norway occupied by the German Wehrmacht. She learns from a wonderful, special love, which may not have at this time. Precisely this love carries the family mystery unresolved until 2010. The author writes Christine Kabus skillfully equally on two time levels. The occupation require special tact by the German Wehrmacht and its impact on the respective families in addition to clean search man and his feelings to the fore. The vividness of their written word shows her great love for Norway together with lifestyle and culinary delights.

And it shows her great love for the people, she always fast friendly and multifaceted approaches in the novel with sensitive care. Christine Kabus won her Norway novel equal to a debut success. Of this building Episode novel published in the spring of 2014, when Bastei Lubbe. Christine Evans studied German Philology and history. As dramaturg and Director’s Assistant, she worked at various theaters, then moved as a screenwriter in the film and television industry.

Pica Yellow Wood

It is important that, in the classroom, the reading and the writing are not secondary activities, that do not occupy only the time that sobrou in finalzinho of the lesson. Reading and writing need to be planned, as daily activities, not only between the pupils, but also between us, educators. It has diverse ways of if making this, some ways, each one of them with advantages and disadvantages, because we know that nor everything functions in the same way in different groups. The educator, as reading experienced, can read with pupils, count histories and to use them as stimulaton for the writing of the pupils. Not because the read text is necessarily a starting point for an exercise but, to the times, the reading if locks up in same itself. Can-to be to read and later making a writing exercise, as well as can be had activities of reading that are not folloied of exercise some because the reading already is, in itself, an activity. One knows that many times the readers (it are of the school or stimulated by it) write for the writers of the books that they had liked.

Many writers tell the colloquies that had had with its readers. Lobato hunter received letters from its readers and not only wrote for they, inserted as well as them in its histories: readers, then, had started to be part of histories of the Small farm of Pica Yellow Wood. She was what the reader created for Clarice wanted to make: to live in the book. The pupils, readers in formation, can use to advantage the reading to dialogue (by means of the writing) with the writers of the books that they had liked, as well as can dialogue with other readers, of close and to far. It is very common to read the periodical pages and magazines book summaries and films, and in function of these summaries we decide to read or not a book, to attend or not a film.

Book LeseBluten Magic

Presentation of the book LeseBluten Christmas 2012 the most beautiful time of the year has begun: the Christmas season. Decorated streets, Christmas markets, gingerbread and candles and pine fragrance to sweeten waiting for Santa Claus. 39 Authors from Germany and Austria have taken that to heart. In the anthology LeseBluten Christmas 2012 “, consisting of short stories and poems – recipe collection provide the participants ensure that the waiting time will be shortened and impose their special touches to this book. Because for them is something very special this beautiful time in the year. And anyone who just like this time, will have his joy in this anthology.

A wonderful book, waiting for Santa Claus to shortened and increased the anticipation of Christmas. A must for the pros and Christmas time. Book Description: How does Santa Claus in our homes? What is Santa Claus, if he is sick? What tastes like gingerbread ice cream with tipsy plums? And anyway, what would’nt Cinderella do? Contemplative it goes to in this Christmas short story, poetry and recipe collection, from 39 authors from Germany and Austria participated. This anthology is divided into four chapters: for the little ones and those who still believe in Santa Claus. for the little ones and those who no longer believe in him; for the great and Christmas cooking and baking recipes for the whole family. Book data: LeseBluten magic of Christmas 2012, ISBN: 978-3-942786-19-5, size: 208 pages, softcover, 3 color illustrations, piepmatz Verlag, 12.95 euro company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes books for children and youth, was born in Hagen, Germany and lives today in Ennepetal. You will find more information

Republished Stock Market Quite Simple

Book tip for Borseneinsteiger or for those who want to be can you buy shares as a layman and make money in the stock market? And if so, how goes the?, has Eva Schumann 1996 wondered as she then wanted to invest little savings her sheer enthusiasm about computers and the Internet in the new exciting company. And she found out that and how it’s done. Now, did she go through many ups and downs with the stock exchange, has successfully increased their money despite crises and has learned again and again. She had published initially then later their experiences and strategies in a workbook, in a book. This has been extended to the latest findings and reissued. “Stock market quite simple. So earn! (Reissue) “is aimed at total stock exchange novices.” If you don’t know what means WKN and Depot, then the book for you is correct. Step by step explains what you need to trade shares and equity funds.

At the same time the author introduces the major strategies to reduce the risk manageable to keep and also allowed to stay, if it even crashes on the stock exchange. Easy exchange. So earn! (Reissue) Eva Schumann ISBN 978-3-8423-5380-0 98 pages from the content: stock exchange for everyone! -Money increase power fun!

Child Rearing

Since time immemorial, there is a kind of folklore, like a fairy tale. Its appearance is due to the desire to transmit information from generation to generation. Fairy tale – an indispensable tool in educating the child. But it is very important initially in understanding the child to determine where reality ends and begins a fairy tale. This is needed to ensure that the child is not afraid of the appearance in my life witch or Goblin. Tale is a fairy tale and she does not pursue purpose to frighten the child.

The task of parents to present the events presented in the story with the correct position. Long recognized the enormous importance of the genre tales for all-round education of children. Strong side of fairy tales is their focus on the victory of good. Children without outside interference can easily capture the idea of fairy tale: good triumphs over evil. The power of image and story tale is that even the first time listening to children reading a fairy tale, clearly show their likes and dislikes in relation to its characters, they feel sorry for the weak, the disadvantaged, are ready to come to their aid. Psychologists have studied the mechanism by tales of the inner world of the child.

If it takes a child of quality, deeds of heroes and the whole situation on himself. Children are truly happy that justice wins, simple poor people out of trouble, and the wicked perish, ie, the evil punished, good prevailed. Kids want to in life is always was. With tales of child learns to recognize good and evil, to form his own attitude to what is happening around them. Especially noteworthy Russian folk tales. This is a real treasure trove of morality, experience, transferred to us from the past. Dry teachings from parents about the values do not have the desired effect, much productively be in the form of fairy tales to give food for thought for your baby. Be sure he will come to realize that is good and bad. In modern society, often raising tale parents are trying to replace the distraction of the child with the help of computer games. This way of spending time convenient to some parents, because does not require special effort: a child left to himself. But this way is dangerous, because such studies do not allow the child to evaluate what is happening, do not carry an element of education. Waste of time. Is that all? Unfortunately not, empty, and sometimes violent games cause apathy among children, the desire to repeat what he saw, it appears cruelty. What result we get, letting your child is constantly playing computer games? Inability to think? Unfounded cruelty? Too expensive fee for the time saved. Only by giving the best we get in return of warmth and love, and fairy tale to us this will help.